Thursday, March 31, 2005

"The Batmobile lost a wheel and Robin laid an egg..."

Around 1988, DC comics got the idea of killing off Robin the Boy Wonder from the Batman series by folks calling a 1-900 number to see if they should let him live or die. It made the big papers across the country and many folks thought it would be Dick Grayson who would bite it. It turned out however that it would be his replacement, Jason Todd. Jason was a street punk who tried to steal the tires off the Batmobile (funny!), when Batsy decided to bring him into the fold and get the kid straight. It didn't really work well and the new Robin was a bit of a wildcard, being a bit more violent than the original. So, Dc decided that the kid hafd gone too far and to get rid of him. America voted and in a closer margin than a presidential election, decided to kill him off. Well somehow, Jason's come back after giving Bruce Wayne angina for years for feeling guilty about being involved in child endangerment, and he's ready to give Batman a butt kicking for letting The Joker blow him up. I have a feeling this could be fun. Comics sure have changed alot, haven't they folks? Posted by Hello

Yet Another Samapalozza Update

As promised, all official Samapalooza business until Saturday will be seen at In Honor Of Sam Johnson. I'll have semi-live updates from the show here that day starting at 11am until 10 pm, so there's gonna be lots of audioblogging that day so no one misses out on the fun. I'm taking every prayer that comes my way and holding them close to make sure this thing works.

I've also made it to the local weekly here, Connect Savannah. Here's the link. I''ll post the story on I.H.O.S.J. , but I need to make a correction. The Mercury Lounge will be be making a donation that day, but will be from tips from the bartenders, not from sales. It's still win-win. I'm just happy to have a place to do this.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I feel like Craig Kilborne

Well, it's been a few days, and I won't have time after tonight to do this, So let's git'er done. I was asked by Pandora a group of five questions, which I had to answer, then I have to ask questions to whomever had comments afterwards. So, we are going with Ivan and Randy. Ivan because he lives in Savannah and he and I never get our schedule together to meet up. Randy, because he's a good natured guy. So, for Ivan...

1. So, you wanted me to put George of The Jungle on my top five toon theme list, huh? What's yours?

2. Tell all the readers at least three good things about Savannah, Georgia.

3. Tell all the readers at least three bad things about Savannah, Georgia.

4. Your pride and joy is nostalgia. would you have prefered to live in the past, or are you fine here in this time period?

5. Name your top five O.T.R (old time radio shows) of all time.

For Randy...

1.If you were on that radio talk show a few days ago, what would you have talked about?

2.All of you in Montana bloggers seem like you all live near each other, like on the same block. Which one are you in contact with the most, in real life?

3. Can you recount the first days of doing your blog?

4. What was the funniest post you ever wrote?

5. Give me five good reason why I should move to Montana.

There you go, fellas. I hope they weren't too softball, but then, I ain't Barbwa Wawa. Enjoy!

Meet Sanjay...

Sanjay works for the 24 hour Nevashot petrol station in England. He seems to like his gig. He's got some Pringles to share with you, but you have to be nice to him, otherwise, they ain't yours. Get 'em all, and you could win a camper worth 2,000 pounds. If you live in the U.K., I guess. Still, it's a fun game that reminds you of the Subveriant Chiken from last year...Only funnier. Thanks, RecordBrother! Posted by Hello

Here's the banner that Panora made up and added to her site. I've been trying to add it to the sidebar, but no luck. My html skills are touch and go with this. Still, I should thank her for all of her help. She's a good egg. Posted by Hello

The Thrill Of Victory, The Agony Of Beard Burn

The World Beard and Moustanche Championships happens this October. I'm regrowing mine back now as we speak, however I don't think I'm goling to compete this go around. I don't want to get busted for using Just for Men by the judging committee.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Some Days, You Have To Fight The Bear

I've been busy working on Samapalooza today, fine tuning it so I don't have to do a thing. Lemme tell ya, Rock and Roll is a fickle bitch. We had two bands cancel, then we had to rearrange the time for another, then one band came back after the other band that canceled's time slot was open. I ran around to talk to local restaurants about getting some gift certificates for raffles, and one band I heard for the first time tonight who I thought would be great for the show couldn't do it. But, I think things are okay for Saturday. If I can get at least 85% out of everything that day, I'm golden.

By the way, from this point on, all updates on Samapalooza will go to In Honor Of... .However, Saturday, we'll be doing almost live updates from the show starting around 11am, e.s.t. and continuing until 10pm. I'm asking all the fellow bloggers out there to please tell your readers to head over here and I.H.O.S.J. who haven't made an online donation to please do so that day. I think we can make this work out. Thanks again, in advance. I'm gonna go get some Chinese now.

This Just In-Famed O.J. Lawyer Cochran Dies in L.A.

Wow, that was unexpected. Cochran was possibly one of the most popular lawyers, ever. The man started his law career as an attorney for mostly black cliets in Southern California, but after the O.J. trial, he became a superstar. Say what you will about the man and his tactics, he did the job. Anyone now who committs a heinous crime will have to look somewhere else.

Stars After Stars After Stars

Well, it's spring and it's time to do some clean up here at the show. I've neated up the blogroll and deleted a few sites that really didn't do much for me. I don't know if you've ever done that, or is there any proper etiquette on blogrolls, so I just go my own way. I also added a few new sites of interest, things I like a lot. Right now, I read about 99% of all the sites I've listed constantly (In Honor Of Sam Johnson doesn't count, as it's my own. Please donate!). I figured if I like it you would, too. Simple.

One, or actually three sites are done by one man. Spike Priggen is an internet Da Vinci. His Bedazzled is a wonderful site filled with Pschyotronic films, kitchy pop from the sixies, old toy commercials from the past(Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots! JOY!) and more. His Scopitones site tells the story of, well as he puts it on one page, "It's a 'Film Jukebox' invented in France in the early 1960's (from surplus World War II airplane parts!) and also the films (the precursors of todays music videos) which played on it." It also featurs some of the films shown on the machine. You have to check out Procol Harum's clip for "Whiter Shade Of Pale". Great song...Bad moustaches. And of course, his personal site, featuring his music. Spike has actually been playing power pop for years and worked with musicians like drummer Bun E. Carlos from Cheap Trick and others for his new album, Stars After Stars After Stars. Have a listen to one of the cuts, "In The Inside", or try out "Be Married Song". Give them a listen and let Spike know I am very jealous of him when you buy the CD, as I know you will. He has three great sites and he's got great music, too. My God, he's living my dream life. Good work, Spike.

Getting back to kitchy, RecordBrother is another pop culture site with the wild, wacky and amazing. He's actually doing some improvments to the blog as days go by, and I think readers are in for something good. As R.B. says,"This is me trying to give back and share, hope if you found this on the Internets there is something that you find useful, interesting or dumb. Just a warning: I can't spell very well and my grammar is atrocious so if these things are really important to you just look at the pictures." That hooked me. Welcome to the blogroll, Spike and R.B. . You are welcome here anytime.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Why or Why Not "The Office"

I have only two favorite sitcoms this season: "Scrubs" and now, "The Office", based on the British comedy. Obviously, some folks didn't get it, like David. "Are we truly expected to believe that the boss was really that oblivious? Was it supposed to be funny at all? I predict a very quick death for this NBC attempt. "

Hmmm, It seems like he didn't like it. Here's the comment I left.

"Although I've never seen the British version, I did see it online and I thought it was funny. Very funny, in fact. The humor comes from the comes from the dialogue, which is paced more like an off Broadway play and smartly written, in my opinion. The show is written as a documentary of office life and the politics behind it. And, if you've ever worked in an office as I once did (thank God I don't anbymore), you will find folks as ridiculous as Steve Carell's boss character.

"I mentioned in the blog last week that Americans just don't get British humor like Monty Python, due to the fact that you don't really expect it from them, with their stereotype of uppercrust. I feel the same thing with "The Office", but I hope that being paired with "Scrubs" (also a sitcom with out a laughtrack), will make Tuesday nights between nine and ten the best night for comedy. If you need a show that tells you when to laugh with canned chuckles, then keep watching 'According To Jim'.

Can I get some backup on that last statement from the Children of Television on this? Tony? Brent?

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Answer Me True

I was picked by Pandora to answer some questions for a little thing called interview tag, where a person is asked a question from a fellow blogger, then picks a person or two who comments to answer that person's questions. I hope that makes sense. To be honest, Pandora has been the only person commenting here lately and she's already been tagged, so I don't know if you can question the same person twice. It's been kinda quiet here and I have no reason why. I don't know if it's anything I did or said and if I did anything here to offend anyone, I apologize. It would just be nice to hear from you guys, you know? 'sighhhhhh'

Oh well, on with the questions...

1. When you were growing up, what was your favorite TV show? When I was younger, it was always cartoons that kept my in front of the tube. By the way, back then we had a Zenith floor model 27" black and white that was purchased in 1968. When that fell apart in 1976, mom bought another one, just the same. Anyway, we were going thru the last years of the kids show hosts in the afternoons until 1976. Trooper Terry, Captain Carl, and of course, Bozo the Clown. As I got a bit older and could stay up later, I discovered prime time tv. Sanford and Son, All In The Family, Good Times, The Carol Burnett Show, Bob Newhart, all the good ones. Somehow, I feel like they don't make tv that good anymore. Anyone remember CBS on Saturday nights? Precious.

2. It's the grudge match of the century. In one corner is Lindsey Wagoner (The Bionic Woman) and in the other is Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman). Who would win? It comes down to truth. Princess Diana is nearly as strong as a god, being from Thymescria (Paradise Island on the show), while Jamie Summers was rebulit to life a ton. However, all W.W. would have to do is hogtie B.W. with the Lasso Of Truth and all would be settled.

Besides, Lynda's hotter and isn't ruining her credibility by hawking matresses on late night tv.

3. When you finally make it back to your true home in Montana, where will you build your cabin? In the mountains or on the bank of the Yellowstone River? Out of all the questions, this was the hardest. I don't know what or how it started, but I have a lot of folks in Montana who read this page. To all of you, I want to say thank you for adopting me into your state. You made a Black man turn red, and that ain't easy. I wish I could move and start over again as I get older and want a quieter life. It's difficult since I don't really have the money, plus with me going to through kidney failure, I don't know if I could transfer to a new city. God knows I could use a change, though. I would probably move near the water as I would love to learn to fish again. Maybe meet a decent woman and live out the rest of my life there.

I'm glad to have another home. It's the getting there that's hard.

4. You recieve the job offer making $1,000,000 a year being a radio announcer for a new type of radio station. The catch is it airs nothing but Barry Manilow songs 24/7. Do you take the job? I know that Sirius satillite radio has a station that plays nothing but Elvis, so that's not really far off. I've worked in nearly every radio format except Hispanic, so I could pull it off. But, I would rather have my own show on my own terms. It would be a radio talk show, but it would be more of an entertainment show than political. Talk radio is filled with too many wingers, right and left. I'd do a show that would be fun filled without having to go the sleaze route. I think it would sell.

5. In your opinion, which cartoon (past or present) has the best theme song? Some of the best themes were done by Hoyt Curtain for Hanna/Barbera for their action shows in the sixites, but there were other companies who did just as well. So, via Toon Tracker (in Real Audio),here are my Top Five Favorite Cartoon Themes. Everytine I hear them, they kinda pump me up and get me geared for action.

5. Space Ghost
4. Speed Racer
3. Tie The Bugs Bunny Show/Super Chicken
(It's my list.)
2. Spiderman
1. The New Adventures of Superman

Today's cartoon themes don't really say much to me. The only ones that do justice to the shows today are the Freakazoid theme and the theme to Teen Titans.

I guess that's it. It took me a couple of hours to do this, so I hope it was worthwhile to you. The next people who comment get their chance to answer my questions, that is if anyone comments anymore. Good luck and thanks for reading.

Samapalooza Update

I just posted this on the local music board here in Savannah. I thought you would want to see it.

"I'd like to thank everyone for their help and support on Samapalooza so far. After posting here a few weeks ago, I've gotten many responses from bands and musicians willing to help out. Here are the list or artists that are scheduled to perform, along with tentative performance time:
12pm Hitman

1pm Solid Gold Slacks
2pm open slot
3pm Stewart Marshall
4pm Gordon Perry
5pm Broken Time
6pm Jackson Evans Trio
7pm Zan
8pm Code Adam
9pm Greg Williams
10pm Erok
If you notice, we have an opening available. So, If you'd like to jump on stage and join in on the fun April 2nd around 2pm, we'd love to have you aboard. Email me at or call me at 912-308-4514. Thanks again and we hope to see you April 2nd at the Mercury Lounge for Samapalooza!"

Yeah, I think we're ready to make it do what it do.

Happy Easter!

I hope you're enjoying Easter today and celebrating it with family. I'll be back later this evening with the set list for Samapalooza. I hope you're able to make it.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

A Micheal Bay Blog

The page is being attacked by meteors for the moment. Please stand by. We have Bruce Willis ready to rocket off to stop them. We still have the dinosaur problem, however. Thanks, Mike. This is actually cool.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Darrin Stephens: The Remix

Just saw the new trailer for "Bewitched" and this isn't you typical tv to movie screen transition. It looks like they played it safe with Nichole Kidman as Samantha. The thing is, she's not really Sam. That's where Will Ferrell comes in as Jack, who's an actor playing Darrin, but yet in the same situation as the other two fellows before him. Does this make any sense to you, 'cause it did to me when I saw the trailer and thought this could work.

Look, they have done so many of these things, I gave up after "Mod Squad". The cheapest idea in Hollywood only a few years ago was get an old tv show, recast it to make it hip and "post modern". Did anyone see "McHale's Navy"? "Car 54, Where Are You?" The only one of these rermakes that I really liked was the first "Brady Bunch" movie, and I hated that show. I hope that "Bewitched" works. It looks funny enough to keep the original fans and bring in new ones. I just have a feeling that if it does work, could even a "Honeymooners" movie be far behind?

Oh, wait...

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

What You Up To, Mr. Funny Man?

I've been trying to write a decent post for the past 48 hours. You know something cute and funny and would make you giggle a bit. But honestly, my head hurts. I've been taking the Clarinex the doctor prescribed for me and it's kinda working. I'm still kinda congested, but I'm not coughing alot. I hate being sick, really. It feels like I'm not in control of anything when I'm like this. Here it is, a week and a half away from Samapalooza and I'm ill. THIS BLOWS.

I know I've had folks tell me to rest up and relax, but when you're fundraising, I guess you have to stay on top of things. I'm actually glad that all of this is the cause of a cold gone evil instead of my kidneys acting up. That could have been nasty. Still, as long as I can get the word out about organ donation, then I'm good.

One more thing...I added Haloscan to the comments, as I've gotten letters from folks ssaying that they haven't been able to say hi. Honestly, I've been looking at other blogs as of late, and I like the way that WordPress and Moveable Type look. If I could switch over, I would, but I can't afford to right now. Actually, I'd love to find a great new template for this. I get so jealous when I see the other guys on the playground.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Read This Post or I Will Taunt You A Second Time!

I'm feeling alot better now after all the crap I've gone thru the past few days, and I'm bopping around the house now. It's too bad it's raining mongooses and beavers out there. So, I'm staying in and watching TV. The big treat today was "And Now, For Something Completely Different" starring Monty Python. It was their first film, shot in 1971, and was based sketches the cast had done in the first season of the show. It shows the crew at their best, as they redo The Parrot Sketch, Blackmail, The Deadliest Joke in the World, and others. The only thing missing is a laugh track, and that's fine.

It's great to see that the humor still stands over thirty years. It's hard to compete with all the in your face comedy now that's out there and I'm glad that there is still a place for Python. What makes it funny is that there are folks who still don't get the humor of it, possibly because the guys were British (well, all but Terry Gilliam, who was a cartoonist from America before joining). Then again, most folks never got the Three Stooges as well, but they're on another plane of humor. Monthy Python stands on it's own as original and as crazy as any art form out there.

There's a new Broadway play that's opened based on "Monty Python and The Holy Grail" called "Spamalot" that looks fantastic, and has a great cast including David Hyde Pierce and Hank Azaria, and it's produced by Eric Idle and approved by the remaining Pythons, so it has to be good. I thought I would never say this as big of Mel Brooks fan as I am, but I hope it kicks "The Producers" in the box office and gets loads of rewards.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Happy Birthday, Jerry!

Do you know whos birthdday I missed while I was fighting sickness all this time?


At least, Will Pheifer remembered. Thank goodness


Man, I am sicker than sick. The whole week has been lousy with illness. I had to go back to the E.R. again on Sunday, because I started feeling lightheaded. It turnes out I have sinusitis after fighting a cold I had. I swear to God, I am going to get me a plastic bubbles and move to the mountains for the clean air.

By the way, I have been trying to posy here for the past day or two and have been having trouble with Blogger. Anyone else with problems out there?

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Saturday Bloggin' With America's Only Neurotic Black Man

Not too many folks who have blogs post on a Saturday. I guess it's usually because they have things to do that day. I would suppose that it's probably quiet around the web right now. Good. I just wanna talk and don't wanna share my time with anybody right now. It's just you and me.

I don't know if you noticed a few of the posts I've put up last week, but I'm wearing down badly. I have been stretching myself out too thin to the point where I'm getting sick. I think that's what I've been worried about the past few days. See, to me getting sick is the last thing I need. I'm no good to anybody if I fall. So, I do the best that I can to keep moving and pray that I can keep going another day. I do wish for the day that I can relax. The fundraising is going well, but honestly it's too much for me to get my head around sometimes and I wish that I could run to Mexico and get one of those cheap deals. Once again, I know you guys are my friends and you're there for me. I just hate the being sick part.

Ok, that's enough Saturday blogging for today.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

''The pipes, the pipes are callin...''

In case you can't make it to the Coastal Empire for the parade, Savannah Now has a live blog updating folks about the happenings. I could do the same thing, but there's an Incredible Hulk marathon running on Sci-Fi today. That's the wearin' o' the green to me these days.

Update Of course, I wrote this around nine in the morning using the Blog This button on my browser, only to get an error after I sent it. 'Tis the luck of the Sam on St. Paddy's day. It ain't live, but you can see how the parade was.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Drinkin' O' The Green

It's once again St. Patrick's Day again in Savannah and it's going to be a wet one here. At least a 40% chance of rain during the parade. Will folks care? Nope. If I know them well enough, they'll be out in full force celebrating. It's like that every year. Now, I don't really know how they do it in, say, MONTANA (looking for cheap applause on that one), but I know that in NYC and Chicago, the Irish do the parade, go get drunk at the pub and that's it. The rest of the city could care less. Not Savannah, baby. Here, everybody's Irish that day. Old Black ladies, little balding Middle Eastern men, they're all frickin' Irish, whether they like it or not.

Now, except that they have mass the morning of the parade, no one would really remember who St. Patrick was. For the most part, folks will head downtown to watch a four hour stream of craziness march down the streets, then head torwards the bars and get ishfaced (I spelled that right, by the way. "Ish" is the FCC version of '' s***" ). The thing that makes it exciting is here in Savannah is you can walk around town with an 16 oz. cup of alcohol, which means you can go from bar to bar and never miss the drink you had from the last place. There are only three cities in the U.S. that do that and they don't really throw parties like this. And you know when you throw parties, someone's going to act stupid.

I deo have to give props to the Savannah policemen and women who have to deal with the insanity of this day. The fact that they're working double overtime is rough enough, but they have to yell and scream to get the drunks to straighten out. They really don't want to have to arrest anyone that day, but they'll do it more that day than any other day of the year. It's not just locals they bust, either. Two years ago, when I was working the door at Wet Willie's on St. Pat's, I had to deal with drunks from Boston. Drunk cops from Boston. They got out hand and I told the guys that they ain't home, so don't start flashing the badges around. Well, the boys got stupid and wanted to show us rednecks how to do things. It lasted only ten seconds before the S.
P. D. threw on the cuffs and chunked them in the paddywagon. Yep, St. Patrick's Day here in Savannah, Georgia is exciting. That's why I'm glad to be staying home this year. Yippie.

Blogger bhas been acting up as of late, so I'm using my Hello to post. I've been quite sick the past 24 hours, as I somehow started running a fever and pnumonia, which lead to a trip to the E.R.They gave me some antiboitics and sent me home after running an IV. I'm still a bit loopy, but I should be ok before the show. I hope. Well, at least Wonder Woman will cheer me up. Posted by Hello

I have no idea what is going on with Blogger this week, but it's working just enough for me to get this up. It's official now. I have posters. Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 13, 2005

The First Offficial Announcement Of Samapalooza!

this is an audio post - click to play

A Note From Carl

I got a letter from our page mascot Carl Wintergaten in my lunchbag for work. It goes...


I know it must be weird to have a penguin for a pet. but you can imagine how I must feel being in new surroundings. It's actually pretty cool, pun intended. After escaping from Seaworld after jumpng thru The Man's hoops all day, I decided to break away and enjoy my freedom. I had a distrust of all men until I met you. You seemed pathetic enough that I knew I was safe. You turned out to be a pretty nice guy after all.

"Anyway, I noticed that you've been stressed out from putting together Samapalooza, or whatever it is you're calling it. I was looking over all the paperwork you have and everything looks fine to me. The bands are all booked and they can't wait to play. All your friends can't wait to show up on April 2nd to see how it all turns out. This is why you shouldn't worry. You have friends. More than you know. I know you'll well. And, if you don't raise all the money that day, just know that you're doing the best that you can and that if you fall, you have people there who'll pick you up. I'll try, but it's hard to pick up a guy with wings.

" I hope you have a good day on the air. I packed you a sardine and peanut butter and sardine sandwich. If you don't eat it, bring it home. Stay chill. You'll be fine.

Your Penguin,
Carl Wintergarten"

Everyone should own a penguin.

Saturday, March 12, 2005


Not many folks I know blog on the weekends, but I like to update in case anyone shows up. For example, I mentioned this late last year, but a group of students made a film last year based on toys about Batman. Well, finally its arrived to the web, starring Adam West (!), Mark Hammil, Courtney Thorne-Smith and Dick Vsn Dyke. It's entilted Batman:New Times and it was worth the wait. Enjoy!

Friday, March 11, 2005


Can I tell ya somethin'? I'm tired. If you listened to the audiopost below, you could tell. I was running around yesterday with my friend Annie trying to get the bands to confirm to Samapalooza. Then, I had a gig last night that went better than I thought, which kept me up late. I wound up waking up late for dialysis. I'm bushed. But, I'm cocky. As soon as I get a shower and a shave, it's on.

Such is the life of a man with his own theme song.

Update I just got finished listening to "The Love Theme of T.R.S.J.S.", and I feel great! C'mon! you guys gotta getta theme song! What tune gets you motivated?

Herbie Fully Loaded Teaser Trailer

YAH! Herbie's back! Herbie's back!

I have never been so happy to see a bug in my life. I'll miss Dean Jones, the King Of the Disney movies, but it's good to see Micheal Keaton working. Where is Dean anyways?

I'm too damned tired to type, so just listen...

this is an audio post - click to play

Thursday, March 10, 2005

A New Bunny

This whole thing with Bugs and the Looney Toons gang turning into Buzz and the Looonatics has now gotten EXTREME! (NSFW) Carl passed out when he saw this.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Fundraising Update

I need to thank everyone that's gone to In Honor Of Sam Johnson and made a donation. Please pass the page on to your freinds. I just received a letter from the National Transplant Assistance Fund, and they tell me the money is coming in. So, keep it coming, folks!

On the other side, I'm tired. Really. My mind is fried from Samapalooza. I had one band cancel, but I do have more, so it balances out. However, I'm thinking this is bigger than I expected and I feel like I could be over my head, although I know I'm not. This is what happens when you're neurotic. Which by the way, hasn't really been analyzed by doctors, but I just know it. I think.
Anyway, Band announcements will be made NEXT WEDNESDAY NIGHT HERE. If I don't freak out and go find a Sonic to buy a bunch of ROUTE 44 slushes and sit in a corner for the day.

By the way, only the top paragraph is going to the "In Honor" page, as it needs updating. I don't wanna freak anyone out with all this other stuff.

I think I just need a hug is all.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Food For Thought

David found this meme from a place called J-Walk and I guess I have to answer it or else bad luck will fall upon me. Or, is that a chain letter? I really don't know how memes work...

Pick nine bloggers you would have dinner with. The only thing: "You must not have met them before IRL", David says. Whatever that is.

1.David. He was the first blogger who was there for me when I started to kick out the jams on this thing. He likes The Green Hornet and his Cow Cat. A wonderful man.

2.Pandora. She has one of the kindest hearts I've never seen personally. Her story with Bippy and Carl gave me the biggest Kool-Aid grin I've had in a long time. If I ever met her, I would give her a great big hug.

3.Randy. He's pretty cool. He and I seem to have the same sense of humor, which means jokes over the heads of many at the table.

4.Babs. A very nice lady. If anything, she'd be great when there's a lull at the table and she could ask a good question.

5.Ivan. He's local, so he wouldn't have to come far. He is also a big fan of old time radio, so he can talk to David about Green Hornet.


7.Tom. This was a hard one because he has a partner at his blog, Stephen Cooke, but I met Tom first. Sorry, Stephen. However, Tom is a major cinephile and could probablly tell us things about Lupe Velez that we never knew.

8.Eric. During the day, he is a hard working teacher making sure that the young can survive. At night, he is a rebel, making sure the young can survive. Rebels are cool.

9.Mark. This was also very hard, as there are many comic bloggers out there who I thing are great. However, Mark also encompasses movies, television, broadway, the whole nine yards in his blog. His was the very first one I saw years ago and it influenced me to do mine. His is way more better.

If I left anyone out, I do appologize. It isn't fair that I've had to leave so many out, because I would love to meet many of my fellow bloggers. But, I'm glad to know you and hope that we can at least, sit down for coffe and cheesecake.

Okay, at least one more. The Incredible Hulk . The guy's having a hard time living alone in The Village. He could use a good friend. Y'all know it ain't easy being green.

Carl's New Friend, Bippy

I have no earthly idea what I was thinking when I decided to give a penguin a name like Carl Wintergarten. I love names that look like they make no sense in these days. However, Pandora has me beat when it comes to pet names. She just got a puppy and named him Bippy Wigglesworth. I think the two have hit it off together very well. A puppy and a penguin. Who knew?

I hope there are more stories about those two ragtag pets. Carl needs to drop a few pounds after putting away sardines and Pringles.

Monday, March 07, 2005

How to shut a comic book nerd up...

There are revenge stories and then there are REVENGE STORIES.

I picked up on this while reading thru the comic rumor column Lying In The Gutters.

"The Femforce message board is run by fans, but sanctioned by AC Comics. Some of the writers post there as well as fans. One fellow known as Wizard Of Northampton decided to start trolling. And so Paul, the individual who runs the message board, decided to engage in a little cyberstalking, and posted his life's details on the board in a mocking manner, and has threatened to use them to ruin the Wizard's life if he continues to post on the board. And AC Comics staff seem to have approved of such tactics".

Going to the message board, I found this:

"Wizard of Northampton also goes by the alias of cult, cultscomics, or skippy_the_klingon, but his real name is Jay. He's a 30-year old male, from Mesquite, Texas, who has had difficulty holding down steady employment. In fact, he was unemployed and sponging off other people until about a year ago. He finally managed to land a job at Target but he's on his way to being fired for unauthorized computer usage at work (I don't know if the word has made it down from corporate yet, Jay; if not, don't worry, I'm sure your mommy will keep taking care of you)."

When I worked at my local comic book store The Comic Box, I dealt with all types of geeks nerds and fanboys who had their own delusions of grandeur, without any sense of humility. They honestly scared the living hell outta me with thier tales of how they will take over the world with their wonderful ideas of going to Marvel and revamping Brother Voodoo or Moon Knight because nobody ever got it right the first time. They drove me crazy constantly to the point where I wish I could have stood out side with a copy of the first apperance of Wolverine (Incredible Hulk #181, to be exact, worth alot in great condition, which we have at the store) and taken a chainsaw to it, while screaming, "Fight the real power!". For the guys at the Femforce message board to track down every detail about skippy/Wizard/Jay was a very brave thing. I don't really endorse it, but it does strike me as funny as all get out. I tip my Klingon brow to those guys.

Our New Mascot!

adopt your own virtual pet!

Ladies and gentelmen, meet Carl Wintergarten. He's probably the best pet I've ever had, since I don't have to clean up after him. He doesn't bite, so you can pet him. They said I couldn't have a dog, so why not a penguin?

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Hair Lip

Most of you know I don't talk about race much here. I try to keep things to a medium here, as not to upset anyone. But, there is something I need to bring up that disturbs me: Moustaches on white guys.

What happened here, fellas? I remember when you guys wore them they looked good on you. Only the best wore them William Powell, Clark Gable, Ceasar Romero (yeah, he was Latin, but still). The Last Great White Guy Moustache belongs to Tom Selleck. He rocked that fuzzpatch all the way through "Magnum, P.I.". Always trim, thick and neat. He would be the the standard of what a white guy's moustache should look like.

Then, something happened to where you guys stopped wearing them and the clean look came in. Even Selleck stopped wearing them once in awhile, and his career hasn't been the same since. It was ok not for you to have a catepillar on your lip. And, all was well in the world.

But now, a dangerous presidence has taken place in the world of hair lips. White guys are now wearing them when they shouldn't. They're either too thick or too thin, making the guy look like either a slimy agent or a goon working for Lex Luthor. Ladies and gentlemen, the white guy moustache is on it's way becoming the new mullet.

Now, as for the other races such as Asian, Latino and otherwise, can get away with it IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY. Once you step foot here on good old U.S. soil, it's time to shave off that Fu Manchu or the Dirty Sanchez and get right. You're in AMERICA now, baby.

As for us black folks, we rock that. I don't know how we do it, but dang if we don't do it right. Somehow, we come off as smooth with one, like Billy Dee Williams selling Colt 45. Pencil thin, never over the top, with maybe a little goatee. Ladies like a little fuzz on a brotha. I way mention we look like thugs, but chicks dig thugs, so I guess it's ok, in an tear up the club kinda way.

Now, why don't I wear a moustache? When I married, I carried one around for the longest time. It was nice and trimmed and always clean. I never had food in my 'stache and I always brushed to make me look smart in front of folks. Then, after the divorce hit, I made some changes and took clippers to my upper lip and have since been sans moustache. It's been five years since, but now it's time to return to my roots, although there may be a little salt and pepper in there. I'll wear my moustache in honor of the King Of The Moustache. Burt Reynolds. There is no greater white guy moustache better. Maybe you guys should learn from that.

I hope this post brings us all closer together.

Saturday, March 05, 2005


Here's one of the musicians that will be perfoming during Samapalooza. Her name is Zan and she's quite good from what I've heard. She sound is a mix of World Pop, Hip Hop, Funk and Jazz and should make a nice mix to the show. Check out songs from her new album and take a look at her video, "World Peace, Out". Don't forget, Samapalooza happens April 2 at the Mercury Lounge in Savannah and tickets are only five bucks for this all day show. Please come on down for this special event. I'd love to meet you.

Even if you can't make it, please make a donation at my other website, In Honor Of Sam Johnson. I'd be happy if you did. Thanks!

"I'm not asking who's on first...

I was fortunate enough years ago to portray Lou Costello in a recreation of the classic "Who's On First" routine for a series of plays based on old time radio show. My best friend, Ronnie Faust got to play Bud Abbott, and because of our chemistry, we pulled it off like you thought it was the real thing. We knew each other so well, that we could throw out ad libs and still make it work without throwing each other off, with all the skill and speed of Bud and Lou. It's my favorite bit/scene of all time, Shakespere be dammed.

Someone has now taken the premise of "Who's On First" and updated it. While it has nothing to do with baseball, it's still very funny and, if Abbott and Costello were around today, would probablly kick butt with this. Try it...You'll like it.

Friday, March 04, 2005


Ok, we are gonna settle this right now. There are TWO "Child Of Television" blogs on my blogroll.It is very easy to confuse me, you know. A piece of foil will have me mesmerised. You don't even know what a laser dot on the wall will do. So, Tony and Brent are both going to have to sit down and work this out. As tv kids, June Cleaver would approve.

Both guys have pretty good sites dealing with television, both critical. However, I feel as though the two could do much better if they combine their resources and have one big site. It's not like it can't be done and I think it would be better for the whole.

As for me, I'm a fan of the old school, along with Mark, who feels as though if your going to have a tv network of classic shows, howabout running some "Sgt. Bilco, " or in my opinion, "The Joey Bishop Show"? Son of a gun...

That was Joey's old catch phrase. I was looking for something to close out this post.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Strike Up the Bands!

I feel like Rubin Kinkade right now. It's hard to believe I've become a concert promoter in less than a month. Samapalooza seems to be going well with the other bands here in town. I can say that now I have 6 acts to play that day and possiblly more that day, which may push time from 3pm to 12 pm. I say the more money that rolls thru, the better. I've even gone to the local music board here in Savannah plead my case and it's working. Say, any of you guys know any bands I can get here on the cheap, and when I say "cheap", I mean for free? Motley Crue, maybe?

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Bastard Child Of Television (Look, we got two, one post won't hurt)

I wasn't able to watch the final episode of "NYPD Blue" last night. That's ok, since I stopped watching once Jimmy Smits left the show. Still, it would have been nice to see how Sipowitcz gets to go on wsith his life now that we won't be around anymore. From what I'm reading, it's just another day in the 15th. Kinda...Well, at least we won't have to look at Andy's (bare) butt anymore. Here's hoping Dennis Franz gets his residuals.

Speaaking of Smits, he's been making the rounds of "The West Wing", a show I've never watched. He's playing a Democratic congressman who could be running for the White House against Alan Alda, who's playing a Republican senator. Well, the poling folks at Zoby's have gotten involved and guess who America thinks should take the place of Charlie Sheen's dad? Once again, an I-don't care moment. Superboy comes on at 8, King Of Queens at 9, South Park for an hour at 9:30, and the rest goes to Comedy Central 'til Iron Chef hits the screen. Alez cuisine!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

My Day

Here's what I did today: Woke up at 10 a.m.;had breakfast; got more flyers out for Samapalooza and can say that three musicians are committed to play so far; went to The Bar Bar to fix their CD player and dealt with the guys that own the place (the less said about that, the better); went out with friends and did the town (it's actually the first time in a long time I've been out in awhile and it was fun); and I've added to the Blogroll "Child Of Television". I would have actually added it sooner, but I've been busy. The creator of the page, Tony Figeroa sent me an email with the header "Check out 'Child Of Television' " and the link. Nothing more. I'd known about it for days and wanted to add it sooner. Well, now it's here and you can check it out for yourself. I like it myself.