Friday, January 30, 2009

On Writing

I was thinking about what I should write tonight since this is an off day for me. Uh-huh, I'm doing this on a Thursday night or make it a really early Friday morn, around 1:30 am. I'm actually here at a bar where my old friend Perry does karaoke. He also has a wireless laptop. I figured from there I'd just go ahead and get this thing started for the weekend, since this could be a good, long post.

There's something to be said for a guy who has over 1500 posts on a blog. It could be that the writer has no life whatsoever. Or it could be that the writer just wants to better his life by becoming something that's a one in a million shot: To be the best writer ever. I don't claim to be Willy Shakespeare, Faulkner, or even Stan Lee. Writing is a hard thing to hold to and once you've finished that piece that you've slaved over for days, weeks, months, years, then you have to do it all over again. Remember the guy who wrote "The Bridges of Madison County"? Well, there you go.

When I started on the blog, at began as just a few sentences and that was it. Soon afterward when I thought I had a hold of what I was doing, I went into paragraphs. Down the line, it turned into whole essays and from there I think, folks realized that I must really be neurotic since I seem to have a lot of issues on my mind. That's what bloggers do. Just yammer on about stuff that drives them crazy and expect folks to agree or disagree. It can make a person look needy but they have to get off their chest somehow. I don't bucks for a shrink. Maybe I should ask for a bailout like G.M..

The hardest part is the reader's acceptance of the writer is saying. Is what the writer is saying make enough sence to the reader a tthe moment? I know I have the problem of going into tangents and for me, that is hard as Hell to stop for a dude like me.

In fact, I had to stop what I was writing last night because I was tired and I was this close to going into Robin Williams World so I stopped writing then and picked up on it today. So here's part deux.

I really am the the last person to tell anyone how they should write anything The one thing I would like to do is just encourage folks who really do feel as though they have a book or two in them and these days who doesn't, is to just keep working and don't stop until your hands fall off. Once that happens, get your spouse or whomever lives with you to tab it all down. Even better, teach one of those helper monkeys. They say that if you put 100 chimps in front of a typewriter, at least one of them is going to have something worth reading.

You can be as quiet on the outside as much as you want but once you let your imagination to the work, you can do some wonderful things and open beautiful worlds and leave a legacy that no one could ever change unles you do the editing. Good luck and please by my book if and when it comes out.

It took me to get 87 chimps to get this blog right, so there's a good start.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's an interesting question about the writer making sense to the reader. I also tend to be a pretty tangential person — I wonder if the similarity helps us make sense to one another?

One of the toughest things for me as a writer is to try to shed that sort of assumption about what the reader knows and doesn't. I have the story all planned out in my head, and I don't want to be too obvious with anything in my narration — as a result I tend to leave things out, because I assume the reader already knows it.

Interesting stuff.

HouseT said...

My personal exposition is usually fairly tangential as well. I see a trend forming.

If Nanowrimo taught me one thing this past year, it's that sometimes you just have to lay it all out there. Having a huge word goal means that you feel completely comfortable with elaborating on any and every thing you possibly can.

And my problem is normally a confidence issue. I feel like whatever I write just won't be good enough or appeal to the general public as readers. Which is sad, since I don't think I've ever received any bad appraisals of anything I wrote. But enough of that. You make some good points, Sam.

Anonymous said...

I think a blogger has an easier time writing than one who writes a book as the blogger gets immediate feedback from the readers.

P.S. Keep up the good work.


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