Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Under The Knife...Again

Well, I'd love to talk about Barry Bonds in a dress and do a "Brokeback Baseball" joke here, but I'm too tired today and Wednesday, I have to go back in for surgery on my arm to remove another clot. Hopefully, they'll be able to take the cathater out of my chest and I'll be able to do dialysis the old way and not looking like a Borg when ever I look in the mirror. I'll return as fast as I can. I'll think of you while I'm out cold.

Oh, and if you find that photo of Barry anywhere, let me know as he's a jerk and I want make fun of him.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Nippped In The Bud

It's sad to hear tat we lost both Don Knotts and Darren McGavin in the same day. McGavin was familiar for "A Christmas Story", if not for his role of Carl Kochack in the orginal "Night Stalker". He was a very good actor for his various film and tv roles, even working with Knotts on two Diseny movies ("No Deposit, No Return" and "Hot Lead and Cold Feet") but he wasn't as loved as Mr. Knotts. It's almost like Mayberry was as close as next door, especially here down south and it's citizens sat out on the porch with a glass of sweet tea waiting for you to show up. While Andy Taylor was the voice of reason of the town, Barney Fife was its neurotic and embraissed by the entire country. Knotts, almost more than the star was accessible, like the loopy best friend he played and good enough at it to get five Emmys for it.

If you want to check them out, here's a testiment from Mark on working with Mr. Knotts, while Ivan tells us of living in Morganstown, W.V., Knotts hometown. Both were luckier more than the rest of us to be this close to not only a comedic legend, but a person who had become a part of our American family.


I hope you guys enjoyed this years entry for G.G.B.D.. I gotta say, it was kinda tough this year, as it was on Saturday, and I had to deal with dialysis and work at the same time, so I wound up getting both posts up around one in the morning Friday night. Somehow though, it seemed like the perfect time to do them. As for Black Maria, it's the first time I've done fiction in a long time, not to mention serious stuff. It was kinda cathartic as well, opening up to the public a dark side that I thought I'd never see in my writing. Needless to say, you haven't heard the last of Maria. She will return very soon. Just don't hake her mad, 'cause Kit's got her back in a major way. that is a promise.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Happy Goth Girl Day!

Well, it's dark out, so that means G.G.B.D. has begun. I started out by watching The Munsters on DVD, alhtough I wish I had the first Addams Family movie instead. But, you gotta make due when you can.

So, my fellow blogger and good friend Pandora has her entry in for G.G.B.D. and what I thought would be a simple post turned to be something more delightfully fitting for this event. You just have to see it. Now.

As for me, I knew I to do this day justice. So, taking a cue from Panzy, I created a brand new blog just for this day. Just how the hell I channelled a sixteen year old white teen is beyond me, but it flowed out like crazy. I just hope you like it. Click here, if you dare a chance...

Friday, February 24, 2006

Power (Goth) Girls Rule!

Okay, so it's just a few hours before G.G.B.D kicks in, and I haven't thought about what to write yet. Since I'm not a Goth, nor a girl, it ain't gonna be easy. But, I figured that they're pretty tough chicks, I guess. Not to be sexist, of course. So, I thought I would post this little thing...

I was this on You Tube, which has become a haven for junk video, clips from bad tv and fan films like this one since signing on in December(Entertainment Weekly has just done a piece on it and has now ruined it or everybody using it. Watch.) Anyhow, it's the story of Power Girl, cousin of Superman, who's been told that she should get a second career since she's a bit tough on the criminals. I thought it would be perfect for tomorrow's festivities.

As for who is Power Girl and why would anyone make a short film about her, here's her Wikipedia entry. I told you guys to read "Infinite Crisis", didn't I?

The Goths Come Out Saturday

Saturday is when we do Goth Girl Blog Day and I'd love to say I'm excited, but I'd forgotten that Saturday is also dialyisis day. That means I'll be doing my posts late tonight and won't be celebrating it like I should. This means I won't be able to listen to Morrissey as much as I want to and eat a sandwich all day, but I am gonna do something, dang it. You better do sometrhing, too. Or a Goth will pester you for days on why you didn't join in the mirth.

More later today.

Monday, February 20, 2006

The Secret Origin Of Goth Girl Blog Day

Dave Hewitt must have LOADS of free time at work. I got a letter from him a couple of days ago...

Sam,I was trying to figure out who wrote the famous lines:"I took the best nap today.. so so great. And I ate a sandwich, but it wasnt that great, and it kinda made me sick…but it’s better than nothing"It looks like it's someone at myspace, and it's in Google several places. But I could not figure it out exactly. Someone named Mikus also posted it. Now it's your turn to look into it.

So, I get to play Barnaby Jones now. Great. Here'as what we got and we get to explain how G.G.B.D. got started.

Last year about this time, on Better Living Through Blogging, an annonymous person posted this in the comments...

Bloggers are ruining the internet. What are “bloggers”? They’re fat–usually gothic–losers who keep web logs instead of hanging out with friends because they wet the bed and don’t have any. A web log is a type of online diary where people who aren’t important can pretend to be by writing to an imaginary audience. Girls are notorious for keeping these. On a typical site, you’ll find a 17 year old girl with hundreds of webcam pictures of herself pasted everywhere, an Amazon wish list so they can exploit wankers that visit their site, and about 2 gigs worth of text documenting every time they took a shit, had an epiphany about taking a shit or ate something (all written in extremely stylish, yet IMPOSSIBLE TO READ micro-font).

Here is an actual quote from a web log I happened across in my referral logs today: “I took the best nap today.. so so great. And I ate a sandwich, but it wasnt that great, and it kinda made me sick… but it’s better than nothing.”

So the question is: does anybody in the universe care about Ms. X who had “the best nap today” or that she ate a mediocre sandwich? I don’t, which is why I promptly uninstalled my browser and punched some guy sitting next to me. The page goes on and on about how she’s bored, tired, depressed, lonely, hungry, frustrated, etc, etc, etc. I can’t remember the last time I wanted somebody’s fingers to break so badly.

I took offense to this being a blogger and the fact that the person who posted it decided to hide their identity. I hate when folks post something like that in the comments to get a rise out of others, then run away like a jerk. So, I shot back like this to defend my fellow blogger and others...

Dear Anonymous,

Of course I said more, but I took a stand for all bloggers at that point, but somehow I came up with G.G.B.D. there, out of solidarity with other writers. It was a goofy idea, but it was fun getting together with other folks that day and doing something fun. Hopefully, it'll just be a good laugh to see others pretending to have goofy, mopey posts on their sites like a goth girl and who'll have the mopiest. If "mopiest" is even a word.

As for where "annonymous" ogt his post from, that person it seems couldn't even be original and write it themselves. Another person, who came up with the stupid name of Blogwer wore the following on David's site, bad grammer and all included...

Hey you bunch of morons, have you never heard of Maddox? Someone stole his article on bloggers from 2003 and posted it here as “anonymous”. Check out the original:http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=web_logs you are all idiots

I have never heard of Maddox until a few days ago just like he has never heard of me, but it does come from his site. As for the "actual quote" from his blog, I'm gonna say that it's fake, since he never linked back to it and created it himself. Looking at his site, he's about as much of a blogger as anyone else on the web. I won't shoot insults at the guy however, as a person's blog is how they feel at that moment, so best of luck to him. It just gets me how folks can be mean in a comment and not back themselves up afterwards by using a fake name. So, to those folks out there...Blow it out your butt.

Remember, G.G.B.D. is February 25th. Let's have some fun out there that day.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

My Music

I've had alot of folks ask me since I'm in radio what do I listen to, musicwise. Honestly, I tell then that I don't listen to the music I play. It's true. When I'm off the air, I'm done with music. I go home and either watch television or listen to old time radio on Yesterday USA and read s book.That's it. I mean, if you worked in a Burger King all the time and your friends wanted to go out for a meal and the first place they hit is a Micky D's, you would punch them in the throat for that. It's the same way I feel about music now.

I do listen to songs, but the stuff I like doesn't get much, if any play on the radio these days. But, it's good stuff if you can ever find it online or in a good old record store that acually sells music. So, here's a list of some of my favorite songs, in no particular order...

Beats To The Rhyme-Run DMC: Rap music at it's hardest. Punks these days don't know a damn thing about rap now. They just spit words ot fo their mouth and hope they get a sneaker deal out of it. I just wanna slapp the hell outta some of these guys now...

Sour Times-Portishead: You can listen to it when you make out, you can listen to it when you want to relax with a cup of tea, you can just plain listen to it. Good every time.

Ain't That A Kick In the Head-Dean Martin: I could list a few Dino songs here, but this is the one for me that puts me a good mood.

I Saw The Light-Todd Rungren: I got into an arguement with someone online a month ago when he made a list of his favorite songs and listed the new Madonna pap as one of his faves after a list that included some power pop. I told him I liked his list but would have dropped Magde for Todd, since "Light" is one of the best love songs ever made I think. I can't listen to Madonna these days. Hell, I never really listened to Madonna in those days, either.

Black Pearl-Sonny Charles and The Checkmates, LTD.:They were a little known group when Phil Spector made the guys one of the last groups of the sixties to use the Wall Of Sound. When it was said and done, the group scored a top ten R&B hit and was never heard from again. Plus, it reminds me of growing up in 1969. Such a classic tune.

I Believe When I Fall In Love- Stevie Wonder: I discovered this song while watching, of all films, "High Fidelity", while it ran over the credits. I kinda have the same sensibilty as some of the characters in the movie when it comes to music, it comes to no surprize that I should add this one. It's soaring song about the promise of love done by one of the best artists around. hI mean, here's a guy who learned to play a bunch of instuments BLIND. Get a kid these days to pick a kazoo and he'll ask if he can sample it instead. Punks.

I got more. A lot more. But I have to go back to work and play crap like "Laffy Taffy". Please, don't ask.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Sponsored by "Dees Nutz"

Looks like any updates to the blogroll is gonna have to wait 'til Monday. I got loads of radio to do this weekend and I won't have the time to do anything. However, I'm still looking for YOU to add your favorite site here. So, post them in the comments and we'll see if we can get 'em in there. You do that, and I'll hug ya and give ya a big kiss on the forehead, mmkay?

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Fixin' A Hole...AGAIN

I've been feelin' kinda funky the past few days thanks to the dialysis, so posting has been kinda slow. I feel bad when I don't get to put something down, but I gotta rest up to even try to get here. So, please don't hate, as the kids say. It's a kidney thing.

While I do have time here, I'll be updating the blogroll again and making some additions. I'm looking for new blogs and sites to add to it, jusat to broaden my mind and hook folks to others out there. If you've got a site that I can add to it, let me know in the comments. Oh, and one more thing...
G.G.B.D. is coming, February 25th. Are you Goth enough for it yet?

Monday, February 13, 2006

Another Valentine's Day

Yes, St Valentine's Day is upon us, SO....

Happy forgetting that it's Tuesday and she reminds you later that night so you say you have to go to the gas station for a moment so you run out of the house before she even asked why are you getting gas at 11:30 at night and you run off to a 24 hour Wal-Mart to see if they happen to have flowers, candy and a teddy bear, but all they have is plastic lilies, Skittles and a Furby, so you wind up getting it to stay out of trouble, but you wind up in deep anyway for even leaving the house at 11:30 because she knows you forgot it and it wouldn't have mattered if you had just given her a kiss and told her "I love you", but you had to run out of the house like Homer Simpson on a frosted donut run Day.

In all seriousness, I hope yours is well and Dan Cupid was good to you. As for me, mine is in Australia in a fifteen and half hour time zone ahead of me, so she's already gotten her cards from me. For those of you who still think of Karen as a fictional person, ladies and gentlemen, for the first and only time here on this very site, here's my sweetheart from Down Unda... That's right, fellas. She is real. Not a made up girlfriend from high school. I must be in love. Hell, I don't even want to get into the fact that I AM CALLING AUSTRALIA ALL THE TIME AND UP TILL LORD KNOWS WHEN ONLINE TALKING TO HER. But, it's the happiest I've been in a loooong time thanks to her. So, Happy V-Day, kid. And to all of you, Happy V-Day to you.

I'm gonna go before I get all mushy here.

"Cheney Accidently Shoots Fellow Hunter"

You just knew he was gonna kill somebody soon.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Tales From The Comic Box #3

I was sitting in The Comic Box as I do today on every other Sunday, trying to think of what to write about this time around. I do these posts for the people who read comics and for those who want to get an understanding of all the hype. So, I could talk about one of the very stereotypical customers that visit the store, or I could write about the fact that DC Comics has put a beatdown on Marvel that they may never recover from thaks to "Infinite Crisis".

I'll do the "Infinite Crisis" thing. The customer scared me so much that after two hours, I don't want to relive it. Trust me on this. He's a nice guy...They make the best serial killers.

Comic conventions are becoming the norm now as the place where comics and the genre get their props and the public gets to see what all the fuss is all about. Over the weekend was WonderCon, where fans get to meet up with the publishers of the books and find out what will happen to their favorite charaters in the next few months. DC, who has been dominating the sales with "I.C.", announced that they had planned everything that has been haaping now in their books for the past three years and have set up plans for their books that will last until 2008, no matter who is writing or drawing them, but putting the best people for the job. Marvel Comics, the home of Spider-Man, had no presence at the convention, yet one of their writers, Peter David, did announce that he did recieve an exclucive contract with the company.

In the words of Stone Cold Steve Austin to the Rock, "Son, you ain't showed me a damn thing."

Working in a comic book store is a little bit different than working in a regular book store, as what we sell for the most part is magazines that come out every week, which makes up for the brunt of sales in the store. In the past few months at the Comic Box, we've seen Marvel comics selling at a regular pace, but DC has been selling out constantly, even with second printings, which Marvel stopped doing sometime ago. The sales of "I.C." have done very well with us, and all associated books have been good sellers, even lower selling comics such as "Aquaman" since tying in with it. For those of you not in the know, "Infinite Crisis" is a sort of sequel to a mini series from over twenty years ago called "Crisis on Infinite Worlds" where DC cleaned up years of continutity mess where you had two Superman, two Batmen, multiple earths and broke it down to one universe. Now, the universes are looking to come back. Trust me...it's hard to explain here. Wait until there's a mass paperback for "I.C." and read it then. The new siries is a great read and I can't wait to see how it all turns out.

Marvel has a mini coming out this summer called "Civil War" which all the Marvel heroes take sides after it is revealed that a secret team has been working without the knowlege of the others in trying to save the world and now sides will be made up, which will mean hero verus hero. Now, as a faithful comic reader, it feels like Marvel is trying to one up DC with their own, as comic hyperbolie goes, an "Earth shattering event!" I wish Marvel well with it and I'll check it out, but I think I'll stick with DC.

DC is one of the very first comic companies and have been doing it since 1936. On that reputation, they have contracted the best writers in the industry to work for them and to bring their heroes and villians up to date, all while keeping their characters reader friendly and mass marketable for films, television and other mediums. With "Superman Returns" coming to screens in June, it helps that they should be able to bring in folks who only know Superman from the films or "Smallville" and let them know the original source. Marvel however, seems to be taking a backwards leap with "Civil War" and forgetting that their characters have lives beyond the printed page with the Spider-Man, X-Men and Blade movies. In fact, Blade was a much smaller Marvel hero before his big scren debut, and yet has only been featured in a few comics, other than his own which never made it past twelve issues.

I know there are fans of Marvel out there, jokingly called "zombies" ( which has now become a comic book in which Captain America, the Fantasic Four and others have become...ugggh, zombies) who will want to argue with me that they are in the right and they love what's going on with them being the more aggressive company. I'll admit they have some good books, but not enough for me to continuously read them and not be confused about what's going on. DC it seems, is reaching out for all the angles- the casual reader and the hard core fan- at once. They're doing very well for us now, and I hope, well enough to keep us in business for a few more years.

I'm dedicating this post to Mark Evanier, who was supposed to go to WonderCon, but is in the hospital for cellulitis this weekend. I hope you get better and get better food, my friend.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Too Sick For A Title

I'm not felling too well. I'm congested and I think I have a fever, really. I must be ill because I think I saw where sportscaster Al Michaels was traded from ABC to NBC for Oswald The Lucky Rabbit. Yeah, it must be the all the nasal spray I did. Makes you wonder what you'd get if you traded Terry Bradshaw for. We'd possibly get three of the Chattanooga Cats and a Smurf.

Yeah...it's the spray. It just has to be...

Thursday, February 09, 2006

How To Do Goth Girl Blog Day

I just got this question from Dave Hewitt on G.G.B.D, celebrated on Feburary 25th, from which I will answer them...

What do we watch? Rocky Horror Picture Show? Addams Family? Is it OK to watch the Olympics? (Yes, Dave. You can watch those. However, the curling event is prohibited.)

What do we listen to? Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack? Back in Black? Mozart's Requiem? Phantom of the Opera? (If you have any Siouxie and the Banshees or some Fiona Apple, that works pretty well. What's up with the Picture Show, by the way? Forget that. Do not dress like Dr. Frankenfurter...as it only causes embaressment. Really, it does. No joke.)

(I don't want to talk about it. Next...)

What do we wear? Black? A costume? Safety Pins? Do I have to put on black nail polish? (Yes, no, carefully and if you can, one with a good gloss.)

What do we eat? Death by Chocolate? Black beans? Black licorice? Liver? Frankenberry? (Yes you can eat those things, but not all together, especially the liver. I mean, really. Who eats liver anymore since we moved out from our parent's home? Foie' gras, however, is allowed. Also, Frankenberry is for wussies. Count Chocula is prefered.)

What do we drink? Chocolate Milk? Hot chocolate? 20 cups of coffee? Blood? (Okay, okay. Now, that's a bit much, the blood. I would do the coffee, as goth girls drink Starbucks alot and yet bitch and moan about how crappy corporations are. It's a goth thing, I guess.)

I need to know in order to celebrate correctly.
(Well, now you now. And knowing makes you gothy.)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

'Encore, do you want more?"

I'm watching the Grammy's like i do every year and so far, so good without a host. I came in a bit late, at least a half hour or so, but it's been cool to see the performances and some of the wins. Kelly Clarkson caught me by surprizae with hers for best female pop album and watching Jay-Z, Linkin Park and Paul McCartney together threw me for a loop. It's still on as we pseak and there's more to go, so I'm watching. What did you think of the show? Leave a comment and let's talk about it here.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Thank You

I was sitting in the clinic today and while I was going through the motions of dialysis as I do, I watched most of the memorial for Coretta Scott King. I hate funerals. You know this by now. But, this one I had to go to. This was a celebration of a great woman. I mean, over ten thousand people to honor her inside and thousands of others outside in the Georgia cold listening thru speakers of the event. This was a thank you to the mother of the civil rights movement. A thank you for reminding us to keep our eyes on the prize like her husband reminded us, and not just blacks. Everyone.

She's together with her beloved husband Martin again, possibly telling him of the journey she's taken since he left us. I hope they have a good long walk in Heaven. To quote one of the speakers at the memorial, "Home at last, home at last. Thank God almighty. She's home at last."

Monday, February 06, 2006

Sixty Facts About "24"

Yeah, you may know the facts about Chuck Norris, but what about the C.T.U.'s top agent, AJAck Bauer? Here's a few...

If Jack Bauer was in a room with Hitler, Stalin, and Nina Meyers, and he had a gun with 2 bullets, he'd shoot Nina twice.

Jack Bauer's calender goes from March 31st to April 2nd. No one fools Jack Bauer.

When life gave Jack Bauer lemons, he used them to kill terrorists. Jack Bauer f****** hates lemonade.

Jack Bauer was never addicted to heroin. Heroin was addicted to Jack Bauer.

Yeah, but he ain't no McGyver. There's more here.

I swear, you could fill in yiur own name over Jack or Chuck on these. Try it and post it in the comments. For example...

No man has ever used the phrase, "Sam Johnson is a pussy" in a sentence and lived to tel-

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Re: The Girfriend

Okay...Since I made the announcement about the girlfriend, it seems like all of a sudden, everyone wants to know how I, the idol of Millions (Irving Millions, my chiropractor...old joke there. Heh.) wound up getting so lucky. Well, once again, SHE IS REAL. Her name is Karen. However, I don't know it I should tell how we met. It isn't freaky or anything, but truthfully, I'm kinda nervous to talk about it. Sure, I can brag about the raitngs and all, but love? It areally humbles a guy sometimes. I will say that we have talked for for six months as freinds, but it was only two weeks ago that I found out that she was in love with me when she told me out of the blue. I never expected it and it hit me like an Ali right. I wound up in a freakin' daze because of it for awhile, but I realized that I really did love her too afterwards.

See, most of you who read this rabble have heard me time and again complaining about why can't I find a good woman and where the hell are they? When finally I meet one and life is great. But...Di you ever see that Road Runner cartoon when R.R. went through a bunch of pipes that Wile E. Coyte pulled out and Wile E. got smaller and the Runner got bigger and then finally they stopped and Wile E. grabbed the Runner by the leg? That coyote looked straight up and saw the biggest bird he ever saw. He looked straight at the camera and help up a sign that said on one side, "Now that I finally got him", then turned it around and it read, "Now what will I do?" It's kinda like that with me, other than the long explanation. But, that's just me, as you know.

Here's the rub. Karen is from Australia. She met me online. It wasn't a fix up. No one took pity on me. She just popped up six months ago and shes now in my life. All the way from Australia. And I don't care. Because I'm in love, even it's a fifteen and a half hour delay. So, I'm finally going public with it. I AM OFFICIALLY IN LOVE.

God, I'm such a dork.

Oh...and she's hot.

Love you, kid. I did this just about you.

Hero At Large

I'll forgo the Super Day After Saturday stuff for later to let you check out a interesting corespondence I took place in a few days ago. I don't know how many of you have ever though of puttinga towel around your neck as a kid, then growing up and really doing it, but a couple of guys have, sans the towel. Perhaps you heard about a real superhero named Doktor Discord running around in Indianapolis. I didn't think there would be super villians running around Indiana, but you gotta go where the cr Now most of you may think I'm joking , but he and his teamate, Mr. Silent were just featured on NPR. Really. Some of you may think of this as a joke, as I had my doubts, but they seem very ernest in what they do. So, I had to let the good Doktor know how I felt about it. So, since he has a spot on My Space, I decided to drop him a note....

Okay, I'm just gonna be a fanboy about this whole thing.

It's actually cool as hell that you became a superhero (Avenger? Vigilante? Crime fighter? What would you prefer?) I mean, do you really parol the streets? Have you really stopped a serious, heinous crime in progress? Is this just some overblown fantasy that just came over you one day, ala Bruce Wayne? I mean, my God. I wish I could just put on a mask myself and protect the streets. But, it's not like the comics out there, where it's so obvious. It's the real word, sadly. The unexpected happens. In the real world, superheroes don't come back from the dead.

I'll support your efforts, Doktor. I wish you olny the best and hope that you do make a difference out there. But, it would hurt me to know that one night, you didn't make it back from your last patrol. Knowing that a hero lost his life. But, while you're out there, kick some ass for those that kinda belive in capes and cowls, okay? Give 'em hell. After they get it, give 'em more.

Sam Johnson

I got a surpize in my email a few days later....

well sam,to answer your questions

yes,we really go out and patrol...(not as often as we'd like to due to work and whatnot)

we haven't stopped any "serious" crime like a bank robbery or say,giant killer bubblebee robots..but we've helped a handful of people.

mr. silent and i have had the idea to do this for at least 2-3 years but we just never really treated it as seriously as we do now...all of our old allies who were going to join up years ago have moved away..there was captain jamaica and train man,and the Plunisher (pleather punisher) is still around,but he's become a total drunk.

thank you for supporting what we do. it makes me feel hopefull about our potential world. godspeed citizen.

Dok Discord

It seems that he and his allies are just regular guys that want to keep the peace in their town. They just do it in masks,is all. I hope all goes well with them in the fight to keep justice in Indianapolis. As for me doing it here in Savannah, I'll wait until we get us the flying car they've been promising us since the fifties. Otherwise, I'll just keep my eyes open and watch out for the other guy. You do the same.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Just a few things....

"Grampa" Al Lewis died earlier today. He was my only other Grampa...

Nachos are Yummy, especially when they star Jack Black and get directed by the guy that did "Napolian Dynamite". Watch the trailer and have some toast...

Lance Armstrong has broken up with Sheryl Crow, if it makes you happy...

Madison Avenue will win the Super Day after Saturday (I can't use the name now since I'd have to pay the NFL for a licence fee)...

Oh, and I guess I can come out with it now. I have a girlfriend now. Really. This is not a misprint. This is real. And she loves me. She told me. I'll talk about it later.

Friday, February 03, 2006

In General

I took a day away from the site just to get my head together after the ratings on Wedmesday. I went out with a few freinds that night, then on Thursday night I had a live broadcast from a bar for the big weekend. I'll have photos up later this evening for that. But, it's really mind boggling how that all worked out. I said to myself that I wanted to make some changes in my life for 2006 and so far, it's worked out. My health is great thanks to the new clinic, the ratings are fantastic, and...Well, there's alot of other stuff going on that I really can't talk about right now. But for the first time in awhile, I'm happy. No worries and everything. Just thinking about it now makes me feel like I'm a winner. Could this be the end now of the RSJSnafter two and a half years, now that he has nothing to bitch about and life is swell?

NAAAAH. I'm having way too much fun here. I may have had my problems...But I feel much better now.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I'm Number One (kinda)!

I just got the ratings in on my I-95 Saturday night show and I am proud to report that I have tied with my sister station E-93 for first, getting an average 12.1 share in our demographic, males 25-54. Which makes me the most listen to show on Saturday nights for men! Honestly, there's not much I can say here except thanks to all the listeners out there who help me to get there. If it wasn't for you guys, I would be working at a Mickey D's. Or in television. I don't think you have the stomach for that. I'm off to celebrate. See ya!

Wasn't That A Party!

Wow, this was a good National Gorilla Suit Day. I had fun wearing the suit and all. Meeting new folks and telling everyone, "Happy National Gorilla Suit Day!" It was really fun in at the grocery store while I was picking up bananas. Let me tell you, I never saw a grocery store manager so happy to sell out of fruit. Of course I still had problems with other folks out there who tell me to take off the suit. I told them to take off their clothes, and a major shouting match started. Here was a man in a gorilla suit arguing with a 45 year old man who was still wearing his uniform from work, which happened to be Dairy Queen. Now, which guy looked stupid and which was in the right? Of, course, I was. I then slapped him with my banana and told him to split. Get it?

Oh well, the day is over now. I'm in my comfy clothes as I write this. Thanks to everyone that's stopped by today. Thanks especially to Mark for the use of his banners and letting us in on all the fun. And to Don Martin, the greatest Mad Man of all time for one of the funniest stories ever drawn and helping to make me the subversive dolt that I am today.

One great holiday is now over. Another is coming. On Febuary 25th, get ready...