Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Catching Up

Well, I've got a few moments, so I thought I'd try and get a couple of things down on the blogs. I feel bad because I've wanted to get both working. No such luck. Who knows what will happen with Pop Shop, which is a damn shame to set it up and not get much in.

As for me personally, things are great. I'm working and getting bills caught up. I've decided it's also time to move from the house I'm in now and try to get a house of my own. Hell, I'm 37 and deserve it. I'm not sure if I can do it, but I'm going to try to afford it. As for my illness, I have the good and bad days and do my best to try and make it through. Dating wise, Yeah, me and Mo are still trying to make things work. It isn't easy. We talked about it today and I told her that I want to spend more time with her other than being in the bar and she understood it, as she wants the same too. Let's hope that happens soon. Other than that, I want to go to Universal Islands of Adventure before the year is out and am seeking donations to get me there. Hey, it's my Christmas wish.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

A Letter To My Mom


It's about 3:56 am as I'm writing this, as I'm just getting in from the Mercury Lounge after doing a show. Did you and Dad come by Wet Willie's over the weekend? I hope it was you, after the note I got.

I hope you don't mind that I'm writing this, as it's going to turn out to be nothing but another rant letter. The show turned out ok. But, as I got home it was another matter all together.

My landlady has been ok to me up until I started dialysis. I explained to her that things wouldn't be the same for a long time for me physically and that I'd have to cut back on working at Wet Willie's and the Comic Box. With three full days out of the week to go to therapy, I wouldn't be working much any my not be able to pay rent on time. Since then, she's been hounding me since June to make sure I get money to pay her.

Around the first week of October, Wet Willie's participated on Octoberfest on River Street, which meant the bar would be busy. Too busy to even need a DJ, so they asked me to take the weekend off. That meant I wasn't going to get paid for the time off, and I would be behind on my rent, which I pay biweekly. I explained to my landlady, but she try not to let it happen too much.

On Saturday, I had to go to the hospital after having both legs cramp, due to having too much fluid being taken off during dialysis. I was in complete pain as I sat in the E.R., when the phone rang. It was her, wanting to know about rent. I told her now was not the time to talk about it and that she should talk to me when I felt a bit better. I then hung up the phone and just wanted to cry, like now.

Tonight was the first night of my new show at Mercury Lounge. I know I don't need to work due to what's going on with me, but I have to try and keep up with my bills. I'm doing my best to try to have enough money to get a place of my own, but it's been hard with all that has happened to me as of recent. All the work I've done however has just been enough to pay her and try to eat and get my medicine. However, as soon as I came home just an hour before I started writing this, I see my landlady sitting on the couch waiting for her money. I told her that I had just gotten my check from Wet Willie's and that I needed to cash it. If she would let me go to bed and not bother me about it then, she would get her money in the morning. She just kept talking and saying I needed to pay her, because she has bills to pay. So, I just signed my entire check over to her and told her to leave me alone and go home.

The short of it is and I'm sorry if I'm just going on and on is I can't take any of this anymore. I'm tired of dealing with being sick, I'm tired of not being able to work like I should, and I'm tired of my landlady. The whole thing is driving me nuts. I'm not sure how much of this I can take. I'm tired of being alone. It feels like there's noone there whenever I come home, and that I'm just spitting in the wind. I'm going to try and see if I can try and move somewhere else, if anyone would be willing to take me in. Although, I doubt it, as I have a few friends, they would be willing to help. But, I'm going to try.

You know, it's funny. It's almost 21 years since I lost my own Mom to cancer. I'm glad I have someone to call Mom when it feels this bad. I just wish this was all over and I could make you both proud of me. After this, I don't know if I'll even be able to make it to the wedding, but I'll try my hardest. Please give my best to Dad and tell Bob I'll do what I can to be there. I love you all and thanks for letting me go on and on. like this. I had to talk before I started to cry and writing is the only way these days to do it. I've tried to cry with all that's happened to me over the past few months, but I can't. I know this is going to sound strange, but when I'm alone, I just stare into space and just wonder and ask God, " Why me and now?" Maybe I'm just too tired to fight to cry now.

Love you,


Wednesday, October 22, 2003

The BIg Show Is NOW!

The Big Show Is NOW!

In just a few moments, I have to go take a shower and get dressed for the first Big Show at the Mercury Lounge. I've never done a program quite like this before, what with music, kareoke, live musicians, weird acts and more. I am frankly, scared crapless. I hope that the show goes well...not perfect, but well. If it does, then we can keep it going for another week. Everyone has told me I've done it before...on radio, televsion, even during the times I've done stand up. But never, never, has it been on this type of scope. The short of it is, I want this to work so I can get PAID. There, I said it. I need the money, and if this fails, I'm going to sit in the corner with a bucket of ice cream for the whole weekend. Well, wish me luck!!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

OW, OW, OW...

I went to a seminar last week for kidney transplants. It went well, as it would gete me prepared for the financial out come of all of this. I found out that it would cost me over 100,000 dollars to get this done. Fortunatly, the organization that hosted the forum, The Georgia Transplant Foundation, would be able to help with financial aid and other things. At this point, any help would be good. The sad part of it is, I'll have to drive upstate on a few weeks to a physical to see of my body is up to the transplant. I'm telling you, this is costing me loads to get done. It's not like I'm gatting a face lift or anything, but who knew that it would cost me more money than I've made in, well, forever, to get a new body part? Anyone wanna pony up some bucks to make sure I still work on the two blogs now?

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Good News

Hi there. I've benn kind of busy this week, what with getting The Big Show started at The Mercury Lounge next week and getting back together with a woman who I won't name (heh-heh-heh). But, the best news is that I went to a transplant seminar on Wedensday, and will hopefully go to an evaluation soon in Augusta, Georgia to see about getting myself on the list to get a transplant. It's the first step in getting better and I hope it works out in the long run.

It interestig about blogs, I guess. When you feel like crap and want to talk, you have to post. But, things have been ok the past few days, and I really haven't anything to rant about. I'm very glad that I'm getting to see a silver lining for once. I hope all of you get the chance to see yours soon.

Sunday, October 12, 2003

A Change Has Come...

It's time for a milestone folks. I've been working on this thing for the past few months and had a great time working on my own web page. But, the past few weeks, I've been having problems with the way the post have been linked. I've been having major template issues that have been driving me nuts. I've even gone to Blogger with my problem, with no luck so far. So I have decided...I've created a new blog called Sam's Pop Shop, which will focus mainly on all media and other things of interest. while this page will look at more personal items. I'll reference each page if there's some of interest that might perk you up. I'll also add older posts from this page to the new one if you missed it the first time. I 've even made it easier to get to with the address Samjohnson.blogspot.com . Next year, I plan to add photos, audio and more to really make the Pop Shop look good. So. for those of you waiting for more internet fun, then this is for you. Thanks for your patience.

One more thing before I set up the new page. Beginning October 22, I'm hosting a new show at The Mercury Lounge here in Savannah, Georgia called the Mercury Lounge Big Show. It's a sort of freaked out version of The Gong Show, if there was booze involved and American Idol, if Simon was the only judge. We're looking for all types of acts to be involved, good and bad. All I ask is that you show up between 10 pm and 1 am and bring your humilty. It's no cover and it's a cheap date if you do it right. Ok...I'm going to work. I'll see you at the other site and keep watching this one for more.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

It's Blogger's Fault This Time

I haven't been able to post in awhile, due to some problems that Blogger was having. I've got a lot of things I have to talk about. The California Recall, some new sites, cartoons, and whatnot. But I don't have time today. Plus, I have some upcoming news on a new live show that I 'm working on. I'll have something for you on Thursday. See you then!

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Time Capsule

Once again, Dave Hewitt has sent me a letter. I haven't gotten ONE FRICKIN' letter from anyone else about the blog from anyone except Dave. Here I am, asking for suggestions, and no one says anything, EXCEPT DAVE. Shame...Shame on the lot of you. I'll bet Harry Knowles or Matt Drudge never go thru this.


I'm making a time capsule for my 18 month old son. Any suggestions on some

pop culture items to add? I've already bought the Batman issue you raved about, and I have a couple of football cards (Jeremy Shockey and David Carr).



So, then I said...

"Hi, Dave...

I think that's a great idea your doing for your son. I hope to have kids one day to do something like that. One thing I can suggest is maybe a picture of him and the family with messages that's only in the capsule and not seen until it's open. As for other items, how about a CD with music from the year he was born, a toy like maybe a G.I. Joe, and a book detailing the last century. I hear Klutz.com has a great line of books for young adults. Mind you , I don't know when the capsule will be open, but it will give him the sense of what came before him and what he should look for in the future. Good luck on getting it together. Let me know how it goes."

If you've got kids, you should try that out. And, if you have the time, SEND A BROTHER AN EMAIL TO LET HIM KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF THE SITE. It's Blaxstone1@yahoo.com, or use the Squawkbox, if it's working. Thank you.

No Need To Rush

By the time most of you read this, Rush Limbaugh has returned to the radio, defending what he said on ESPN about Donovan McNabb. Limbaugh stated on the Sunday NFL Countdown, quote, "The media has been very desirous that a Black quarterback do well. "There is a little hope invested in McNabb and he got a lot of credit for the performance of this team that he didn't deserve."

Limbaugh on Wednesday night resigned from his gig at the sports network, feeling the pressure from the cable group and from others from not just the media, but the NAACP and even Democratic candidates for president.

I've listened to Rush's radio program. Actually, I don't have a choice sometimes. The guys at the Comic Box are Republican, while I am an Independent. There are things that Rush has said that I think make some since, but there are others that don't sit right with me. Plus, being from radio, you have to be entertaining and keep your listeners glued to you. This is why Limbaugh is so popular. Yes, the man is there to shock you with what he sees as the truth and folks follow him immensely. He does what he has to do to get rating. However, there are some things you just can't do, on radio and on TV. His statement on Donovan McNabb was, in my opinion, DUMB. it harks back to Al Campanis on Nightline saying that Blacks don't have the mental capacity to be general managers of baseball teams, or Jimmy The Greek saying that blacks are born to run because we are breeded that way. ESPN knew the controversy when they hired Limbaugh, but when they got him, they didn't think it would wind up like this.

There are still things you can't say in public without a firestorm of media behind you. And with the world even closer together now with the web, what you say or do can backfire on you. Limbaugh however still has his supporters on the radio, and will no doubt continue to have his listeners tune in. But now, he will have more enemies due to his actions.

Postscript 1: When Donovan McNabb heard about what Rush said, McNabb felt that it was done, and he wasn't going to take it personally. He did however feel badly for the other black players int he NFL and ones trying to get to the league. McNabb then got on Philadelphia Eagles field and won the game, thereby rebuking Rush's point

Postscript 2: Rush Limbaugh is now under a criminal investigation for illegal drugs, just three days after his statement. The media has been looking for things to get Limbaughand now they have two. No matter the man, how the media will respond this will be interesting to watch.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

We Are But Men...ROCK!!!

Jack Black is starring in the new comedy, "School Of Rock", opening this week. But, You ordinary folks should know that Jack is a part of what could be The GREATEST ROCK BAND OF ALL TIME: Tenacious D. That's D. Da D. Deezy Fo' Sheazy. The Micky-Ficky D. Oh, You don't really know about Jack and his partner, Kyle Gass? What is wrong with you ? Are you listening to Creed or something? Look and fall in love with Jack and Kyle and see why, all over the world, Teancious D are loved by all of humanity and chicks. Chicks dig The D.

I need to get out more....

Ok...I think I'm on a geek roll here, what with going on about Tenacious D and Mr. Microphone, but I think I may have trumped myself with this one. I found the site for a very cool movie coming out in limited areas. Hopefully, it will be out on DVD soon. The film is called "The Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra". It was done in less than ten days with a budget less than what catering gets to serve lunch on a B-movie in Canada. The premise of the film is based on those fifties horror films with bad dialog. Think "Robot Monster" or " Plan 9 From Outer Space". But, this new film was meant to be funny.

Actual line from the film: "Betty, you know what this meant to science. This could mean actual advances in science." No joke.

It's filmed in Skeletorama, it had a battle between a monster straight out of Sid and Marty Croft, a Plastic Skeleton as the antagonist and I hear it has a cartoon in the front of it. As the tagline goes, " You will be STERILIZED with fear! It's another SCREAM GEM from the folks that gave you 'Zombies OF Mora Tau' and 'Lawrence Of Arabia'! " Are you gonna argue with that?