Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Band From The Sixties You Never Heard

I'm not gonna lie, but if I had the space to run some of my footage from "Soul Train" circa 1973, I'd have it up and running for you. I'm glad I don't, because Spike Priggen would kick my butt with something from "Hullabaloo". I don't know where he gets his stuff and I don't care. Just as long as he posts it. Yes, I am a kiss ass, but the guy's got some good stuff and somebody'd gotta say thank you for putting them online.

Today I get to Bedazzled and I see a clip from "American Bandstand" from I believe from 1967, with featured act Arthur Lee and Love. Now, these guys never made the charts, but their sound is incredeble. Lee, their lead singer, looks a little buzzed in the clip, possibly from his alleged drug habit. However, Love did his best to keep the band going, they still never went anywhere. Lee is now a cult figure for British musicians and was even honored by members of Parliment recently for what has been called one of the greatest albums of all time by the BBC, "Forever Changes". You be the judge. I'd heard only legends about this band and today was the first time I had ever heard their music. Now I can't "Little Red Book' outta my head. It's that good.

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