Wednesday, June 30, 2004

I Have Seen Spider-Man 2...

And let me tell you, it was fantastic! I went to the Tuesday night midnight show where it was packed wall to wall with fanboys and fangirls swarming the theater. My roomates Jason, Joey and I had gotten our tickets on Fandangowhich made it easier to get our seats, as we were moved upahead of everyone. As we walked thru the crowd, an old nemisis from the Comic Box, Nick Ross stopped me. He and I would constantly rib each other, with me usually winning by just saying he couldn't bust a grape in a fruit fight and he would admit it. When he saw me walking by him, his jaw just dropped. "How dare you get ahead of all of us!", he said. "How did you get in front of all of us?" I threw my ticket in front of his face and proudly said, "FANDANGO, BEEYOTCH!"

The roomies and I got to our seats, which was surrounded by some of the loudest and obnoxious geeks I have ever seen in my life. I knew they would be out in droves to support and nitpick about this movie like I would. But maybe I'm getting old, because I was ready to use my pimp hand to keep these kids quiet. When the movie finally started at 12:21 due to trailers and commercials I could have seen at home, the crowd went nuts and we were on our way.

The film was incredible. I can't find any other way to describe it. It is simply the best superhero movie ever made, even surpassing the first film which I'm watching now on HBO. Sam Rami has done the impossible with this film by combining human drama, comedy and pure out fantasy and making it work. I'm not going to give a full review because that I'll leave up to Roger Ebert. He says it alot better than I would and uses big words.

Oh, a reminder. Please read the "Clip Show" post. If you missed out on it the first time, read it again. Just for me. PLEEEEASE?

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

For The Inner Fanboy Or Girl

Saturday, July 3 is Free Comic Book Day in particpating comic book stores across North America, including my very own Comic Box here in Savannah. There's a select line of books that will be available that day for FREE, giving folks who haven't picked up a comic, or want to get back into the books some fun. You can't go to a Wal-Mart or Target for this as it brings together over one thousand independant stores to celebrate an Original American Art Form. So, after you go see Spidey-2, stop by your local comic book store and check it out. Posted by Hello

Clip Show!!!!!!

Well gang, today is the FIRST ANNIVERSARY of the site. I can't belive we've come this far. Remember when we celebrated National Gorrilla Suit Day? Or when I got sexually harrassed by a troll? Remeber when I first started doing the blog? The Pop Shop? Howzabout the time Col. Blake's plane went down? Well, that was ok, since we got Col. Potter. Wow, those were some wild times. It's only gonna get better. I promise. Thanks for sticking around this far.

Stay Right There! We've Got More Fun Coming Up, Including Donald Trump, Nick & Jessica, The Banana Splits And More, After This Message From Senor Cardgage Mortgage!

Monday, June 28, 2004

The Dark Phoenix Saga

I found this from Tiffany at her Blown Fuse blog. Thanks for finding out about this. I think this sums up my life perfectly. Try it yourself.

You are Form 0, Phoenix: The Eternal.

"And The Phoenix's cycle had reached
zenith, so he consumed himself in fire. He
emerged from his own ashes, to be forever

Some examples of the Phoenix Form are Quetzalcoatl
(Aztec), Shiva (Indian), and Ra-Atum

The Phoenix is associated with the concept of life,
the number 0, and the element of fire.

His sign is the eclipsed sun.

As a member of Form 0, you are a determined
individual. You tend to keep your sense of
optomism, even through tough times and have a
positive outlook on most situations. You have
a way of looking at going through life as a
journey that you can constantly learn from.
Phoenixes are the best friends to have because
they cheer people up easily.

Which Mythological Form Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Just Frickin' Great

Just when you think life couldn't get any weirder for me, this happens. I swear to you all, I would never be involved with any crime except for being an optimist. Please God, don't let there be any racial profiling on this one.

And We All Shine On

While I'm typing this, I'm watching the documentary, "Imagine: John Lennon" on the True Stories on the Starz Superpack. It's a wonderful film which I really haven't seen in years, but still enjoy since it deals with one of my heroes. But my world is changing so

much and so am I. I heard John sing the title song through the movie and it had me wondering. Am I this optimistic about life? Would I feel the same way when I reach my forties? Fifties? I would hope so, but I know it won't last and that scares me. RIght now, I just want everyone to life a normal life, whatever that means to some. I dunno. I'm not a hippie, far from it. But I just wish it would all just be quiet for a day so I can relax. So can everyone else.

Or, maybe it's just me.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

TIme To Jump On The Band Wagon

Okay, most of the blogs have put in thier two cents about "Fahrenhiet 9/11" . Well, just so I don't get left out of the arguement but still sitting on the side is the review of the film from Roger Ebert. As for all of the folks whove either said they'd love of hate it but still haven't seen it (like me), then this will art least tell you what to expect. And, if you do see the film, let me know what you though. As soon as I see the film, I'll let you know.

FAHRENHEIT 9/11 / ***1/2 (R)

Saturday, June 26, 2004

How I'm Doin'

The past few days have been kinda wonky for me. I've been to doctors, gone in and out of offices, dealt with more phone crap and am just looking for a break. Out of all of this this, something wonderful has happened. I have been offcially approved for disability, which means my bills will finally be caught up, and I can go take a much needed vacation from all of this. I know what you must think. He has the money, now he's gonna blow it. First, I haven't had a vacation in FIVE years, and that's before AND after the divorce. So it's well deserved. Just a jaunt to Disney World for a day. Plus, a nice hunk of the money from the first check will finally begin the transplant fund. Speaking of which, as soon as it's together, I'll be posting updates on how much we raise, along with details on how others can contribute, if they want. So the page is going to be busy for awhile with new people showing up. BE NICE TO THEM.

Other than that, it's business as usual. I gotta go to Wet Willie's to DJ tonight. You know, it didn't hit me 'til now that Wet Willie's is such a creepy name for anything. However, they make a profit of over 100 grand a month and over a million a year and that's only here in Savannah. They could have called it Crunchy Frog and they still would have made dough, I guess. Booze is booze.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Ninjas Power

I'll make this quick. The mayor if a small town in Nebraska is trying to ban the book Real Ultimate Power: The Offical Ninja Book beacuase of possible harm to kids. After gong to the website were the book orignated from if a kid takes this as seriousely as he does Harry Potter, then the parent needs to sit the kid down and explain that it's all done in fun. It's just that simple. After checking it out, I do have to tell you the site is hilarous and does sound like it was written by a thirteen year old who's seen too many bad 80's films. Hit the commment button and let me know if things like this and others influence children to violence.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Dem's Gud Recurds!

A while ago, Dave at Better Living Though Blogging put up the theme song to the old Green Hornet tv show, which is currently running on the Action Channel. While I was trying to get my own copy of the song online, I came across Frank Larosa's website. It specializes in some of the worst records of all time, and some of the cheesiest. Just listening to Arthur Fiedler and The Boston Pops doing " Hey, I Think I Love You" alone is worth enough for the site. But there's others that you just have to listen to. Plus, the message board has to be the most hilarious out there, as folks try to weigh in on the songs. I've actually dropped a line or two myself. But, the LP (remember that word, gang?) you have to check out is The Ethel Merman Disco Album. Be forewarned. The songs are not pretty, but the post from Peanut Head has got to be the funniest damned thing I've read in a long time.If you love Monkey, then you'll love Peanut Head.

My Fame Has Caught Up With Me

My publisist has asked me to make the following statment...

I ain't did jack and I can prove it! Vivica A. Fox is still trying to get over "Ella Enchanted", so she's taking it out on me. I was framed, I tells ya!!!

White Chicks

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

I Am Superman

My big fantasy is to be able to fly. I think that's the dream of alot of people. To be able to just think about it and lift youself off the ground. The crap David Blaine tries to pull off as floating isn't the same. No, you want to impress me, float your ass over those redwoods, then do a loop. That's what it means to fly.

But see, I just don't want to fly. I want to be faster than a speeding bullet, stronger than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. I want to be Superman.

I always wanted to be the Man Of Steel as a kid. I mean, he could do all kinds of cool stuff. Back in the day, he had Super Hypnosis, Super Hot and Cold Breath, a Super Horse, a Super Cat, even Super Friends. He could travel thru time, he could push planets, he spoke under water. He even fought Muhammed Ali, but he lost that one. The thing is the guy had it all. DC Comics pared down some of the stuff from the past however, including the horse, but he's still a pretty powerful dude and I still follow Big Blue to this day.

Actually, I should call him Clark, because he's really the embodiment of man empowered. He's just trying to get thru the day without having to put on the suit, but he knows he has to. He's not upset with it, but he knows it's his own way of helping mankind. I think we'd all wish we had the abilities Superman has, or at least one, so we can make the world a better place, if only for one person, it not the world.

I hope to post a few links once in awhile about Superman. I know, it's the Geek in me. But if anything, I hope that anyone reading who isn't really a fan will get a clear understanding of an iconic character and his space on the shelf of pop culture.

First up is a story about a man who's been playing Superman for the past five years at the annual Superman Festival in Metropolis, Illinois. Yes, it's a real town. But yes, this Superman enjoys his job.

Superhero Hype! - Calling All Heroes

My Wish List

I've been looking at a few blogs lately and have noticed a few things that I could or could not use for this one. One thing that stood out on most of them is a wish list with links to Amazon

or Barnes and Noble. Well in that tradition, this is my wish list.

Phone Minutes...I had to get a prepaid phone since after my marrige my credit was shot. I have an account with Cingular, but it can't be refilled online since I'm in Coastal Georgia. It important that I have this since it's the only phone I have and I'm in constant contact with the Medical College of Georgia, doctors, the dialysis clinic and others. I won't put my number here on the web, but if you want to help, reach via the email address above and I'll give you the information you'd need to send the minutes.

Something Weird's Kid Commercials From The Golden Age Of Television Volumes 4 thru 6...My secret hobby is collecting old tv commercials, especially kid's stuff like old cereals like Quisp and Quake, cool toys like Jonny Action Seven, things they just don't make anymore. I've alrezady gotten volumes 1 thru 3, but I'd like to complete the collection.

A decent girlfriend...that'll be a hard one.

Finally, and this one's the most important...


The ones I have are scarred 70% over due to high blood and is due to fail, which is why I have all the problems going on now. As soon as I find out how well I do on the thransplant list, I'll tell you.

See, I don't wish much. I'm just a simple guy.

Monday, June 21, 2004



Owwee, owwweeee, owwwwww.

Dentists hurt.


Sunday, June 20, 2004

Keep It Up, Chuck!!!

My old friend Chuck McHugh started his own blog and let me say I'm proud of him. I've known Chuck for a long time when we were both in radio. What I never really knew until now was he had only been in the business for just a short bit of time and I had been doing it since 1985. The guy is WAAAAAY older than me, and he sounded like he had done it forever. But, it was guys like him that taught me alot about broadcasting. Thanks Chuck for being there when I needed you.

First Mark Evanier, now Chuck. Am I a kiss ass or what?

meanderings: Home Entertainment

Blog Dropping, Part Deux

Something interesting came down the pike today. First, read this, then come back to this one.

Now with that over, let's explain and update. Maybe I was just angry or upset, I can't tell. But I wanted someone who I respected and who got me into blogs in the first place to take a look at what I had written and give me his honset opinion. I had been sending him letters since I started it up last year, but I never heard back. So, I never expected to hear back from him. And I turned into a complete and total ass. So, I need to make a public apology to Mark Evanier.

If you read his comments in the earlier post, he has a good explanation. I had sent him a letter linking to the post I had written about meeting O.J. Simpson two years ago. No Blonds where damaged during that meeting. The point being, I've gotten to that busy as well, due to dialysys. So, I didn't think it was fair of me to place him in that position, so for that, I say I'm sorry, Mark. I would understand if you would be upset with me on this. And, I would like to apologize to you, the reader as well for being so angry here as well. My job is to entertain, and not to insult anyone, personally or intelectually. Mark, you are perfectly welcome here at anytime you please. As I've said before, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be doing this, and I thank you for the gift. Please support News From Me folks, and enjoy the best blog out there.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Mohr Stuff From L.C.S

At last, we finally hear from Jay Mohr on what happened on Last Comic Standing last week. I think I finally understand what happened. I still think the show won't be as good as it was last year, but we'll see.

Zap2it - TV news - No Kidding: Mohr Defends 'Last Comic' Judging

Friday, June 18, 2004

MY Advice?

I got this in the email after the Last Comic Scandal post.

"Politics in Comedy? I'd like to try to do more stand up myself. I've been a little shy of getting involved. Maybe I haven't found the right crowd yet to get involved with. Do you have any suggestions? Do you have any advice.


Now I'm the old man of comedy. Who does she think I am, Alan King?

I've done stand up before and let me tell you, it ain't easy. I did it here locally and never really left town. But, I took what I learned and put it into radio for years. The best thing I can tell you is seek out improv groups, keep reading newspapers, or even better still, keep writing your blog and make it funny. Out of all the post you have, it could pull out a good five minutes of material you can work on. Good Luck and I get 10 percent.

I'll Make It Brief, But You Know Me.

I don't like to write about my love life. Probably because one doesn't exist. The last time I did, I made a fool of myself AT THREE IN THE MORNING. I bumped into an old girlfriend tonight. I didn't see her there because I wasn't wearing my glasses. We haven't talked in a while. The last time we did talk, or at least I talked to her, I told her that I don't know if we can be friends and that I should walk away. I did and never looked back. When I squinted and noticed it was her, it was too late to turn around. She saw me and I felt stuck. So, I sat down and we talked for awhile. I miss her, but then I don't. I want to tell you what she did to make me feel this way, but I'm not ready yet. The damn thing about these blogs is you're supposed to get your feelings out. But there are a few things I have to hold back until I work them out on my own. I want to tell you how I was happily married for 15 years until both parties were tired of each other. But I wouldn't know where to begin. Anyway, I just had to get this off my chest before I go to bed. One day, I swear. I hope to just find one woman who will actually get my jokes, eat my food and watch tv with me when a good comedy comes on cable. Until then, I'll be what I am. Solitary Man. 'Night.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

G-8 Day In The Morning (these puns have to stop)

I got this comment about my post on the G-8 coming to Savannah...

"So, how did this go? I keep hearing the protestors were few and nothing happened but then heard the other day that several shop windows (Starbucks, Gap, etc.) were broken. What's the story?-Karol"

Nothing. Absolutly nothing. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Then watch the police and National Guard freak out and fence it off. The streets were quiet, crime was WAAAAAY down, and the Coastal Empire did a wonderful job of hosting . However, it did have it's bad parts. Businesses in the city lost alot of money due to the fact that streets were blocked off. I know personally that Wet Willie's did horribly during the time. No tourists, no regulars, nada. Also, there were no riots which meant Starbucks and Gap were safe.

Probably the reason for there not being any riots was because there were no protesters. The big rally thay had here only had less than 150 show up. There were more onlookers than hippies. The only main disturbance was in Brunswick where they actually had the summit when fifteen people were arrested for blocking the road for members of the summit to get to meetings. 11 are still behind bars for refusing to give Brunswick Police their identification and are headed to court on Thursday. Now it seems that local protesters here in Savannah lost money on their rally and is asking the city to help bail them out.

My thing is the whole thing reminded me of Chicken Little. The media blew the whole thing out of whack, reminding everyone of Seattle, where there were major riots and plenty of arrests. The whole thing here was just hype, nothing more. By the time it was over, a t-shirt store was selling shirts that said, "I Survived the G-8". Possibly the only business in the town to make money from this. At least it's over and I can have my goofy little town back.

I do have one personal story about G-8 that involves a High End Diplomat and his distaste for the attitude of some people. But I can't really disclose it now. One day,I will. If I ever get a book deal.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Looking over the news this morning, I came across this story. As someone working hard to get on the transplant list, I hope the person who does donate, if it ever happens, will recieve this much good fortune.

It's been tough road since I started dialysys, about a year now. I have gone through so much hell since then. I was talking to my sister Patricia last night and told her that the only way I happen to get around this is to have faith. It's not easy, but in the long run, it will be worth it. So, again today I got to the dentist for more mouth work. Sure, I'll be without teeth for a bit, but I won't have any complications afterwards. I've got the colonoscopy scheduled soon. I am nervous as as a cat in room full of rocking chairs on this, but I gotta do what I gotta do. Then I take the stress test, which is a breeze. After all those are done, God willing, I wil be on the National Transplant List for a kidney.

This too shall pass. - AP National News

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Last Comic Scandal

I really wasn't planning on posting today. I have a return visit to the dentist tomorrow and just wanted to rest up as she'll be pulling more teeth. It has to be done, so no complaints.

I did want to mention NBC's Last Comic Standing. Last year,I was into the show heavily, rooting for the winner, Dat Phan. This year, there's a big difference. More experienced comics are starting to show up. Will Durst, who been on the Tonight Show many times over the last twenty years, was one of twenty standups who when to Vegas for preliminaries. Also picked was Sue Costello, who had her own sitcom on Fox in 1998. You can see she's failed. I'm sorry, but I thought the show was about complete unknowns who've never done television who are given the chance to show off their talent and become a star. I don't even want to get into tonight's episode as it's filled with controversy. Ain't It Cool has the behind the scenes, but it has spoilers, so be careful. I'll still watch the show, and hope they do find a good unknown out of the bunch.

Ain't It Cool News - View Article

Monday, June 14, 2004

We've Come Of Age

I've had a good birthday so far, but as I looking over the web, I found this article from Time Magazine about blogs. It looks as though we're finally getting the respect we deserve. By the way, I've just registered to Kinja , which will give the site more exposure. Bloggers, we have a bit of power now. Let's give the world a great read. I'm going back to party. Meet Joe Blog -- Jun. 21, 2004

They say it's your birthday...It's my birthday, yeah. Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 13, 2004

What A Party...

Well, the party just wrapped up and I had a good time, when I could catch a breath. I wound up making sure everyone had a good time, talking to each person individually, just playing a good host. I also did a lot of cooking as well. I grilled drumsticks, hot dogs and burgers and made spinach dip as well. Which was good, since I had a lot of hungry folks here. My adopted parents were here, along with the usual suspects. After a while, Mom just looked at me and said, "You have an eclectic group of friends". If it weren't for those friends, I'd go nuts. Thanks God they were here. The best part were the pictures we took. I'll be getting them back soon and I can't wait to show them to you. It's only 15 minutes to midnight now, so I'm going to kick things into high gear and head to the Mercury Lounge to celebrate another year of life. Thanks, everybody.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Call Uncle Jessie, It's TIme To Party!

I won't be posting for a day or so. My birthday is on Monday, but we'going to throw a party here on Sunday. Who parties on Monday? You all are most invited. I would have told you sooner, but it was a last minute thing. Jason and I went shopping at Sam's club to buy a few things for the shindig, but we're smoking a Boston Butt as the main course, so it should be swell.

By the way... Guess who else is throwing a party that day. That's right, Perv. Mary-kate & Ashley. God, I never knew how old I was 'til I found out they're turning 18. by the way, I'll be 32. AND IT WILL STAY THAT WAY TILL ETERNITY.

Yahoo! News - Mary-Kate & Ashley: Jailbait No More

Friday, June 11, 2004

A Blast From The Past

Death is not a favorite subject of mine. I could never get around the fact that a person may not be coming back to talk to me. Losing someone is the worst thing that can happen to me. even when you don't know them. So, you know the two deaths this week was a kind of blow. But, I have to remember thelyrics of "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life" from the film, "The Life Of Brian". Life's a piece of s___, when you think of it. Besides, there are more depressing things out there. Have a look.


Brother Ray

It took me awhile for me to put this one together. This one kind of hit me hard. When you listen to music these days, you realize it's all done with computers and sampling. You may have guys who are great musicians, but it's still filtered down. When Ray Charles put it down, it was DOWN. It was raw, it was hard and it was beautiful. No one could do it like Ray. Country, standards, jazz, pop, and of course, rythym and blues. He helped to build that foundation. Anyone who even sings R&B these days better thank Ray for the hard work he did and for giving them a voice. Van Morrison, Stevie Winwood, Willie Nelson and especially Bily Joel better thank Ray for letting them borrow his voice in their songs. You better thank Ray for all the good times he has given you. He was a genius and he will be missed.

When you get a chance, go find his version of "That Lucky Ol' Sun". I know he's singin' that now these days. MOVIES | MOVIE NEWS | STORY Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Sam-Freind of Broken Lizard-meow (in-joke)

Something I've just gotten into is the comedy troup, Broken Lizard. If you've never seen their films, you truly don't know what you are missing. I feel like they've filled the void since Mr. Show was cancelled. I've seen Super Troopers at least 5 times and think it's the best thing out there. So much so, I've joined their little fan club. They've got a great web board that is one of the funniest out there. They even have their own frats, if you will. I myself, and I feel funny to tell you all this, have joined The C.O.K.. I never knew I would join up with it, but I feel whole now.

Good God, what has happened to me? Damn you, Kav! Damn You To Hell!!!!

You know, I've been thinking. The blog needs a Patron Saint. I thought about Stan Lee, Ernie Kovacks, John Lennon, Groucho Marx and others. But, it all came down to a freind who made one comment...MORE COWBELL!!!! Posted by Hello

New Look Sam

Blogger just posed some new templates for the blogs. That makes things just a bit more easier to work with here. So, finally, you can now post your comments on what I've said. Which means, I'm going to get a world of crap from a lot of folks. I've also changed the colors around here, 'cause I like blue. The only thing I really want to change is that picture where it says "About Me". I look like some kinda pirate. ARRRRRRR.

Blog Dropping...

It been almost a year since I've been working on this blog (by the way, just a few more days till my birthday on June 14th. Whatcha gonna get me?) and I haven't really found too many blogs I like. I've gone to Mark Evanier's site a lot and asked for his comments, but he's too Hollywood to comment. I finally found one that seems to fit me well. His name is Dave Sherman and he writes a great blog called Better Living Through Blogging. His sensibilities are about the same as mine, I think. He's funny, topical and loves pop culture. When I asked him to give me advise on the blog, here's what he said...

"I like your site -- you're intelligent, outgoing, and seem to have a knack for writing "naturally." In short - you sound like a great guy to sit down and have lunch with -- a good conversationalist!

As far as the site itself -- the primary problem is that the comments don't work! Get back into Blogger and see if you can fix it yourself so that we can leave comments.

The only other thing I can think of is that you need to be able to add some links to your sidebar -- sites that you frequent, whether news/pop/blogs/etc.

Let me know if I can help -- I know that tinkering with the HTML and templates can be scary sometimes!

Best wishes,


You would think that Evanier could have been that nice. Thanks, Dave. You've made me feel a lot better about doing this blog. I hope to improve things soon and make everyone, including myself, happy with the outcome.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Give Reagan an Oscar

I'm not a Republican, but I am an Old School Democrat. I'm just not that liberal. However, when I saw that Ronald Reagan had passed, it left me with a sad feeling. Growing into maturity in the 80's, Reagan had left a sort of funny spot in my system. He was just there. I never really agreed with his brand of politics. I mean, this is a man who wanted to cut school lunches and place ketchup as a vegetable. But, you had to respect a guy who came from Hollywood after years of playing the best friend in movies, to come all the way to the Oval Office.

It's interesting that Reagan, after years of public service was never really honored by Hollywood by the Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes or any of the major awards given to stars, even in their twilight. It could be that because of the many liberals in Hollywood and switch to being a Republican in 1964, they felt slighted. Reagan, according to NBC News, always felt bad that he was never given the credit that's due to him from Hollywood. On the entertainment news shows, there have been tributes to him, but no major star has come out to give sympathy. Well, I think it's time that fences are mended.

When it comes to awards time, give Reagan The Actor his due. Out of respect. Sure, the lot of them may not have voted on the man when he was in his offices, but he did leave an impact on Hollywood. Yes, you can joke about the films he's done, but how many others can go from soundstage to political stage? We've just seen Arnold do it, but Reagan did it first, and possisbly, best.

Monday, June 07, 2004


I have to go to the dentist in a few minutes to begin a long road of having my teeth extracted. It's a part of my getting on the transplant list list for the Medical College of Georgia. They prefer that I have no gum disease if they do a transplant, so it won't affect the new kidney. The next few weeks will be a long road, so bear with me, please. I'll also have to have stress test and a colonoscopy as well. So, I'm gonna need a laugh. Here's one of the funniest guys around today, Dave Chappelle. - News -Dave Chappelle: The Reason Grandmas Know Who Lil Jon Is

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Let the G-8 Arrive

As I was leaving my house late last night, I saw men and women dressed in military garb carrying high powered guns. I was just a bit scarred, but then I remembered. Folks were still angry over Smarty Jones losing the Triple Crown and they could still riot.

In truth, the G-8 summit has arrived in Savannah. Actually, the real summit will be held on Sea Island, which is just 30 minutes away from here, but most meetings will be held in the city. Also, reporters headquarters are here in the city. Now, given the fear of the government of terrorists attacks, plus the disruption of protesters from the last summit in Seattle, safety has been amped up here in the Coastal Empire. Which means, if you even fart in the Japanese prime minister's face and tell him Iron Chef blows, you are sooo gone.

Now, I don't mind the extra security here. I feel safe leaving my car outside, for once. But, I am a bit nervous. What if a riot happens? Say protesters come down my street? What the hell am I gonna do? What if there are terrorists who decide once and for all to take Bush down, by any means nessessary?

I don't think I'm going to worry much. The owners at Wet Willie's said if we are confronted by reporters with questions on how we feel about the whole thing and they see us in a W. W. t-shirt, we should smile and say we're happy to have them here. That way, if should say something that's not politicly correct, we won't get the bar in trouble and we can still keep our jobs. Screw them. I say what I want. That pissed me off long enough to say, "Bring 'em all". How dare they tell me what to say.

So, for the protesters. The first one wearing Birkenstocks, marching torwards the Starbucks to burn it, then going to their SUV to call to see where the next Phish is so they call dad to get some more money while they're on the road, then desides to make tracks down my street is getting slapped. Back handed, pimp style.

As for the terrorists. Downtown Savannah is a beautiful site, but just one minute away is a little area I grew up in called Hitch Village. Yes, it's the P.J.'s. And, they don't play. All those terrorists have to do is make a run that way. They'll think they were starring in Custer's Last Stand Two: What The Hell?

So, bring 'em. Let the world see our beautiful town. Let them enjoy the sites. But, the first one of you to screw up, I'm poppin' the s___ outta you. If the National Guard will let me.

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Saturday, June 05, 2004

Thursday, June 03, 2004

A MAJOR Breakthrough

This post is PG-13. All viewers under 13, please look at the pic Of Jughead Kerry and sing "Sugar, Sugar".

It's 2:40am, EST. I just laid down to bed when I started to think about life and love...And S-E-X. That's when it hit me. It's been a long time since you've had sex. It's also been a long time since you've been in love. Maybe that's why you're still single. I've been mistaking sex for love and vice versa. I know it's weird for a guy to come up with that, but I've had a lot of time to think about this. After all, I ain't dating.

With all that's going on with me, I long for a woman to come up to me after dialysis with a big hug, telling me that things are ok. I come out of that clinic dizzy and sore three days a week to an empty house. I don't really get phone calls much and this stupid blog is the only outreach I have. Now, as most of you know, I do hang out from time to time, but I get too scared to ask a woman out these days, due to the fact that I worry what they would say if they knew about my problem. Would they take pity on me, or would they take advantage of me?

I have to me honest. I'm just writing this to get this off my chest. I don't know about love anymore and I want to find out what it is again. I hope I can find it before it's too late.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Hey, Hey, Hey, Bill...

Ok, I thought about it for a bit. Here's what I got. Mr. Cosby(you have to call him that. He's an elder statesman AND he's loaded) may be America's favorite dad, but as of lately he's been more and more grouchy when it comes to African Americans. Last year, at the Emmy's, comic Wanda Sykes came up to him, live on camera and made a comment which made Bill look uncomfortable. He shot back a quick comment which I can't remember, but I know it was an insult to Ms. Sykes.

Cosby has been this way for a long time, but it's something you never really see out in the open. But, you do notice it on television with "Fat Albert" and the various sitcoms by uplifting the black race. It's just interesting he said, “These are people going around stealing Cocoa-Cola – people getting shot in the back of the head over a piece of pound cake, and then we run out and we are outraged … ‘The cops shouldn’t have shot him.’ What the hell was he doing with the pound cake in his hand?,” on the fiftieth anniversary of Brown V. Topeka. I just think folks were just surprized that it came from Uncle Bill. Chris Rock said the same thing a few years ago didn't he?

I just swiped this from I don't condone this, but follow me on this one. Ladies and gentlemen, John Kerry, circa 1965! Posted by Hello - Cosby Says Comments Are 'Call to Action'

Read this. I'll get back to you in a while after I absorb it. - Cosby Says Comments Are 'Call to Action'