Saturday, September 18, 2004

It's over now, my baby blue

Wet Willie's is history. I quit.


I gotta phone call from a friend of mine who runs a great restaurant here in town called Tappas. I think I told you about them before. Anyways, he calls me last night saying that one of the downtown bars were looking for a DJ to help them out since their last one left on short notice. I seem to have a good reputation here in town now, so they wanted to give me a shot. So, I go there Thursday night ( I missed "The Apprentice, so don't tell me who got booted and why), get a feel for the place, then do everything I DIDN"T do at Willie's. It turned out great. So great they want me there Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. ON MY OWN TERMS.

I had to tell Willie's I was leaving, but I doubt it really matters to them at this point. I never really played ball withthem that well, with the attitude they had, especially once I mentioned to them that I would haved liked to have had a fundraiser there. If they still want to helpwhen the time comes, they're more than welcome. But, I had to split without giving two weeks notice, but they've got a good DJ there I brought in to back me up for emergencies. If I don't take him with me. HEH HEH HEH...

I do want to thank them for hiring me when I needed it. I thought I did the best job that I could with what I had to work with. I don't really hold any ill will towards those guys, but I just wasn't happy anymore trying to make them look hip and fresh when I was getting worn out and tired. It possibly was for the best that I left without having to deal with rednecks in the Sam Johnson Way.

So, will I miss anything there? HMMMMNope. Nada, nothin'. I am so glad that period of my life is now over and I can start new. So, stick around. This oughtta be fun.


Anonymous said...

That's cool man. What kind of music do you play when you spin?

Anonymous said...

I did radio for nearly twenty years in basicly EVERY format but polka. That actually helps when playing for a club, meaning you have to get the feel of who's there. With my new place, named The Bar Bar, I play about, I'd say, 65 percent rap, 35 percent top 40, with a good twist of old school hip hop. Stuff like Ying Yang Twins, Petey Pablo, Lil Jon, with just a bit of Eric B and Rakin and Rick James, with a twist of Britney.

For those of you not up with the Ying Yang by the way, imagine J.J. from "Good Times" with kids, then finding out they got into the goofy juice. Yea-yah!