Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Great Apes I Have Known

Here's the suit I wore to the clinic today. It was quite stuffy, and actually kinda hard to get to the site on my chest with all the fur and muscles, but we got it done. I also had problems with folks upset with me because I was celebrating today. I had a bunch of hippie kids get in my face
and tell me that it's wrong to wear a gorilla suit in these trying times. How dare they preach the words of Charlton Heston to me! So, I grabbed the first one and under my breath said, "Get your hands off me, you damn dirty human!" Then, I took out my banana and slapped them stupid, then reminded them that this is America, and if a Black man wants to walk around in a gorilla suit, then he's gonna do it! I slapped 'em again and danced away doing the monkey. FIGHT LIKE APE!

There is of course forfathers to this movement. One of the most famous of them is Bob Burns. You don't know his face, but you've seen him in lots of movies and television shows in his suit for years. one of his biggest roles was as Tracy in the original "Ghost Busters" tv show that ran on CBS Saturday mornings from 1975 to '76 with "F-Troopers" Larry Storch and Forrest Tucker. If it wasn't for him telling folks to "Let my monkey go", we wouldn't be free to wear our suits. Thanks, Bob. We all stand tall, if apes could stand fully erect on a daliy basis, thanks to you, sir.

Of course, there's Ernie Kovacs, Roddy McDowell, Don Martin,The Great Grape Ape, Magilla Gorilla and many others. I say to you today, this very special day...Get to know your inner ape. It's a good feeling.


Our fearless leader in this barrel of monkeys and all around good ape, Mark Evanier has the roundup of all things Simian today. Be a good chimp and stop by. And remember, if they deside they want to take your suit away from you...

FIGHT LIKE APE! Roddy Mc Dowell and Don Martin would be proud of you.


I'm gonna go to dialysis today in my new gorilla suit and wear it proud. I wonder when they announce the Oscar nominees, will the presenters wear their suits as well? I bet they don't. You know how liberal Hollywood is. They'll get upset over National Gorilla Suit Day and send out Martin Sheen and Ed Asner in lemur suits to piss us folks in ape suits off and try to tell us we're wrong. Now, that's un-American. Plus, it ain't gorilla-like.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Reason # 480 of Why I Love Radio

Let me the first to say, I am as modest and as humble as any other guyI don't do the whole macho guy thing and don't think of myself as great looking, but Saturday was a great day for me. Dialysis went well, then I had run off to work on the radio as soon as I was don't I have no idea how I have the strength to do it, but I do and tonight I'm glad I did. Damn glad. First up, I got an email from one of the lovely ladies who'll be on the 2006 Rock Babe Calender for one of the stations I work for, I-95. Her name is Rachelle. That's her there on your right. Hot, ain't she? Well, she wanted to know if she could hang out with me tonight on the air so she could help push the fact that the calender girls will be live at Coach's Corner here in town for a calender signing coming up this week. Well, I ain't as stupid as I look. She stopped by, we chatted on the air and had a great time. By the way, she's married to an Army Ranger and has two kids. Is that cool or what? Yes, she is.

But wait...I'M NOT DONE YET.

Now this here, to your left, is rapper Remy Ma. She's a part of Fat Joe's Terror Squad. Perhaps you heard her all over the radio last year with the smash, "Lean Back". She's got a solo album coming Febuary 7th called "There's Something About Remy" and her video for her new single, "Contagious" is hot. And yes, I met her tonight, too. It was funny because at one point, as I gave Rachelle a tour of the stations, Remy happened to be doing a promotion thing on E-93, saw us and waved. Rachelle waved back. Isn't there like, something Einstein said about having two smokin' hot women in the same vicinity could open up a wormhole or something? After Rachelle left, I got to hang with Remy while she did some drops for the E-93 dj's, including two for me. I'll let you hear 'em soon, but they are fantastic. I even got a couple of autographed photos and a hug for her. To be fair, I hugged Rachelle as well. I'm a open guy and I love everyone, really. But most of all, I love radio. Because if it wasn't for Mr. Marconi inventing it, I would have never gotten the chance to hang with two of the hottest women in the world. I may never get this lucky as I did tonight. But, that's good enough for me.
Oh, and fellas...DON'T HATE THE PLAYA, HATE THE GAME. 'Cause real recognizes real, y'all.

A Jam For Your Weekend

As it is a Saturday and we get closer and closer to National Gorilla Suit Day and the Super Bowl, I say we sit back and relax and enjoy the weekend, with a sweet little ditty that was written by a little orphan boy named Paco, who lived by the rivers of Venezuala. Everyday as he caught his fish to sell at the market, he would hum this song and everyday he would catch his fish. Then one day, a man came along and heard the song and offered Paco thousands of dollars for the tune as it was the greatest song that he had ever head. Paco looked at the man and said he could not except the money but he would let him use the tune. He only hoped that it would bring the listener of the song great joy and hope. The man came back to America and from there came the song. It made millions and millions of dollars and folks around the world danced with joy.

Boy, was Paco pissed when he found out how much money he could have had from that! Think about it, the vidios, the honies! Bet he hates those fish now, don't he? Oh well...


Pass this along to your friends. I promise it won't get stuck in your head after it's done.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Headin' Down To Smallville To Meet Some Friends Of Mine...

Just so you know, there's spoliers here for last night's "Smallville". so watch out.

I'll make it brief. I haven't seen much of the show, since the WB only runs on cable and I don't have it as of now, but I have caught a handfull of episodes this season. What I saw last night was one of the best, if not the best. I know most of you don't watch the show, but being the Superman fan that I am, I do have high expectaions for the show to keep the legacy moving, and it did with the death of Johnathan Kent. It took more from the first film however than it does from the comic, as Pa is still alive and healthy and kinda looking like John Schneider these days than Ed Asner, which is a kinda tribute to the actor playing him. it you also noticed from the films, there were a few hints dropped in, like the crystals, and Chloe's point after Clark told her what was going on of turing the Earth on it's axis to change time.

In all, I think the show, in it's fifth season still holds well and could run possibly two more, if done right. I hope that The CW thinks about that when working on the fall schedule. I also hope that they'll be on a local affiliate when it all kicks in if I don't have my cable back by then.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Oh, Boy...A Meme!

Okay, this was a little tough on me, but it had to be done. Brent hit me with this one...

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
5. Don't search around and look for the 'coolest" book you can find. Do what's actually next to you.

Since I don't have books in the room but a few comics (Hah! Buncha pervs! You though it was gonna be girlie mags, didn't cha?), Iwent into my spare room where I keep some of my other books, closed my eyes and grabbed Essential Avengers Vol. 4, which collects the comics from the early seventies. I got this, which came from issue 72...

"The Star Spangled Avenger would hardly have done so without a reason, Goliath!"

The was The Vision talking to, of course, Goliath, about Captain America, who can basically do whatever the hell he wants, within reason, as you should know.

Not a great meme here as the laptop is upstairs and the real books are downstairs. I've read some really good stuff lately I'll have to tell you about ("Trailers" by Mark Kneece and Julie Collins, both here in Savannah is a great graphic novel), but the meme gets in the way. I'll shoot this over to Pandora, David and possibly Kevin, as he hates this stuff and I have become the Simon Lebon to his Neil Tennant. He'll get that.

My days as a Vandal

As today is my slacker/movie day, I've giving the reigns today to faithful reader Dave Hewitt. By the way, today's flick du' jour is "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back", which still holds up well, unless you never saw any of Kevin Smith's films before. In that case, start with "Clerks" and work your way from there. Plus, it's got Morris Day and The Time, so you know it's good. But, I digress. Here's Dave. Snoogans!

Here is my Toastmaster's speech that I gave today. It went fairly well. (Wait...The friggin' Toastmasters still exists? Dang...Sorry. Go on, Dave.)

When I was in 7th grade I went to a small private school in Toronto.
Since they did not have school buses, I took public transportation home.
Along McGowan Road busses ran regularly, and we never waited for more than
5 minutes. I took that bus over to a road by a small office park and
transferred to a bus on the Huntingwood line. That bus only drove by every
half hour, and I spent a long time waiting at that bus stop. If that bus
ran more frequently, less vandalism would have occurred.

I waited at the bus stop with a Gary Harrison. He was a year younger
than me, and he had a reputation as a bad boy. He once broke a schools
window and let the air out of the French Teacher's tire. I wanted to prove
that I was bad enough to hang out with him, and together we caused
disturbances at the Huntington bus stop.

One day we noticed that the garbage can at the bus stop was completely
filled with paper. The next day, the garbage was still full, but this time
Gary had matches with him. We tried to light a corner of the paper, but
just before it caught fire, the bus came by. The next day the garbage was
still filled with paper. This time Gary carried matches and lighter fluid.
We soaked a corner of a page and lit it. Immediately, the flames danced
two feet in the air. We panicked and quickly smothered the fire. There we
were, a twelve and thirteen year old inside a garbage can jumping up and
down. And then the bus came and took us home before we got into any
One day we found a large collection of coke cans. We placed one on theroad in order to watch a car crush it. I was surprised to see many carscoming to a complete stop and then slowly circumnavigating the can. We made sure the can missed their wheels. Once in a while a young driver sped past us and crunched the can. Then the bus came by and we left before we got into any trouble. The next day we set all the cans on the road. We placed them into a wedge shape. We made a row of little red coke pylons directing cars on to oncoming traffic. Before anything occurred, the bus picked us up. The cans on the road incident seqwayed us to cross the line from mischievous to dastardly.

We found a pair of woman's nylons. We placed a coke bottle into each of the feet. We played with it for a couple of minutes until we discovered 30 feet of duct tape. We tied one end of the tape to the nylons and the other end to a sign on the far side of the road. Then we placed the nylons in the middle of the road. Surprisingly, no cars came the opposite direction for several minutes. Before anything occurred,the bus showed up and drove us home. The very next day Gary and I talked at the bus stop. We completely forgot about the panty hose because it was nowhere in sight. Suddenly a man came out of a building and started yelling at us. He knew that we were responsible for the tape, bottles and nylons, and we knew we did it, but we were not going to confess to him that we did anything. Although he was bawling us out, he gave very little details about exactly what happened. I asked in the best innocent voice I could, "Was there any damage?" He yelled back, "There certainly was!" How I kept a straight face afterthat I will never know. And just as we were getting in trouble, the bus came by and took us home.

I can see those two now at the bus stop now like J&SB. I don't know if their hetero life buddies like those two, but Dave and Gary were having some wild times there. As wild as it gets for kids in Canada. Listening to Loverboy and wishing they could drink a Molson's. Tough Canadian kids. Scared of them. Heh. Oh well... I GOT MOVIE SIGN!!!!!!!! BONNNNNG!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

CW and Friends

This has been an interesting 24 hours for TV. First, the news that "Friends" could be returning to NBC after being off the air for nearly two years with four one hour specials, plus rebooting "Joey" once again to have Chandler and Ross move in during the 2007 season. Did I watch before. Yes...once. That was it. I never saw the excitement of it all. The show wasn't that funny to me as I couldn't identify with any of the characters. Not because I'm black and they had an all white cast, far from it. No, they just seems like a bunch of stuck up jackholes with problems. The fact that only one of them tried to hold a show on his own showed me that NBC was desperate to make up for their cashcow. With this new development, this means that we're now stuck with Friends who just won't go away.

However, better news has come from UPN and the WB, as both will merge into one network, The CW. I love how Ain't It Cool has already started jokes in the byline: "Crazy Weird!! Could Work!!" It may just at that. Coming next fall season, the formers will shut down and combine their most popular shows for six night. "Everyone Hates Chris", "America's Top Model", "Veronica Mars" and "Smackdown" from CBS's UPN and "Smallville" (yes!), "Reba", "Gilmore Girls" and Kid's WB which does amazing in the ratings on Saturday mornings from Time Warner's WB, plus new programming as well. For us here in Savannah, our local UPN will benefit with higher ratings and more revenue, which is what both networks were lacking. I know I'll be Constantly Watching them.

Update Access Hollywood reports that the "Freinds" reunion was false. Thank you, Jebus. We're safe. At last, Access Hollywood has given me a reason to like Billy Bush.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Cloudy Day Fun, Nippon Style

It's kinda overcast here today in Savannah, which is fine. Days like this, you just wanna sit back in the chair at home and do goofy stuff. Like watch THE VERY FIRST EPISODE OF SPIDER-MAN: JAPAN! No joke here. Marvel licenced out the character to Toei, the comapny that brought you Ultra-man. So, expect to see chop-socky, giant robot fun! That's right...Spidey and robots. If this were in Spider-man 2, it would have made ten million more. Grab some soba noodles, sit back and enjoy on a cool Sunday.

You're welcome.

Friday, January 20, 2006

In Support Of National Gorilla Suit Day

"Yes, I know National Gorilla Suit Day is almost upon us. And may I say, I resent the "political correctness" war on National Gorilla Suit Day that is forcing people to say, "Merry Primate Or Other Animal Costume Of Your Choice Day." Why, just the other day, I heard about a classroom in East Moline, Illinois that is planning to put on a National Gorilla Suit Day pageant on January 31 but the principal is refusing to allow the children to dress in gorilla suits or even to eat bananas. My God, what is the world coming to? I'm going to wish all of you a Happy National Gorilla Suit Day no matter what anyone says."

Mark Evanier, 1/2006

We must support Mark on this. We just must.

Hard Work

The past couple of days haven't been too much fun. I finally switched clinics and things are doing quite better there than they were at the old place. However, I've had to go both Wednesday and Thursday, leaving me tired and sore. I wound up sleeping for over twelve hours after Wednesday's session from the workout the machine gave me and on Thursday, just to see if they could get below my dry weight of 117 kilos (I have the metric system, really...that's like 260 pounds, American), I began to cramp up, somehting I haven't done in a long time, but had to be done. I took it like a man though, and fiught back, since this is what I need to do to get better. It's a long hard road, but I'm ready for it. I go now Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, but I'm ready for whatever they need me to do. Whatever it takes to get me that kidney.

I guess I've gotten tougher,huh?

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Quick Hits

American Idol returns to bug the hell out of us for the next four months. I'll watch only for the auditions, as it's the only thing worthwhile on the show, in my opinion. I'm glad Kelly Clarkson was able to make a real carreer out of it and Fantasia Barrino will hopefully take a page out of her book and distance herself from the show, but everyone else there doesn't interest me. Plus, it has Seacrest. And, the stink of Clay. Plus, "Scrubs" comes on at nine.

Oh, Golden Globes. I wish I could quit you. Wait, I did and watched "WWE Raw" instead. I love comedian Thea Vidal as Shelton Bennjamin's mom. See, it's almost fake.

Speaking of "Brokeback Moutain", which I haven't seen, the gay cowboy in the new millenium was done before. It was a remake of the comic book western "The Rawhide Kid". It was fun and no hearts were broken in the end.

I haven't commented on Jon Stewart hosting the Oscars this year, so I shall give you my feelings in his own words: WHAAAAAAAA!? I just hope that Stephen Colbert is there backstage to ambush Clooney.

One of our "stars after stars after stars" has been nomintated for "Best Overall Blog". Congratulations to Janet of "The Art Of Getting By". I know for a fact that this dog and pony show will never get an award for anything, but it's nice to know that my supporters do win. Good luck, Janet. Make sure to vote for her!

A couple of personal notes...You may have noticed the Friendster button to the right of your screen. Do me a favor and sign up so I don't look so lonely there.

After nearly three years of going to the same dialysis clinic, I've made the switch to a newer, cleaner one and I'm happy for it. Too many folks I knew at the old place were dying, everyone there was waaaaay above my age, I had to fight for a good, comfortable chair and I was having a hard time with it all. So I decided to start off the new year in a new place where I could feel safe and happy. Plus, this will now put me on a second transplant list, which gives me a better option
of getting a new kidney. Do me a favor...If you believe in God, pray it all works out for me. If you don't, just say,"Hey Sam, I got your back, pal". Either way would be good for me.

And I'm spent.....

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Tour Of A Lifetime

When I was sixteen years old in 1983, I took a trip to Atlanta with my high school chorus group for a performance. Two days before the show, we had a chance to tour the city, which was just beginning in it's growth. Still, one of the memories of old Atlanta still stood. The birth home of Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr. My group got a chance to tour the home and it was quite amazing to think that such a man came from such humble surroundings. Plesant and quaint, it still held some of the items that Martin and his family used. We also saw family photos of the Kings in much happier days, and and in sad days, around April of 1968. How would they know that this home, this place of solitude would become a shrine to such a loved man?

The group was then lead to a room that was fitted with chairs a movie screen to show a short documentary about Dr. King's life, including thoughts from Former President Carter, Walter Cronkite and Coretta Scott King, along with archival footage. By the time it was done, we were all left in tears. Here was a man who fought not only for the rights of Blacks, but for the rights of EVERYONE. Though he may not be with us here now, let's hope that the ideas that he believed in is still carried on by those who understood his stuggle and thru peace we can still continue his legacy.

Happy birthday, Dr. King. Thank you for letting me tour your life.

Tales From The Comic Box #3

I'm here at the store today watching the playoffs and helping customers. Not a bad day if I may say so. So let's dip back into the recent past from another blog and talk once again about "readers vs. collectors".

Last December, Kevin (as in Beaucoup) went to two stores in Vegas. One, in his desciption, was dark, dusty and full of bad swords, while the other was clean, bright and fully stocked. It set off a firestorm from readers of his site of their stories, including mine. With his permission (more like I hope you don't mind), I'll reprint what was said here. WITH SPELLING CORRECTIONS FROM ME! SO YOU CAN READ IT!

I should really talk about my adventures of working in a comic book store sometimes. I've had some very interesting times there. And yes, I've had to stop a few guys from opening up the bags. I've had really one complaint from a guy, who was a subcriber (two books, both "Star Wars" comics) who had gotten upset with me because I wouldn't let him open it up.

"Well, the owner lets me do it all the time."

"Do you ask him?"

Well, ahhh, no, but I just tell him afterwards."

"Then you must be going to the wrong comic book store, because you whould have gotten your head shoved up your colon. We got rules here. You don't rip open a bag of Doritos to see if they changed the taste every day."

"You know what? Just cancel my subcription! If I can't take the plasic off a comic, then I just won't come back!"

That's when I grabbed his sub form, came from behind the counter, tore it in front of him and then, bowled up. I have no problem punching a fanboy, nevertheless a fanboy who's gonna mess up the product without me knowing it. Oh, and he hasn't been back since and we havn't lost business.

The whole thing for me is alot of stores have there own thing about the bag'n board. Ours is if you ask and we know you well enough, then you can look, just be careful. If not, and you just look like your casually browsing, the answer is no. Simple. I'm sorry you had a bad experience at the first store, Kevin. I'm very glad you found one that's much better.

Oh, and Merry Christmas.

Kevin's response...

I probably wouldn't buy anything at the shop you worked at, then.


Call me a cock about it or whatever, but I think buying a comic is the complete and total opposite of buying Doritos. Doritos have consistency, get stale upon opening, and contain cheesy goodness. Comics are the product of writers and artists getting together to produce results that can vary wildly.

Opening a new comic and looking inside tells me almost instantly if it's something I want to spend money on. Comics are not "collectibles," or an investment - they're a medium.

I'll open up a novel at a bookstore and turn to a random chapter to see if I like the style. I'll download a sample MP3 to see if I like an album enough to buy it. Why can't I decide that I want to look at the inside of a recently produced comic in a shop where I've already expressed interest in spending a stack of money without having to track down someone and asking permission?

Oh, right - because bagging comics helps them "keep" their meager value.

My response...

I'm sorry that you feel that way
about it, but understand at least where I'm coming on this, at least at my side.

We have had loads of problems with guys coming into the store and just ripping open the bags to just see what was in there and putting it back in the slot, damaged. Now, if I were to take that same damaged book and sell it to you at the same price tagged on it, even if the book was gone from fine to fair according to Overstreet, you'd be pissed off. There are those who care about how the condition of the book, along with the artwork and story. So, to make it easy for everyone, we ask not to open the plastic. We'll be glad to do it for you.

Now, I can say that one thing we do that maybe no one else possibly does in the country is shrink wrap the trades. Once again, it's for the buyer's ease of mind that the book isn't dogeared and in great condition when they purchase it and we will remove the plastic for you to take a look at it. We do recieve complaints from folks who would like to look at them but can't due to the wrap, but the "thank you"s far outweigh them. After all, how many times have you gone to a Barnes and Nobles and seen a book that has been looked over and over, but never bought? We'd rather sell you a book that looks as clean as the day you got it from Diamond.

Like I said before, I'm sorry I won't be able to get your business, Kevin. But, we take pride in our store and have been that way for 18 years. We have bright lighting, stocked and clean shelves, and wonderful displays and room to move around. I care about the customer and their purchase to make sure they get the best product. Yes, it's sequential art we're selling. But, it's also a business.

Here's the link to our page. Take a tour...


Thanks for letting me talk about this here, Kevin.

Finally, another reponse from Kevin...

Sam, I understand exactly where you're coming from, but I guess the whole "collector" versus "reader" mentality kicks in with an argument like this.

As far as the "not wanting a reader's copy" goes, I suppose putting a copy to read on the shelf while keeping bagged ones behind it would be a compromise that would make me (dude that spends far more on comics than he should) happy while making "them" (people who masturbate over the Wizard price guide) happy. Hell, I might be more inclined to shop at a store that did that. Of course, the cost of buying an extra issue on lower-selling books would be a bit of a pain, but I wonder if it would lead to more sales of books that are right on the edge of the Average Superhero Comics Reader radar, like Sleeper (RIP)...

Well, to get my point across in this post, since can do that here, it's not the new comics that we shrinkwrap or bag as soon as they come in, it's the trade paperbacks, Kevin. As for the fate of Sleeper, which I also thought was a great book, it didn't have enough of an audience out there to enjoy it, hence the cancellation, twice. One person buying two copies of the book still possibly couldn't help the sales of it, as good as it was. I do know that the reprinted trades do very well. Once again, we take pride in what we sell, but once again, the keyword here is "sell". After all, it a store that sells comics. Pure and simple.

So fellow comic reader or comic collector, what do you think of all this. Weigh in your comments. This debate won't go away anytime soon.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Lazy Saturday

Welp, I decided not to go out after last night's wild times ( I did finally go out. However I saw my ex girlfriend and even though it was good to see her, it kinda ruined any plans I had, sadly). So, tonight is Big Clothes Night. That's right, folks. Find the biggest, most comfortable thing to wear and sit back. It's about 30 degrees here on a Saturday night, unlike the mid fifites we've been having here for lows lately in Savannah, so I grabbed my Big Sweatshirt and my big Sweatpants and got snuggly. I'm gonna go unwrap my Subway tuna sub, watch me some SNL and enjoy my night.

Someone please save me from myself.

Top Five Facts About Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried. Ever.

Chuck Norris is currently suing NBC, claiming Law and Order are trademarked names for his left and right legs.

If you can see Chuck Norris, he can see you. If you can't see Chuck Norris, you may be only seconds away from death.

Chuck Norris has counted to infinity. Twice.

If you ask Chuck Norris what time it is, he always says, "Two seconds 'til." After you ask, "Two seconds 'til what?" he roundhouse kicks you in the face.

This and many more amazing truths can be found at Chuck Norris Facts. The truth is out there, people.

She Couln't Say No

Now here's something new on the dating scene: A woman who never turned down a date. In fact she went on 150 of them without question. Maria Dahvana Headley has written a book about it called "The Year Of Yes" and urges folks to say yes more often when asked out.


Friday, January 13, 2006

Ahhh Well, I Was Going Out...

I just found out yesterday, thanks to sorry advertising on their part, The Savannah College Of Art and Design hosted the VH1 Best Week Ever Tour. however the tickets were all sould out. Okay, so they got them sold, but they never really told anyone else about it. Every concert or show that they do, they never seem to tell anyone and folsk find out about it the last minujte. Savannah is hurting for good entertaiment, but they only seem to keep it for themselves. Screw SCAD. I'll just save my money and watch Christian Finnigan for (somewhat) free on cable.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

"Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb!"

It's hard to believe, but the 1966 version of "Batman" is 40 years old today. It's even more sad to know that we are both six months apart. But, it was grwoing up watching the program over the years and enjoying it's craziness on every level, from kid to adult. I'm sorry, but when you're eight years old, you get worried about a giant spider coming after you! Plus, you have to wait until tomorrow to find out how to get away from it! It's fun though to relive your childhood watching "Uncle Batman" (as Adam West" would call him) getting caught up in danger and reminding Robin that being an American was so important, all while beating the bejeebus out of a bad guy. So to celebrate the anniversary, Dial "B" for Blog has a series of stories beginning today on how it all got started, including the wonderful photo below created by them, and Mike Sterling has links to almost everything else you wanted to know about the 60's Dark Knight, from the villans to the infamous Siamese Human Knot.

You know, somewhere out there, Adam West is having a big laugh. If it wasn't for "Batman, he'd be nowhere near Hollywood right now. It may not have made him super rich, but it made him beloved and hero to all of us kids from the sixites and seventies who grew up watching him. Happy Bat-Day, Adam!

Mr. Luva-Luva

Last night, I did something unbelieveable. I hosted the slow jams show "Between The Sheets" on WEAS from 10 pm til 2am. Some of you will probably say that it's just a radio gig and I should do fine, right? Well, let me tell you...


Now, to do this type of program, you have to sound like you just woke up after trying to sleep for days. It helps if you get your morning voice going as it sounds gritty. Then, take that voice and talk as softly and seductive as you can. Extend certain words and phrases like "baby","nice and slow" and "love" and you too can be as sexy as I was last night. Now, this was only a one night deal, as the regular host Vic Thomas took the day off, but it was great to do something thing new for a change. I hope to get lucky one more time and do it again. Hey, how's a guy gonna meet chicks anyway?

Update...It turns out I will be doing again. I just got the call from the Program Director and I'm on tonight. Tune in for the love.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Sunny Dayze

I don't know about the rest of you out there, but the weather here in Savannah, Georgia has been unseasonable warm for a January. Today around my house, it was a wonderful 72 degrees, celsius. It was so good today, I got my tan line evened and now I look great for the winter!

Okay, somebody had to have gotten a really good laugh off of that joke, I know it. I know you laughed...

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Tales From The Comic Box #2

Well, if we're gonna start this thing off, we may as well tak about the two types of customers that show up at a comic book store: collector versus reader. Now, they're both one in the same, but there's a slight difference. While one just picks up the book and enjoys it for the sheer fun of it, the other is very carefull of the condition or said book. Sometimes both are the same person. It's not a bad thing, although it was the collector that help bring about a glut of comics in the early ninties from the companies that were valued at high prices in the mid decade, but have dropped in price due to folks buying more than one copy of the book, thereby devaluing the price. I look at like gold prices. The more gold you have available, the more the rariety of it goes down. The same with comics. Lots of folks purchased Action Comics when they published the death of Superman. The issue was hyped by DC Comics as being the most important comic ever printed in the media, which meant everyone and their mother was going out to by the comic, plus special pakaging, including a button, a black armband and more, all sealed in black plastic.

Now, in order to read the book, you had to open the black seal. Now that in collectors circles is a no-no. But, you had to see how Supes dies. Any damage done to the book after opening it, no matter what drops the collectors price. So, you had to buy at least two, three or more just to get the chance to see what happens. One to read the other to put away, just to sell is later for your child's college fund. Soon the book, in orginal condition, was selling for up to seventy-five dollars after six months of being published. An amazing feat. Soon, the price began to drop in the collectors market, and the book now goes for around 15 bucks. Why? Nearly 200,000 copies were made of the book, dropping the price. Don't feel bad for Superman, however. The first issue of Action from June, 1938 goes now (and please correct me someone if I'm wrong) for over 400, 000, in good condition, if you happpen to have a copy of it.

I've had guys show up at the store all the time telling me that want to sell their collections and 9 times out of ten I turn them down, due to the availabilty of the books and the condition. OY, the condition! One guy showed up with books from the mid 1950's that were torn, watermarked and chewed on by some strange animal. Fantasic books with great old artwork and wild stories. There's just no way in the world we could sell them in that shape. It's a shame I had to do that to the guy, as some of the books, in good condition would have been worth a lot of money.

Like I was saying, collectors are readers and readers are collectors. Me, I'm that guy. I'll never sell 'em, though. I may wanna buy a Hummer one day.

Tales From The Comic Box #1

This will be a semi regular feature here this year, as I've been promising myself to talk more about the store, it's products and it's wacky customers. Now, for those who've never visited a comic book store and have always wondered what it's like working or visiting in one, its not what you think. And, it's everything you think. It's just like every other retail store you've ever stopped in. Only nerdier. Sure you got guys like Mike Sterling out there to tell you of his store adventures, but I figured there's room for one more guy to tell his tales. I got some good ones, too.

For two years, I was the assistant manager of The Comic Box. I still go there every other Sunday to help out behind the counter, but I don't get to get over as much as I used to due to time constraints. Still, it was one of the best jobs I ever held, other than being in radio. I mean, I was surrounded by comic books all day. How many other folks can say they get to work around their hobby all day? It's wonderful. Every Wednesday, the new books would show up and a buzz of fanboy activity would swarm around the store. Could Superman beat Spider-Man? Why wasn't Archie just using Betty for "that thing"? Is Todd McFarland the most overrated artist ever? Did Greedo shoot first? The most goofiest, yet fun conversations you ever heard in your life. Yep, everything you have heard in a Kevin Smith film. 'Cept real.

I hope you'll stick around for the fun.

Friday, January 06, 2006

The Trials Of "Daniel"

I think I may have beaten Brent or anyone else to this one as I'm still home on a Friday night. Such a loser.

Our local NBC affiliate, WSAV ran the controversial limited series "The Book Of Daniel". I thought that the show was good. Not great, but good. Adian Quinn, who portrays Daniel, is a pill popping preist with a gay son, a daughter who deals pot, a mother with alzhimers, a father who's a bishop who's having an affair with a woman who is also a bishop, a sister in law who's haing an affair with her late husband's secretary after he stole three million from the church and could be working with the mob in order to build a school.

Oh, and he talks to Jesus. As in "Hey Look! There's Jesus! Get a picture!" Yeah, it's that kinda show.

Like I said, it's a pretty good dramedy. Nothing spectactular, but the cast does a good job in their roles, including the actor that plays The Son Of God as just a man, not holier than thou, which is a good thing. I know the show won't last over eight episodes, however, it will be interersting to see how some of the subplots will play out. Still, this is a show on Friday night at10pm, so I'll expect to see a "Laaw and Order" rerun in that slot soon.

As for the controversy, here in Savannah over 600 letters were written to WSAV asking them not to run the program before it even aired, yet it ran anyway. I, for one am glad it ran and applaude them for showing it. A letter from the general manager was read duing the news explaining his reasons (you can read it here), but I think the funny, ironic part was the fact that "The Book of Daniel" ran before a paid special by the Christian Broadcasting Network. Well, I just there's just a lot of viewers out there tonight who need some Jesus in their lives and they got it this evening.

A Natural Man

Today, Savannah has a brand new radio station: Magic 103.9, playing classic soul and today's R&B, as the tagphrase goes. It's a part of Cumulus Broadcasting, of which I'm a part of and I'm glad to have it along with the other stations we have in our group. Whether I'll be on the air with then or not is up in the air, as I haven't been told of the furture plans, but I will hopefully know soon. However, the clue I knew that the station was off to a great start when it came on at five this afternoon was the very first song was "You'll Never Find", by Lou Rawls. Classy.

It's sad to hear of his passing, after going thru brain cancer, but at lkeast we'll have his legacy of music. Did you know that he was Sam Cooke's progege' and sung with him on "Bring It On Home To Me"? He started out singing gospel, but made his way though soul, pop, R&B, jazz, you name it, his baritone could wrap around it and give it some lovin'. Plus, his humanitarin work with the United Negro College Fund has raised millions for those unable to afford a higher education. Sadly, his final appearence in his annual "Parade Of Stars" airs this weekend and will hopefully pay a fitting tribute to one of the finest singers ever.

Here's a link to Soul Club, that has some of his hits, including one of my favorites, "Love Is A Hurting Thing".

He will be missed.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Angel and The Ape

If there's onbe thing guys like, it's monkeys. And chicks. And robots. And big cars. And robot monkey what drive big cars. And chicks who are robots who has a monkey what drives a big car. Etc, etc,etc...

So, I took myself to see "King Kong", as a treat, since it has at least two of the aformentioned. I thought it was a great movie, even for the three and a half hours, counting in the trailers and commercials. It's filled with action and lever lets up, but it has the tenderness to keep your date from complaining that there's too many monkeys in the movie. The only problem I had was during the scene in the Empire State Building when, even though I know how the film ends (and I don't wanna spoil it for you, so I won't tell), they were way frickin' high and I started to get vertigo. I'm sitting in a seat and getting dizzy as hell watching Naomi Watts getting slung around by a CGI pixel and get loopy. It was a good loopy, though and enjoyed every minute of it. All this needed was a '69 Dodge Charger with a hemi, and this movie would have really rocked!!!!!

Bringing' In The New Year

I wanted to get caught up with 2006, so I took a few days off online. When I come back, what do I see everywhere but folks talking about Dick Clark.

My turn.

I didn't get to see Clark's appearance on "New Year's Rockin' Eve" until they replayed it on the entertainment News shows tonight. As someone who's has had a stroke ( for those wondering...Yes, it happened to me. In 2001, one week after September 11th, I was downed with a stroke. However, it was not as damaging as his or others, although I do have nerve damage on my left side due to it.), I commend him for returning to the public eye. A lot of bloggers have commented that it was kinda sad to see the man mumbling his words. I think we should be lucky to have the man back. A stroke has a way of not only destroying you physically, but mentally as well, making you feel less of a person afterwards as if your life is over. I had to go through many sessions with a physicaratrist and still from time to time deal with bouts of depression because of it, sadly. But, I learned to keep going no matter what. To see Dick Clark once again proved to me that no matter what, you can't keep good man down.

Now, if we could have had Regis on ABC and kept Seacrest on Fox, the show would have been a classic.