Sunday, December 25, 2005

"When Titans Meet"

I hope you all had a great Christmas on Sunday. I got...Well, paid. I have been here at the stations since 11 am and won't leave until 12:30 am, so you know I'm ready to go. NOW. There were a few good moments, though. Okay, at least one, since everything else was a Lewinski.

As you remember, I left the phone nubers to the stations here so anyone who wanted to call me today could, as I all I wanted was to hear some friendly voices today. I got one in the form of David from Better Living Thru Blogging! I gotta tell ya, I was surprized that anyone called me and I'm glad that he did. After the bad day I was having (being called an Athiest by a listener on the R&B station for not playing Christmas music. I told him, "Don't hate the player, hate the game", but he kept on until I told him...Let's just say he got to know me a little better after that), he cheered me up just by telling me "Merry Christmas" which was soemthing no one else had done since I had been on the air all day. I'll admit to you guy, by the way, it may not seem like it, but I have a very foul mouth and kinda dropped a couple of words to David, which I hope didn't shock him. Sorry about that, friend. But, if you were to really meet me of the page, I am a sick individual. I learned from Pryor, Carlin and my uncles. Words you never heard before and if you did, you would call the FCC to stop me before I even got on the air. Anyways, I hope you unsdertand that the day was a long one, David. But, I'm glad to finally talk to you. Thank you once again for making me an Official Montanian (Montanan? I forget. Sorry). If it's okay with you, I'll make you a Official Savannaian. I know, it almost sounds like "alien". It's almost right then it comes to this town.

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david said...

I am so glad that Sam and I had a chance to talk on that Christmas day...and now that he's gone, I wish so much that we had spoken again.

RIP, Sam. You made it do it do, baby.