Sunday, December 28, 2008

Put A Little Love In Your Heart

Have you ever done something so cool that it just makes you feel good about everything? I'm kind of feeling that way now even as the holiday season is getting ready to wind up. Still, it's the kind of feeling you want to hold on to for the whole year. You can have Christmas everyday and if you want that feeling, you can have it. You just have to believe.

Oh Lord, I sound like Bill Murray in Scrooged. But he is right.

On Christmas Day, I went to go see my pal Bob Wiley's mom in the hospital. I've known her for years and she's a strong woman of 75. Even at the loss of her husband, she still loves to take the wheel and go visit her friends around the country. Sadly however, she fell ill a week before Christmas with what she thought was bronchitis which turned into something worse and had to have a stay in the hospital for a while until she was better and that meant she would be there for most of the holidays with Bob at her side constantly. I decided to pop in to see how she was and thank goodness, she looked and felt great as we talked for over an hour. The cool part of it is she calls me her third son next to Bob and his real older brother Mike and I call her Mom. She should be coming home sometime today, so hopefully I can give her a call to see how things are going for her. I love my new Mom.

After the visit, I went over to Anthony's house for Christmas dinner. His wife Pam had been in the kitchen since around seven in the morning working on a huge meal with turkey, chicken, dressing, collard greens, mac and cheese and a whole lot more. The tough part of it was I had just one plate because of trying to keep an eye on my weight. Yeah, it sucked and I never got dessert, but I don't look so fat. Also, they got a Nintendo Wii which really is a hell of a work out after a big meal.

But I think the best part of the whole day happened across town. I found out they might not have a good Christmas this year because their dad no longer lived with them and their mother. I felt horrible about it as these were two wonderful boys and now their holiday could be a mess. So I thought that I'd try and do something to make them smile. So, I went to the Evil Target and picked up a couple of toys for the kids. Mind you, really didn't have the money at all to do it and in fact, I ended up broke afterward for the rest of this month. But I talked to their mom and found out that when they saw what they got, they were extremely happy, which therefore made me feel good.

Here's the thing: As I get older, I'm starting to realize how good it is to just give back, even around the holidays. I don't have kids, but I wish I did just to see the smiles on their faces when they see the tree all decorated and the lights strung up. Since I don't, I may as well make someone else's child smile. As for we adults, I really don't think we need much of anything. I didn't ask for anything and I didn't get anything. I heard from someone that day tell me that felt bad that I didn't get a gift, but I told them I'm fine because it's really the thought that counts. There are people out there who probably wouldn't get a gift this year even though they may deserve it. There are kids who hope that Santa will show up with toys and sadly never does. I found out this year how much better when you give honestly from the heart that it is to just get something and how it makes the person you give to feel so much better. If I could feel that way everyday for 2009, if everyone felt that way next year and beyond, then the word "change" would become more prfound. and it would feel as good as I do now.


Anonymous said...

Check your email already! I sent you a message three days ago and it sounds like I was spot on to do so. :)

Happy New Year, dude. Tell Bob I said "Hey!"

Oh, and this goes into the book, right?

Anonymous said...

I try to do nice things for folks all year... after all, Christmas may not come for them. Life is short, live fully.

HouseT said...

Put a little love in your heart, as the song goes. Sometimes it's easy to forget about the giving portion of the holiday. Or really, if you look at it, the giving portion of your entire life. You really should remember to give a little something all year long.