Sunday, April 16, 2006

"NYYYAAH, Mugs! Here's yer Messiah!"

I'm wishin' you a very happy Easter day and hope that you got all the eggs you wanted. I got mine this morning after I went to Burger King and got me an Enormous Omlet Sandwich. I think it may have the a dye or two to make the eggs look more yellow, so I kinda celebrated.

I actually miss doing stuff on Easter. As a kid, I would dress up for church and do my little Easter speech that every child has to do. For the most part, "All I have to say, is happy Easter Day" was my introduction to fame. Once I did that, all the adults woud say "awwww" and slip me a dollar or two when I came off the stage. That worked until I got to age ten and I had to find another way to get noticed. So, I started singing solos in the choir and did a pretty good job of it. I had a great time rockin' and rollin' in the church, hitttin' those high notes while my mom was on the piano playing away. Afterwards, we would come home where Mama had buffet of food waiting for us while we watched "The Ten Commandments". Good times.

Last night, for the first time in years, I sat down and watched "Commandments" and remembered just how cool the movie was. I caught some of the new version ABC ran earlier in the week and it hit me that Dougray Scott may be a good actor, but we are talkin' Charlton Heston he's up against. Mark Walberg should have told Scott that you should never covet a role that Chuck Heston began. Maybe that should have been the 11th commandment. Just the overall cheesiness of the Cecil B. DeMille version is what makes it the best. As dated as it may seem, the orginal still tells the story the best way, with all the pomp and circimstance the Bible has. I sat thru every minute of it last night and enjoyed every minute of it. "Where's your Messiah now, Moses? Nyyyyah, see you mugs?" C'mon...Edward G. Robinson as Daathan? Coolness.
More later today. Stay Tuned...

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faustina said...

How wonderful to run across this post tonight!
I had noticed that folks were stopping by your fb page, thinkin' 'bout ya, and probably wanting a few of your words to read...
so I gave them these.
You know, "The Ten Commandments" celebrated its 65th anniversary this year. Fathom Events even had it screened in the cinemas and I went to it with my friend Carolyn.
All four hours of it.
That was the first and only time I've ever seen it without commercials.
Good thing it had an intermission - just five minutes - for a bathroom break!
How magnificent it was!
You would have really gotten a kick out of it, kid.