Sunday, April 23, 2006

The 50 Unsexiest Women In The World Poll

Here it is. Fighting all the pain in the world to do this (more on that later), we here at Sam-a-rama Industries have created The 50 Unsexiest Women In The World Poll, in answer to The Phoenix's 100 Unsexiest Men list. The only difference is the power is in your hands. While The Phoenix did their poll at the office, you have the chance to say how you feel about the women on the list. Also, I only came up with fifty becasue I was in the hospital on Friday and still feeling loopy. But because I care, I came up with this list. The polls are open now to your right, so vote and vote often, but it will end on April 30th, with results on May 1st. May the most unsexiest win!

Update I had to change a name or two on the poll, plus I had to check the spelling on a couple of those. Now vote!

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Unknown said...

Where is the list...? Do I not see it?