Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Victory Is Mine!

I treated myself today after weeks of crap with the new Family Guy movie and I gotta tell ya, it's good. If you're a fan of the show, then you'll this. If you're not a fan and you're wonering what all the fuss is about, I warn you know. It's actually three future episodes cut together to make it a movie. It's still pretty good and worth watching before Fox cut into it for broadcast airing. Here's just a few lines...

Brian: "I just jumped in the trash and ate some chocolate."

Lois: "Peter, get onnn. GET ONNNN."

Quagmire: "Now that I ate, I can't get in the pool for thrity minutes!"

Stewie: "I say, did they ever find a suitable vehicle for Ellen Claghorn?"

Drew Barrymore: "Look how red my tongue is!"

I'm not gonna ruin it for you otherwise. Just pick it up when you get a chance. Otherwise, you can go to the website and pick up a Stewie Griffin communicator for your desktop, or just make him dance all day.

Yep, slow newsday here, kids.

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