Monday, October 31, 2005

In Defence Of Candy Corn

Halloween has now come and gone and now the best part begins: The unvieling of the booty. That is, all the candy you made out with this year. Unveiling your booty should be done at a later time and with a loved one. Still, there's nothing like opening the bag on the table and leting all the sweets spill out, while your eyes grow in amazement. Now, when you were a kid, that was a great time. You picked through all the crap candy and kept the good ones. The crap candy you gave to your kid brother since he didn't get much and your mother told you to share it. You know you did that.

Now that you're older and you have kids possibly, you now see the that sugar glow in their eyes, as you know they hit the motherlode and will rip though that candy like a weasel on meth. So, it's up to you to hide it and give it to them sparingly, lest you have a spinning ankle biter around your house for weeks. Plus, you can sneak off with the ones you want and they'll never know the difference from being on a sucrose high. You candy thief.

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