Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Leg Work

Okay, here is the good news. On Monday, I got a phone call from my new vascular surgeon. I got a new one since the old one wound up leaving his practice. As it turns out ironiclly, the poor doctor was diagnosed with ultra mega super high blood pressure. You would think that a man of medicine would at least get a check up once in a while on himself. But I digress.

So, I get the call from the new guy. Okay, actually not the new guy himself. That would be Dr. Wixson who I saw last week before Thanksgiving at eight in the morning. I was tired from the night before and really couldn't get up that morning, but I made it in there. The guy seemed prety cool. His nurse checcked me out for a bit, looked over my leg to see how things were, checked the pulse and all that. Then after she did all that, she left me in the room for like fifteen minutes. Don't you hate that? Just sitting in a doctor's office for the longest time before they even get you? I mean like, the room is all cold and you have your pants off and everything?

In fact, I was told to take off my pants and wear these shorts they had. I'm not kidding. They had these ultra large paper shorts I had to put on. Actually, they were pretty cool and all. If I had the chance to wear them during the Summer, I would. They were kind of like boxers, but they fit really good.  But it was cold in the room and I...

Oh, yeah. I forgot what I was talking about. Sorry. The good news.

So, Dr. Wixson's nurse called me on Monday and let me know that my long needed leg surgery has been scheduled for December 18th. I gotta say that I'm pretty excited to go under the knife for this. It's going to be what we hope is pretty simple as it should take about an hour to take care of and I'll return home later that evening. I won't go into details about how the surgery will go not to gross out some of you with weak stomachs, but I will say that I'll be off my feet for at least two to three days after that which means bed rest, I can't go anywhere and no interweb since I don't have it at home yet.

It's cool, I'm not complaining and all. I am going to make up for it though by getting my satillite back up before I go under the knife. I miss having Dish Network after so many months and watching Turner Classic Movies while I'm down will cheer me up loads. And depending on what the money flow looks like before then, I might still get be some World Wide Web thanks to Cricket's new broadband USB which is cheaper than anything everyone else has.

So there you go. I'm finally on the road to good health once again and this little bit is going to do wonder, I hope. Here's praying that one year from now, I'm in a hospital room recovering after my kidney transplant. That would be a cool Christmas gift.

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