Wednesday, August 04, 2004


I got nothing major right now goin' on, so FREE STYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really didn't get into "Last Comic Standing" as I thought. Probably because of Ant. How I hated that...guy. I'm not a homophobe, by all means, but he just reminded me of a new millinium Dr. Smith from "Lost In Space". I hated Dr. Smith too.

I just found out about sorbet. I LOVE IT!!

my roomates think I'm a party poop since I don't drink. screw 'em.

I got one of those ROBOSWEEPS you see on tv. I'm gonna get it a leash and call it "WHOOZITZ".

There is nothing better after shaving your head with a mentholated gel than standing in front of a fan afterwards. Try it sometime...It's Fun!

Larry King is as young as he feels. He feels like he wants a 21 year old this time.

Dave Chappelle got 50 million to stay at Comedy Central. What does Blogger give me for two hundred posts? A slap on the butt and a hearty "Hi-ho, Silver".

is it a double standard when your white roommates laugh harder at chappelle than you do?

Give me a Slushie machine, a tuna salad sandwich and some really old comics from the fifties and I'm your pal. Blow in my ear and I'll follow you anywhere.

Halle Berry says she doesn't want to do comic book movies anymore. We told you not to do "Catwoman", but did you listen? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

please don't hate me, halle. i still loves ya, boo. just wear the leather when i call.

Don't forget your Glad Plug-Ins.

"I was not drunk in public, I was drunk in a bar. YOU threw me into the public." Ron White, "They Call Me 'Tater Salad".

Most of you know I'm a big Superman fan, but my second favorite hero? Green Arrow. Oliver Queen Rawks!

I can't get shut the bold off. You're stuck with this for a bit.

Watch Chris Rock's "Pootie Tang" on HBO this month. It makes no sense, but it's funny as hell. Sa-da-tey.

I now have a credit card. Pray.

i'm running out of stuff to talk about.

Hey, it's back to normal!!!!

I fixed the last post and made corrections. Stop yelling at me!!!!

That's all I got. Now, somebody send me some cookies in the mail. REAL MAIL.


Anonymous said...

My friends all thought I was nuts for liking Pootie Tang. Sa da Tay! (If you haven't seen the original Chris Rock sketches, check out Best Of Vol 1..)

Anonymous said...

Green ARROW? No, no, Sam -- you should love THE GREEN HORNET! It's my latest obsession - and it's got Bruce Lee as a bonus!

Anonymous said...

No Comedy Central and while I have managed to catch a couple of Chapelle's Show episodes I was really lacking.
So I got the first season DVD and cruised through six in a row last night - outstanding, hilarious, and man does he ever push some envelopes. If you like the way he can jump in and out of so many characters, check out the Ben Stiller Show on DVD. Short lived when it was on Fox and it takes a few episodes to really warm up, but I love most of the whole season.

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwww snap. Y'all done made me use my own comment box. David, you and I need to talk about The Hornet and The Arrow.