Sunday, December 07, 2008

Me Write Pretty Someday

I've been going over the ol' blog here and looking at all 1,497 posts I've done since 2003 and truthfully, my freakin' head hurts.

I mean, there are loads of You Tube clicks to go through here WTF?!

The reason for this archiving are ideas for my possible book. I honestly have to say that my writing has improved since the start and I really didn't get into working on longer posts and turning them into essays until 2006. Still, I found some pretty good one, I guess. The cool part I think is that some of them were raley read since somehow I went though a period when no one soul came to the site. So if you've never seen some of these posts before, then it's new to you. 'Cause I'm tired now and I ain't writin' nothing else. I'll leavve you a few of them and let me know what you think. I'll post more tomorrow for you to peruse:

Secret Origins
Getting Caught Up
Things that make you Depressed
Why I Eat At Krystals
Almost Famous
Hollow Weenie
Best Day Ever
My Guilty Pleasure
Catch Phrases that Don't Work
Still More Catch Prases That Don't Work
The Single Guy Recipe For Making Oatmeal Cookies
How To Keep Your Husband Happy
A Georgian In Montana
Red Kool Aid
Never Poke A Sleeping Wolverine With a Stick

That's just some of them, folks. But I think this is the best way to check out some of the better posts...Since I know you don't read the archives. I'll leave you with this litttle strip created by Kevin Church. We were good blog followers, but I think he got angry at me when we got into a pissing match about comic fans versus comic collectors. You can let it go now, Kev. All was forgiven a long time ago.


Anonymous said...

Being a newcomer to your blog, it was interesting to read through your archives. I grew up on Hall St in Savannah during the early to mid 60's (pre historic renovations and SCAD) in one of the few white families living downtown in those days. The red kool-aid story reminded me of the small mom and pop stores (confectionaries) that some of the black families ran along Price St. One of our summer treats was to buy a "thrill" which consisted of a dixie cup filled with frozen red kool-aid and a popsicle stick. Great blog, Sam, keep up the good work.

Sam said...

See, now you're hitting me really close to home on thrills.

Growing up as a kid in the Summer of Seventies, saving up a few quarters to get a thrill was worth it. I grew up on 37th and East Broad and we had to go around the corner to get ours from "the old thrill lady" as we called her (her name was actually Mrs. Polite). My sister Gwen, who was fourteen at the time decided one day in '76 that she was going to make some extra bucks and got into the business herself. It was great for me because we got to bond over making the treats and I got paid for helping and a discount! I sort of look back at it as the Black version of selling lemonade, but if somebody did it now you know that someone would complain to the city that their selling food outside of their house. I tell ya, times have changed.

HouseT said...

I feel I should be offended that anyone felt the need to explain what a thrill was, but I know that it might be necessary. :) Me and the sis actually went into the thrill business for a short period of time one summer as kids, but it never really panned out like it should have. Of course, it was never truly a loss so long as you could always eat the profits.

And here I thought that my copy of JSA would be the best comic I read all week. Batgirl, indeed. That reminds me. I have to go work on my "angry black man" stare...

Sam said...


I AM the best comic of the year. I'm gawdanged Batman, gawdangitt.

See, if some of you read comic books, you'd gotten that joke.

HouseT said...


I AM the best comic of the year. I'm gawdanged Batman, gawdangitt."

See, this is why you're lucky that I have no photoshop skills. You would be in so much trouble right now...