Monday, May 31, 2004

Clevland Rocks!

I'm very happy to let you that The Drew Carey Show is returning to ABC. THe show jumped the shark when cast member Christa Miller left, in my opinion, then the show went to a summer run two years ago. But, it returns this Wednesday with two episodses back to back.I'll miss the show for it's broad humor and the way it showed that not everyone was cut from the "Freind" mold.

Zap2it - TV news - Drew Carey Gets His Last Laughs

Have You Driven A Ford Nuts Lately?

With the Tony Awards next Sunday, I plan on being out of the house and going out to a movie. However, I've found what could be the next Great American Play. Look out, "Streetcar". You've got new blood on the block!

McSweeney's Internet Tendency: Festiva!: A Play in Three Acts, Concerning Henry Ford's First Encounter with Locking His Keys Inside His Car

Sunday, May 30, 2004


I went to friend's house today for a cookoutand met up with a couple of old pals while I was there. It was a good time by all, until we got to discuss Chismbop. It seems that no one remembered the seventies way of doing math but John Denion or myself. Basically, you count with your fingers with a cetain amount, until you reached the answer, or something like that. All I could remember was Fred McMurray, of "My Three Sons" and the classic Noir film, "Double indemnity", selling the product on TV as a kid. Well, just the same as they said the metric sysem would take over the U.S., so would chismbop.

Have a laugh at your past.

Google Search: chismbop

Friday, May 28, 2004

Together again...

I really couldn't think of a bad enough pun for this post. All you need to know is"Gigli" is coming to Encore in June. With a delightful twist. Has it really been a year?

Oddly Enough News Article |

Underground Savannah

Andy Warhol was right. Everyone has their fifteen minutes of fame. I know that I've had at least 45. I've done radio, written an editorial or two, I've even done "Wheel Of Fortune". No joke on the last one.College Week, 1985. But, that's for another day. But the most fun I've ever had was creating my own television show.

I started "Underground Savannah" in 1990. I was out of work, aside from the fact that I was working for my old man in his record store. Since he was paying me so cheaply to work for him, you may as well say I was unemployed. I lost my last radio job at the time and was bored out of my skull. My future ex-wife, then girlfriend at the time, Jan, could see it. I had so much pent up energy. We would joke around, playing skits around the house. We would watch all of these shows on the telly and say to ourselves, "WE could do better than that", even though for the most part, I thought it couldn't be done.

What I didn't realize was the growth of the cable industry in the early 90's. It was a booming business wich channels up and coming. Cable companies were growing and had to satisfy the local viewers. One of the things they did was create local access channels where citizens could voice their own opinions as they saw fit. There were political shows, religious shows, general chat shows, gardening, education, blah, blah, blah. Simple simple stuff. How about a show that I can watch? That's how I came up with "Underground".

It would be a music video show, back when clips where really getting a foothold of America. It would also be a sketch comedy show, written mostly, but improv driven. The budget for the show? What budget?

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Just one more thing

I see you've finally taken a look at the guy who's been working on this page. I want to get it out more, so I'm adding the photos (finally) and amping up a few things. I also want to get more comments from other bloggers out there, so I'm going to show it off for a bit. So, please excuse the dust around here while I staighten things out for a while.

Just In case you didn't believe I was a pretty big guy. Posted by Hello

It's about time you showed your face!! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

The Pop Shop Is Closed

AS much as I hate to do it, I'm shutting down the other site and only concentrating on this one. It's just too hard to keep up just one with the way I'm going, so the best thing was to close it up. I looked over the sote to see if there was anything I wanted to bring over here. Nothing much really spectacular, but I thought I'd share this from the site.

"The reason I wanted to do this particular page was to share pop culture, in my eyes. What is pop culture, to me? Well, I think it all has to do with stimulation. It's something to keep you entertained, to think. It's the world around us, whether it's news, politics, movies, comics, movies, stars, anything given to us by the mass media. It could be cute and kitchzy, or it could be dramatic. It's anything you want it to be. Personally, I go for retro stuff like television and radio things, classic comics, old toys and more. Just think of your pop culture interests and it's alomst like comfort foods like meatloaf and mashed potatoes. It keeps you satisfied everytime you get it."

I think it sums up what this whole blog was all along.

Friday, May 21, 2004

I need to know, folks...

I now that I have the chance to get back to the blog a lit, I have to ask a question of you. Do you like what you read? Have you gone over to the old Pop Shop as of late? It hasn't been updated in a while, but I'd like to know should I try to keep it up, or should I try to shut it down and transfer some of the post here? Take a look at the site and let me know at the email address you see in the right hand corner of the screen. What you tell me could influence the way I'm doing things. I gotta go to work. I'll post again before the weekend's out.

Monday, May 17, 2004

Kerrys dotter i nakenchock

I have to talk politics for a sec. Trust me on this.

I do have my own political opinions. It's a fact that I really hate Bush and I really hate Kerry. As an Old School Dem, I'm not happy with the party, and I'm not going to be a Republican anytime soon. What the campain this year is Yale Senior class presidency. I didn't go to Yale and their football team suck so I can't support either.

Now, mind you as a single man, I do think we could use a hot First Daughter.

The presidents of my lifetime have had mainly daughters, from LBJ to Bush. Yes, I added George senior, basically because Jeb throws and runs like a girl. Some were good looking, some were ok, some were just too young for me, and some were just to old for me. The only one to get it right was Reagan. He had Maureen, who wasn't the best looking in the world, but he did have Patti, who was not only hot, but was in a Playboy spread. We are still uncertain about Ron Junior.

Now the Bush twins, whose names I've forgotten at this point are great for parties. The twins, who we'll just call Georgina and Jebetta, seem like fun girls and nice on the eyes, but too young for me. I'm 37. I want a First Daughter who's old enough for me and not bad on the eyes. America, I think we have found her.

If I had to choose between a colonoscopy and a deep root canal, I'd take belly button cleaning with a Brillo Pad. But, if the colonoscopy had this woman as a nurse, then prep me up. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you 31 year old Alexandra Kerry. Just pray if he wins, she gets to hold you and tells you it's ok after they take the gloves off. IF they wear any.

I should warn you: this shot has boobies. And, it's in Swedish.

Aftonbladet: Kerrys dotter i nakenchock

Friday, May 14, 2004



Well, I had an okay day today. Went to the clinic and did my thing. I still have to watch out for fluid intake. I f I gane too much weight, I may not make it on the list. The whole thing is a Catch-22, but I'm holding on and prayin' hard. If this looks different, by the way, I have a new remote button Blogger set up with Yahoo. How come they get a corporate sponsor and I don't. I need the money here! Anyway, I just wanted to drop a line to you quickly. "The Ambushers", starring Dean Martin as Matt Helm is on now. For old times sakes, use Yahoo to find out about this cool Sixites Super Spy. If you liked Austin Powers, you may did this, Baby.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004


Back to the point I was making last night, I'm not sure whether or not I'm doing this out of therapy or not at this point again. It's funny. Since I've moved to downtown Savannah, where most of my adventures have taken place over the past two years, I've lived a quiet life. I've swapped roommates since moving here in February. Bill moved out just a month and a half after he moved in, which was kind of a good thing. Jason then moved in this month. I've known Jason for as long as I've been hanging downtown now. He's a good kid. In fact, he boosted this place up on in the chick magnet zone. I'll admit, the guy can do no wrong. 6'4", muscular, smart. I'm seriously considering calling Warner Brothers and telling them their new Superman lives here. It's like finding out you have a Kryptonian living with you. Jason could be Clark/Supes.

I suppose I should mention Joey as well. It was his place before we all barged in. From Aiken, S.C., Joey's a fun guy and the hardest drinker I know. Also, the hardest sleeper I know. He could fall asleep in the middle of a lapdance, which has happened. He's a Buck 25, soaking wet with a brick in his hand, but one of the toughest guys I know. I'm glad I have both Jason and Joey as roommates. They understand my problem and are cool with it. I just seem like a house flower right now. The dentist started work on my mouth and right now, I look like a beaten up sabertooth tiger with glasses. I'm broke till next week, I have no minutes on my phone, which means I need to pawn more things to get my phone on, and my car's on empty. I hope I can get thru this

soon. Along with losing weight and quitting smoking and getting on the list. Pray for a brotha, will ya?

Tuesday, May 11, 2004


I had a lousy dinner today. I tried to use my roomate Jason's George Forman Grill to make Teriyaki Chicken. The meat was as dry and burnt as Forman's old sitcom ( He had one. Thirteen weeks on ABC in the late 80's. Produced by Tony Danza. No Joke.) Boxers and kitchen utencils don't belong together. Who could ever forget the Leon Spinks Water Pitcher? The water just oozing out of Leon's missing front teeth was just nasty.

OK...That was a joke. Laugh, you mook.

You know I keep wondering if I'm writing this for therapy of just to show off. I've noticed at this point it's 90% theraputic, since noone else gives a crap because I've been so late coming back to this page. Well, I've done two pages in two days so far. If your happy, great. If not, bollocks on you. I'm too damn tired.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Just to let you know...

I went Thursday, May 5th to Augusta, Ga for my evaluation to be placed on the list for kidney transplants at the Medical College of Georgia. I have at least four things I have to do in order to get on the list:

1. I need a stress test for my heart;

2. I need a dental evaluation to make sure I have no gum disease;

3. Quit smoking;

4. Lose 15 pounds.

I took care of the dental today and so far the smoking part is almost over with me only smoking three cigs a day. It' the weight part I got a problem with. I'm eating the low fat food, and not touching the junk. I guess I'll try and hit the blog a bit more since I need to keep myself busy and not stepping foot in the kitchen. Besides, we have a lot to get caught up on. Tell your freinds.