Thursday, December 30, 2004

The Person Of The Year Who Can Bite Me

This will probably be the last post I do for 2004, as I'll be very busy this weekend doing radio and club gigs. However, I figured I needed to do this. After hours of thinking and racking my brain on the person I can't stand the most this year, and believe me, there's alot of folks out there who just make me pure ill, I have decided to go with someone everyone can agree on. That's why at The Sam Johnson Institue of Technology and Drag Racing, we have our Person of the Year Who Can Bite Me. We were going to call it The Sam Johnson Johnson Person Of The Year Who Can Bite Me, Then Jump Off A Cliff Into An Ocean Filled With Sharks With Frickin' Lasers On Their Heads, but we couldn't find any lasers. So, without further ado ladies and gentlemen, our person...Paris Hilton. She makes skeevy women everywhere proud, huh?

That's right, you lady. You found fame with a good publicist and lots of dough. You wound up on every gossip page with your wacky antics and wild exploits and you made us all sick of you. Then, you did The Simple Life with Nichole Ritchie which proves to us that blonds aren't stupid. Stupid girls are real stupid. Don't even get me started on that tape of yours, Paris. Yes, I saw it. ONCE. You knew what you were doing when it came out. "One Night In Paris"? I'd rather spend it in a Super 8. In fact, you have ruined the family name and hotels. I'll be spending my time in broken down motel on I-95 than to stay in a Hilton from now on. At least you know the women are skeezy there. Stay away from television, Paris Hilton. And, BITE ME. With mustard.

Oh, and Happy New Year everyone! Stay alive in 2005!

Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Big up to my homies in Montna! What up, yo? I'm sendin' a shout out and this to y'all! Peace. Word life, y'all.

Don't get upset everyone. This is how they talk in Montana. They don't want you to know that, though. They're a quiet type of folk there.

Late Present

I forgot to link this, but still works for me. Here the boys frm Jib Jab with "Grumpy Santa".

Things I Learned From 2004

When Justin Timberlake tells a woman he'll have her naked by the end of his song, he means it.

Christopher Reeve will always be Superman. The next guy will have to live up to the cape.

If Ben Affleck keeps messing with women named Jennifer, his movies will forever SUCK.

Jesus is the biggest man in Hollywood today, until his points drop. Until then, hang on, Satan! Tom Hanks has a film for you!

I've seen all of Paris Hilton's work. She can't act in that one, either.

Lindsey Lohan is hot. Scary hot. WAAY too young for me hot. But, Bea Arthur doesn't do it for me anymore.

I did not watch "Friends". I did not watch "Sex in the City". I did not watch Tom Brokaw. I did watch "Angel". 'Cause it had vampires. Vampires could kick Monica's ass any day in my book.

Hey, Star Jones got married! Now, go have sex and lose weight.

Find me Ken Jennings. He may have one over 2 million in Jepardy, but I'll bet he still can't fight a cold, beat the clock, or whip inflation. Celebrity Boxing, here we come!

Which would you rather make out with: Fat, rich, slobby Anna Nichole, or Trim-Spa Crazy Anna Nichole? I'll have Kirstie Alley instead and take my chances.

Wanna bet Martha Stewart comes out of jail with a tattoo, a pimp cup, and a new name like "M-hard Love"?

The Red Soxs won the series, and Kerry gets the nomination for President. Boston still blows, no matter what.

I'd do a joke about President Bush, but I can't find what I need. Like Bush still can't find Osama! Thank you, thank you. We'll be here again for the midnight show. Now, here's Bananarama!

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The Stuff I Lliked This Year

By now, everyone will have up on their website a best of 2004 list. Movies I can see, maybe TV and records. But, it's way too much. Why not say ONE favorite movie, ONE favorite TV show, and ONE favorite record, with a simple reason why they like it. So, with that said...

My Favorite Movie: Spider-Man 2. Because it had Spider-Man in it.

My Favorite TV Show: Arrested Development. Because wacthing dyfunctionaly, formerly wealthy people, other than watching The Jacksons, is funny.

My Favorite Record: Anything that DID NOT HAVE Lil' Jon and the Eastside Boyz. What's more stupid than seeing preppy shirt wearing white kids going, "I'm Rick James, Bitch!" in the club? Hearing them go, "Yeeah!". I gotta headache from it. I'm kickin' Chappelle's ass, then I'm kickin' their ass afterwards. Don't stop me. You know you want me to.

If you want a bigger list, then give me a TV show. I don't get paid for this webpage.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Bells on bobcat's...wings

Hey, we're back! I hope your Christmas worthwhile. What did you get? I got a dvd rack, a documentary on the Batman TV show, and a cool book called "The Action Hero's Handbook". I think that's my goal next year. Catching great white sharks, winning fights when I'm outnumbered, using the Jedi Mind Trick. I'll be fighting crime and becoming a International Adventurer in to no time. Thanks Jeff, Tina , Mike , and Wendy for all the gifts! I also got a cool card from Pandora I gotta share with you. Thank you so much, Pandora! You guys gotta see it. Have a look. Until then, tune in for The New Adventures Of Sam Johnson...Danger Man!

Friday, December 24, 2004

Enjoy Your Christmas

On the left of this page, you'll notice my Blogroll. Here, I've listed sites I visit often and enjoyed. To those listed, I thank you for making my year full of fun and laughter. Also, I want to thany you, dear reader, for stopping by and having a chuckle or two. Me, I'm gonna sit back and relax for a few before I have to go on the air all weekend. Yeah, it's a busy X-Mas for ol' Sam on WEAS FM . Sounds like fun. So, send time with your friends and family. Enjoy the season. I'll see you in couple of days. Take care.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

I'm a Swanp Thing, Baby...I'ma Swamp al over you

Mike is giving away Swamp Thing trade paperbacks. Why? I dunno. Want one? Click here.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Here's How It Sounds, As Done By The Monkees...p.s. anyone who sends me an email address gets a copy. It's my gift to you.

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My Favorite Christmas Song

RIU CHIU (traditional)

Riu riu chiu, la guarda ribera;

Dios guardo el lobo de nuestra cordera,

Dios guardo el lobo de neustra cordera.

El lobo rabioso la quiso morder,

Mas Dios poderoso la supo defender;

Quisola hazer que no pudiese pecar,

Ni aun original esta Virgen no tuviera.

Riu, riu chiu...

Este qu'es nacido es el gran monarca,

Christo patriarca de carne vestido;

Hemos redemido con se hazer chiquito,

Aunqu'era infinito, finito se hiziera.

Riu, riu chiu...


River, roaring river, guard our homes in safety,

God has kept the black wolf from our lamb, our Lady.

God has kept the black wolf from our lamb, our Lady.

Raging mad to bite her, there the wolf did steal,

But our God Almighty defended her with zeal.

Pure He wished to keep Her so She could never sin,

That first sin of man never touched the Virgin sainted.

River, roaring river...

He who's now begotten is our mighty Monarch,

Christ, our Holy Father, in human flesh embodied.

He has brough atonement by being born so humble,

Though He is immortal, as mortal was created.

River, roaring river...

The Best News I Got All Day

First things first, I had to take the snow down. If I didn't, it would have been there forver and I would have forgotten how to take it down, which could have meant snow 365. Forget that.

But, this one is for the comic geek in you. Now, I know most of you, ok alot of you don't read comics anymore. It's changed so much since you were a kid that there's no need anymore. They were fun, had short stories, and bright pretty colors. Then, the guys in the office changed you superheroes and before you knew it, Batman became a Dark Knight, Wonder Woman never met Steve Trevor, and Superman married Lois. They grew up. Which sucks. Nobody wants to grow up.

Well, good news. Your comic books are back. You can be a kid again and your kids can stay kids. DC Comics is creating the All Star line with Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman, and Superman. Here's the new writer of The Man Of Steel, Grant Morrison, who in my opinion is one of the best comic scribes around, giving his take on what going to happen. I think you may like it.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Winter Wonderland, My Butt

Ok, today is the first day of Winter, which I'm not too happy about living here in Savannah. See, I'm on the southern coast, which means I'm near the Atlantic Ocean. Sometimes during this time of year, we get winds blowing from the north , which is ususally nothing. This time around, the winds are getting chilly. I mean, frickin' colder than a Simon and Garfunkel reunion. Now, I know I have the friends in Montana that love it when it snows (no names, please), but I ain't even getting a flake! Plus, it looks like it make rain here on Christmas Day. Ho-ho-freakin' ho. I hope I get a good umbrella and a wind breaker for the holidays thanks to this.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

More Catch Phrases That Didn't Work

"Yaba-Daba-What The Frick?"

"A mind is a terrible thing to...Wait, come back to me for that. I forgot."

"Avengers, PROCREATE!"

"Vicotin, Baby!"

"Snap, Crackle, Wheeze!"

"Hey, hey, hey...It's Kirstie Alley!"

"I yam what I yam...Not that there's anything wrong with that."

"Halmark...when you care enough to send your parents a cheap card during the holidays that you joined Al-queda."

I think I got a few more in me somewhere...

Merry Crimble and A Happy Goo Year

Here's something you can't get at Wal-Mart if your holiday shopping. Christmas Greetings from The Beatles. If you never heard them before, Ipromise, you're in for a treat. The vfirst four are actually funny and laugh out loud, but then slowly changes around 1967 as they progress musically. Download these MP3's and give them to Fab Four fan for the holidays. They'll thank you. Like, I'm thanking Andy for letting us know about it.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Good News

My old friend Matt Gallaher just come back from the road and has moved back in to the house! He's been on the road, doing work for Campbell's Soups and the NFL, of all things. So, for the next few months, The Real Sam Johnson Show is sponsered by new Chunky Chili. Please God, don't let the Eagles in my home.

Catch Phrases That Didn't Work

"That's my parabellum!"

"Holy Satan!"

" What you talkin''bout, Helen Keller?"

"To the future...then back to the recliner for some cheezits!"

"Bad touch!"

"Jumpin' dead Orson Wells on a pogo stick!"

"SPAAAAACE doody!"


That's all I got. For now....

What I Want For Christmas

There are certain things men always want for Christmas, but never really get. Bottomless kegs of beer, a Corvette with frickin' lasers, monkeys, TWINS, and a robot. From the looks of it, we're getting closer and closer.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Are You Neutral Good?

Special thanks to Lachlan for this one. It suits me to a "T".

You scored as Neutral Good. A Neutral Good person tries to do the 'goodest' thing possible. These people are willing to work with the law to accomplish their goal, but if the law is corrupt they are just as willing to tear it down. To these people, doing what's right is the most important thing, regardless of rules, customs, or laws.

Neutral Good


Lawful Good


Chaotic Good


True Neutral


Lawful Evil


Lawful Neutral


Chaotic Neutral


Neutral Evil


Chaotic Evil


What is your Alignment?
created with

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Monday, December 13, 2004

Why Radio Drives Me Crazy

I've been in radio since I was 16 years old. Since then, I seen it go from records to CD's to digital numbers like that. I love what I do now, just going in to the station, doing my show and just splitting when it's over. I don't have the time time to deal with paperwork, dealing with salesfolks and clients, listening to guys begging me to playing their crap on the air. So, as much as I love it, I also have problems with it as well. Free radio is right now in a major state of flux, what with the FCC fining everyone and Clear Channel taking over the business and loading it over everyone. Maybe satelite radio could be the new thing and possibly make broadcast radio straighten out and become a bit more flexible in how it's done.

Speaking of radio, here's my pal Strongbad with what I personally think why radio sounds bad today. It's dead on funny.


This one is for Dorian, who complains so much, for Mike, who lives in California and for Rich, who's bollocks when I asked him for a photo of Stan Lee giving the finger.

Even though I don't work there on a regular basis anymore, I take time to help out my friend Fred Viles at his store, The Comic Box on Sundays while he sorts out the back issues of books he's left with. Usually, I'm up front taking care of the register helping customers with choices. On Sundays, we don't get the typical customers, just folks looking to pick up something special, which means it's a slow day.

On this day, which was yesterday, I got in late since I had a show on WEAS I had to do, which meant I had to keep watch until closing time, which is seven P.M. . Around 6, a customer showed up, which was good since I hadn't seen one for at least an hour. He looked around grabbed a copy of "Love & Rockets" and some other book. I never really thought about it or the guy until it was time to pay up with his credit card.

The guy's name was Daniel Way. Now, for those who don't read comics, Daniel is an up and coming writer who, unfortunately gets his books pushed back by Marvel Comics before they get published. The fact that he has an exclusive contract with the company doesn't help. If they don't get published, he doesn't get paid, which kinda bites. I should say at this point that it didn't surprise me that he would show up in the store. Savannah has become sort of a haven for new comic artist and writers, thanks to the Savannah College of Art and Design's Sequential Art program. That's "how to draw funny books" for those who think "sequential art" is too pretty.

Anywhoo, after I noticed his name, we started to talk shop. Now, out of niceness, he did tell me a few things that I can't really say. Not that he didn't tell me not to, but out of kindness for the man. I want Daniel to come back to the store. He did tell me that he wants to work on some independent comics soon and for the most part, even though his books are pushed back, he's happy doing the work he does for Marvel. I do have one thing I think I can share with you, however.

At one point, Daniel was to work on a miniseries about Ant-Man, which was scheduled but shelved due to the fact that the character was set to die in the unfortunate "Avengers Disassembled" storyline. For non comic readers, don't ask. It was a mess of a book. Nonetheless, although Ant-Man won't be coming back, the story will. Daniel is teaming up with television/comic writer J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5, Amazing Spider-Man) and retrofitting it for a miniseries for a charater named Tom Thumb, who is a part of the Squadron Supreme. As I said, for non comic readers, don't ask. It's all too much.

It was a pleasure meeting Daniel and I hope he does come back to the store soon. Me, I'm gonna sit back and read my copy of "Bullseye's Greatest Hits". Daniel wrote it. I should have gotten him to sign it, but it would bring down the value of the book. Good read, though...

Saturday, December 11, 2004

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Friday, December 10, 2004

Look what I got

Ladies and Getntleducks (as Daffy would say), presenting the trailer for Batman Begins. You may have to wait a moment while it downloads, but it's Windows Media and it is worth it. Watch in awe and leave comments before you go.

Thursday, December 09, 2004


I found out my kid sister Adriene is leaving for Iraq tomorrow. Adriene inlisted in the Army soon after she gave birth to her first daughter. She was 18 then. She had a different mother from me, since my father was a so called "gigolo", but somehow we became close. We

are brother and sister, after all. She moved in with my father around early '85 after an argument with her mother. I was getting ready to head off into the real world after graduating high school when she came in, which was great. Even though I had my father's other kids from his new wife there at the house, Adriene along with my kid brother Martin, were the only people I was comfortable with at that house. We were almost like The Dukes Of Hazard, with my stupid father as our Boss Hogg. With one around, the other wasn't far behind. We three try to keep as tight as we can, although I lost track of both Adriene and Martin after I got sick. But, we did our best to stay as close as possible.

I could go off on a rant about how I don't want her there and it's too much now that she has four kids. I could come up with a political arguement about Iraq and could throw in some things about the Bush goverment as well. Yes, I'm mad as hell and would love to beat the shit out of

something or someone right now. But, I can't. I know this is dumb, but the old "Superchicken"

cartoon theme had these words which kinda ring true in this case to anyone who signed up for the military before all of this went crazy: You knew the job was dangerous when you took it. Sometimes, a war happens. You gotta go fight. Nothing we can do here but pray we come out clean.

I called her a little while ago, but she wasn't there. I did talk to her last night for a few moments, but she couldn't stay on as her family was giving her a going away dinner. I told her how I felt, but I loved her very much and come home in eighteen months. It was bittersweet, but good. I know she'll be safe. God is watching her, along with the thousand or so other soldiers out there. I know it. I pray for it.

I could close this thing with a cheesy quote, but I think it would be shite. I just miss my baby sister right now and wish she were here so I could get a hug like the old days.

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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

A Working Class Hero... Posted by Hello

For Johnny...

There are places I remember all my life,

Though some have changed,

Some forever, not for better,

Some have gone and some remain.

All these places had their moments

With lovers and friends I still can recall.

Some are dead and some are living.

In my life I've loved them all.

But of all these friends and lovers,

There is no one compares with you,

And these memories lose their meaning

When I think of love as something new.

Though I know I'll never lose affection

For people and things that went before,

I know I'll often stop and think about them,

In my life I'll love you more.

Though I know I'll never lose affection

For people and things that went before,

I know I'll often stop and think about them,

In my life I'll love you more.

In my life I'll love you more.


"It was always John, Paul, George and Ringo, not Paul, John, George, and Ringo." Ozzy Osbourne

Merry Crimble, John

Here's my "Spanglish"...DAAAMN, MAMACITA!  Posted by Hello

What do you wanna bet he made goofy noises when he saw casting pictures of Paz? Posted by Hello


First up, I hope you're enjoying the second day of Hanukkah, if you're Jewish, or you just want to light the candles. Second, I just found this on USA Today's Hip Clicks and I have to share it.

James L. Brooks is one of the best writer/directors in Hollywood today, since leaving television and making the leap towards motion pictures. I've seen "Broadcast News" and "As Good As It Gets". I've never really seen "Terms Of Endearment" and I'd rather see "I'll Do Anything" with those songs Prince wrote edited back in before I give an opinion. That part is true. But, I've just seen ten minutes of his new film, "Spanglish" and I am wowed. First, let's give it up for the wonderful dialogue. Brooks knows how to have a real conversation with his characters. They move and speak honestly.It's somethig he's known since The Mary Tyler Moore Show and it's stayed with him since. Next, the surprize performance from Adam Sandler. Of course, he has got give a toned down act in this film and he does it well as a man married to a Hollywood worrywort, played by Tea Leoni. What I've seen is no less than wonderful. This isn't Happy Madison, the Waterboy. This is more closer to his role in "First 50 Dates", only more relaxed and I enjoyed that film. What I love, or WHO I LOVE is Paz Vega as an Mexican housekeeper who only speaks Spanish with a young daughter who translates for her who somehow keeps Sandler's family together. Yes, I know she's HAWT, but Vega is a wonderul actress as well keeping her sanity in the insanity of it all.

I've only seen ten minutes of this, bu t I love it. I can't wait to see the whole thing in theaters. I think you'll love it, too. Have a look...

Why can't I write comic book reviews this good?

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Self Hug

I finally celebrated the fact that I made it to the transplant list today. I went out to get the window fixed (it's not in, so I have to go back on Thursday), I went to get my new dentures made up ( I overslept, so I have to go back on Thursday), I lost my driver's licence, so I had to get a new one made, only to find out that I left it at the radio station earlier, and I couldn't buy anything from Media Play, even though I had my credit card, I had no ID to prove it was me. But, I did call up Jeff and Tina and told them to meet me at Sushi Zen, where they saw me and my EX WIFE and we had a great dinner together. Don't get it twisted. I took my ex with me since I owed her a few bucks, so I promised her I'd take her out for dinner...NOTHING ELSE. Plus, she and Tina were really good friends when we were married and they haven't seen each other in awhile. Everyone had a good time, but most of all I got to be around good friends and sushi. What more could a guy ask for?

Grammy, Scrammy....

In case you werewondering, here's what the Grammys are looking like for next year's non vioelnt awards show. That is, if Kanye West doesn't get one.

The Late, Late Show Has Started...For real, this time

Mr. Wick is the new host. Comments?

What Would My X-Man Name Be?

I've got a busy day tomorrow. I gotta pay bills, get the car window fixed, get some DVD's (I'm buyin' "Dodgeball". That's right. F' Netflix. If I wanna see it, I'll buy it. If it sucks, my bad. Not one clunker in the bunch.) I've also gotta go to the dentist again, but this time I finally get fitted for the new one. I can't wait. There's one problem, though. I have an extra set of teeth growing over the others. Not a full set, mind you, but just enough. It's kinda freaky looking at my x-rays. It's like watching "Aliens", when they get all up in Sigourny Weaver's face and shoot out the other fangs. Or like, when a guy transforms into a vampire by having his fangs grow out of his mouth. Very creepy.

My gums after the surgury have healed nicely, however I can almost feel the other teeth under it. It feels freaky. I'm expecting them to just pop out like Wolverine in case of trouble, or if I get a full moon, that receding hairline I've got becomes a major pompadour and those fangs comeapoppin'. It's something I have to live with, so I guess It's my little mutation. Some folks have webbed toes, others can bend their fingers backwards. I got the extra teeth. Just call me Sam the Shark!

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Blog Watch

Pandora is celebrating her 24th wedding anniversary. Congrats!

Mark Evanier talks about how far games shows have gone from Charles Van Doren to Ken Jennings.

Mike Sterling has been working on Progressive Ruin now for a year. Jim Belushi has had his TV show on for your years now. I like Mike's Ruin better.

I see that Monkey has returned. Glad to have you back, ol' bean. Here's a banana.

Here's how The Incredible Hulk spent Thanksgiving.

Redneck Diva explains why men should nevber wear makeup. It hurts.

David was nominated for a Weblog Award, but didn't become a finalist. We believe in you, David. Keep up the good work.

Let's welcome Andy Baio's, Mr. Chair, and The Most Evil Blog In The World to the Blog Roll!

And, just in case you think I'm being lazy today (which I am), here's a link to post I wrote last year about African Americans in early television and Amos and Andy. Enjoy them all!

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Sam Johnson's Luck

Last night was the annual christmas party for Cumulus Broadcasting, the company that owns WEAS FM, the station I work for. I didn't get an invitation, but I went since my friend Jeff McDermott was just hired as their new production director and he asked me to go with him and his wife, Tina. I hate these parties, because they all talk shop and for the most part, it's dead. You would think that a radio station party would be wild and crazy. Nope. No strippers, no loud music, nothing.

They did have a raffle at the door however, with door prizes. I figured just to feel like I'm part of the company, I'd buy a few tickets, which I did. For the most part during the party, I walked around and shook a few hands, but stayed near Jeff and Tina. Other than a few of jocks, no one really knew who I was, which was fine. They had a lovely dinner, but I had to leave for work at the Bar Bar at nine. I left my tickets with Tina and did the club thing, thinking to myself I won't miss the company party. I got hot chicks showing up soon.

Later at the bar, I see my program director from WEAS, Sam Nelson show up, with him telling me that he has something for me. It turned out that after I left, they drew tickets for the raffle and I won. I noticed that there were boxes there and that I ould have won one, but Sam came in empty handed. He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out and envelope containing two hundred and fifty three dollars in cash. As it turned out, they also had a cash prize with all the money raised from the raffle. When my name was called out, Tina freaked out with joy, but told them that I had left. The company said that since I wasn't there, that I shouldn't recieve it at first, but since Tina was holding the tickets for me, I deserve it. Sam Nelson drank Seven and & 7's on me for the rest of the night.

I also won a dinner for two a some fancy restaurant as well as a door prize, but I have to go pick that up at the office on Monday. I know when I show up to get it, I am gonna get some major stares from the sales office. Suckers.

Did I mention that I made it to the National Transplant List? This makes up for the car getting broken into. Life is good. See, there's a plan for everyone.

Thursday, December 02, 2004


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Rock This Week

For anyone who cares about Rock and Roll, with occasional notes from me, in bold.

In 1957, Ed Sullivan airs the TV debuts of Sam Cooke singing "You Send Me," and Buddy Holly and the Crickets performing "That'll Be the Day"...

1965, the infamous blue flame strikes Keith Richards down on a stage in Sacramento when he grabs an ungrounded mic ... the indestructible Stone is on his feet and performing again inside of seven minutes...He spoke intelegibly for five seconds.

1967, Hank Snow's son, Jimmie F. Rodgers, cracks up his car and is found with a fractured skull ... he will survive, but his career is over...

1968, Graham Nash quits the Hollies ... three days later he announces the formation of Crosby, Stills and Nash...

1969, this week sees the infamous Altamont Speedway concert with the Rolling Stones; Jefferson Airplane; Santana; and Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young on the playbill ... violence erupts and four people are killed, at least two in deliberate bloody assaults...

1970, a gold record goes to Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper, and Steve Stills for Supersession, an album they put together out of an extended studio jam session...

1970, the documentary film Gimme Shelter, documenting the 1969 Stones tour and the Altamont debacle, is released on the occasion of the fateful concert's anniversary...

1971, The Montreux Casino in Geneva, Switzerland, catches fire during a show by the Mothers of Invention, inspiring Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water"...

1972, Carly Simon releases "You're So Vain," a song which sets the whole country to wondering exactly who is so insufferably vain ... candidates for the post include Carly's relatively recent famous conquests Mick Jagger (who sang on the record), Cat Stevens, Kris Kristofferson, and Warren Beatty ... when asked if she's "gone with" Beatty she says, "Hasn't everybody?" ... "I felt I was one among thousands at that point--it hadn't reached, you know, the populations of small countries" ... but, despite anything you may have heard to the contrary, Simon has never revealed who she had in mind when she wrote that song...

1973, the Who and friends trash a hotel suite to the tune of $6,000 in damages and spend a night in the pokey for their troubles ... John Entwistle later writes a song about the occasion, "Cell Block Number Seven"...

1976, during a Battersea Power Station photo shoot for the cover of Pink Floyd's Animals, a 40-foot helium-filled pig breaks loose from its moorings and floats up to an estimated 18,000 feet before finally touching down in Kent...It now co- hosts The Best Damn Sports Show, Period. Anytime I can throw in a Tom Arnold joke in, then it's a good day.

1976, Bob Marley and the Wailers are rehearsing at Marley's house in Kingston, Jamaica when seven gunmen appear and shower the house with a hail of gunfire...Marley, wife Rita, and manager Don Taylor are all hit but miraculously nobody is seriously injured ... the band plays a gig two nights later...

1976, the Sex Pistols' Glenn Matlock uses the F word during an English TV interview and the resulting uproar proves that the Brits can be every bit as priggish and sanctimonious as the Yanks ... most of the Pistols' upcoming gigs are cancelled and by the next month they can't book a date anywhere in the U.K....

1978, Ian Drury--the hot new British new waver--releases "Hit Me with Your Rhythm Stick," which will sell two million copies worldwide and hit number one in the UK without ever charting in the U.S.... When was the last time you hit your rhythm stick, huh?

1986, Annie Lennox, lead singer for the Eurythmics, gets so carried away at a concert in Birmingham, England that she rips off her bra, which is the only thing covering her breasts ... this does not cause a national scandal...As it was Annie Lennox.

1993, revered rock weirdo, musical wizard, and spokesman for lyrical freedom Frank Zappa meets his demise from prostate cancer at the young age of 53... Did anyone ever hear the rumor that he was the son of Mr. Greenjeans? He wasn't, of course.


December 1: Billy Paul (1934), Lou Rawls (1935), Eric Bloom of Blue Oyster Cult (1944), John Densmore of The Doors (1944), Bette Midler (1945), Jaco Pastorius (1951), Japan's Steve Jansen (1959), Brad Delson of Linkin Park (1977)

December 2: Tom McGuinness of Manfred Mann (1941), Michael McDonald (1952), Joe Henry (1960), Def Leppard's Rick Savage (1960), Nate Mendel of Foo Fighters (1968), Jay-Z (1970), Nelly Furtado (1978), Britney Spears (1981)

December 3: pop crooner Andy Williams (1930), Ralph McTell (1944), Ozzy Osbourne (1948), "Buffalo" Bruce Barlow of Commander Cody (1948), Mickey Thomas of Starship (1949), Molly Hatchet's Duane Roland (1952), Steve Forbert (1955), Montell Jordan (1971)

December 4: film singer Deanna Durbin (1922), Freddy Cannon aka Anthony Picariello (1940), Chris Hillman of The Byrds (1942), Bob Mosely of Moby Grape (1942), Beach Boy Dennis Wilson (1944), Southside Johnny (1948), Gary Rossington of Lynyrd Skynyrd (1951), Bob Griffin of The BoDeans (1959), Vinnie Dombroskie of Sponge (1962)

December 5: Little Richard (1935), J.J. Cale born Jean Jacques Cale (1938), Jim Messina (1947), Great White's Jack Russell (1960), Johnny Rzeznik of Goo Goo Dolls (1965)

December 6: Broadway lyricist Ira Gershwin (1896), Dave Brubeck (1920), Mike Smith of The Dave Clark Five (1943), Kim Simmonds of Savoy Brown (1947), Joe X. Dube of Looking Glass (1950), Jam's Rick Buckler (1955), Peter Buck of R.E.M. (1956), Randy Rhoads (1956), Dave Lovering of The Pixies (1961), Ben Watt of Everything but the Girl (1962), Ace of Base's Ulf Ekberg (1970)

December 7: Harry Chapin (1942), Tom Waits (1949), Tim Butler of The Psychedelic Furs (1958), Barbara Weathers of Atlantic Starr (1963), All Saints' Nicole Appleton (1974), Aaron Carter (1987)


December 1: jazz violinist Stephane Grappelli (1997), Lee Dorsey (1986), Westside Chicago bluesman Magic Sam aka Sam Maghett (1969), bluegrass guitarist Carter Stanley (1966)

December 2: guitarist/composer Michael Hedges (1997), Aaron Copland (1990), folk singer David Blue (1982)

December 3: jazz pianist Mal Waldron (2002)

December 4: Frank Zappa (1993), Deep Purple's Tommy Bolin (1976)

December 5: Douglas Hopkins of the Gin Blossoms (1993), multi-instrumentalist jazz behemoth Rahsaan Roland Kirk (1977)

December 6: Roy Orbison (1988), Leadbelly (1949)

December 7: composer John Addison (1998)

Thanks, Andy.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

My Car

I bought a 1993 Ford Escort in 1998 after an accident which made me lose my beloved 1983 red Izuzu Impulse. Jan and I wanted to to have more of a family car, so we got the Escort. No more than 6 months later, I was in an accident which damaged the complete passenger side. The doors or windows would never be able to open. I got a check from the insurance agency to fix it, but bills were piling up so much when I was married, I had to pay them off and never got the car fixed. When Jan left me in 1999, I wound up with the car. Up until I both the computers, it was the only real possession I owned.

This morning as I was walking out of the house to go to dialysis, I saw that the small back window on the driver's side had been broken into. I didn't really have anything in the car to take. just a black felt cowboy hat and a little change in a little cup. Nothing major, but it was the principle of the thing. My car... MY CAR. My car was broken into. It had never happened to me before. I've never been robbed physically. This was wrong.

I called the police and five minutes later, someone came out and took the report. They told me that I would have to go out to one of the police stations to have the car fingerprinted, which I did. I was very late for dialysis, but I didn't really care.

It was around 2:30 when I finally showed up at the clinic, but I had to replace the broken glass were the window was. So, I got some cardboard and some thick tape and sealed it the best way that I could. It won't really stop anyone else from breaking in, but at least I know there's nothing there for them to take. I hope.

I feel violated. The fact that someone would go into my private property and take what is mine is wrong. How dare the thief do that to me. I'm angry, upset, and tired all at the same time. It's not pimped out. All it does is take me to dialysis and back, for the most part. I hope the God the police find out who did it. Please, God. Don't let this man walk free from this.

My Guilty Pleasure

I never wanted to post this. I thought it would be goofy if I did. But, I've been doing this blog for awhile now, so it's ok to talk about it. Now, everyone has a guilty pleasure. Whether it's a sex fetish or a food fetish. Some like to eat chocolate ice cream while watching the rain. Some love to walk barefoot over fresh new carpet. Anyone's carpet. Some love to watch "Desperate Housewives", which I've only seen one show. It was good, but it ain't my kinda show. As a kid, my mom, bless her, had a thing for the "Guiding Light"in the late 70's-early 80's. Does anyone remeber Roger Bauer? Aww, the good times of coming home from school, and tuning in with mom. At first, it was just a ploy for me to get to the TV fast enough from my kid brother so I could watch "Space Giants" and "Battle Of The Planets" without him monopolizing the set. Soon, I became caught up in sex, life, death, evil twins, babies growing up to be full adults within a year, et al. The power of of the soap was amazing to me.

When I got older, I got back into soaps with "Days Of Our Lives". Just one name sealed the deal: Patch. Man, he was the coolest dude ever! Ok, so he was a bad guy at first who raped Kayla, then turned out to be a bad assed loner guy with a heart of gold. But, the guy rocked. I was into that show for the longest time, until they took the Patch away. I haven't looked at a soap since 1989.

My thing is TV. I can't help it. It's how I was brought it. You've read all the clinical reports. So I must have a guilty pleasure with it, right? Of course I do. I have taken my love for the soaps, mixed in some "Degrassi High", with just a touch of "Space Giants". What have I got?


The first time they hit the air in 1993, I was hooked. Five super powered teens. Robots. Martial arts. MEN IN SUITS. It just don't get no better than that.

There have been over TEN different shows. Honestly, I never really watched Power Rangers Wild Force, because I thought it looked stupid. But, I did watch them all. I wait patiently to find out who will be the mysterious Bad Ass Sixth Ranger? What color will he be? What type of Zord will he command?

Of all of the Rangers, my favorite one was Tommy Oliver. He was a bad guy during the very first show. That would be Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, of course. He started out as The Green Ranger, but somehow it worked out that was just possessed by an evil spirit. He then went over to the side of good and forced out the Red Ranger, actor and all, to become the new leader. He then went on to leading three different types of Rangers, until he left the show. After not inding any acting work for a few years, Tommy got a Doctorate degree in anthropology and now mentors Power Rangers Dino Thunder as The Black Ranger. Wow.

There are some Rangers that do well after the costumes are taken away, but they're still Rangers. There was one who was on "Felicity" as her best friend. No, not the Black girl, the other one. The one who left after two years and thought she would go on to bigger things. No way, lady. You were The Pink Ranger. Take one step back, Kimberly.

There's a new band of Rangers coming in February, Power Rangers SPD, set at least 15 years in the future, where aliens and human live together on Earth fighting Men In Suits. Just like the others, I'll probably watch it and get caught up into it. I promise: It maybe as cheesy as Wisconsin, but you'll get swept up in the fun just as I did. Dammit.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Things To Do Today...

Go to dentist to let him see my gums.

Buy Spider-Man 2.

Read Comics I bought two weeks ago.

Box up comics I bought three months ago.

Clean apartment.

Go to supermarket, buy food I can actually eat, not slurp on.

Get rid of beard.

Find out why the fireplace gives out more smoke than heat.

Contemplate watching "The Real Gilligan's Island".

Fall asleep during "Late, Late Show".

Sounds like I'm in a rut, ain't it?

Monday, November 29, 2004

Once More About TV Lists

I finally went to Bravo to see what they had for The Number One TV Character of All Time. You know at some point in five years, someone will update that. At any point, Archie Bunker was named number one, while Ralph Cramden was named number two. This blows.

As of now, I am sick of tv lists. Did Bravo even mnention how the thier list was combined? Who does VH1 talk to0 when they put together their little lists? They never really say. We just sit there and just argue later about it. Well, I'm tired of arguing about it. I know TV Guide had their lists of greatest TV shows and "Seinfeld" was picked as number one. I love that show, but I wold have never had picked it. I dunno...maybe the common man or woman really doesn't have a say in this.

Why don't we come up with The Common Man's Top Ten Favorite Tv Characters? Fellow bloggers, rally along with me! Let's come up with our own list of what we think is right! Let's unite our readers and and create a list even TV Land would be proud of. If they didn't screw up up their programming and add "Baywatch" to the lineup.

And that's another problem I have. TV blows.

By the way, I tried to Google 100 greatest tv charaters, but I got this.

Update: Now, here's a TV list I can get behind. The 100 most underappreciated TV characters.

Friday, November 26, 2004


Who the Hell does Bravo think is going to accept Andy Taylor as the 64th favorite Television Character? I know I'm not. Laverne AND Shirley at number 42? The ENTIRE CAST of "Friends" at number 46? Forget this crap. This is the stupidest countdown I have ever seen. Who did they even ask to put this together? What do you want to bet Urklel's in the top ten?

Thursday, November 25, 2004

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

So, what are you doing Thanksgiving Day?

Me, I have an show to do for E-93 from 2pm to 6pm. I mentioned before, no one really invited over for chew turkey, so I just thought that I may as well make some extra bucks that day. Plus, I bought a turkey breast, so it's not like I'm missing out, I suppose. Besides, I don't have to fight with anyone over who gets the wishbone.

I alos found out that the Bar Bar wants me to come in and spin for them tonight since they won't be open tomorrow. It's raining now, so nI have a feeling that it's gonna be a quiet night there, so I can get some sleep and catch the Macy's Parade in the morning.. Oh, and just because it's a holiday doesn't mean that I'm not posting Thursday. Nope, look for a couple of Audioposts for Turkey Day. So, have fun with all the prep for tomorrow. I'll see you then.


I think I we're about to get the greatest christmas present...EVER.

Coming online christmas day is a new CGI short, "Batman: New Times", a student film which was done with cooperation with DC Comics and Art Asylum toys, with an all star cast, featuring Dick Van Dyke as Commissioner Gordon, Cortney Thorne-Smith as Catwoman, Mark Hammill as The Joker, and...

Wait for it...

ADAM WEST AS THE BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AWW, HELL YEAH!!

Ok, most of you are saying, "The last time you wrote about Uncle Batman, you were saying how he was a part of that whole 70's 'Legends Of The Superheroes' thingie and how much he screwed that up". I never said he screwed it up. Ok, maybe I did. But still, the man was my hero when I was growing up, and after all the movies and animated series that's happened, I, along with millions of other geeks out there, even West, have wondered how TV's first Batman would play him today. This looks like a picture perfect voice cast, if that makes any sense. I can't wait to unwrap this on X-mas. Here's a clip. Fanboys, try not to drool on the keyboard.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Ya Big Dummy

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Where's Gunther Toody? ( A shout out to whomever knows what show he's from.)

I'm just finding out that Bravo is veering away from gay-centric televison for a few days (not that there's anything wrong with that) with the countdown show, "The 100 Greatest TV Characters Of All Time". Interesting, since time can be incomplete, but that's neither here nor there. I watched tonight's show, which went from 80 to 60, while missing 100-81 and finding out that DAN FIELDING FROM "NIGHT COURT" WAS RANKED IN THE 70'S ! WTF?! He has to be at least ranked in the mid teens, in my opinion. Also, Bravo isn't putting their list on thier website, which means I will never find out who's number one, since I'll be out of the house during the nights after Wednesday. So, screw 'em. Let's make up our own list of favorite TV Characters. Want to know my favorite? Check out the Audiopost above, which I personally got this guy to do, which was kinda hard to get since the guy who played him is as dead as Joyce DeWitt's tv carreer.

Monday, November 22, 2004

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Some Thoughts

I haven't followed the NBA in the past few weeks, until Friday night when Ron Artest decided to slug it out with fans in Detroit. I lived there when I was a teen years ago and one thing I learned whike I was there, Detroit fans are very loyal. So, when one guy thru the cup of beer down on Atrest, who was lying on the Piston's sidelines out of protest for a flagrent foul, it was on. Sure, it was a dumb thing for a fan to do, but Artest went beyond player/fan interaction by attacking them physically. Then, to have te rest of the Indiana Pacers jump on the bandwagon and fight it out with fans as well was just plain stupid. The members involved deserve indefinite suspention, but the fans as well should also remember something as well: It's only a game.

I did my air shirf today on E-93 and I'm also set to do a special show on Thanksgiving day. No worries, really. No one invited me to their house for dinner. Which means I'mgoing to sneak to my brother Anthony's place to mooch. They'll expect it.

Speaking of radio, did anyone catch Howard Stern on Letterman this week, explaining why he's leaving broadcast radio for satelite? His point: 25 years ago, everyne said that they would never pay for television, and look at it now. Plus, now the FCC is planning on fining not only the radio stations that run what they consider "bad taste" material, but disc jockeys as well. I don't do blue on radio, and I don't have the money to pay the fines, either. What have I gotten myself into? Will I still have a job if five years if Stern is right in saying pay radio will destroy what little free radio is now? Will I be able to get a job at Sirius when the time comes? Or, am I now the last of a dying breed?

As you can tell, I'm trying to get back into the blog again. It's been a tough road the past few days, what with the dentist and all, but I think I'm okay now. Oh, and remember all the venom I was spewing due to the fact that the job wasn't getting done fast enough and thatt the dentist didn't really care? That Thursday night after the surgury, I was still in a good drug enduced state when I got a phone call from Dr. Moore. He wanted to make sure that I wasn't having any complications and felt ok and to remind me that I should come in on Tuesday for a follow up visit. Whoa. How many doctors do you see doing that these days? That's alright.

I just bought the Pee Wee's Playhouse season one box set. It's pretty good. No commentary or behind the scenes stuff on it, which is a shame. But, it has one half of the entire series, plus never before seen episodes. Plus, I only paid 25 bucks for it, so in all, it ain't to bad to see Phil Hartman and Cowboy Morpheus again.

I also boght a used Philips home theater system with a dvd player. The first thing I played on it to test it out? "Blazing Saddles". You know I hadda do it. "Take this boys, in lew of the other thing." " That's Hedley." "Are we alright?" "I don't know. Are we...Black?" "It's twue...Oh, it's twue." Mel Brooks said on a classic "Later With Bob Costas" ( I miss that show) that there was one more line in that scene Clevon Little gave that was unfortunaly cut, but whould have brought the house down even more. "Madam, you are sucking on my arm." Priceless. Comments, anyone?

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Saturday, November 20, 2004

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Friday, November 19, 2004

What Hydrocordone Means To Me

I gotta be honest. I'm so glad I got the teeth pulled. It needed to be done. Do you know how long it's been since I had a candy apple? A good, bad steak? Nails?! It's been driving me nuts for months and now, it's over. The best thing though is the DRUGS.

I don't condone drug use. I could care less what you do to your body. But, when the dentist makes up for all the Hell and pain you've been through by prescribing legal drugs, then life is wonderful. Me, I got some hydrocodone yesterday after staggering away from the office. My ex wife was the lucky victim to take me to Dr. Moore's office at 8am. She was very cool about it. I imagined her in the lobby just laughing her ass off knowing that I would be in pain for days. Little did she know about THE DRUGS.

At first, they strapped me down in the chair so I wouldn't run. I was afraid at first, but then, the little angel on my shoulder comforted me and told me in a tiny little voice, "It's ok, Sammy. THE DRUGS will be here soon". Then, I felt them place a mask over my face. Was this it? are they going to take me out? Is this the end? Nope. Just laughing gas. The real drugs were soon coming.

Soon, they ran an I.V. into my arm. At last, sweet release. I dreamed of monkeys in fighter planes shooting down evil lizards on their quest to take over Pam Anderson's bazookas. I never knew who won, 'cause I was really staring at Pam the whole time. But, the next thing I remember was I was home on the couch and the ex had a gift for me. She had gone to the Pharmacy and gotten me something special. DRUGS!! I got my hydrocodone! It was like a kid getting ice cream after his toncils were taken out!!

Since then, no pain whatsoever. The swelling has gone down and I'm ready to play DJ again. I've put the pills in a special place in case I ever go thru the hurt once more. Remember folks, legal drugs are your friends, but they can hurt you. So, be very careful. As for me, I'm one step away from being SEXY again. When that day comes, watch out flying lizards! Pam's hooters are as good as safe in my hands!

What? No Emmit Otter!?

Just to let you know, the swelling has gone down. I still can't eat solid food yet, though. I hope to God I can at least get a good Thanksgiving meal outta the deal, if I ever get invited to go to one. Ehhh. Until then, I just found another good reason to have the internet in our lives. Moi is the happiest man on the face of Gaston Street. I'll audioblog around 9:30pm, E.T.BTW to let you hear how bad I talk now with less teethes. I'm on the air this weekend and I don't wanna sound like Fred Sanford.

This Week In Rock!

I'm feeling a bit better. The pain is mostly gone, thanks to GREAT DRUGS (!), but the sweilling is still there. So, in lew of not posting today I decided to bring you my good friend Andy Pena's This Week In Rock. He's probably has one of the best memories in the world when it comes to rock trivia and is a damn good guitarist in his own right. So I hope he doesn't mind if I share this with the world. Maybe I can con him into doing this once a week for the blog. Anyone have a mint condition Johnny Lighting carry case or a Captain Action they wish to part with?

This the week that was in matters musical...

1889, the first jukebox debuts at the Palais Royale Saloon in San Francisco...

1955, RCA Victor pens the deal of the century, signing Elvis Presley away from Sun Records for $40,000...

1956, Fats Domino appears on the Ed Sullivan Show performing his hit, "Blueberry Hill"...

1957, a Chicago chapter of the Elvis Presley Fan Club pickets radio station WCFL for banning Elvis records from the air ... the station ignores them and sticks to its ban ...

1959, Alan Freed won't say he never accepted payola and is canned from WABC television in New York for refusing to tell a lie...

1960, it's a big week for Ray Charles who has four songs in the Hot 100: "Georgia On My Mind," "Ruby," "Hard Hearted Hannah," and "Come Rain or Come Shine"...

1961, the country's twist fever has inspired a number of movie companies to sign up twist artists for twist movies ... Chubby Checker inks with a British-American film company ... Joey Dee & the Starlighters are tapped by Paramount for Hey, Let's Twist, and Dion is signed to star in a Columbia film Twist Around the Clock ... all are hoping to cash in on what has become an international craze...

1966, Spinout premiers ... it is Elvis Presley's 22nd film and just like all the others, makes some money but fails to enhance The King's reputation as a fine actor...

1968, The Jimi Hendrix Experience ... Electric Ladyland goes gold this week, the band's third gold album in a row...

1970, Jerry Lee Lewis and Myra Brown call it splitsville in Memphis ... the marriage had stirred some controversy because they are cousins and she was fourteen when they married ... according to the former Mrs. Lewis, the marriage "had become a nightmare"...

1971, B.B. King celebrates his 25th year of playing the blues, marking the occasion with a concert in London, the start of a European tour...

1978, Linda Ronstadt's anthology A Retrospective goes gold this week ... it is her eighth album to reach gold status...

1981, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Ronnie Wood realize a dream when they jam with blues giants Muddy Waters and Buddy Guy at Chicago's Checkerboard Lounge ... it was Waters' "Rollin' Stone" that inspired the band's name...

1987, U2 opens for U2 at a Los Angeles concert, performing as a country-rock band, The Dalton Brothers...

1988, Phil Collins makes his screen debut in a starring role when the film Buster opens this week ... his first screen appearance was as an extra in A Hard Day's Night...

1990, David Crosby crashes his motorcycle breaking his leg, ankle, and shoulder ... he apparently was speeding and wore no helmet...

1990, Paul McCartney's birth certificate is sold at auction ... it fetches $18,000...

1995, The Rolling Stones become the first band to broadcast a concert via the Internet ... The Beatles release Beatles Anthology I and set a first-day sales record, moving 450,000 albums ... Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day earns his rock credentials by lowering his trousers on stage in Milwaukee ... the stunt gets him arrested and eventually fined $141...

2001, Britney Spears performs for her first TV concert, "Britney Spears: Live from Las Vegas" on ABC...

and that was the week that was.


November 17: Gordon Lightfoot (1938), Gene Clark of The Byrds (1941), Bob Gaudio of The Four Seasons (1942), Martin Barre of Jethro Tull (1946), Jim Babjak of The Smithereens (1957), RuPaul (1960), Ben Wilson of Blues Traveler (1967), Ronny DeVoe of Bell Biv DeVoe (1967), Isaac Hanson of Hanson (1980)

November 18: Sir William Gilbert of the Gilbert and Sullivan writing team (1836), Eugene Ormandy (1899), Imogene Coca (1908), Hank Ballard (1927), Herman Rarebell of The Scorpions (1949), Graham Parker (1950), John McFee of The Doobie Brothers (1953), Michael Ramos of The BoDeans (1958), Kim Wilde (1960), Kirk Hammett (1962), Duncan Sheik (1969)

November 19: Tommy Dorsey (1905), Ray Collins of The Mothers of Invention (1937), Pete Moore of The Miracles (1939), Graham Parker (1950), Matt Sorum of Guns N' Roses (1960), Tamika Scott of Xscape (1977)

November 20: Dick Smothers (1939), Norman Greenbaum (1942), Duane Allman (1946), Joe Walsh (1947), George Grantham of Poco (1947), Jim Brown of UB40 (1957), Todd Nance of Widespread Panic (1962), Mike "D" Diamond of the Beasty Boys (1965), Sen Dog of Cypress Hill (1965), Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest (1970)

November 21: Coleman Hawkins (1904), Malcolm John Rebennack AKA Dr. John (1941), Lonnie Jordan of War (1948), Bjork (1965), Blur's Alex James (1968), Pretty Lou of Lost Boyz (1974), Kelsi Osborn of SHeDAISY (1984)

November 22: Hoagy Carmichael (1899), Benjamin Britten (1913), Foghat's Rod Price (1940), Floyd Sneed of Three Dog Night (1943), Aston "Family Man" Barrett (1946), E Street Band's Little Steven Van Zandt (1950), Tina Weymouth of Talking Heads (1950), Craig Hundley (1953), Jason Ringenberg of Jason & the Scorchers (1958), Rasa Don of Arrested Development (1968)

November 23: Harpo Marx (1888), Betty Everett (1939), Bruce Hornsby (1954), Charlie Grover of Sponge (1966), Ken Block of Sister Hazel (1966), Kurupt of The Dogg Pound (1972)


November 17: John Glascock of Jethro Tull (1979)

November 18: Doug Sahm (1999), Cab Calloway (1994), Tom Evans of Badfinger (1983), Danny Whitten of Crazy Horse (1972), Little Junior Parker (1971)

November 20: Ronald Alphonso of the Skatalites (1998)

November 22: Michael Hutchence of INXS (1997)

November 23: Junior Walker (1995), Tommy Boyce (1994), Roy Acuff (1992), Tom Evans of Badfinger (1983)

Thursday, November 18, 2004

It's Over...

I know have holes where My teeth were. They were taken out around 10:30 am. EST . There were only five survivors. I'm going to pass out now.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

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All Falls Down

What we have here is a case of sour apples with Kanye West. After losing Best New Artist to Gretchen Wilson at the American Music Awards, Kanye walked into the press room and gave this statement.

"I was robbed. I refuse to give a politically correct bull.... answer because I make this music from my heart. I remember riding in the rain, not having any money, no one listening to me. I was the best new artist this year. ... If I'm not here next year for political reasons, you have the opportunity to hear my music in the stores."

The way the A.M.A's goes is simple. The winners are chosen by radio play charted by Radio & Records magazine and Soundscan, which tracks sales of recording artists. So, while Kanye may have a really good record, Gretchen Wilson had one that actually outsold his. Now, I've never heard Gretchen's stuff before, but I'm not much of a country guy. She's probably a wonderful singer, just like Kanye's a great rapper/producer. But, if Kanye pulls this crap at the Grammys, look for him to do raps for string cheese commercials. We know the literally blood, sweat, and tears you put into the album, Kanye. But, there are other awards, man. You'll do it next time. Posted by Hello

Monday, November 15, 2004

You knew this would happen...

Yahoo! News - Secretary of State Powell Resigns

What's the matter with me?

I know I haven't been blogging for a few days. I didn't know what to say over the weekend. I guess I've been angry over not being able to go to the dentist like I want and I'm frustated. Plus, a lot of things have been happening globally the past few days, and I've been wanting to just talk about it, but everyone else online has either written what I wanted to say or better. The whole Scott Petterson thing? I just had to stick my twwo cents in just so I could say I had something online. There's so much going on out there, but there are much better writers getting it out there. I haven't even thought about an audioblog as of late. I know I said once that you have a responsibility when you have a blog, so why am I know writing? I hope things get back to normal by Monday night after dialysis. Maybe my health problems are finally catching up with me. I dunno. I'm sorry, everyone.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Give 'em The Chair...Or, Better Still, A Cellmate Named Bubba...With The Herp.

So, I'm at the clinic today and all the TV's are all set on CNN waiting to hear the verdict of Scott Peterson. Why? The guy was a guilty prick who deserves everything he gets from this point on, shower love and all. When he sat there with his laywer, Peterson had this look of content, thinking he won the thing , according to reports. Nuh-huh, sucker. You're not getting away this time. They didn't need any audio feed to let us know he did it. Any ass that's going to lie on national television, then run off to Mexico days later with a wad of cash is just plain guilty and they know it. Buh-bye, Scotty. Hell's gotta special place for you, boy-o.

Kato Would and COULD Whupp Robin's Ass

David @ Better Living is one of my favorite bloggers. For only he knows that The Green Hornet was one of the coolest heroes ever on television. And, he's right. If you've never seen the show, and you've got Starz Action Channel, then you should check it out. They've also picked up the Irwin Allen classic "Time Tunnel" with James Darren. Both shows came out about the same time, but the Hornet was cooler.

In a related piece that i've been meaning to mention, but have too busy to do so, Mark Evanier takes on the task of watching the new DVD set of Gerry Anderson's "Supercar" a rarity of a show since it ran in Black and White in the early sixites, and was actually revived on The Comedy Channel, before it became Comedy Central (Remember the Higgins Boys and Groover? Rachael Sweet? Alan Havey? I didn't think so.) Mark notes that sometimes shows you remember that were cool when you were a kid don't hold up as well when you're an adult. He's right. I've seen the Shazam reruns they did on TV Land a few months ago. I really must have been hopped up on Super Sugar Crisps of have loved that terror then. I knew I should have watched The Grape Ape.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

The Truth...

You know what I really hate about this cold weather? The fact that that I'm still single. Here it is, holidays are right around the corner and I'm by myself. AGAIN. I don't wanna hear that "Awww, you got friends, Sam" stuff. I know that. I'm glad your reading this. It's jst the fact that I get tired of being single. I want a girlfriend. I don't want just a friend. Do you know what it's like wating all of your frinds have mates and you don't? It I had a girlfriend, she could have gone with me to the frickin' dentist and made sure I'd gotten home ok. I could have taken her with me tonight to the movies and we could have laughed at all the jokes together. She'd probably jumped my ass for gaining all this weight I'm getting from drinking too much fluids and made sure I'm be ok from dialyisis. Nope. I gotta do all this crap by myself. Yes, it sounds like I need to get my life in order, but I'm ranting here. Look, I've been alone for too long now. This is getting old. I don't want to have another depressing winter. I just want to be happy and meet a decent woman who won't lie, is smart, has a great sence of humor, will put up with me being ill, and at least, good on the eyes. If you know of anyone willing to go the extra mile, let me know, willya? 'Cause I'm tired of going out to dinner by myself.

Sorry. I just had to get that off my chest.

"Where's My Supersuit?!"

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Dogs 24/7

There's a new photo book coming that takes a look at pets and their owners called "Dogs 24/7" and their asking all pet owners to take pictures of their dogs, no matter how ugly the pet. You'll get a payment, which isn't much, but you'll get a copy of the book if they use yours. This is why I want to get a dog. I've got it all planned out. I plan to name him Earl Hofert and to teach him how to fetch, sit and turn channels on the remote. You just watch. It's happening soon.

Gotta run. Gonna go see "The Incredibles" tonight. Audio review coming.

Ya Gots Ta Chill

If you noticed the new Weather Pixie on you left down below, You'll see that the temperature has changed here in Savannah. Fall has definitly shown up in the south after having highs in the 80's up until last week. Which means it's cool days and cold nights. Now, I know it's not going to get as cold as say, Montana (wait for big audience pop), but for me, I hate it. especially in the condition I'm in now. Chilly weather literally slows me down since I've had the stroke. The nerve endings on my left side were damaged enough so that anything could knock me down. Whenever it rains or I take a shower and it hits the left side of my body, it feels like tiny dull needles constantly poking me. Cold breezes drop my body temparature and lowers my blood pressure, which I hate, so I wind up bundling up heavier than most during this time year. All I want for Winter is a warm coat and the ability to sip warm homemade cider this year. I hope your Fall , you stay warm too.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

How To Make Me Mad, THE REMIX!

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He wrote "Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls", You Know...

Here's a piece from Roger Ebert about his visit to the Savannah Film Festival and a shot for shot look of "Citizen Kane". I've seen the film. Big deal. Wanna do a shot for shot critique that'll impress me? Run "Catwoman" then in the middle of the film, stop it and ask what the Hell was Halle Berry thinking?

Monday, November 08, 2004


I'm tired from the clinic. Joey's doin' well, but he can't drink anymore which is good. His doctor cleared him for work, but told him he can't drive now for six months. Joey was supposed to take me to the dentist tomorrow for surgery. once again, I will have to hold off to get these teeth pulled.

Remember last week when I said I should get Big Pussy to knock them out for me? Forget that. Get me Goldberg. I'll let him powerbomb me first. I just wanna eat a good steak before Thankgiving

Sunday, November 07, 2004

How To Make Me Mad

Well, It's been a busy weekend, but I'm back with a great story to tell. There may be some harsh words, so watch out here.

From time to time since leaving Wet Willie's here in Savannah, I've been doing gigs at this place called The Bar Bar. It's a Yuppie meat market in downtown Savannah. The previous DJ there was a guy who thought he was king of the world and would move folks from the dance floor just so he could show off his Michael Jackson moves. After the owners of the bar Mark and David realized that he was a lousy jock, he told them that he was moving to Atlanta to work as an A&R guy for Jive records. The last they heard from him when he left was that he was working as a DJ at a seedy bar on River Street. We see now who's full of Jive. Nonetheless, I got the call to duty because they knew I was professional as hell and I know the music and the crowds. I've been packing them in the place ever since. The crowds love me, which makes me feel a lot better than I did the whole time I was at Willies and I get a hell of a lot more respect than I ever did from Bar Bar than any other bar I've ever worked.

The past few days the bar has been run by Mark's girlfriend, Tina. The regular manager, Susan took a month off and Mark thought it would be wise to get someone he knows to run the place. Tina seems like a niceable girl, and she had previously worked there before seeing Mark. It didn't matter to me. Just give me my money at the end of the night and let me go home, cause I don't care who you are after I get paid. Simple as that.

Now, I get all kind of folks to roll though the place when I'm there. A lot of them usually ask the same question. "Where's the old DJ?" I don't know, I don't really wonder about him, I never knew the guy, and what do you want to hear? That straightens them out quickly, they hear their song and they're happy. But, last night was different.

The dance floor starts at 10 pm, however Tina comes up to me as son as I walk in telling me she wants to open up early. I haven't even prepared anything yet, but I said ok fine. You're the guest manager, whatever. So I just threw on the first thing I could think of, which was "Roxanne, Roxanne" by U.T.F.O. , a classic in hip hop. Early in the evening, I usually play old school stuff to get it out of my system and no one usually shows up in the room too soon. But this time, as soon as the song started a group of girls showed up, heard the song and started to give me the skunk face. Now these girls are the Barbie doll types. Too pretty for their own good and filled with plastic. They wanted to be seen and noticed and I never notice them.

So, of the girls (we'll just call her Ho Bag #1) comes up to me and says, " Omygawd, like, WE wanna hear some good music. Like, could you turn that off and put on something good?" I told her that I just put the song on and she had three minutes to wait for another one. Her reaction was "Well, like, play a good one,like, soon." Then, she held up her hand like she wanted me to give her a high five.

Now, let's understand something. I'm 38 years old. I don't do high fives anymore. I also don't give the pound to women. I have very big, powerful hands and I am Black. Do you know how stupid I would look giving a high five to a woman, nonetheless a tiny white girl? If I were to make contact palm to palm with her, she's wind up with a sack of dust around flesh, then run off screaming, "The big Negro broke my hand!" I actually told a girl who had the jaw of a hundred year old lantern the night before that. Her reaction was that her guy friends give her pound all the time. I told her all her guys friend who do that also want to do her and they could care less. Guys should treat women like women. Well, Ho #1 didn't get that. I told her I don't give women high fives. She became disgusted and began to call me a dick, a nigger and that I can be fired. I put on my headphones and just went back to playing music. Sometimes it's all you can do without slinging CD's like throwing stars and killing all of them.

They stared asking where the old DJ was and I said I'm then new one. Nothing more, nothing less. Then, they got really upset over that. This is where Tina comes in to play. One of the skanks goes to get her and tell her that the uppity nigger has a problem and she should straighten it out. So, Tina comes up with a Ho and tells me that that they are friends of hers and they spend a lot of money there and what ever song they want to hear I better play it. I let Tina and the Ho know that I ain't a mind reader and they never ever asked for any particular song. If they have one, then I'll play it, but until then, I'll do what I normally do. So Tina goes the old don't you argue with me, I'm the boss here, then both girls walked away with that determined white girl walk. You've seen those during those stupid "Legally Blond" movies.

As you can tell by know, I'm pretty pissed off. So, I threw on a long tune and found Tina at the bar where she was pretty busy with her job. JUST LIKE I WAS WITH MINE BEFORE I WAS INTERRUPTED. I told her let's talk now before I walk out of there with all the music. We go into the back office and I told her my side of the story, but she didn't want to hear it then. She goes she wants to talk about it later, but it need ed to be worked out now, before anything else goes on. Nope, she wanted to talk about it after work and we'll argue later. So, I walked off pissed off while she thought she had the upper hand. No way was she getting away with this. I could have cared less who she was doing.

Soon, the other owner, Mark showed up and skid me what I thought happened. I told him the rundown which I wish I could have just done here. His reaction? That I'm doing a great job, the crowd loves me, the folks who works for the bar love me and I'm a damn good guy and it will be taken care of. He then apologized and told me it's cool. That's when I felt like the Teflon Don. For as soon as Mark made me feel better, Tina came up to me and asked was I ok. I looked at her and said, "Hey, I'm fine". That's when she dropped her head and out came an "I'm sorry". I said fine. And went to throw down the maddest mix I've done since I've been there.

I'm a pretty much a laid back guy. Give me the respect that I deserve. Don't, and by all that is holy, I will wish the fate of a thousand fears upon your soul. I will growl and sneer and and

give you the coldest touch the iceberg hit the Titanic. All any human wants is R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

I got it. For the first time in a long time, I got it. And, those skanks ever come back to The Bar Bar again, they'll know to give me the respect I deserve.

Damn, it feels good seein' people up on it.

Friday, November 05, 2004

I'd like you to meet my roomate, Joey. He's like the kid brother I never had. I actually do have two kid brothers, Martin and Eric. But something about Joey makes me like the guy. He's a misfit, but he's pretty cool. The bad part is he's only a buck-25, soaking wet with a brick in his hand and he drinks like a whale. Tonight, he scared the hell out of me. After I was talking to him tonight at Mercury Lounge, where he was completly sober, I wound up falling to the floor in a seizure. We wound up having to call EMS to take him to the hospital to find out what happened. I couldn't go, because I was stuck having to go to a gig, but his girlfriend Cheryl went with him. AS soon as he got there, all of our other friends showed up to make sure The Kid was ok. After tests, theycouldn't find anything and told him that he has to see a neurologist on Monday for a loser look. He's at home now, resting, but from this point on, no more drinking for Joey. I'm glad of that. He's only 25 years old. If anything happens to that guy, I wouldn't know what to do. It's funny. He's like family to me. Family I don't have. I love the guy like my brother, the doofus. Posted by Hello

Thursday, November 04, 2004


Don't go there. I went. It was awful . I'd never gone to a Target before, but if it's what it's like, I'm afraid to go there again.

There were too many damnned bargins. I couldn't take it.

I wound up having to tear myself away from the store. They had a home theater system there for 99.99. 99.99! Do you know how hard it was to walk away from that? I had a buggy full of stuff that I just couldn't help picking things up. Is this what a Target does to you? Before you knew it, I was in a corner of electronics in a cold sweat, shaking. It's so unfair. It's all unfair.

Buy the time it was over, I had gotten my composure and put back my Henley shirt and my Home theater and my 8 dvd's and my various kitchen gadgets and refused my Target card. But, I left the store happy, knowing that I had shaken the Target Dog off my shoulder.

I did though, pick up a great Merlita One on One coffee maker for 34.99. Man, that thing is sweet. I gotta go back to Target soon and get me one of them crock pots for Thanksgiving.

Darn you Target for having everything for a low, low price.

Some Final Election Thoughts

"This Election is hotter than a Times Square Rolex." WTF?

The following folks officially have no career after Tuesday: Alex Baldwin, Janene Garafalo, Sean Penn, Micheal Moore, John Zogby.

I'm not mad that G.W. is still in the White House. That's fine. It's the fact that I have to see his stupid assed cousin Billy on Access Hollywood that pisses me off.

Sure he's not President today, but Kerry still has his senator gig. AND, his Millions. And, one hawt daughter named Alexandria. GRRRRROWLLL.

Speaking of which, are they gonna stop production of catsup now out of anger?

What do you wanna bet Nader just had a couple of drinking pals in the garage just watching "Spongebob" just trying to keep Ralph calm thru the night?

Can we get back to funny now?

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Why is it so hard to get new help these days?

I don't to the politics talk much, so I keep it to the other blogs. But I figured I better do this now or else I'll feel left out and I'll start feeling alone and call my shrink.

Look, I know we gotta get a new guy in office every four years. But, whether we like the guy or not, we have to support the guy. After all, he is the President. It's just the fact that I worry that things could go wrong. Yes, I am/was Democrat. Please, don't tell me why I should be a Republican. I know what you have to do to get by in this country. Work hard and in the long run, it will come to you. Support your Army. Believe in your counrty. I know all that. But, not everyone sees that. Not even Democrats anymore. I just want folks to work together again and make this country what it was. I guess I'm a dreamer when it come to politics.

Maybe I don't know what I'm trying to say here, but I'm going to pray hard that we have a safe four years. I'll support Bush as much as I can, but there are just some things that don't jive right with me. As for Kerry, he did the best that he could, but it just wasn't enough for him to win. I dunno. Maybe the next election, the good guys will win. Whoesever side they're on.


I was promised a years supply of catsup if Kerry won. Looks like I'm not getting it now.


Kerry Concedes, Bush WIns

Kerry also promises to bring Bush his lunch money and to do his home work for him for three weeks.

Let's hope for a nicer next four years now, shall we?

Yahoo! News - Presidential Election
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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

At Last...LINKS!

If you notice on the left side of your screen below, I have finally have SAM APPROVED LINKS on the screen. Now you will notice that it's in alphbetical order and not complete, which means that I have to get all the way to the Z's with this. These links are filled with either fun stuff or thoughtful reading and if you've never visited any of these sites, please do so. I should be done with this by the end of the day, so you could be here. All I ask is that if you show up here, please link me to yours. Thanks again and enjoy!

Late Happy Birthdays

Happy birthdays to both David and Babs! I know I'm late with both but I've been kinda busy. But, Happy B-day to both these great bloggers and to everyone else out there celebrating their day today! NOW GO VOTE!

Monday, November 01, 2004


Guess what DIDN'T happen today?

I still have those dang teeth. As it goes, the dentist tells me that I should have the surgery AFTER dialysis, due to the fact that I have to take Heparin at the clinic, which alows me to bleed easier. I could have loss too much blood before hand, which would make dialysis difficult. All of this means that I have re-re-re-REsceduled my dental surgery for next Tuesday at 8am.

Have you ever just wanted to get something out of the way so you know it gets done, but someone or thing just keeps screwing it up? I'm about to just find a guy named Big Pussy, talk about him mom and just let him punch me in my piehole just so I can get rid of the teeth, then go get some wax ones.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Vote Or Die, Fool!

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Finally, the star of the show, Kanye West. He showed up on stage by himself while another rappper, Young Wun, showed up with his producer, Swizz Beats and a hypeman that looked like a Muppet on crack. Guess which act was better. More later! Posted by Hello

Here's the host of the whole shindig, Doug Banks, doin' a shimmy. Posted by Hello

Ok, here's the shots from the Doug Banks show on Friday. First up is a dance contest featuring a guy who danced like Micheal Jackson and actually had a crown of thorns on his head. The crowd started calling him "Dancing Jesus". He almost won the dang thing. Posted by Hello

Here I am meeting "American Idol" finalist now recording star Kimberly Locke at a meet and greet. I don't know who's more surprized to be there from the picture, her or me. Ok, me. Posted by Hello

Here's a family photo. Clockwise, there's Anthony, my brother Martin's wife Kim, their kids Alicia and Darien and then, Martin. I don't know whos boys those are in the background, but they aren't mine and I'm happy for it. Posted by Hello

It's Picture Time!

Here's Anthony and his wife Pam with my sister Patricia's son. If you remember seeing him before, you'll know that I've named him "Whoopisie Daisy". I still have forgotten that child's name. I am a horrible uncle. But then, I have over twenty nieces and nephews. I can't get them all right. Posted by Hello