Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Pull Up Your Pants!

On Monday, I had planned on writing about how people should pull up their pants these days, but I was interrupted from doing so. I then got this comment from League of Savannah Blogger House:

"A commentary on guys who should pull their pants up? If you don't at some point use either the phrase "Crack kills" or the more popular Whitney Houston derivative "Crack is wack" then you will fail to meet my expectation."

Ahem. Yes, I would go down that road, but I'm trying to become a more classier bastard for 2009. Change and all that, ya know.

See, what had started out to to be a sort of poked stick at folks these days who wear their pantaloons below their buttocks and how it's now becoming more popular for cities like Atlanta to begin banning folks from walking out of their house looking like a complete clown or pay a fine sort of shifted into something else in my mind.

I guess that Clint Eastwood Syndrome has taking over as I've aged and I'm really not that old compared to Clint. I've seen lots of teens and a few adults over 18 try to walk with sagging jeans or khakis on and to be truthful, they look stupid to me. Mind you, I came from the generation that had shoe laces untied and tucked inside the shoes. But what's a shoelace compared to a kid who weighs about a buck 40 and his clothes make him look like he's about to blow into the winds? Everything.

I like baggy clothes, to an extent. I grew up wearing baggy pants as it was and still is stylish in my neighborhood (read: "places where Black people grew up"). Somewhere in there somehow, somebody got the idea to get them as low on their ass as they could and before you know it, Black teens everywhere began to wear their pants like that. Before you know it, every race of teen boy began to wear pants like that. I should blame rap music for it, but rap gets the blame for everything these days, so I'll keep them out of it. So, I'll blame the parents instead. There, that sounds better.

See, if parents would sit down with their kids and let them know that they are the ones paying for the pants and that if they kept up the saggy action, they can leave the house naked. The adults bought the kid a belt for a reason and it wasn't for whuppin'. But if the kids don't start using said belt, the parents sure will.

Now with that being said, Let me launch into this. To me, the term "pulling up your pants" has become sort of a metaphor for me these days. Kind of like when you have to "roll up your sleeves" to get something done. Folks should become more responsible for their actions these days. I've been noticing more and more lately how people simply walk away from the things that they're supposed to be doing only to get lazy and let someone else handle the situation up close and personal. Quite frankly, it's really starting to piss me off. It like they have some strange, screwed up reason why they don't do the things that they should be doing but they don't do and everyone else has to hear their rationalization when in the beginning, it was all horsecrap to start off with.

It's 2009 and we are only seven days into this year. I don't have time to hear folks whine and complain that the world treats them like shite. I'm sick of walking out of my apartment and seeing guys walking around with the crack of the bums showing off in the sun. You are absolutly ruight, House. Crack is Wack!

Now pull up your pants and take some friggin' responsibility for yourself. If our next President says so, then it must be true.


HouseT said...

You delivered the point so well, you wouldn't have disappointed me even if you had left it out. Still, a quote's a quote.

I'm almost fine with ignoring people on streets and such and do it, but I cannot stand when some dumb little punk in a restaurant tries to get by with his pants beneath his crack. You've got on an Arby's uniform, son. Can't you at the very least wear it properly? I just might go off on this one back at the home site...

faustina said...

I have students each semester who wear their pants down low and I just have to wonder: how can that possible be comfortable???

Anonymous said...

Around here, we just call it practicing for the "perp walk". Those young'uns walk like they are wearing shackles.

I work with a few people like that and I use the ubiquitous "Crack kills!" line whenever I see them trying not to fall over themselves because they can't walk properly.

With your permission, I am going to print out your entry and post it by the time clock (discretely removing your name, of course).

Anonymous said...

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