Saturday, September 20, 2003

Be A Man, Ben!!!

I have been told by the Internet Assosiation of America that I have to post at least one Bennifer story, or have the blog yanked. It turns out that Ben has an estate here in Savannah and that he and J-Butt are going to have a summit to see if it's really worth it. I happen to think Jennifer is a very attractive woman. However, it ain't worht it, Ben. WALK AWAY!!!!! "Gigli" had nothing to do with it. RUN!!!! She's a diva!!! If I see Ben walking around downtown, mumbling to himself, he and I are going to have a long talk. Mind you, we are still TOOLS, Ben doesn't need that kind of crap. This is Ben Affleck of "Phantoms", for the love of God. You make the call by reading this .

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