Monday, December 13, 2004


This one is for Dorian, who complains so much, for Mike, who lives in California and for Rich, who's bollocks when I asked him for a photo of Stan Lee giving the finger.

Even though I don't work there on a regular basis anymore, I take time to help out my friend Fred Viles at his store, The Comic Box on Sundays while he sorts out the back issues of books he's left with. Usually, I'm up front taking care of the register helping customers with choices. On Sundays, we don't get the typical customers, just folks looking to pick up something special, which means it's a slow day.

On this day, which was yesterday, I got in late since I had a show on WEAS I had to do, which meant I had to keep watch until closing time, which is seven P.M. . Around 6, a customer showed up, which was good since I hadn't seen one for at least an hour. He looked around grabbed a copy of "Love & Rockets" and some other book. I never really thought about it or the guy until it was time to pay up with his credit card.

The guy's name was Daniel Way. Now, for those who don't read comics, Daniel is an up and coming writer who, unfortunately gets his books pushed back by Marvel Comics before they get published. The fact that he has an exclusive contract with the company doesn't help. If they don't get published, he doesn't get paid, which kinda bites. I should say at this point that it didn't surprise me that he would show up in the store. Savannah has become sort of a haven for new comic artist and writers, thanks to the Savannah College of Art and Design's Sequential Art program. That's "how to draw funny books" for those who think "sequential art" is too pretty.

Anywhoo, after I noticed his name, we started to talk shop. Now, out of niceness, he did tell me a few things that I can't really say. Not that he didn't tell me not to, but out of kindness for the man. I want Daniel to come back to the store. He did tell me that he wants to work on some independent comics soon and for the most part, even though his books are pushed back, he's happy doing the work he does for Marvel. I do have one thing I think I can share with you, however.

At one point, Daniel was to work on a miniseries about Ant-Man, which was scheduled but shelved due to the fact that the character was set to die in the unfortunate "Avengers Disassembled" storyline. For non comic readers, don't ask. It was a mess of a book. Nonetheless, although Ant-Man won't be coming back, the story will. Daniel is teaming up with television/comic writer J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5, Amazing Spider-Man) and retrofitting it for a miniseries for a charater named Tom Thumb, who is a part of the Squadron Supreme. As I said, for non comic readers, don't ask. It's all too much.

It was a pleasure meeting Daniel and I hope he does come back to the store soon. Me, I'm gonna sit back and read my copy of "Bullseye's Greatest Hits". Daniel wrote it. I should have gotten him to sign it, but it would bring down the value of the book. Good read, though...

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Anonymous said...

I sorta had a moment like that at our shop...some shady guy in a beard came in, lurked around the front of the store, and eventually bought a couple things. Dorian was the one who helped him at the register, and after the customer left he told me, "I'm surprised you didn't recognize him...that was John Ritter!" And here I was, keeping half an eye on him because I thought he might have been a shoplifter. (He was performing in a play down the road, which is why he was in town.)

We also get our fair share of comics creators, and we hear things that we are sorely tempted to talk about, but keep under our hats out of respect and/or fear of the creators in question.

Daniel Way on a Tom Thumb series? That's so weird, I gotta check it out.