Monday, July 25, 2005

A Georgian in Montana

Once again, I've being honored for something I don't deserve. I have been asked to write for The Rascal Fair.

Now, for those you you who don't know what that is, it's a little thing for bloggers from the Big Sky state of Montana, where they show off their best posts from their sites. Each blog from Montana hosts the Fair biweekly, collecting the best posts of the week from others. A much better explanation can be found from Craig at MT Politics. I was asked by Karen from KarbonKountyMoos if I wouldn't mind coming up with an orignal piece that I could contribute, since I've been doing the Miss RSJS. By thew way, since Karen is in the top five, my being in the Rascal Fair has nothing to do with it. So, with that out of the way, I give to you a little thing I call, "A Georgian in Montana". Enjoy...

When I was given the opportunity to enter a piece for The Rascal Fair, I asked myself, "What shall I write about? No one wants to hear about my comic book collection, the fact that I collect old tv ads from the fifties, or am a complete nerd. Folks from Montana want to hear about something exciting, something thrilling! Something that will make them follow along with every word, every punctuation. I shall talk about MONTANA!"

Okay, so for the most part, everyone from MT knows about MT (truthfully, I never really knew the abbrivation for MT until I started blogging), but there are others who don't, including me. Now, I've been called an honorary citizen by many of the state, but I don't even know the state song, it's bird, what the govnenor's name is...All I know it John Wayne used to go there alot in his movies, even though they were shot in Califorina mostly, and that Chevy has a truck named after the state. That's it. So, I decided to search the web and find some things out about Montana and share with you what I know about Georgia. After all, I will probably have to live there soon, as I have more friends there it seems than I do here Georgia (Three and one just moved. Not to Montana, sadly).

The first thing I did was go to Montana's official web site and got a hearty welcome from Governor Brian Schweitzer. He seems like a nice kinda fellow, which is unlike some govenors who look like they could sell you a used refrigerator. Georgia's govenor is named Sonny Perdue. That name alone tells you the man is up to no good at all. On Gov. Schweitzer's welcome it says, "It is an honor to govern a state recognized world-wide for its pristine rivers, majestic mountains and wide-open spaces." Sonny says, "Hey y'all, we gonna go out in the back yard an' do us up a low country boil. It's too durn hot in that office to be bothered with nothin'." Right there, it shows that Brian cares about his state.

I then read about some of historical facts about MT. After Lewis and Clark made their way thru the state during their expedition, it was recognized as a livable and viable country. Georgia meanwhile was thought to be a place where they could drop off prisoners aand and bad children before the Revolutionary War. Those prisoners would wound up becoming rednecks, good ol' boys bad country music singers and the Dukes Of Hazzard. Advantage: Montana.

Montana also has a beautiful state bird called the Western Meadowlark, while we here in Georgia just have a bird we call "Cooter". It's no particular type of bird at all. It's just a crazy rooster with only one wing somebody found years ago after the loony thing chased after the guy's car down a dirt road. Ever since then, when ever a Georgian sees a bird, we just look at it and say, "Hey, look at that crazy Cooter!" By the way, we call chicken here KFC, alive or fried.

There are so many differences about Montanans and Georgians. But, I know that we both share love of our states. I hope to one day visit Flathead Lake or to lay out on the grassy hills and watch the stars under the Big Sky at Yellowstone. I know that I'll be able to hang out with the many friends of Montana that I've made over the years and be treated with like I've lived there forever. At the same time, if any from Montana deems it safe to come to Georgia, I shall be glad to show them the spot where Burt Reynolds killed Jerry Reed in "Gator" and that spot where somebody thought they found a meteor rock, but it turned out to be a dropping from an 747.

So there you have it. Now honestly, most of the stuff I told you about Georgia is true. Okay, that stuff about the Cooter is kinda true. I love Georgia, I do. When I walk down the the streets here of Savannah, I feel a sense of history here that's still alive. The food, the folks, the buildings, it's all wonderful. Just the same as you Montanans feel about Montana. Everyone I know who lives there tells me that it's peacefull, friendly and one of the bests states to live in and that I'd be welcome with open arms anytime. I can't wait to finally meet my online friends there and enjoy all there is about Big Sky Country.

I just hope that y'all don't mind if I bring along some grits and hush puppys. I do have to have something from home.

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