Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One Ain't Gonna Stop One Show

Introducing a new label here which I call "Hot Mess". 'Cause this one is definitely one.

Yesterday, I posted a You Tube clip about President Obama that I don't think anyone would find offensive, but there is a difference today. This morning , The New York Post published the cartoon above featuring a dead chimpanzee and two policemen hovering over it, with one saying, "They'll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill". Now, where does a crazed chimp involve the stimulus you may ask?

Blacks have been given slurs over 250 years, a few I don't really want to mention at the moment. Sadly, the term "monkey" was one of them and that is what set off the Reverend Al Sharpton and lots of Black Americans across the country today by calling for the resignation or firing of the cartoonist,Sean Delonas. Delonas and his bosses at the Post didn't see his drawing that way, but Reverend Sharpton and many others did feeling as though it called for the assassination of our new President.

I know that making any kind of joke about being the first African American president is a very tricky slope. Not to be the devil's advocate for the Post, but perhaps they just didn't realize the significance of a slain chimp and what the cops said in the panel would mean to Black readers. Perhaps there's no Blacks on the editorial panel at all. That being said, should ALL comics, cartoonists, talk show hosts, Black, White, whomever be sensitive about what they say about President Obama?

Trust me, folks are mad. I went to a social site for Blacks called I See Color earlier and they want Sean Delonas gone and it got hot. I read one comment from a African American male who said, "This is freaking ridiculous! In this day and age, there are STILL people referring to our community as "monkeys"!! Didn't a WHITE MAN (Charles Darwin) stated that man desended from apes?? Even that issue is desputable at best!! If you listen to Public Enemy's "Fear of a Black Planet", they have a song about How the New York Post operates! As Public Enemy & Micheal Baisen say, "Let's SHUT THEM DOWN!!!! "

Those were his exclamation points, caps,  the incorrect spelling of radio host Michael Baisden (who called for the firing and boycott of the New York Post) and then some, not mine. But I do feel like it a was a gut punch/check for many Americans. Including President Obama, who I hope will just dust the dirt off his shoulder and keep doing what he has to do: Never letting them see him sweat.

All I know is that there's a lot of folks pissed off over something a newspaper didn't think about before acting and a sad, crazy lady who kept a pissed off old chimpanzee in her house like it was her kid and that wasn't right either. Because as we all know, monkeys is funny. We just have to remember not to piss them off or they will skin you like a banana.

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HouseT said...

I elaborate on this issue over at House Central. But as a general rule, if your best defense is raw ignorance, you're prety much beaten before the battle begins.

Now I have to hope no one asks me if race is still a big issue in this country for the next six months. I may not have my "peaceful tolerance" answer available again until then.