Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And Now, Post 1501

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the most offensive toy ever made next to the Swing Wing: It's the Batman Water Gun. Other than the annoying tool and the captions, it is funny looking. Also, it slightly affirms what Dr. Wertham wrote about in Seduction of the Innocent. Or not.

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HouseT said...

Holy cripes. Could there be more annotations in that video? And after enduring two and a half minutes of that, I now understand why I've spent so much time the past few weeks practicing an overhand right punch.

Remember, kids: a positive attitude isn't infectious; it's a ****ing disease.

And what was up with that toy line? If you're going to make a toy like that, at least go for something reasonable like Aquaman on a Dolphin or something. Sheesh.