Thursday, February 12, 2004

Ahhhhh, Memories.

Good times, good times.

i was just going thru the archives here and looked back at what I've written so far. Do you do guys remember when I would at least post two items a day. Ahhhh, nice. I hope to do that soon after I move. I never seem to have time for that like I'd like. In fact, I'd like to write some fiction. too. Comic fiction. I was talking to a professor who teaches comics at the Savannah College of Art and Design about maybe taking a course on wrting a comic book. I've had a few ideas that I'd love to geet out there. Who knows. I could have the next Spider-man on my hands.

I just want to get back in the frame of things. The move happens this weekend, and I'm shuting down the internet for a while. While I'm gone, I'm going to work on getting my groove back, so I expect you guys to be have while I'm gone. I do have a great idea though. It just came to me.

If you've been reading this and the POP SHOP pages, but now you knwo what they're about. So how would you like to write what YOU WANT FOR A WHILE, RIGHT HERE? Kinda like when Johnny Carson was gone and Letterman would fill in. No Leno. All you have to do is tell me why you want to do this. Here's the catch. You only have till 10pm eastern time, U.S. to do it. you get to say whatever you want, WITHIN REASON. No racist jokes or nudity here please. other that that, There's no editing, and please don't remove the archives. Other than that, have fun. Email me at, if you have the nerves, leave your phone number on the letter, cause I'll call the winner to let them know that night. I really hope that I get a winner on this, I just hope they do the pages justice. Good luck. Thanks.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Movin' On, Movin' On


I may as well tell you guys the good news. I found a new apartment. Well, kind of. I'm moving in with a couple of friends of mine, nicknamed Joe Kidd and Wild Bill. Ok, before you say anything, yes, their nicks say it all. Everyone who knows these guys have seen them in action. None of it pretty. They are partiers who can hold with the best. Well, not so much fir Joey, who just seems to pass out after making a tirade. So, what the heck am I moving in there for? First of all, it's cheap. Very CHEAP. I'll be honest. I'm not making a whole lot of money right now, so this is good. It's better than what I was having to pay at the place I'm staying now. I tell you, when I told my landlady that I was moving, she had a look on her mug like I had just told her that she was adopted and never loved by her glue sniffing parents. Second...Like I said. IT'S CHEAP.

I've already given the ground rules for the guys. I don't drink. I won't drink. They know what's going on with me, so they understand. I hope I won't interfere with their wild times. It all looks to be a fun moment in my life, as I'll be with good friends.

So, what happens now? I have to start packing, as I'll be gone in two weeks. So that means this and The Pop Shop will stay dormant for a while, until I get a new cable hookup for the apartment. I'm kind of hoping that I'll have that when I finally move, I'll be able to concentrate just a bit more here. Al I ask is that you please check back here in March. I hope you'll be pleasantly enjoyed. I'm going to try to update the sites by adding pictures and a few other things, which will make the sites more exciting. I'll be posting at least a couple more notes here before I move on the 15 of February, so keep your eye out. Any questions, just email me. Oh, and Dave....Thanks for the pic. When I grow up, I want to be you.