Thursday, July 31, 2003

Secret Origins

Part 1

I've always been a fan of the quirky. I wish I could tell you how it all got started, but I know it all started as a child. I just had an inquisitive nature that my older siblings thought and still think of as, not natural. Ok, not Dahmer natural, but just plain weird. I was born a middle half child in an already established family whose father had died. I showed up, I believe, just three years after his death. If I'm wrong on this, I know I will be corrected very quickly.

For the most part, it was all of us in the house, and I was treated as the Golden Child by my dad, Eric. If I could, I would write an entire blog based on his adventures and stories. Most of them, being stories, as in fabrications, as I found out when I found out when I was older. However, my mom, Sara put up with them, for the most part. But, she never put up with his crap, either. She was the pure definition of a Strong Woman. She raised a house full of kids by herself when her first husband, William had passed and did a wonderful job of making sure we had a hot meal and clothes on our backs. And, there was alot of backs to be covered. In order of age, circa 1966, was Shirley, Anthony, Linda, Gail, Patricia,Jackie,and Gwendolyn, who we called "Peanut", as she was the baby of the family, or so they thought. Little did they know that the biggest nut of the of the family was about to be born on June 14.

Sara met Eric in 1964. the family had just moved to Montgomery and 41st street, just next to Anne Bryant, who would soon be my future grandmother. Her son, Eric had just returned from NYC, where he made a living. Now, as a kid, he told me he was a New York cop, and had fasinating tales of his time on the force.

Now, I must stop here and ask you to ponder this. I, as well as other kids, idolized my father. He was probalby the greatest man who ever walked the face of the Earth, next to Jesus, Superman, and Ali. His adventures had me glued to the seat, telling me of shootouts, arrests, fights and more. He was everything I wanted as a father. What a man!

Now as I got older I found out that the whole thing was a lie. It kept me entertained and quiet as a kid. I got duped. There are times now were I wis I could have traded him in for Ali. At least I would be a better fight to match my big mouth.

Anyways, the short of it was Dad sees Mom, Mom sees Dad, Dad scmoozes his way into Mom's heart, Mom digs him and falls into his web, kids think Dad's a louse, but he comes around anyway, Mom finds out she is having a baby and Voila! Samuel Marquieth Johnson is born.

It's been a wild ride ever since...



Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Today, I was a geek. A fanboy. A nerd.

I think I need a loooooogn shower because of it.

It's new comic book day in the Comic Box, where everyWednesday, we and other stores around the world get their new books shipped from the distributor. It was kind of a light week. The only major book to come out that was worth while coming out today is Batman, written by Jeph Loeb and drawn by Jim Lee, two of the best in their field. Since they've been working of the book, almost a year ago, they took the book which was in a slump and shot it to the nmber one selling comic on the charts with a year long storyline called "Hush". In it,batman has been tormented by some of his worst enemies, all launched by a new villan, Hush. His secret as been a mystery the whole time, and there were several suspects. I had been following the book since it had come out, and was enjoyed with the story, thinking all along I knew who Hush would be. Man, was I wrong.

The latest issue was realeased only to comic stores, with newsstands getting the book two weeks later, so for all of you who ARE following the story...

NO SPOILERS. I'll let you get the shock of your life yourself.

I read the book in the store and yelled like a wounded hound dog. I couldn't believe what I had seen. I told every customer that came in, if they havent read the book before, then you better pick it up NOW, 'cause this thing is gonna sell out. I just freaked out over the thing. I promised I would never get that way over a comic book ever again. It's everything I stood against in a comic fan. The total weirdness of it all. As it goes, I basicly had a geek version of the Holy Ghost come over me.

Like I said, I woun't spoil it. It'll be in a collected edition before the year is out. When it does, check it out. It's one of the best mysteries I've read in a long time.


Tuesday, July 29, 2003

One more thing about Bob Hope. I'm starting a grassroots campaign to get DC comics to reprint some of Hope's old comic stories. With the self loathing fanboys out there, I know they won't like what I had to say when I put up the post, but it had to be done. I'm that way in the store and I guess I'm that way online to. Someone has ot slap 'em back to reality. Let's pray they don't find me at Dragon Con this year. Check it out.

Speaking of Dragcon Con...Ronnie, if you're reading this, can you hook a brother up for that weekend? Call me...

This is a sort of third hand story, but it's just too good to pass up, so I hope all involved won't send a hit after me. Mark Evanier of got an Email from a reader about . Funky address, I know. But for this, it's worth it.

As we all have heard, spam mail is getting quite out of hand, especially with con artist out there doing their best, sending out bogus claims. Well, our man at Monkey Spit has decided to do something about it. It's detailed, so keep reading, cause it's worth it. Here's part one and here's part two. Enjoy!

A correction. I mistakenly gave the age of George Burns at the time of his death at 101, when he was acttually 100. Really, the man played God. He could have been anyage he wanted to be after playing that role. It kind of reminded me of an old slam. To paraphrase, Burns was so old, his Social Security number was 3.

Meanwhile, back to Bob Hope, he had an extensive collection. His Joke File, which he updated almost everyday for the freshest joke, held 7 million, which was kept in two safes. He made a large donation to the Library of Congress of personal items and effects he gathered over his many years. Take a look at it here.


Monday, July 28, 2003


I just got the word that we just lost Ol' Ski Nose.

As much as folks these days would think, Bob Hope was just the guy who was there supporting the troops in "Nam and showing off ht AP All Star Colligates. But He was more than that. He was what Comedy and Humanitarianism was all about. I wish to God I had a personal story to tell about Bob. I was a Fan just like anyone else, but anyone who haas studied comedy picked up their timing from someone who was The Master. Not Cosby, not Pryor, not Carlin, Bruce, Berle, or Benny. It all starts with Hope. And, Hope is something we can always use in life.

My roomie Ben, had stated that Bob was only 100 years old, so it was going to happen. It's too bad it did. You just wish he could be here a bit longer just to have him around. Interesting, though. We lose Bob at 100 and George Burns at 101. Now that's the real Last Comic Standing.

For those of you who really want to know about Bob's great life, read here and learn about the man who could be the Greatest American of the 20th Century. And, I promise... no cliches to end a blog about Bob. You should know it. Just hum it to yourself for a reminder.
Busy weekend, folks. I was kinda tied up with work and dialysis for the most of it. Plus, I just came in from Loggerheads getting everything worked out for The Big Show, coming Thursday nights. I thinks it's going to work out well, what with Turtle Races, Trivia, music other than Buffett, and more. Wish me luck it holds out.

Just a thought. It's 1am and your driving along home and there's not many cars out on the road. Have you ever caught yourself turning a corner where there's another car waiting there, and you drive even slower, looking in the other person's car, while they're looking at you?

You know you've done it.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

It's a sad day here in the Johnson Hacienda. Mr. and Mrs. James Brown are getting a divorce. Sad really, but they announced their split in the pages of Daily Variety. I know it was probably meant well, but come on. Plus, the photo in the ad was taken at Disneyworld. Looking at the photo, I can see why the wedding was off. I've heard many stories about Goofy and his prowness with the women. The stories about the Goofman, according to Hollywood legend, make him the most quietly celebrated lover, rivaling only Warren Beatty, Errol Flynn, Speedy Alka Seltzer and Colin Farrell. I can't reveal some of the things I was told, as I promised Bob Hope, who was his long time golfing partner, to his death, which I hope will never happen. Needless to say, Goofy will continue to ruin marriges like the Browns and break in new stars, as he did Jennifer Garner, as long as there is Hollywood.

Y'all know I wasn't kidding about most of this, right?
So, did I ever tell you how I started the dialysys thing?

Alot of folks ask me how is it? is it painful? do they take alot of blood from you? Is it your blood? Are you a raging monster afterward?

I got the news on june 7th, just days before my 37th birthday. I had known for about a year that it was coming. I had already been been fitted for the process in 2002 when my doctor had told me it was long in coming, so I should be prepared. They would monitor me to see how my kidney function was going and if it got worse, I was going in. So, I had a year to go thru the worry of it, just wondering like you how it would be. By the time I was told that it would now begin, I was ready to do it, emtionally.

I told my friends what was going on. I wouldn't

be around as much for a while, and if I was, I couldn't stay do to rest. Lots of folks were concerned and asking questions. I assured them that I would be fine. I would be a differnt person by the time it was all over, so I hope they would understand. One person, in particular, Holly Armbruster, told me she wanted to to be there to make sure that I would be ok.

I had met Holly at O'Connell's Irish Pub, which is right across from the Mercury Lounge. I don't visit other bars and was hesitant about going there, but I was invited to do a few songs with one of the bands playing that night. Holly worked there with her husband, Thomas as bartenders, and both did very good jobs, weather separate or together. Since then, we had become good friends and O'Connell's became the only other bar I would go to.

I didn't want Holly to go with me. I didn't want anyone to go. I didn't want anyone to sit there for four hours going thru having to wait on me do this. But, she told me that's what friends do for each other for support. I tried to talk her out of it, but she had made her mind up, and you couldn't argue.

That first day, she was there and I was a nervous ball, bouncing off the wall. She held my hand and though I didn't show it, my inner peace was releaved that someone was there for me. I didn't know how I would have gotten thru this.

I was hooked up while she sat outside. The needles were painful as they were inserted in my arm. After a while, I became lightheaded and wanted to pass out, but I wanted to see how it was done. Soon, Holly came in to see how I was doing. She sat there and talked to me while it was going on, even though I may have been slightly incoherernt. I talked to her for the whole time and I felt better as the time went on.

When it was done, I was unhooked and She and I went to our cars to go our seperate ways. She hugged me tight and told me " I did this because I am your friend and I love you. I didn't want you to be scared. I had just hoped that you would go thru the first one without a problem". I didn't. Since then, I now go with a smile on my face, knowing that I'm one step closer to perfect health.

I have thanked Holly on a personal level, but never on a public one. What a oerfect venue better than this to do it. Holly, I want to thank you for being there for me. I know I can be cocky about things. I can be stubborn and sarcastic, but that's just me. I foyu hadn't have gone with me, I don't know how I would have done it. I'm blessed that you did. You are an amzing woman and Thomas is a very lucky man to have you as his wife. I hope one day to blessed with someone like you as a partner. You were there for me on what could be the most important day of my life, at that point, so I will forever be in your debt. When this is all over, I owe you a big hug. I love you, darlin'. And I love all my friends.

And that's how I go thru it.


Tuesday, July 22, 2003

I'm not going to stay on for long, so I'll make this quick.

Had a great day today. Got the house cleaned, or at least, neat. Ben, my roomie, was shocked. He thougth I was sick or something. I left the house later that night to listen to a freind about their problem because, as I have been told, I have a a good shoulder to cry on. I went downtown afterward to the Mercury Lounge to get a cranberry. Saw my old pal Eion(pronounced "Owen" in his native Ireland), powho wnats me to do a DJ gigs for his bar/restaurant, Loggerheads. I'll give you more details as they occur on that. As for my freind who I left the hopuse for at 1 am: I did that, cause that's what friends do. They support one another no matter what.

Monday, July 21, 2003

Whilst I am at it, I have been wanting to put this online for a bit. If you've heard the online urban legend of the Star Wars, I now give you the opportunity to laugh your head off.

Theclip has bounced around the web for quite awhile. once the remix was done, you couldn't quite top it. That was, until the Greatest Super Hero/ Talk Show Host took business into his own hands.

Hi...I'm ENJOYING my Monday off. I feel so relaxed right now. No work, no fan boys, no doctors, nothing. I could do this everyday if money wasn't involved.

I just saw the funniest thing in the world, at least for today. I just found out that High School proms are now the Junior Player's Ball. I just went in Jheri Curls, but this is too much. Have a look.


Sunday, July 20, 2003

Well, I went to the store today and told them I'm taking a day off. Fred was fine withthat. I know have two days to relax. It's like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. it's the first time since I've had Dialysis that I'm had the chance to rest like I want. I'll rest, of course, as soon as I clean up the house.

Today is lazy day. It's the only day I have to relax and unwind after the week. It sucks that I only have the one day, but I usually try to take advantage of it. I was supposed to go out later, but things didn't work out. Thank goodness. I didn't get home til 4:30 this morning after Willie's. So today, I'm gonna check out a few sites and do some posting. We'll see how it goes.


Saturday, July 19, 2003

Good news...the modem's back to normal after calling Comcast tech, so we're back to normal. I just came home from downtown. Long night. At Wet Willie's, I got hit on. By a troll. With a tounge ring. Don't get me wrong. On the right person, at the right time, it's a good thing. Not on what I saw tonight.

She waved liked she knew me. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, I never saw it before in my life. She showed up with her husband and their freinds. But, she just kept coming over to the booth, just yakking away. I SWEAR TO GOD, I don't know who the heck she is. She told me she got her tounge ring just a couple of days ago, licking it at me over and over and over, telling me she got it because she's going thru a mid life crisis. Her son told her that she was ancient.

I asked her how old she was. She told me in a bad drawl, "32".

ON MY ONLY WORKING KIDNEY, I never talked to her, touched her, walked in her direction, looked her way, or asked her which way to the bathroom. I have NO RECOLECTION WHATSOEVER BECAUSE I DON"T GO UNDER BRIDGES.

I have really got to find a new job.


Friday, July 18, 2003

It's another Friday here in the store today. Watching the fanboys walk thru and get geeky when they see the stuff. Kinda funny, sometimes. I also got word that we'll be filming a new televison ad on Tuesday, and I'll be doing the voice over for the ad! Hey, we have to sound professional so normal folks will come in and shop.

My modem's still on the fritz, so I've been holding off on doing anything. Sorry about that. I've missed out on doing things they way I said I would. Here's hoping that I should have things back to the norm by the end of the weekend. Cheers!

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

If you've been checking things out here, you've noticed that there's really no space marker beween the entries. So, I'm now making it easier to read the posts. Although you can check each post by date, some days will have more than others. Hopefully, this will make it easier for you to read and enjoy. By the way, email me if you can and let me know what you think so far of the blog at I do want to hear what you think.

Salsa singer Celia Cruz has passed. One of her last appearences was a commercial for Dr. Pepper. Ironicly, Jam Master Jay of Run-DMC had also taped a commercial for the company before his untimely passing. I'm not making light it, but it just catches me as coincidence. No matter. Both were brilliant. Here's the story on Celia and bless her.

Yesterday USA

Hi. Sorry I wasn't on for the past couple of days. My modem was knocked out for some screwy reason and I can't access the blog or anything else for that matter without it. Talk about a bad coulple of days. You can't really live without high speed if it's gone. Those of you who remember the days of 28.8 know exactly what I'm talking about. When you got somethings fast, you cherished it. Then, things got quicker and you had to get a 56. Soon, it was time stop the stuttering and false loading and really boot up. The Comic Box still runs under 28.8 because the owners of the property never expected the internet in '86, so they let it go. I don't think they plan on outfitting the plaza with wiring, because they are, in my own interpretation, too dang cheap. So, I have to suffer at work. I can't even listen to my favorite staion online, Yesterday USA .

While I'm at it, I'm going to start putting up more of my recommendations for great pop culture links I can pass it along to you. Y-USA is a site for fans of classic radio drama, comedy and music from the first 50 years of the 20th century. It's on 24 hours a day, run only by listener support. It's been one of my favorite sites for years and the big reason I got a cable modem. It's founder, Bill Bragg has one of the nicest, freindliest voices I've heard on the air and each of the hosts of the various shows have a wonderful personality. The shows itself are just fantasic to listen to since this is pure drama. Each of these makes you use your imagination of what Jack Benny's reactions may be, or just how ominous is the Shadow when he does appear, if you can find him. It's a sheer pleasure everyday to come home after a hard day's work or whatever to tune in. Give it a shot once, especially if you have kids. I know you'll enjoy it as much as I do.

Monday, July 14, 2003

My day went from a good mood to crap. Thank the stars it got better. I decided to check out a chat room, which I haven't done since 1996 (!) and see if I could still hold down the fort.

Boy, do I have alot to learn.

I downloaded ICQ and went to 30somethings. It was kinda cool checking it out. Nice folks in there. I met a woman in Illinois with the name Nurse_32. See seemed like a nice person and we had a good chat. It made me feel better about things instead of being pent up in the house on a Sunday.

Sunday, July 13, 2003

I figured I'd write this because I'm feeling good about life after hearing the news. My best freind Jeff was let go of the radio conglomerate he ran production for two months ago due to a guy who told them he could do the job faster and better. For a while, he and his wife Tina (my best female freind) were going thru a bit of a crunch. Jeff knows the biz and does a damn good job, but without it, life isn't easy. Believe me, I know. As it turns out, the guy they replaced him with did a lousy job and had billing so screwed up , they called Jeff back! He's now working again fulltime and is probably picking up where he left off. I'm putting this down for two reasons. That everyone deserves a second chance, if not to prove to themselves, but to others that sometimes the newest isn't the best. The other reason is to publicly congratulate the two best freinds I've ever had. I love them both and they deserve the best.

Saturday, July 12, 2003

Hi, kids. Been kind of busy with work and everything else. I'll try and get back soon. Until then, ponder the fate of Jerry Springer in goverment. I'm telling you, we're one step closer to having Ricki as trash collector. Oh, wait. I forgot. Have you seen the guests she has?

Friday, July 11, 2003

I was getting ready to head to work when I flipped the TV to the View. They're showing Crunch Stripper Aeorbics. Seeing Barbra, Meredith and Joy on the pole is not a fantasy I wanted at 11:37 in the morning. Why isn't Lisa Ling back for this one?

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Well, first things first. I have to say "hello" my friend Gwen, with this word to her: Whatever you do in life, make the best of it. Not just for everyone around you, but for yourself.

That being said, I was supposed to go out with Mo tonight. She told me she may have a late night at the office. I'm not complaining. I was just happy going out with her the two times I did. I'm not that lucky, you know. Believe me, if I could post a picture of her here, you'd probably say, "How'd he meet her"? My life's too short to worry. She's still good woman, though.

Now, on to other things. Today at the Comic Box, we had a run in with thieves. Not your run of the mill thugs. Ours were 7 and 8 years old.

I was in the back trying to find a book for a customer, while Jamie, who works part time, was in from. During that time, two kids kept coming in and out of the store. We see it all the time. Kids come in, parents chase them out, telling them they aren't getting a thing. This time however, Jamie noticed one of them running out with a Dragon Ball Z Action figure. He quickly caught the kid and I came out front. I had been waiting for a moment like this. If for anything, to teach a kid right from wrong. So I but the fear of God into the child with my best heavy baritone voice. I took control and found out that the kid had a partner in crime sitting in a car while they were waiting for their guardian in the grocery store. We went to the car to find the other kid hiding in the front seat in a duck and cover position hoping that no one would see him. I found the four toys that they had walked out with, and walked them back to the store, this time with their adult in the store. By this time the kids were scared, but it was going to get worse for them.

I was gonna call the cops.

I wasn't going to send them to Juvy Hall, but I was going to show them who was boss. When the police did show up, we played good cop, bad cop, with me being the bad one. By the time it was all said and done, these kids had almost crapped themselves after the Come To Jesus meeting. One had a conniption fit, crying and banging his head up against the wall, screaming, "I don't wanna go to jail! I don't wanna!"

As a kid, I had done dumb things before like that, and it took adults to do the same thing to me. Now, it was my turn. I'm not saying I turned out perfect, but I'm not in jail or working as a V.P of Enron, but I didn't turn out a bad guy. If I could scare straight one kid, then I hope I've made a difference.

Now , here's the clincher. Our little thieves, who were black, were being watched by some kids and their mom, who were all white. The mom was poo-pooing the whole thing, while her kids were laughing at the whole thing. After I was done with the thieves, I turned to the hecklers. I walked up to one of them and quickly shouted, "What the Hell are you laughing at, twerp?" His smirk disappeared fast and turned into fear. His brothers also shook in fright as I looked their way. I told them that I have no remorse. I don't care what your place in life is or how your grew up. A thief is a thief and will be dealt with , accordingly. Even the mom nodded her head. Then, one of her kids decided to become a smart ass and say, "You wouldn't sound so tough if you had a gun." I then whipped out the 38 the boss leaves under the counter for us and said, "Which one are you more scared of screaming at you? Smith and Wesson or me?" Mom knew that the answer and so did the kids. I was told by the cops, the kid's guardian, older customers, Jamie and My boss Fred I did the right thing. In the words of Ice Cube, today was a good day

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Quiet day today. Savannah had a hi of 92 degrees, which sucks for me. I got out of dialysis around 5pm, so the sun was beaming. I wound up just sticking myself in the house and staying put. I did watch "Last Comic Standing" and got a great laugh. The news says it'll be 93 tomorrow with a heat index of 105. The last thing I need is a suntan, so my black behind is stayin' in the comfort of G.E. and drinking lot of water.

There is one thing on my mind however. I've got the third date with Mo Wednesday night (you and I haved talked for a while, so I guess I'm comfortable saying her nickname around you). It's at her place. I don't plan on going all the way. I'm not even worried if I don't make it to third base. For some reason, I'm just glad to be in the company of a beutiful woman. She's smart, sexy, hot...what I wanna know is how in Blue Hell have I managed to get this far? I guess the Big Man must think it's time for a change. Maybe she is the one, maybe she isn't. we'll see. I'll take my time and see how this plays. Let's hope I win.

Monday, July 07, 2003

Ok, I'll make this brief.

Had the second date with Monette yesterday. Had diner and went to a friend's party. We had a great time. Got the goodnight kiss. She left, I stuck around. Party got wild. Folks got crazy. Cops showed up. Party lasted till 5 in the morning! And,I did not have one stinking drink.


Sunday, July 06, 2003

I guess I should tell you about my other job. I work a daiquiri bar here in Savannah named Wet Willie's. It's located on River Street, in downtown. It's not a bad little place, but I really wouldn't call it a bar. It's more of a hangout for tourist and rednecks. Boy, does it make the dough. The profits form those frozen drinks have made the owners millionaires. So much so, that they have locations thru the south. Charleston, Miami, a couple in Louisiana. Even one in Perth. At least. I think that one is still there.

None the less, the place does well, and I get the bills paid. My job: DJ. It's me who gets to play the stuff you hate to hear. That's right...cheesy 80's. I've done there for about a year now, and let me tell you when I leave that place, I will never listen to another Duran Duran song EVER AGAIN. When I was a teen in the 80's, it was great. Now, I just want to find Corey Hart and punch his sunglasses off.

We get interesting clientele in the bar all the time. Actually, we get tourist and rednecks. Allot of the townies never really show up. It's always folks from other states who've never seen a bar like this, or the jokers from the small towns outside of Savannah who want to turn into a quick drunk. And man, do they all get drunk quick. The major drink there is a "Call A Cab". Right there, that should tell you that this is a drink that will have you f'd up.It's a sweet drink, with cherry and strawberry flavoring, with a bit of 190 grain. Ok, allot of 190 grain. One 20 Oz. drink of that will leave your head spinning. Add to the fact that you can walk around town with an alcoholic beverage , which is unheard of in almost any city, and you got a hit. It's places like this that stopped me from drinking along time ago.

As I was saying, we have lots of folks come byand we make a good buck. Sometimes, we even get the B/C list celebrities come in. Last year, Nick Carter of the Backdoor Boys showed up during the power boat races held in town. But the most interesting was about 8 months apart. Late December, O.J. Simpson popped in. I have to admit, the Juice looked good. Yes, he had on the shoes. I got to talk to the guy and he seemed cool. Nothing out of the ordinary. Just a guy looking for a drink, but not the killers. I think he's still tracking them.

Then tonight, I got the shock of my life when who walks in the door but Jayson Williams of the New Jersey Nets. It was interesting because I was in the booth doing my thing, he walks around with his friends, sees me and makes a hello wave. I was thrown for a loop. I thought the guy was going to be convicted soon. He looked fine, so I walked up to him shook his hand and asked him for his autograph for my brother Anthony. It was good to see the guy, 'cause I always thought he had a good sense of humor and he was a great b-ball guy. But, what's up with me meeting the bad guy celebs. Is Robert Blake gonna show up next?

Well, I know that Sandra Bullock, J-Lo and Beniffer all have houses here in town. Maybe they can show up for karaoke on Tuesday nights. That'll be worth while. Well, I'm off to bed. I'll talk to you guys soon.

Friday, July 04, 2003

If you've read the post over the past couple of days, you may have noticed some spelling errors. I'll admit, I don't have a spell check with this, which kind of stinks. However, I have edited my posts, making them easier to read, properly spelled and grammars corrected. I apologize to anyone who thought I was an idiot and promise to spell better.

The Fourth Of July is finally over. I hope you had a good one here in the U.S. . As for the rest of the world, I still hope you had a good day. It wasn't bad for me. After work, I went over to a friend's house and enjoyed a low country boil. We sat around in the pool talking about life and whatnot when I was told that THE MAESTRO, Barry White had just died.

It floored me. I grew up listening to the man. If anyone was the icon of love, he was the man. There were so many songs. Plus that voice that men wished they had and women wanted to hear. That deep, low growl that just OOZED love. Barry was the shiznit.

I found out later that he died from complications due to kidney failure. The same thing that's happening to me now. It brought me down just a bit more. It makes me more determined more to get better. The dialysis is doing fine, but I know I can get thru this. Barry was on his way for a transplant, and I'm up for donorship. It's sad that we lost him, but if it makes folks realize that organ donation is now more important than ever, then it helps the rest of us in need. I'm not asking you to help me with my problem. I'm asking you to help others with theirs. So, what you can...please.

In case you haven't read the news on Barry's passing, read here.

For those of you who can't get out of the house or work to see fireworks today, I have the perfect idea. Go to have all sorts of things to do if you're just plain...well, bored. Anyway, they have a little thing on their site called Cyberfireworks. Then, put on some Souza, or some Kiss, or whatever music you use to celebrate the Fourth and crank that mama up. Now, get yourself a cold drink and celebrate the Fourth, Cyberstyle!

It's better than nothing...
Well, it's the Fourth of July. I'm here at my day job, which is working in a comic store here in Savannah. It plans on being a boring day here. Not many customers, but at least I'm getting paid. I brought a video with me to keep myself awake.

Now, before you get started on the fact that he works in a funny book store, let me say this. We're all not the the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons. I know I ain't. First of all, I'm not a self loathing idiot. Sure, I know crap about what the Thing's girlfriend's name is (Alicia) and who would win in a fight between Hawkeye and Green Arrow (G.A., of course), but it's like guys who know baseball stats, or women who know every character in "Days Of Our Lives" (I thought Patch ROCKED!) . I also have a very cool night life. No, don't go out pretending to be a vigilante. I hang out at bars (but don't drink), meet hot women, go out on dates, blah,blah,blah. All the things you normal people do. In fact, I have a date this Sunday with a lovey woman named Monette. As in the painter.

Too bad I couldn't be out now...This is a boring Fourth.


Thursday, July 03, 2003

In case my friends and family is reading this, I have two things to say. Number one...What up?!! Number two...How 'bout sendin' a brother some cookies, huh?
As it turns out, Fox has a new version of a show that ran on USA Network a couple of years ago called "Banzai". It's a sort of comedy show here viewers bet on outcomes to weird situations. The show was hosted by a bald Japanese guy with broken english. I never really found the show funny, but it's coming back. Not too many folks are happy about it. You be the judge by going here.
Just a goofy thought...

I decided to check out my favorite sites tonight. One of my favorites is about Detroit kid show favorites. If you were born before 1979, then television was amazing. I lived in Detroit for a while in 1981/'82 and was fascinated by the fact that they had at least eight local stations. for anyone who lives in larger cities, this is no big deal. But for a guy who had only THREE channels on his TV, not counting PBS, this was mind-blowing. I stayed glued to the tube, not leaving my house unless it was to go get a Faygo Rock and Rye soda. Such a geek.

If you've got any TV favorites you've grown up with, let me know at I'll post some of them here and try to pass along some other sites I've found that I think are kinda cool for the kid inside of you.

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

I was sitting around and trying to figure out what to right about tonight, and I decided to go a liitle bit more into being Black in America. Or ,at least, Me being Black in America.

Despite what some may think, we are a very diverse peolpe. It's interesting that the most other races see us as are loud, troublemaking, babymaking, no crap taking folks. Some of us are, but then again, so's alot of other folk. Russian, Asian, Latino, hundreds of others. It's just the fact that, just like everything, we get pigeonholed into something alot of us aren't.

Let's take me, for example. I'll admit, when I was younger, I was everything but the babymaking. I did for a bit , fit the stereotype. As I got older, I realized that that's not the way to do things when you deal with the whole of society. So, I toned down. I had to. I thought was the only thing I could do in order to make it to the level that I wanted. Still,I, tried to do my best to maintain my integriy to other Blacks that I had grown up with. I took all the knowlege I learned from doing radio in an r&b station in 1985 and took it over to an mainstream Top 40 station in 1987. Mind you, I was fired from the r&b and needed to work. I thought, "Hey, a job's a job. I know I can do this". I then went to an Oldies staion, were I worked for several years, rising from weekend swing shift guy, up thru the ranks to Program Director. I did my best to keep up with my roots however in the community, doing what I could. When alot of them found out that I was that I was working for an audience whose main audience is middle to upper white males 34 to 54, I was labled a sellout.

Since then, I've continued to do radio, including r&b. I've done everything but Hispanic, because I can't speak the lingo. I've had lots of Blacks wondering why I don't more of their music. The answer is simple. I'm out to get PAID. If that's what a sellout is, then P.Diddy, Beyonce, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Denzell, Bernie Mac, and Halle can't fit another person in the arena without the fire marshall showing up.

The way I see it, Blacks, or whatever the news calls us these days, are just like everyone else in their run for the brass ring on the merry go round. That's not a bad thing. So do alot of other folks of different hues and shades. A lot of us just do it in other ways, just the same as the other folks out there. We have our entertainers as you see, but we have our doctors, laywers, pimps, players, etc. Alot of us are very educated, alot of us aren't. It's no different from any other race out there. Some blacks, however, feel as though, if anyone makes it up into a better situation, start to become the dreaded "playa hata". It's not a good thing as a race, as I feel. I don't know of anyone who does that, but mine does, I believe. We even had the vaunted problem of Black on Black crime in the early 90's that scared everyone.

If any of this rambling makes any sense to you, then I'll just cut to the chase with this. As a people, we should band together to celebrate our uniqueness. I'm not saying we should go out and march on Washington again, but just know that there are other folks out there, who are the same color who have done what they can to make it out there. Sure it's not what YOU want to do in life, but makes the other person feel comfortable about their place in life. As for the other person, they can take the compliment and say, "thanks", or just keep moving. It's up to them. No need to hate from either side. In Kwanzaa, and I hope I get it right, although I've never celebrated it, it's called "Umoja", translated from African, is "Unity". In other words, not jusr in the family, but in the community. That's all I want from not just Black Americans, but all Americans, Europeans, Latinos, Asians...people of Earth.

That's all I got. I promise I'll lighten up my next post.