Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sam-a-rama Magazine #3: Back In The Day

If your just getting here early and you noticed that today's post wasn't up yet, it's because I've been running between radio stations this morning. But we're here and I've got some cool shots from Friday's Back In The Day concert in Savannah. Hope you like 'em.
First off on the show was one of the first R&B/rap groups Force MD's. You may remember them from one of the best slow jams of the eighties, "Tender Love". They originally started as a quintet, sadly however two of the members have passed on, but the group still grooves on and sound just as good now as they did then.

Here's L.A. Sunshine from The Treacherous Three, who had hits such as "Body Rock" and "The New Rap Language". Here's an interesting story: When the group made their way to the radio station to do their promotion, I bumped into L.A. and he mentioned to me that I looked familier. I asked him where he was from from, not knowing that he was who he was. I knew the songs, but could never remember any photos of the group, save only seeing shots of former member Kool Moe Dee. So when I saw the group on stage, I was stupified. We got to talk later, but it was a great feeling to think that a Hip Hop legend thought I was someone from his past. I would have loved to have been there.

I knew that Rap had made it to the mainstream when I heard Tim Kazurinsky (remember that name?) do his version of "The Message" on a episode of Saturday Night Live in 1983. The song was such a huge influence on rap as you hear it today. It focused on urban life for the first time and was as raw then as it is now. So it was great to see the two men who wrote the classic, Grandmaster Melle Mel and Scorpio (touring with Grandmaster Caz on the turntables) step up to the stage. You should have seen the hands in the air once the song started up!

I've got more shots that I'll post later this evening. But let's just say that I had a great time reliving my youth and seeing these guys get the respect they deserve.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Ain't No Half Steppin'

I'll have shots of the show up on Sunday, but until then...
Nobody does it better than THE Big Daddy Kane. Big ups to all my old schoolheads out there. Sunday's post is for you.

HIp Hop, Hippity-Hop, You Just Don't Stop

The easy way to do a blog these days is to just post a video clip and be done with it. So just to keep me on my toes, I do the Sam-a-rama Sunday Magazine. Don't you like days like that? Just sitting around the house on a Sunday and just purousing the paper? Well, that's why I'm doing them for folks like you. Ths Sunday is no different. Because I'll be telling you about how I spent my Friday night wtih Hip Hop legends Kurtis Blow, Big Daddy Kane, The Sugar Hill Gang and more during their stop in Savannah for the Back In The Day Tour. If I'm lucky, I'll have some accompaning photos to go along with it, along with the usual mess I do. I am really excied about tonight, since I haven't been to a show in a bit and to see some of my rap heroes takes me back. Way back. Anyways, wish you guys were here for it just to see me with a Kangol on.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Nobody's Watching

How's this for a show? two guys from Ohio get a call from Hollywood to do a reality show where they live on a stage set up as a house. Hard to explain, but that's the premise of "Nobody's Watching", co-created by Bill Laurence, creator of "Scrubs" and "Spin City", two wonderful programs. The pilot was shot in '95 for the WB, but they picked up "Twins" instead, which I never saw and can't really compare the two. However, NBC has decided to pick up "Nobody" with webisodes ever since someone up loaded it to You Tube. The whole story is here, but here's the pilot of the show, in three segments. I just finished watching and thought it was original and very very funny. Check out the opening comments in Chapter 1 and and new term for poo if you hate bad tv as much as these guys.




Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A few short hits....

Metallica will finally release songs on ITunes. That's the pot calling the kettle "The Black Album".

Dakota Fanning doing film that will include violent sexual content. Somebody find me everyone involved in that film so I can punch them in the throat.

Lance Bass of N'Sync has told a magazine that he is gay
. It will be featured in this month's Tell Us Something We Don't Know Weekly.

Ken Jennings rips on "Jeopardy" and Alex Trebbek on his blog.
In other news, Ken Jennings allegedly to have spent all his winnings on Pop Rocks and Thunderbird. Funny how it's the other way around around now, huh Kenny?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"As God is my witness, I thougt turkeys could fly."

If you have nothing to do for the next twenty two minutes, I suggest you watch one of the funniest sitcoms that ever hit the airwaves, WKRP in Cincinatti. Funny for the fact that it was produced by MTM Productions, who gave you so many great shows of the seventies. Funny for the fact that it had a great ensamble cast who had wonderful chemistry. Funny that it had some great writers and directors on the show. What is not funny is that we the public have to deal with years of waiting for a DVD collection due to artists rights of songs played in the show.It still remains the one reason I ever got into the radio business, even though every character on the show is everyone I have ever worked with since 1983. So, enjoy this episode now dealing with the station awaiting the arrival of punk band Scum of The Earth before You Tube takes this one down and screws more fun out of their site.

By the way, it has always been Bailey Quarters for me. If anyone knows where I can meet a woman like that, please let me know. Quick. They don't stay single long.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sam-a-rama Sunday #2

Well, it's a georgious Sunday morning here in Savannah and it's time for another issue of The Parade Magazine for goofballs. Really, the only reason I'm doing this now is to stay awake. I got to the job around 5;50 this morning and didn't get much sleep at home. So, you guys are kinda helping me stay up here. So let's do it.

My Mickey Spilane Story

A couple of years ago, Mickey Spillane said, "I'm the most translated writer in the world, behind Lenin, Tolstoy, Gorki and Jules Verne. And they're all dead...". Well, he's gone now too, along with those other great witers into the heavens. Although, I can imagine it just became a bit more grittier up there now and the devil doesn't have a chance in his own home of escaping justice.

I was saddened to hear of Spillane's death. His no nonsense writing style with it's slang and gunslinging picked up from where Chandler and others left off and can still be felt to this day. Mike Hammer may be more known for a bad tv show these days, but his written adventures were some of the best detective fiction ever written. The titles alone sold the book without even reading it. ""My Gun Is Quick", "I, The Jury", "The Erection Set". He was so cool, he even married the model on the cover of the paperback version of the last book!

Mick was also one of the few authors to play his own creation on film, when he portrayed Hammer in "The Girl Hunters" in 1964, solidifying his own tough guy image on the screen and on the pages. However, he lived a quiet life just outside of Myrtle Beach, writing his books and enjoying the beaches since the fifties.

So, where I do I come into Spillane's life? It was 1991 and there was a mini comic book convention going on at the Hyatt here in Savannah. Of course I had go. So, as soon as I walk into the lobby of the hotel, who should I see wearing his signature snap brim hat was Mickey. Let me tell you, the man was huge. If Hammer had to describe him, "He looked like a man that didn't take yap from anybody. He was a big man, the kind that looked like he could take a bear on if he wanted." The guy was literally larger than life to me. But then again, I'm only five-ten. Spillane was just bigger than normal. So, I had to just meet the guy. I walked up to him, held out my hand and said, "Mr. Spillane. I'm sorry to do this to you, but I just had to come up to meet you." He took my hand in his giant paw, shoock it and said, "Thanks, kid. Call me Mickey." I was awstruck.

I wasn't trying to be nosey, but I asked him what he was doing here in Savannah, not knowing that he only lived less than three hours away. He said he was here to see a few freinds in the hotel and wanted to stop in for lunch with his wife (not the one above, but his third and final). He asked me what I was doing here and I mentioned to him about the comic convention. He reminded me that he used to write comics in his early days, writing prose stories for Marvel in the forties. Even creating a detective character called Mike Danger before he changed his last name to something harder. I asked him would he ever to to a convention like the one upstairs and he shrugged and said, "Nahh. I wouldn't know how to handle that crowd." We talked for another minute or two while I gave him a tip or two on some good spots for food and I got his autograph. We said thanks to each other, shook hands once again and walked away. Sadly, I lost the signature, but the memory of meeting a figure like Mickey Spillane will forever live on.

Mickey Spillane never cosidered himself an author, but a writer who told stories and damn what the critics thought. One thing that he once said after dealing with those who said his books were nothing but blood, sex and violence was, "I have no fans. You know what I got? Customers. And customers are your friends." If that's the case, I made a great pal that day. Good looking out, Mickey.

And Now, A Word From Our Sponsor Here's an ad for Wham-o Wheelie Bar somewhere around the mid to late sixites. It's way cool to see those Schwinn Stingrays doing tricks. Let's see Corey Hart ride these.

A Cornicopia Of Comic-Con

As I said a couple of days ago, The San Diego Comic-Con is the biggest events of the year when it comes to comics, movies and tv. More and more, it's become a huge fan fest, with its very vocal crowds and entertainemnt outlets making major announcements of upcoming projects. Here's links to just some of the once made, usually before Variety or any other finds out...

J.J. Abrams WILL be doing the film version of "Star Trek- The Original Series". Here's the link to the poster.

Venom WILL be the other villan in "Spider-Man 3", played by Topher Grace. Not too bad of a choice there, Rami.

I told you about "My Name Is Earl" getting a comic, but Steven Colbert? Now it's getting ridiculous.

If you're a fan of "Lost", you'll love the news here along with some action figures. More like "inaction" since they doen't do much but sit there and creep you out.

Same thing for "Snakes On A Plane". "Do those poor snakes on the plane really deserve to die? 'Yes, they do deserve to die, and I hope they burn in hell!' (Sam) Jackson exclaimed." Please, Jeebus. Let him say that in the movie!

Say hello to my little comic! Scarface is even getting a book.

Finally, the best news from the show for me. Not only will Warner Brothers finally realeasing Richard Donner's version of "Superman II" with never before seen footage, but he's also co-writing Action Comics with former assistant Geoff Johns. Spectacular.

Blog News

Swan Shadow celebrates a few milestones this month.

Mondo Daddykin was set to retire after only a two months online due to haters and such. It looks like he's back and with a vengance. Go, Daddykins, go!

I've met so many people from Montana, so when I get to see photos from Big Sky Country like Moos took, it makes me me want to move there more and more. I'd be the only Black man there, but still...

The Fink File has moved. And moved again. So has The Beat to a new home. Frickin' stay put, alright?

The Music Section Here's ther video for Men At Work's "Overkill". One of their best tunes, in my opinion.

A Question for You

Should I do a sort of Pay Pal thing to kind of help with webhosting for site, along with helping to hold future Real Sam Johnson Radio Shows? I've actually tried to upload to places like Freeweb and Yahoo Geocities that are free, but they only hold so much. Hell, I can't even get a fundraiser for a kidney transplant going right now. Let me know what you think of this, please.

And Finally...

Here's a wonderful cartoon done by UPA, who also created Mr. Magoo. This is "Christopher Crumpet", done in 1953. Enjoy it and enjoy your weekend. Drop me a comment and let me know what you think of asll this today. I'll talk to you soon and thanks for reading!

Friday, July 21, 2006


It was so hot today...

President Bush spoke at an NAACP convention for the cold reception.

Speaking of which, why is it he had to speak so loudly there? Did he think talking like a Black baptist pastor was gonna help him there? If he'd have had Deacon Cheney there to back him up with a couple of "amens" and a "preach, brotha" here and there, it might have gone better. Y'all know what I'm talking 'bout.


Damn, I need some more Black people reading this sometimes.

Oh well, here's George in a little bit from The Daily Show with someone else giving him the cold shoulder. See how I did that? I worked it all the way back to the joke. Watch out, Colbert. I'm gunning for your gig, boy!

Thursday, July 20, 2006


As mentioned in the post below, this is Geek Weekend with the culmination of the annual San Diego Comic-Con, which has turned into a sort of Cannes for fanboys. Not only are comic companies and game producers there now, but look for more television and movie studios to show up with more news to make your head explode about upcoming events and projects. Most of the sites in my blogroll are either going for the fun or will be participating for the four day convention and will more than likely post reports on their sites. To those people...


Oh, well. One day....

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

"Clerks II Doesn't Sell" Says Joel Siegel

This is really the summer of movies for Geeks. X-Men 3, Superman Returns and coming out this Friday, Kevin Smith's "Clerks II". I've followed this guy's carreer from the beginning, through all the movies, comics and more. It interesting that he would go back to begining to get things on track after "Jersey Girl", which I thought was not a good thing. Hey, it had Affleck AND J-Lo in it, so that was a bad sign right there. Now, when I heard that the "Clerks" sequel had gotten an eight minute standing ovation at Cannes, I knew this would be a good sign for the movie. The next good sign? "Good Morning America"'s Joel Siegel walking out loudly in the middle of a press screening after watching a scene in the film describing a very foul act that I can't really say here. But, let's just say that the act has just made the box office go up after all the publicity now over it, including an on air debate between Silent Bob and Joel on The Opie and Anthony Radio Show (WAIT. These sacks still have a job? ON RADIO?!) I can't wait to see the movie now after hearing this. As for Siegel, the old phrase, "I'd like to shave his mustache and teach him to walk backwards" fits him fine here.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

"Let's Roll, Kato"

I think some of you know my fondness for Britt Reid and his alter ego, the Green Hornet. If not, let me upadate you a bit. The Hornet was created in the mid thirties by the same folks who created the Lone Ranger. In fact, Britt is a relative of the Ranger, either nephew or grand newphew, depending on who tells the story. Now, I could get into the history of the radio show, or go on for hours about the televsion show. We've all heard about how Bruce Lee got his start there. I just want to show you something that was just added to You Tube a day ago. Someone in France made a fan film with G.H. that looks great, even with a low bugdet. This makes me want to see a movie soon on the big screen. Have a look.

Oh, and David? You're welcome. You can stop screaming like a tween at a Taylor Hicks show now.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Why YOU Should Read Comics Now

This is gonna be huge. I honestly can't wait to check it out. Look, if Sgt. Bilko can have a comic (of which I happen to own an issue of), why can't Earl? Here's the story behind it..

Oh, and in case you should wonder if he did or not...


Ummmm, first things first. I have internet service again at home, which means I can now post regularly again. We'll see how that goes before something screws up. I do like the magazine format, so look for that to continue on Sundays. Also, If you haven't downloaded the Radio Show yet, don't. As it seems, it's gotten to the download limit so what you have if you did get it is the LIMITED COLLECTOR'S EDITION. However, I will be doing more as I've just gotten my new editing system together on the computer and hopefully, I'll have a new show here this week with the proper way of getting it, via a podcast site such as Yahoo Podcast and ITunes. Check back with me on that later this week and I'll let you know how it turns out.

NOW...Ain't It Cool has the very first review of the greatest movie of the year, "SNAKES ON A PLANE". I haven't seen the new "Pirates" movie yet, nor alot of the new releases. But by gum, I will see this movie. And knowing me, doing my best not to crap my pants due to my fear of snakes. But I will see this movie just to hear Sam Jackson say the greatest line in film history since "Bagdes? We don't need so stinkin' badges!"
Just a reminder....This is not me. I've lost a few pounds asa you may well know.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sam Johnson Returns

AND WE'RE BACK! Kinda...

I should apologize to regular readers for being gone, but honestly, I had been going thru some personally rough moments the past few weeks that had me on the ropes but still swinging, albeit blind in some places. It all culminated in what I thought was a heart attack, but was a very heavy anxiety attack last Saturday. I'm a bit better now, but it stings that I had to be stuck in a moment and I couldn't get out of it for a bit, to use U2's phrase. One of my Main Joys in life these days is the opportunity to come to the website and jot down goofy little things and folks get a giggle or two (actually, the hits have become bigger and often these days, thanks to a recent posting of a Paris Hilton here. "Stars Are Blind", indeed.) But, I'm still trying to get things settled around Casa de Sammy, so I still won't be posting as often, i.e. daily. I will however will begin posting on Sundays only for the time being, with a sort of weekly wrap up of what we usually do here: Just plain stuff. Consider the site for the time being CBS Sunday Morning without Charles Osgood with ribbed t-shirt and Levi's. Oh yeah, I've lost a few pounds as well, so I can wear that again. There's a few good things about being broke.

Superman Comes Back

Well, I suppose by now almost everyone has seen "Superman Returns", meaning that while it has done great at the box office, it has some folks kinda stymied on whether Kal-El has become a bit of a soaring romantic after leaving Earth for five years. I finally got to see the finished product two weeks ago and I thought the film was great. Not Super Great, but great. I love the fact that Bryan Singer sort of picks up where Richard Donner left off with "Superman II" ( I know Richard Lester gets the on screen credit, but that was Donner's vision that started it.) and I thought that the film hits the right notes in some places. But, there were a few things that had me thinking that they could have done a much better job in others. I was very happy with Brandon Routh's portrayal, but reading the comics as much as I do these days, I was kinda hoping to see Supes take on some real super powered baddies. Not knocking on Kevin Spacey's take on Lex Luthor, but really. Doing the heavy lifting bit get's kind of old after a while. For the love of Rao, take down a killer robot or a dinosaur let loose on Metropolis for once. Beat the hell out of a monster for once. The interpetation I've ever seen of the Man of Steel, not counting the Max Fleicher era, was the final episode of "Justice Leauge Unlimited" earlier this year, when facing intergalactic despot Darkseid, basically said that whenever they battled he would have to worry about using too much power on anyone, which could do major damage. But, with this guy, all bets were off and it was time he showed him what a Superman could really do by laying the Smacketh Down on the baddie. It's nice to see Superman as a sort of Christ figure here, but for once, can we see him as a quiet bad ass for once in the films?

As a Real Fan, this is all I ask. Maybe the giant spider robot wasn't a bad idea after all.

Do You Belive In Magic?

Here's the opening for the animated series "Mission: Magic" starring Rick Springfield in his first starring role from 1973. Honestly, the only thing good about this was the theme song, which I still jam from time to time. Hope you like it.

I Hope He Finally Got A Good Dinner

It would true if I were to say that we are losing a American resource in Borcht Belt Humor. In less than a week, comic Jan Murray then Red Buttons passed away. I know that comedy has to evolve in order to work, but guys like Red were few and far between. It seems like to me, nobody seems to do jokes just to do jokes anymore. Everybody wants a TV deal (I know I did when I tried it). A guy like Buttons was reliable when you needed a punchline here or there. I saw a clip of him during CBS News' post mortem wrap up, with Red at a podium recently saying," You've heard of 'The 2,000 Year Old Man'. Well, here comes 'The 2,000 Year Old Act' " that had me in stitches. It may have been an old act, but it worked thanks to a guy who loved to make folks laugh. He'll be missed.

Now, This Word From Our Sponsor#1

Here's a Cherrios ad featuring Underdog, circa 1967.

The Real Sam Johnson Radio Show Update

I hope that alot of you enjoyed the first two podcast I've done. I did the best that I could with them, but I'd really like to hear your imput on the programs. Do they sound okay? Am I talking too much? Is the music too ecclectic? Of course if you missed it the first time, go here for the first show to download, then here to download the second. Please let me know what you think, as I'm getting ready to work on a new show and I'd really want to know what you think. Thanks ahead of time.

Amos & Andy

Did you know that in the eighties, CBS tried to bring back "Amos & Andy" back as a Saturday Morning series for kids? I love to wonder how that would have turned out. You know that the NAACP would have had to say something about it. I've said before that the televsion series has had a stigma around it since the show started on radio and created by white men, Freeman Godson and Charles Correll in the late 20's. But, I think it did more for showing blacks in a different light. When they weren't being shown wearing blackface, of course.

Well, for anyone wondering just how good or bad the televison show was, here's a clip from the show featuring Tim Moore as the Kingfish, who was no more as ruthless the some of the characters from a UPN show these days. And a lot more funnier, I think. Now If I can just find those animated cartoons from the thirties...

Now, A Word From Our Alternate Sponsor

Here's some really cool toy commercials from the seventies. Did you have any of these?

And On That Note...

I think that's gonna do it for this week. I hope you do like the temporary new format and I hope that you'll continue to come by each week for all the goings on here. Thanks again for all your support and we'll see you here next Sunday. Same Sam Time, same Sam Channel. Be good and keep yer noses clean til then.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

In Case You Were Wondering...


I'll be back soon with good stuff. I promise. Until then, The Partidge Family were neither birds nor family. Discuss....