Thursday, September 11, 2003

So Fresh, So Clean

I've been a fan of the rap duo Outkast for along time. Actually, member Big Boi was raised in Carver Village, here in Savannah. I don' think we ever crossed paths, however. But I have bought he and his partner, Andre 3000's music. Their last album, "Stankonia" was a breakthough hit for the pair, with songs crossing over not only from Urban stations to Top 40, but to Modern Rock and College Stations as well, with one of my favorite songs all time, "Bombs Over Baghdad". Why didn't Fox News use that in their coverage earlier this year? Anyway, Outkast will finally release a new double CD on 9/23, "Speakerboxxx/The Love Below". It's interesting as "Speakerboxxx" is Big Boi's solo CD, while " The Love Below" is Andre's. I've seen the first two videos from the set, "I Like The Way You Move" and "Hey Ya". Frankly, I think this is great to put out solo cuts like this, yet still work under the Outkast name. I kind of wish KISS had thought of this when they did solo albums in the 70's. Just watch the two clips, then I dare you to tell me this ain't the party CD's for the fall.

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