Saturday, April 30, 2005

Blog Updates

Randy has changed the face of his site, three times this week. I like the pirate one better.

Pandora has "The Point System For Husbands". It tells how to make wives happy. What about ways to make us happy? You love that pot belly no matter what. And never ask us if you look fat. Because you never like the answer, good or bad. Good luck on Rascal Fair!

Spike has a classic performance of The Faces doing "Maybe I'm Amazed". Cool stuff.

David has a declaration to the non-bloggers out there. However, he has this new thing called Spam-Karma up, so if you can get a comment on the page, good luck. It kicked me off twice. David, why?

Jaundiced Jaw has decided to call it quits. Some folks just feel as though they've had their say on a blog and call it a day. Take care, J.J. . You're always welcome here.

Oh yeah, Kevin. Your life is boring. YOU LIVE WITH A RED HEAD, YOU FOOL!

Mike reminds us that Alf had a comic book. Thanks for just reminding us of Alf, Mike. In your own words, "I am stuck between two immediate impulses: either applaud this as a work of genius, or seek out everyone responsible for this comic and slap them silly."

Record Brother has the entire Sidewalk Surfing album on his site for all of you board horders out there, available for download. For free!

Monkey is still Monkey.

Before I end this, I want to publicly send my condolences to Karen, AKA Karbonkountymoos. She lost her mother earlier this week after a lengthy illness. I dedicate this post to Karen and hope that things are well. Take care, everyone.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Wacky Races

I was never a NASCAR fan, only for the fact that there was nothing appealing for me to watch, except for the crash. But now, Nascar is doing it's best to appeal to everyone, quickly on it's way to become America's favorite sport. And, an advertiser's dream.

Now, watching the updates on the races as a kid on the news, you would see these old, beat up Dodge's and Chevy's run on dirt tracks, while guys like Cale and Buddy traded paint. Now, The stands were filled with rednecks, and barely a woman would be found. These days, there's racers with the softer names of Jeff and Brian, driving in souped up cars making sure they don't damage the logo Target just bought and slapped on. The stands are filled with blue collar, yuppies, down home and home boys. Women love Nascar, as the drivers are much more cuter and the cars have more color. But, I still don't watch it. Sorry, Junior. I know you want more diversity of fans now, but it's only fair, since I haven't watched the NBA since Jordan left the first time.

Advertising and promotion has now become the big thing for Nascar now. Originally sponsored by just products like Winston cigarretes and BC powder (possibly the most powerful medicine /cure-all ever made, even though folks above the Mason/Dixon never heard of it), now cars and drivers are pimped out with the names Home Depot, Cheerios, Ditech, Pfizer...I don't know who drives that car, but do you want to be the one that steps out of the Viagra car, really? You feel as bad for that guy like the woman in the ad who says, " I don't let herpes get me down". You know it's just a gig, and pray they don't have it, but in the back of your head, you kinda wonder...

Warner Brothers and Nascar are teaming up for a new venture on June 19th. The Batman Begins 400, just days after the film hits the streets. It's the first time a film has been used t0 promote a sporting event and vice versa. According to the press report,"We're looking forward to pairing the on-screen excitement of Batman Begins to the on-track excitement of NASCAR," said Dan Romanelli, President, Warner Bros. Worldwide Consumer Products. "A fast car, the Batmobile(TM), and a host of high-tech gadgets have always been key to Batman's success in fighting his way to victory over crime. As NASCAR's finest drivers take to the track on June 19 for the Batman Begins 400 at Michigan International Speedway, they will utilize all of the high-tech gadgets at their disposal to take their team to victory lane." If they ain't doing things like dropping tacks from the rear bumper, or using a heat ray to burn the tires of the other guy, then this ain't nothing like the Batmoblie. Besides, I don't think Dale Earnhart, Jr. has atomic power under the hood.

This is just dumb all the way around. Folks are gonna see the movie and folks are gonna see the race as both are hot tickets, either way. Maybe a smaller film could use this kind of promotion. Say the "A Lot Like Love 500"? "The Interpreter 400"? "The Deep Thoat 250??"

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Kevin Smith:The Man, The Myth

I'm certain you know who Kevin Smith is. If not, please get a copy of "Clerks", "Mallrats", "Chasing Amy", "Dogma", "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" or "Jersey Girl", as he's directed and written them all. The man is legend to us comic book geeks as he's one of us. He even has his own stores to sell them out of. He even has a hot wife who's been in Playboy. Kevin is the fanboy we all dream to be when we grow up.

Somehow, he doesn't think so. Which is why he now has his own blog to kinda show the guy behind the curtain who runs The Wizard. He's an ordinary guy who just lives in L.A. with his family and freinds, and goes through mostly the same things most of us have happen. Except, it's Kevin Smith and you're not.

Kevin's blog makes it's way into our Stars After Stars After Stars blogroll, becoming the first, and possibly only celebrity blog here. Some of you will say, "Well, what about Wil Weaton?" I think even Wil would tell you that's he's not a celebrity, he's a guy who gets acting gigs (and does a good job in them, mind you). Kevin's been on CNN twice in two weeks, so that makes him a celebrity. We're proud to have him here with us and hope you check him out once in awhile. How many of his posts have I read so far, by the way? 37. That was a "Clerks" reference, by the way. See, you should watch the films. You pick up great quotes...

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Home, Sweet Home

Well, after doing some looking around online and searching thru the papers, I finally found what I want in a home. It was actually staring me in the face, so to speak. I had been seeing a "for rent" sign posted on a wall next to a wonderfully large house here in town. It wasn't advertised in the papers, nor mentioned on the web, and had been that way for months. I finally got the number and arranged to check it out. Well, it's actually a two story garage apartment behind the wonderfully large house. Two bedrooms, one bath, washer/dryer included, dishwasher, loads of cabinet and closet space. Even a faux fireplace! Five-seventy five a month! It's just what I'm looking for and I think this is going to be Casa De Sammy for a long time. I'm looking at my finances and it looks like I can pull it off. So, in the next few days, I'm really on my own. I've never really lived by myself, ever and now I'm doing it.

I don't talk religion much, but I guess by now I should with my life changing so fast. I don't go to church anymore, but I do have the belief that there is a higher being up there that looks over us. And, that sometimes things happen for a reason, either good or bad. I know I wouldn't have these problems now if there wasn't a reason, and I wouldn't be going thru the changes in my life if there wasn't a reason. But, I know that there must be a plan for me, somehow. I just have to remember what my mom taught me before she died. Keep the faith and everything will be ok. That patience is a virtue, and that everything will be ok in the end. Well Ma, I'm doin' what you told me and thanks to you and the Big Guy, I think from this day forward, I'm gonna be okay. I just wish you were here to see me finally smile again, Mom.

"Who Is Swan Shadow" for $600, Alex?

Let's give a good luck to Swan Shadow, who made an appearance on Jeopardy!'s Ultimate Tournament of Champions recently.

WTF?! He was on Jeopardy? He was a champion? He's up against Ken Jennings? AWWWW, SNAP! Somebody on the blogroll done did good!

One of these days, when I have enough time and can scan the photos, I'll tell you about the time I was on "Wheel Of Fortune", another Merv Griffin created show. I've been wanting to tell that story for a while, but always hold off because of all the sorrid details. Needless to say, anyone who gets a chance to play on one of these things is a very lucky person. Just look for Micheal Rankins, who was a five-time champ, and total winnings where $62,098. All I ever got from W.O.F. was $2,300 in prizes. Maybe that's why I don't talk about it much these days. S.S., I hope you won big. Go get this one for the bloggers out there. - Actor-comedian George Lopez has kidney transplant from wife

Lucky bastard. He has a wife and a new kidney. sighhhhhh...

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Meme-mories, Like The Corners Of My Mind

Stop everything. We've been hit with a meme from Pandora. Well, I better do my civic duty...

1. What time did you get up this morning? I woke up right at 10a.m.

2. Diamonds, pearls or silver? Really now, peals? For a guy? I'm not a jewelry guy. I'll take Adamantium, instead. That's what Wolverine's claws are made of.

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Be Cool. Good movie. Not as good as Get Shorty, but an okay flick.

4. What is your favorite TV show? Why y'all gotta make it hard on a guy? It's between Scrubs, Arrested Development, The Office and Family Guy (IT'S COMING BACK NEXT WEEK!!!).

5. What did you have for breakfast? The Ultimate Breakfast Bowl from Denny's.

6. What is your middle name? Marquieth. It's pronounced "Mar-keith". I honestly hate the name "Sam" and would rather folks call me Marc. However, when I started in radio, everyone said I should stick with "Sam" and it's been that way for years.

7. What is your favorite cuisine? A good plate of steak and potatoes.

8. What foods do you dislike? Liver. Never liked it, never will.

9. What is your favorite chip/crisp flavor? Kettle Cooked Mesquite BBQ. MMM, crunchy!

10. What is your favorite CD at the moment? I have a few that I enjoy. My past favorites have included Robert Palmer-Riptide, Norah Jones's Come Away With Me, The Isley Brother's Greatest Hits, Outkast's Speakerboxx/The Love Below and the first album from the Power Station. Right now, it's William Shatner-Has Been. Good stuff on that disc.

11. What kind of car do you drive? A crappy, beat up 1993 Ford Escort. Next question...

12. Favorite sandwich? A Panini, filled with good meat and cheese, toasted brown and squashed flat.

13. What characteristics do you despise? Greed and selfishness (I stole this from Pandora. I agree).

14. Favorite item of clothing? Jeans, a nice shirt, and a good pair of boots. I rock that way.

15. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go? Japan, then MONTANA! (cue applause)!

16. What color is your bathroom? Beige and a mess. I hate it. I'm so glad to be moving.

17. Favorite brand of clothing? I'm a Levi's kinda guy, but I wish I could pull off FUBU.

18. Where would you retire to? MONTANA! (cheap pop)

19. Favorite time of day? I miss late nights. I've always been a night owl.

20. What was your most memorable birthday? My 37 birthday was cool. We did it at the Mercury Lounge and all my friends showed up that day. Ironiclly, I had just started my dialyis just three days before and I was starting to feel the effects from it. Somehow, I got through it and had a great time.

21. Where were you born? Savannah, Georgia.

22. Favorite sport to watch? A good boxing match will always have me glued to the seat.

23. Who do you least expect to send this back to you? Monkey. He never answers these things. I wanna know why. What are you trying to hide from, Monkey. FACE YOUR MEMES!

24. Person you expect to send it back first? Well, I'll say Randy, with Ivan and Brent as alternatives.

25. What fabric detergent do you use? Cheer. Running out of questions huh, Mr. Meme?

26. Coke or Pepsi? I'll have a frozen Coke, if it's ok with you.

And, I'm spent....

About Superman

Ok, we've all seen Brandon Routh in the new Superman costume. As soon as it hit the web on Friday, folks were scrambling to make a comment amd still are. USA Today was the first to have the photo saying "Bryan Singer famously changed the fluorescent spandex suits of the X-Men into dark, leather-like uniforms for those movies — both of them smashes that sold more than $364 million in tickets. But on Superman Returns, he says, he wanted "something classic." That it is, staying close to the comics, but adding tweeks like the S shield becomeing smaller and the insignia on the belt buckle. Also, the costume is shaded darker than the brighter colors for the other costumes and the comics.

The one thing though that folks notice the most though is the fact thart there's no pading in the outfit. That is 100% Routh in that suit. Chris Reeve had his padded. So did Dean Cain and all the other Superman before him. Even Tobey McGuire was padded out as Spider-Man. The thing is it may be the suit that makes him look super, but it's the guy on the inside that makes it all work. Despite what others may say (Pandora), I think the Brandon will do a great job. We've got until June 2006 to see if a man can fly...Again.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Hi there...

I was heading out for the night and I wanted you to know that more Samapalooza pictures will be here tomorrow night. I had to run out to look at a few more houses today and had some good luck with that. I hope you like the ones that are up so far. I'm not that good of a shutterbug, but I do what I can. Anyway, keep it here for more stuff on Sunday, including my thoughts (finally) on the new Superman costume and other things that bore most to tears.

Samapalooza Photos

These guys are Solid Gold Slacks. These three kids were pretty cool. They had never had a major preformance before, so this was a chance to play downtown with some of the better known bands. They did a good job and I'm proud of them. I hope they stick around. They've got a great future ahead of them. Posted by Hello

Samapalooza Photos

Some of these photo are blurry. I apolgize for that, but they do represent the show.Here's Brett, who's the lead guitarist for the band The Hitmen. They were the first band up around Noon and did a wonderful job opening up the show. Posted by Hello

Samapalooza Photos

Today, we finally have photos of Samapalooza to show off. We'll start here and work our way up. By the way, if you want to have fun here in the South, wear a New York Yankees cap around rednecks. You get the most precious looks. Posted by Hello

Friday, April 22, 2005

A Meeting Of The Minds

I have een wanting to get this picture up ever since I got it. Our old pal Monkey decided to take the original and do some "monkeying around" with it. Finally, we have the waay the photo should have been. Can you imagine thhe conversation we're having?

Me: Mr. Reid, sir? I just want to say I've been a fan of your work for years. You're the reson I got into radio.
TimReid: Great, kid. I hear it all the time. Now, shut yer pie hole and get me a punch. Venus is thirsty.
Me: Sir, yes sir!

Ahhh, good times. It bears saying again: Monkey is cool!
Posted by Hello

Finally got Picasa to work. So, first up is Brandon Routh as the new Superman. Comments, anyone? I'll have mine below alter as I'm running behind. Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Sam's Own Meme

So, why haven't you talked about the new Pope?
Because I'm not Catholic.

You haven't talked about Britney Spears being pregnant, either. Why?
'Cause it ain't mine.

Did you go see Sin City? It was a comic book movie, after all.
Yes, I did. I enjoyed every over the top minute of it.

Are you enjoying the American version of "The Office"?
Highly. It's not doing good in the rating, I believe. But, the critics love it and I do as well. I hope it gets picked up for another season. That and Arrested Development are the two best comedies on the air today, I think.

How's the house hunting going?
I found at least five places today, with good feelings about three of them. I'm gonna possible move around the middle of May, which could mean posting will be light as we get closer, then look for a brief hiatus as I get settled.

Of all the sites you've gone to today, pick at least three you want folks to check out.
1. Spike has the coolest music video ever made up on Bedazzled. "These Boots Are Made For Walkin' by Nancy Sinatra. Simply classic.

2. Swan Shadow laments the fate of an original Peanuts storyboard, drawn by Charles Schultz,
worth $90,000 and ripped to shreds by a psycho and tossed in the toilet. Y'all let that had been one of my comics...

3. The guys at "If Charlie Parker..." have been stretching out a bit and adding artwork to their page, so everyonce in awhile, you'll see some Edward Hopper. Mind you, we bloggers ain't all that classy, so this is kinda a nice treat. Yo, fellas! How come ain't no dang "Nighthawks" up yet? Y'all tryin' to keep the 'Hawks down, man?

Sorry...I was channelling "Do The Right Thing" on that last one. Really, you should try to meme yourself. It's not that easy.

Love, Actually

That's the name of what could be in my opinion, the best romantic comedy EVER. It's been running on HBO this month and I finally got to see it. All the way from Bill Nighty singing a bad cover of "Love Is All Around" to The Beach Boys "God Only Knows" (In the top five of all tie favorite songs), the film is wonderful with all of it's many characters in and out of love.

I don't like to talk about love and romance here much. Only because It's been so long since I've known what that's all about. I've tried since my wife left me in 1999 to start from scratch with everything, but the one thing that I miss right now is being a meaningful relationship. It hasn't been easy. I don't have the cash to flash, and I'm not that bad looking of a guy. I just seem to be perpetually single. AFTER FIVE YEARS.

I had a friend of mine break it down for me a few weeks ago. I
have loads of good friends that I see all the time. Because of that, it makes up for not having a relationship. I don't think it makes sense, but it seems true. I know alot of folks, but come on here. If you had a choice of going to the bar with your friends or going to a romantic dinner with someone special, which would you do? I thought so.

Maybe it's the fact that I'm almost forty (actually 39 in seven weeks and counting), but I really want to settle down and meet a decent woman. I know it's not easy, but I keep on looking and I'll keep praying that the Big Guy will send me someone special. Until then, I'll keep watching films like "Love, Actually" and see romance
on the screen until it's my time. I hope it ain't too long.

I promise not to get too wussy again soon. I just had to talk to someone about it. I'm glad you listened.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Sam Johnson's Luck-Sam Meets Venus Flytrap!

It was last Saturday night and I had just gotten off the air at WEAS and wanted to hear a lecture from actress Alfrie Woodard, who was in town as a part of the 2005 King-Tisdale lecture series, as sponsored by the radio station and The Beach Institue here in Savannah. Also speaking in the three day series was actor/director Tim Reid. You may know him these days from such shows as "Frank's Place", "Sister, Sister", "That 70's Show" and others. But to me, he will always be known as VENUS FLYTRAP from the classic WKRP In Cincinnati. He was one for the first African-Americans I actually noticed and paid attention to on television. It was his character that made me want to get into radio. You had to admit, the guy was smooth with a capital "S" and as cool as the other side of the pillow. As an actor and a director, Tim's done alot of work and I had to let him know. Not to slight Miss Woodard's work, but to me, Tim was the man.

When this photo was taken, I was standing in a line waitng along with other folks who wanted to take picures with Miss Woodard and Mr. Reid. The man standing in front of me had a disposible camera and asked would I take one of him. I obliged and asked when it was time, would he take one of me? I handed him my digital camera and he said yes. I took what I thought was a wonderful photo of him and his wife, posing with celebrities Here's the one he took of me and the stars. That's the back of my head. But, it is Tim, Alfrie and my fat head.

I hope they lose that other guy's photos at the drug store.Posted by Hello

Why Couldn't I Look Like Abe Vigoda?

Babs has an interesting question on her site, as she always does. Today the query was "What celebrity do you look like"? Unfortunatly, I had to answer, and it brought back a very wacky floodgate of memories. I can say that it's all true. I think Tina can vouch for me after she reads it. If you want vouch nearly anything about me, ask her or her husband, Jeff. My life is that ridiculous. I never said it was a bad thing. I just seem to step into an interesting world every day I wake up. All I just do take that deep breath and see how it all unfolds. It's the only way to make it in this world, I think. Anyway, just read the story and understand why will forever hate the Today Show and never eat a Double Bacon Chicken Tender Ranch. EVER.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Wild, Wild Life

Well, I got a router for the lappy. I had to ask Jason if he could bring back his, since it seems that his was the one that was making it work. I'll look for the software later, but now we got things to talk about.

First as promised, here's the news of the fundraisers I was talking about. The first one will be called Sam's Big Score. It will be held at The Bar Bar, located at 219 W. Julian St., here Savannah, GA on may 14 from 10pm until 2:30am. Basically, the bar never charges at the door. Their felling is the only thing you shoukd ever have to pay for in a bar is the drinks. Well that night, we're asking for only a three dollar minimum doation at the door and the bar is wide open to you. Plus, if you step all the way to the back of the bar to the dance floor, you may notice someone spinning the tunes that night. I really don't trust anyone else playing DJ that night. Face it, you want it done right, do it your own bad self. This is going to be one sweet night, as we go for the The Big Score. Play theme from Shaft here.

The other thing we have planned is...Well, how do I explain. On June 14th, we're teaming with our local minor league baseball team,the Savannah Sand Gnats for Survivor Day! Now, I'm not certain, but I have have a feeling someone going to get voted out of the outer field, but I could be wrong. Anyway, Tina came up with the idea that since I have the tenacity of William Shatner (and how has he lasted this long in show business, anyways) when it come to my health, I would be the perfect Survivior, or something like that. So, we've got tickets to sell, but only for a limited time here online. If you want to purchace one or maybe, ten, they're only six bucks and half the sales of each ticket go directly into the fund! Now, I will say that these babies are collectors items, as they have my name on them! Yep, the Sam Johnson name is printed right on it. Just shoot an email to and let me know if you'd like to buy any. We'll send you the address ('cause I don't want stalkers looking here for it) and your purchase price. Afterwards, send a self addressed envelope with your order amd we'l ship it out to you a.s.a.p.. But, you'll have to do it before June 5th, that way we'll know it'll get to you on time. Hey, I'll even sign the each ticket you ask for my mail! That makes it even more collectable! That is, if I ever really do get that talk show I keep dreaming about.

Two interesting facts about that day. One, that June 14th is my birthday, so it's a cool way to celebrate it! Two, and this is the tough part. Tina actually convinced The Sand Gnats to let me throw out the first pitch. I haven't picked up a baseball since I was a kid and honestly, I used to be a lousy pitcher when I did play and that was softball. I can tell you now this will not be pretty. I can hear the hecklers now. "The pitcher's blind, he can't throw." Well, even I know that, hence the glasses I now wear. I would have been happier singing The National Anthem, but somehow it seems funnier to see me pitch. Well, if it gets me more money for the kidney fund, then I guess I gotta go for the gusto, huh? I'll keep you al posted on how practice goes and if my rotator cuff stays intact.

Rassa-Frassa, Dangone Internet...

I'm cussing right now because I can't get my wireless in my laptop to work, which means I'm back to my desktop PC. I haven't used it in over three months, so I should. However Grampa here has been givin' me trouble even before I got the lappy. I can't even upload the photos.

Actually, I should have done it last night and not be worried about it, but after I got home from the station yesterday, I crawled right into bed due to my sinuses acting up again. So, I wasn't worth squat to anyone. I know... Excuses, excuses. I hope you guys will understand. I will tell the story about how I met actor/director Tim Reid over the weekend. But, not now. I gotta fix this internmet thingie....

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Looking For Links

I had to adjust the blogroll, as I just realized that I haven't even adjusted it for Pandora, as An Offering Of Myself to the World has moved from it's Blogger home to it's own space. It'a kinda like a pal who's lived next door to you for awhile, only to find out that their moving just a couple of blocks away. We'll miss you here on the Blogspot, but Carl and I will always stop by you place everyday. We're annoying that way, but folks still like us.

I do have a couple of things I need to mention. First up, I'm going to get the photos from Samapalooza up sometime tonight. It's been a couple of weeks since the show, and I've had time to decompress from it all. I'll also have news on two upcoming fundraisers that I think will do well. Second, I'm looking for links to the blogroll. If you noticed, I'm kinda ecclectic, and I'd like to add sites that may be worthwhile to others. Think of it sort of as an link exchange. If you think you may have a site that you want others to see, drop me a line and we might just add it here.

Lastly, I've got a great story I'll tease you with for now. Last night, I got to meet one of my major influences. You'll want to be here when I tell the story "Sam Johnson Meets Venus Flytrap"! Not an Imaginary Tale! Not a myth! This changes everything!

Too much hype? Sorry....This is what happens when you read too many comic books.

Kids Be Trippin' Postscript

Wonderful news. I have become an uncle once again! Martin's wife Kim had her baby on Thursday and it's a boy! His name is Devon Amari Johnson, weighing in at 6 pounds and 9 ounces and was born at 1:23 in the morning. We were kind of worried because Kim had some complications a couple of weeks ago, but mother and child are doing fine now. I'm proud of the boy.

The bad part about this is I have yet another nephew to worry about. I have this big family, and everyone of my brothers and sisters have kids. You may remember that I have 12 brothers and sisters, which would be hell if we were all actually talking to each other and decied to have a reunion. I don't even want to think about Christmas. Fortunatly, almost all the nieces and nephews are in their mid to late twenties, except for Martin's kids and my sister Patricia's newborn, so presents aren't a problem. Those little kids are the ones I'm proudest of and still happy that I can bounce them on my knee. Congrats, Martin. You done good, boy.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

The Late Night 7

Robert Bianco of USA Today has come up with what he thinks are the best late night talk shows running now. Here's the breakdown of the list from best to worst, and I do concur...

1. The Daily Show
2. Nightline
3. Late Show with David Letterman
4. Late Night with Conan O'Brien
5. The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
6. Jimmy Kimmel Live
7. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

With a list like this, I feel bad for Jay, although I don't watch his show. The hype about him getting the Tonight Show, then him leaving it doesn't seem to matter to Bianco. What intrests me is that Carson Daly's show, Last Call wasn't even listed here. Would he had been above of below Leno, because either way that would make Jay look even worse.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Carl's Favorite Site

Carl wanted to let everyone know about a new site added to the blorroll, all about his cousin, Will. He goes by the stage name Chilly Willy and has been in show business for nearly sixty years. Their other cousin, Opus took the more indy route to stardom, but Chilly's still out there making folks smile. CW now has a wonderful fansite, filled with stills, games, and almost every toon Chilly's ever done. Carl's been here for hours watching them, however he still hopes that Willy will leave him a message to know how he's doing since it's been a bit that they last talked. That, and can he get Woody Woodpecker's autograph. Posted by Hello

A Place For My Stuff

I'm in the process of moving again, I think. When I say I think, I mean that my flatmates aren't even sure what they are going to do. But to be on the safe side, I'm looking anyway. Our place is pretty cool. Three bedrooms, one bath, balcony looking over the street, all for 800 clams, slpit three ways. However, one guy can't keep up, and I can't cover for him rent wise. I got my own stuff to look out for. My last name isn't Trump.

See y'all, I don't want to move. You know the deal: You move, that means you gotta pack stuff. You gotta cary stuff. You have to ask at least fifteen people to help you out, when you really know that only three will show up, and those guys will want to carry spoons. They will expect a cold six during then and by the time you get to the new place, they'll be to drunk to lift a finger. If you ever have to ask a friend to move, it's usually the last time you'll ever see them. Even if you only move a block away. That is the ultimate sacrifice for a pal. Not giving a kidney, or sleeping with kidnapper to save their life, no. They have given their lifeblood to get you to a new home.

I'm glad I don't have alot of furniture. When I do move, it'll be light. A bed, electronics, my dvd's, clothes, and at least ten boxes of comics. Live spartan, I say. It's sad to think about, but it ehlps. When you have to move, it's easier. Plus, you keep more pals that way. The less they carry, the longer the freindship. Once they start trying to pick up a refridgerator, you can ever forget getting back that ten bucks you loaned them.

So, to borrow from Babs, who always asks good questions...


Oh, and to just to let some of you know, I actually looked at listing in Montana. Ya know, for just in case...

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Kids Be Trippin'

My brother Martin has three kids and one on the way from his wife, Kim. I have no idea how he does it. Mind you we come from a big family and all. It's just amazing to see the guy you tormented when you were younger now responsible of children and not wanting to take out that repressed anger on them.

I overheard this while on the phone with him earlier, speaking to his son Darien...

Martin: What did I tell you about you trying to have the last word?

Darien: I'm just trying to tell you, Daddy...

Martin: Boy, you know that Play Station you got?

Darien: I don't have a Play Station.

Martin: You ever want to be around to get one?

I don't have kids. I do want one one day. When I do have one, I will be using that line.

My mom, rest her soul, was a master of the scary look. Me and Martin would shake in our Traxx sneakers if she ever shot us one. I'm telling you, the woman must have trained at Harvard on how to keep us in line. I think she might have gotten a B.A. from it. B.A. meaning "Beating Ass".

My favorite lines my mom always used was, "Keep it up and I will beat the Black off of you, child", and "I'll take you out and make another that looks just like you". Sara was not a woman to play with. To think that woman could hit you hard enough to take away your whole racial setup and leave you completly albino so no one would recognize you was scary. The fact that she could actually produce a clone of you, without the use of science was scarier.

I envy parents right now. I really do. Kids are a wonderful thing. They bring joy to the world and smiles to the grumpiest of faces. It's how you raise the little rugrats that's the important thing. I think Martin's doing a good job with his and I hope I'm as lucky one day with mine. I just hope they aren't smart asses like their old man. Otherwise, I have a sad feeling we'll be shooting wisecracks at each other all night until I yell out "Yo mama gotta wooden leg with a kickstand on it", and then it's on.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

A Bippy and Carl Story

One fine Sunday, as all Sundays should be, Bippy Wigglesworth decided to pay a visit to Carl Wintergarten's place. The two friends usually were together getting into all sorts of adventures and Bippy thought today would be a good day to to play "Penguin, Penguin, who's got the Penguin" with some of the other bloggers.

Bippy trotted up to the door and ran the bell at Sam's place. But, he noticed that no one answered. "That's strange", Bippy thought. "Usually, Carl answers the door while Sam goes off to the radio station on Sundays. I wonder if the FCC finally decided to let penguins become disc jockeys?"

Bippy decided to check around back to see if everything was ok, when he noticed Carl was laying out on the grass, drinking a giant grape slushie and reading.

"Hey, Carl. What's that you're looking at?" said Bippy, noticing that his freind was surrounded by stacks and stacks of pamphlets.

"Oh, these", said Carl, "are comic books. Sam loves these things. He says he's been reading these since he was a little Sam. While he went off to work, he called me and told me I could read some of them."

Bippy picked up one of them and noticed a man with black hair with a blue costume and red cape, flying though the air, holding a semi. "Wow", said Bippy. "Who's this guy?"

Carl said, "Oh, he's Superman. He was the first superhero ever! He's the superhero all the other guys wish they could be." Soon, Bippy started reading about the Man of Steel and was happy after reading the story and looking at the bright colors of the comic. Afterwards, Bippy asked Carl could he read another.

Carl then showed Bippy a comic book with The Batman. " It's kinda scary, because he's so mean, but he has to be so can fight the bad guys. The only problem that I have with it is the fact that it gives us penguins a bad name." Both of them just laughed and read the comic book together. Soon the two pals were drinking slushes and reading about all sorts of comic characters: Spider-Man, The X-Men, The Spirit, The Green Hornet, The Fantastic Four, Uncle Scrooge, even Archie Andrews. The two had a wonderful time.

After they read all the books, Bippy had a wonderful idea. "Hey, why don't we play superheroes today? We could go around and save the day for somebody!"

Carl thought that was a great idea, so he ran into the house and grabbed a couple of Sam's towels for himself and his freind. Soon, the dynamic duo of Power Penguin and Ultra Pup took off down the street in the Red Action Wagon to see if anyone need their services.

Soon, they saw Babs, who was walking home with an arm full of groceries from the store, but couldn't cary them all. They quickly rushed to her and said that they where heroes in training and were willing to help her out in her time of need. They helped her put the groceries in the Red Action Wagon and the two heroes pulled along while Babs walked with them to her house. When they got there, she gave them two big oatmeal rasion cookies for helping her out. Bippy looked at Carl and said, "Being a hero is fun! I'll bet Wolverine doesn't get cookies for helping out!"

Soon, they were helping out everyone in the neighborhood. They helped Randy wash his car, helped Kevin sort his New Order cd's, got David's Cow Cat down from the tree,and helped to pick out a movie for Tom and Stephen to talk about (it was "The Incredibles"). They even met Hulk, who was having problems opening a Twinkies wrapper. "Wow", said Power Penguin. "Even superheroes need help sometimes." Hulk reminded the two that with great powers comes great responsibilty. Hulk said he heard it in a movie somewhere and thought it was cool. He told the friends that one day they could all team up and call themselves The Super Pals, or the Just-us Bunch Of Guys, but Bippy and Carl knew it was getting late and it was time to go home. So, Hulk decided to walk the heroes home. The duo jumped in to the Action Wagon and Hulk pulled them home.

When they got to Bippy's house, they saw Sam and Pandora there talking. Pandora noticed the two in the wagon, but when she saw Hulk, she let out a scream. Sam looked at Pandora and told her that he was ok, just a bit misguided. Pandora was relieved and everyone was happy. Hulk stayed around and had lemonade and told everyone how he hid Captain America's shield.

Sam looked down at the two new heroes in training and said, "Being a hero doen't mean you have to wear a cape, guys. You just have to have a good heart and just care about things and people. Hulk's a hero because he saves lives by lifting stuff. Pandora's a hero because she cares about people. You two were already super heroes by just being good freinds to each other." Sam then hugged Bippy and Carl, then put the penguin in the red wagon and walked home, saying goodbye to all of their freinds. Carl said to Sam as they were going home, "Being a hero was fun. But, I forgot to put your comic books back where I found them."

"That's ok", said Sam. "I'll get 'em tomorrow. Now, let's race home in the Action Wagon. Up, up, and even higher!" And, the two raced off home as fast as they could.


Saturday, April 09, 2005

Carl's In Da Hizzouse!!!

Pandora has written another wonderful story featuring Bippy Wigglesworth and our own Carl Wintergaten. They're wonderful stoires that I think your younger kids will love to hear, and the adults get a good chuckle out of them, as well. I've been meaning to write my own Carl and Bippy story, but time hasn't been too good for me these days. I hope to have something soon, so stay tuned.

Speaking of Carl, he's now a definite part of The R.S.J.S. . If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you'll see Mr. Wintergarten doing what he does best...Chillin', and as cool as the other side of the pillow.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Man Of Paper

I hate going to the hospital. Dread it. I never get any sleep the night before, my blood pressure goes up and I turn into a nervous wreck of a man. So, when I drove to day surgery yesterday, I was nothing but jitters. I had no idea what was going to happen and would I come out in one piece.

The procedure was to check on the fistula in my left arm. That's where they do the dialyis, as folks at the clinic thought I wasn't getting enough clearance from the blood pumping to and fro. They wheelled me from my room to the o.r. after hooking me up with an I.V. for knockout
drugs. As it would turn out, I wouldn't need it. After shooting my arm up with a needle filled with pain killers, the surgeon went right to work while I was still awake! It only took twenty minutes to open up a narrow passage in my vein with angioplasty techniques to gwet the job done. The funny thing is I saw the whole thing on a screen while they were doing it and only felt
the pressure of the doctor running tubes under my skin and through my arm. I was able to drive off to the clinic at least an hour after it was done. The miracles of modern science.

However, all was not good afterwards. When I got to dialysis, My pressure began to drop and I started to get ill. It took an half hour after that to feel better enough to drive home and by then, I was whipped. I couldn't even find a parking spot in front of my house as the street sweepers would be coming through and if I had left the car in their way, I'd get a ticket between 10pm and 1am. So, I changed clothes and took myself to the movies around 9:45 to see "Be Cool". I figured if I sat there for a couple of hours, including fifteeen minutes of trailers and commercials (don't get me started on that), then walzted around the Wal-Mart for a bit, I'd be fine. Which I was. Good movie, by the way.

It's now a rainy Thursday. I'm sittting here typing this while watching the showers come through. I'm glad we had the rain today instead of yesterday. I would have hated the world and everything on it. Well, as they say (whomever they are) "In life, a little rain must fall".

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Up And At 'Em...

I'm awake now.

I couldn't sleep one wink last night. So, I wound up watching the films of Harold Lloyd on Turner Classic Movies. If you've never watched a silent movie before, I can tell you it's the same as watching a regular movie, except they talk, but you don't hear them. I caught a few of Lloyd's films, incluing his best, "The Freshman", made in 1926, and his first talkie, "Welcome Danger" from 1929. He was probably one of the funniest guys on celluloid and you should really take a look the next time one of his films is scheduled on television.

Anywhoos, after that little marathon, I went off to bed around four and slipped into Slumberland. I turned off the phone and did not want not be bothered one bit. Thanks to that, I got nine hours worth of sleep and didn't wake up until three p.m. . I am so ready to rock right now. I feel so much better afterwards. The bad part of it is, and if you know me well enough, there is always a bad part, I've got to go to the hospital in the morning for day surgery on the shunt they use in my arm for dialyisis to make sure they can pump the fluids from me at a better rate. Oh, well...At least I got to recharge.

Now, I was going to do this as another post, but I figure I should do this now since I have your attention. The Show Of Which We Shall Not Name did very well for a first time fundraiser. I had a personal goal of five thousand dollars, since the Medical College of Georgia would match me dollar for dollar after the first five grand, though their Access To Care program. That meant I could have had ten grand in the kitty if we raised that much. However, we only made two thousand, so it was kinda bittersweet. If you broke it down, we really only made around a grand (Tina, if you leave a comment here in this, could you please let me and everyone know how much we made on Saturday? If you told me, I just forgot due to being too tired). As for how we got the other thousand, that is for another post. I do know that we have $1,600 in the pot also since starting the online donation, which means we have $3,600, or at least that much all together according to the National Transplant Assistance Fund. I'll find out tomorrow and let you know. Maybe we can hit that five thoussand soon. Let's cross our fingers.

Well, I got stuff to do now that I'm up. I've got no food in the house and I'm starved. Oh, and it looks like I'll be moving once again. Everyone here wants to move out and I can't afford this place on my own, so I've got three months to find a new home. I swear I hate moving, especially now. Maybe I can find some good public housing where I'll be safe, but that is the biggest oxymoron I've ever heard. Keep the fingers together on that one, too.

Monday, April 04, 2005


You guys have to forgive me. I'm still beat down from Saturday, which is not good. During dialysis today, I was so tired, I couldn't even nap like normal. You ever have that happen? So pooped that you can't even sleep? It's not good. The funny thing is I drive to and from the clinic all the time. I hate riding those handicapped buses. I actually drove one years ago helping out a friend with their gig. I swore then I would never drive one of those sweat boxes, nor ride in one if I could help it. I've driven ever since, loopy or not. However, today I had to grab a Red Bull just to stay awake to drive. It's sad, really. I got sleep last night, but I still felt like I wanted to stay in bed today and still do. So, even though I'm have bills to tend to tomorrow, I'll do it all online and stay home. I hope by then, I'll be able to tell you all the dirt about Saturday.

By the way, if you noticed, I haven't said or used the name "S*********** since the last audio post, which actually posted later than I called. If it's alright with you, I'm going to hold off on using it, just for now. I hate taking in the third person and I felt like Randy Moss for a bit promoting the show. I am happy, but I am modest, after all.

Sunday, April 03, 2005


I'm sill tired from last night. My voice sounds like Nick Nolte and my legs hurt. Wehn I'm tired, I get very emotional. I don't like to write when I get like that, because I could say something that I don't want to say. So, I'll just say this...

To those of you who were there for me last night, the ones who came and helped out, real and virtual, thank you. I'll have a more detailed thank you later, but until then, let me say thank you so much for being there.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

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Friday, April 01, 2005


One more thing before I split...

I'm just like Homer!
I'm Homer, who are you? by

How'd that happen?

This Is It!

This will be the last post I'll make before Samapalooza starts up. To be honest, this really was the hardest thing I've ever had to pull off. There's been agony and despair, joy and pain, blah blah blah, yakity smakity.

In the words of my sacred mother, Sara Elizabeth Gordon, "Walk it off, boy. You'll be fine". I think with all the work me and my friends have done, we'll be fine. Keep it here, 'cause tomorrow we'll be doing live updates from the big show. You hear all the sites and sounds of the greatest jam ever held on a Saturday, April 2nd. Thanks to everyone who's supported me on this and God bless you all. See ya!

Go Joke Yerself

I'm supposed to think of an April Fool's joke, but I'm too tired from dialysis. But, I did get this photo of Abe Vigoda for you. P.S. to Homer Fink. I told you I'd get this. Posted by Hello