Friday, June 23, 2006

The internet is a fickle mistress...

I found out why my WiFi isn't working, which is totally beyond my control, so until further notice, it looks like I'll have to post here from the job, which kinda sucks. NO, really sucks. Do you all know how fast I wanted to jump on that Connie Chung story? The NBA Championships? Plus, the computers here are so old, their data reads 1011100110001001. Ok, only programmers will get that joke, I just feel it.

The good news is I'll be working on a new Real Sam Johnson Radio show this weekend and I'll make up for stuff I haven't had a chance to talk about here, plus some hot music. Just to warn you...The show could wind up nearly an hour this time with all the stuff I've got. We're talking Superman, stripper names, Pizzacato Five, Jonny Quest, Crap Mail, and what happended during my surgery. That's just some of the stuff you'll hear, as a warning. Plus, an appearance from Mongo The Friendly Drelb. Okay, that was a Laugh In reference right there, but you get the point. It'll be a freewheeling fun time, so I hope you'll check it out next week.

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