Sunday, September 21, 2003


These are things I was thinking about...

DEPRESSING: Your date to the Prom was your aunt...And she's mad cause you wouldn't put out

DEPRESSING: the only folks to talk to you are mutes.

DEPRESSING: You almost married J-Lo.

DEPRESSING: You hamster has just hung itself.

DEPRESSING: You accidently get featured in Hustler after the security camera gets a shot of you in the dressing room of K-Mart.

DEPRESSING: Your Aunt was really your Uncle...After an operation.

DEPRESSING, and sick: You find out that the lady next door to you has a crush on you....And she's only 87.

DEPRESSING: You win the 10 Million Dollar Lotterey...In Iraqi money.

DEPRESSING: Getting kicked out of the Fruit Of the Month Club.

DEPRESSING: You French Kiss your blind date good nigth...And she gets a boner.

DEPRESSING: You get helped across the street by the Boy Scouts...And you just turned 24.

So, quit yer whining!!!!

By the is Copywritten stuff...don't steal it.

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