Friday, October 20, 2006

A Man Named Moose

What pray tell is in a name? Does your name fit you perfectly? Are you proud of your name? Well, today dear reader, I have heard a name said in public I thought I would never hear anywhere. We'll get to it in a sec. For suspense purposes, of course.

When you read a lot of comics as I have, you hear names being used that sound different form the names you hear on the street. You know...guys named Lance. Now fifty years ago, if you knew a guy named Lance, he was a Man's man. Now if you knew a guy named Lance, he's a man's Man. Lance Armstong doesn't count.

I mean names like Clark or Carter. How about Brick? ANybody withthe name of Brick was the right to wallop the living piss out of you. No questions asked, no note from mom. You took a punch in the snoot and LIKED IT. One of those fast talkin' guys from the ganster movies. "Nyyaa see, mugs? That's how we do things around here, see? Nyaaa. Now shut yer yap and gimmie a Mocha Frappachino, lo-fat with cinnamon, see?" If you ever saw that at Starbucks, it would care the Liberal out of you.

So today, I go into work and do the typical (bitch and moan) when I see my co-worker Gena show up. She introdues me to a couple of guys she's leaving with. Now honestly, the first guy I could give two hoots about. But the other guy? Well...

First of all, he seemed like an ordinary guy, nothing special about the guy. He didn't look weird or anything. It was his name that stuck out. The name was Moose.

Holy crap on a popsicle stick.

I know his mama didn't name him that.

How does what get the name Moose? What happened in his life to be named Moose? Did his friends call him Moose? Does his mama call him Moose? Are there little Meeses somewhere?
I had only heard that the name Moose as a myth. There was a kid actor in the Seventies named Moosie I saw all the time and he was a tough kid, for Hollywood standards. And, there's Moose who lived in Riverdale and knew Archie and the gang and always beat the hellout of Reggie for messing with his "gurl" Midge. I never however thought that I would ever meet a guy named Moose. I don't know if women named Midge exists these days either, and if you know of one, let me know.

Anyways, the name just through me is all. If was only a brief meeting, but to this day, I will always remember that if something should ever happen to me, I can always say that I have been on Wheel of Fortune, hung with kings, drank with fools and knew a man named Moose.
I have a blessed life, don't I?

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