Monday, February 23, 2009

Post Oscars Blah Blah

Yeah, I watched it. I watched it more than I watched any of the Best Picture nominees. In fact, I don't want to hear about Slumdog Millionaire again until it comes to HBO. It may be a great movie and all, with the dancing and the music at the end, but I am over it. Really. Empassioned speech from the guy who won for sound editing, yes wonderful. But I have no need to rush out now that it's won huge plate of Oscars. There, I said it and meant it.

For the show itself, I thought it was great. In fact, better than the past, ooooh, forty-five maybe? It harkened back to what I'd call the Silver Age of Hollywood when the awards were at its TV adolesence of being watched by millions by then and yet, still intimate. The new producers created a great set by putting the stars closer to the stage and making it quicker for them to get up and get their awards. It also made the home viewer feel closer to the actors than usual, at least for me it did which made it feel a lot more intimate than previous years.

Now as for Hugh Jackman, I have to hand it to the guy. He did a fantastic service as host and I think he'll be back again really soon. His jokes were funny, but not so biting or ironic as Chris Rock, Jon Stewart, or Whoopi Goldberg as it seemed like Jackman was presiding over a huge after dinner party with friends. His first musical number dealing with how to open the Academy Awards with a budget cut gave me some laughs, with the Criagslist dancers and Anne Hathaway filling in for Frank Langella in the "Frost /Nixon" spoof was spot on. Jackman's second, featuring Beyonce' and those get-off-my-lawn kids from High School Musical, was definitly a more old school Hollywood number that went well for me.

However, I think the best part was to see a group of former winners on stage to present the Oscar to the newest member of their club. My favorites included Cuba Gooding, Jr. giving the whatfor to Robert Downey, Jr. for Tropic Thunder (Someone please find Cuba new managment as he should have remembered by now that he is a member of the Supporting Actors fraternity) and the looks from each of women awarded for Best and Best Supporting Actresses. In truth, from all the actors nominated. I can imagine the look Heath Ledger might have had if Nicholson was there instead of Kevin Kline to tell him how spectacular he was as The Joker, but what was done is done sadly.

In short, I liked the Academy Awards this year. It was smarter, neater and than Pesci, shorter than it has been a long time and for that viewers around the world and I myself am very happy for the first time in years.

Once more thing...I can't leave without one joke. It is just me, or is it when Madonna showed up to an Oscar after party, she looked like she paid a visit to A-Rod's cousin?

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faustina said...

Dang! Sounds like it was a great show... and I missed it! Yeah, I was at an all-out Oscar party and was even all dressed up... but I only managed to catch the art direction and costume winners and part of the second dance number. Guess I'll need to watch and see what I shoulda seen, especially everything with Hugh Jackman!