Friday, February 27, 2009

Fifty Reason Why I Joined A Gym

I had to walk to work on Monday, thanks to the car having problems. It was only ten minutes away, but it was enough to get me worn out and ragged as all get out, not to mention I had a backpack on with class books inside. If I had to walk on a regular basis, like as a mailman, I wouldn't move less than three feet. I'm "chubby", I'm "big boned", I'm "husky". I AM FAT. And I am done with it.

On Monday, I signed on for membership to the Anderson-Cohen Gym here in town. Actually, I signed on for a special program they run for people who have health and mobility problems and are referenced by doctors. I've been yammering on about going to gym for years and years, but their way too much money for me to spend out. Also, I am a touch lazy. What makes this different is due to...

One: I saw the movie Just One Of The Guys on Comedy Central this morning for the first time in years. It was my favorite flick of 1985, which was a great movie for me and it took me back. I was young, wild and actually toned up like you wouldn't believe. Yes, people. I was a bad ass man looking hard in tight jeans, boots and a good shirt. I'm not even gonna mention the Jheri curls. It's time I got back to that shape again, sans hair.

Two: I'm getting older and my health is important. I can feel forty-two years everytime I move. I feel creaky and tired than I should be. At least if I'm gonna age, let me do it looking like something other than somebdy who walked out of the ring of The Wrestler. Added to that kidney problem I have, it would be better to get in shape. The closer to my near perfect size I become (which is 220 pounds), the better my body will be for a transplant.

I need to add here that I'm supposed to be working with Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta with their transplant program, which was to help me with my weight with a program and a possibility of liproscopic surgery, but I haven't heard anything back from them in months. I always say, if you have to wait on somebody else to do something, you may as well do it yourself. As for why I didn't do this in the beginning, see "lazy".

I'm to start at the gym next Friday. The bad part of it is until I can get free time on Mondays and Wednesdays, that's the only day I'm able to go. Yep, college and work has gotten in the way of working out. Here's hoping that at least by Summer this year, I finally, FINALLY get some fat off this bones.

THis time for sure. I'll keep y'all posted.


HouseT said...

I thought I was the only one that caught part of One of the Guys this morning. I onyl caught the end but it did make me a bit nostalgic.

And yes, I'm in that same, "I'm 'bout ready to get into shape" boat. I think my job's supposed to get me gym access somewhere, but I'd need to doublecheck. I used to at least try to do some walking around the park, but since I did that after work it was hard to pick up once I was on a rotating schedule.

faustina said...

Good for you, Sam! I didn't know you back in '85, and I don't recall that movie at all, but I applaud your efforts to get more svelte, kid! Even better that someone else is paying for it!

Anonymous said...

Way to Go!! Soon you'll replacing the belly fat with muscles. Just don't over do it at the beginning. Start working out like you are a baby. I've seen too many guys dive into weightlifting and end up hurting themselves.

My wife just joined a gym this week too.


Anonymous said...

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