Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Singing Fool

Man, I had a wild night last night. You've had those...The ones where you say after going all out stupid, "I'll never do that again", yet you do it again because it was too much fun the first time and you don't wanna feel bored. Well, last night was the very first Kareoke Crawl. What it is is calling together a bunch of freinds, finding the sleaziest bar in town with kareoke, sing the cheesiest songs they have and get drunk. Now, I didn't get drunk, but everyone else did. I did sing the cheesiest songs they had, however.

It all started around ten-thirty Saturday night, as soon as I got off the air. I met the gang at a place called The Captain's Lounge. Now, this joint has the reputation of being the roughest bar in town. It is a place where the men are men, the women are ugly and all of them are drunk as hell. What a perfect place for kareoke! There's about seven of us in this place, which was a good thing, as if a fight breaks out, at least we had each other's backs.

Anyways, the evening wore on and the guys were really getting boozed up. Soon the songs we started to pick became worse and worse. I chose the catagory of songs that each person had to sing: Eighties metal. Soon, there was Poison, Winger, Exteme, and just plain bad music being sung badly. I chose Dangiz's "Mother", which was the worse. Mind you, I can sing and quite well. But, not Danzig's "Mother". Danzig's mother can't sing "Mother" without looking stupid.

We all ended the evening with a trip to the local Denny's to comment how lousy the songs were, but how much fun they all had. I think this is going to be a monthly event, hitting a new bar each time with a new kareoke catagory. I'm thinking all Neil Diamond the next time around.

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