Monday, February 26, 2007


Crap. I was so busy yesterday trying to put finishing touches on my term paper, that I completly forgot to celebrate Goth Girl Blog Day here. I guess I truly have been that busy that it slipped my mind. At least I got an email from Dave Hewitt telling me how he celebrated it.

"I had a great Goth Girl Blog Day. I left my Fiona Apple and ChemicalRomance CD's at work, and I raced out to the library on Saturday and wasable to get "Extraordinary Machine" CD. (Yes, I still rely on the publiclibrary for my music). I listened to Fiona Apple in the morning while Iread a book on the human brain. I worked that afternoon at the bookstore(no Goth girls there today), but was home in time for the Oscars. It was great that one billion people watched the Oscars and celebrated Goth Girl Blog Day with us. I noticed that before the Celebration started, Barbara Walters had a special. In it, she wore a black dress to interview Eddie Murphy and again at the end she wore a different black dress. With her pasty white skin, she epitomized the whole Goth Girl thing. I think we should name her Ms. Goth Girl Blog Day 2007.

I hope you had a great day too."

Once again, my appoligies to the readers. That, along with the above image will haunt me for days. Next year, we do it right. GOTH STYLE.

Savannah Idol

don't watch the show as much, but once in a while I'll tune into American Idol to see all the fuss. Personally, it drives me buggy. If I were twenty years younger, I'd be all over that show trying to get on and WIN. You heard me. Back then, I was a pretty good mid tenor and could belt out with the best of them. These days, I'm a high baritone and everyone in a while, I'll get up and do a kareoke tune or if I catch a musician friend of mine I would see about sitting in for a song or two, but I had my dreams back then. I even wanted to start a band back in high school, but could never get it off the ground. A the dreams of youth.

Well, it's time to pass it along to a new generation and here in Savannah it's gone to Stephanie Edwards. She's a student at Armstrong State University and is now a part of pop culture thanks to Fox. If you've heard her in the past few weeks, she has a great voice, but here in Savannah, we've known that since she's done loads of performances here. Right now, she's in this close to getting into the Top ten and I think with her talent, she could go far. Now, if there's an Idol on the show that's near you, embrace them. Show them some love. I'll try to watch as many shows as I can and I may even vote for Stephanie every chance I get. Because up there on that stage is every person from every little town who has the chance to finally shine. Make us proud, Stephanie. The Seaport is watching you.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Music And The Lack Of Cultural Diversity In Radio

Okay, we got a lot to talk about here. First, let me apologize once again for the lateness of posting. It's really been a very busy week for me and it's going to be busier soon as preregestration for Spring Quarter rolls up and finals loom over my head. It's hear to think that I started on this in January, but I'm glad I made the decision to return to college. Truthfully, it keeps me occupied, which is great for me. I don't have to sit around the house and lament all the time. However, now I have no real time whatsoever to spend. With dialysis as a job unto itself, not to mention the real job and part time classes, I'm now gone seven days a week from the house, which by the way is in major disarray at this point. Maybe by Spring Break, I can do a Spring clean up. Hopefully.

Anyhow, I suppose you're wondering the title of this post? Well, that is the name of my one week late term paper. It began in January on the first day of my Strategies For Success class when my teacher Mrs. Rubin gave us a hand out with various topics included and told the students to pick one from the bunch for a term paper. It was t6o be four to five pages log with at least three references. There were such things as "Animals", "Parenting Skills", "Schitzophrenia" and so forth. I have nothing to do with the first, the last one I won't admit to and the others were just too much for me to deal with. Somehow, the term "cultural diversity" seemed to stand out to me. So, like a jackass, I picked it. Blindly. If you were to look at me notes for that day, you would see the term "cultural diversity" and a little "WFT?!" highlighted in orange.

So I began to research the subject, but it just felt too broad to me. How would I tackle a five page paper on cultural diversity and make it sound good? That when through my mind for days into weeks. As I said before, I've been busy. Thank goodness I'm sticking to being a part time student and taking only two classes. If I were to take a full load, I'd be rocking back and forth with a blue blanket saying, "No way out, no way out". Going to dialysis doesn't help either, since all I want to do when I'm done is just sleep. I've taken to turn off the phone more lately and just close my eyes after I'm done with that. I'm sore, tired and really, bike rides aren't on the schedule at the moment. So, you can imagine how I felt about the term paper.

Finally after weeks of trying to put it to paper, it hit me. Why not flip the term and use it towards something I know about? So I used the ttile that you see before you above. However, by the time I came up with it, it came down to the final week and a half of the paper being due. I asked Mrs. Rubin for an extention for the paper which she thankfully gave me and I jumped into the research with both feet. Since I don't have internet serveice at home, I went to the school library and pulled as much as could. I also checked my personal facts on the subject, using my own history of the topic and shaped the paper as much as possible. In the end, I think it turned out wonderful at five pages. I'd post it here but I won't since first of all, it's pretty long and two, it blasts radio, which I'm still doing. Mind you, I did a lot of research at the radio station and told no one of what I doing until it was done at the time. Yes, it's like biting the hand that feeds you, but I said what had to be said and it's done. I'm proud of it and I hope to get a good grade on the topic.

That being said, I've kind of realised how I go about writing. When I have to post here, usually there's a topic that I see on the web that day or something in the news at the moment that strikes my interest. I'll then try to post it as quickly as I can so I don't feel like I'm jumping on the same subject as other bloggers and look like I'm jumping on a bandwagon. However, it the topic is bit more personal, I'll sit on it a few days, run it through my head a bit and try to draft it out before making it public. I don't know if any of you writers work the same way, but somehow it helps me. That's how I was able to get my paper done for class. I started work on the final draft last Wednesday and today I'll put a nice sheen to it by making sure the bibliography comes out clean.

As for grading, I'm wishing for a A, but since it's late I just hope to come out with a B minus, tops. I'm also happy to have gotten as far as I have. When I started the idea of going back to school, I knew it would be a tough road to go down, but I'm glad to take up the challenge. I now have thre and a half years to go before I get my degree. This was just one paper entitled "Music and the Lack of Cultural Diversity in Radio". If I can pull that one off, then the theisis paper ought to be a hoot.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Deadline: USA!

Folks, you'll have to forgive me bunches for not updating this week. I've had a term paper and a biography to finish up with in the past week, so I was doing more writing than ususal. I'm alomost done, so by Sunday you should have a great post about how I've been pulling out what left of my hair out of my head. Thanks for you paticence and all that.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Britney Shears

Okay, let's face facts here. This is a cry for help, big time. The thing was she did it out of the freakin' blue and not for that "Aliens VS G.I. Jane VS V For Vendetta" movie. Where the Hell are her parents while all of this is going on? Does someone have the kids? If she isn't taken out of Hollywood right this instant, the mess that is the Anna Nichole Smith Saga will seem like child's play if Britney doesn't have an intervention soon.

Damn you, Federline. What did you do to this woman?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Things I Love....

The laughter of children

Fresh lemon Slushies

"Anchorman-The Legend of Ron Burgundy"

Ain't It Cool News

"Heroes" (I missed it Monday, so don't spoil it for me)

A good New York Strip Steak, medium done

A good suit that fits well



Classic kid commercials and old kid shows

Homestar Runner

"Some Like It Hot" by The Power Station

Anything George Perez draws

My big denim jacket

A good inside joke ("When the **** did we get ice cream? Was I sleeping?")

You Tube


Anyone who bookmarks this site

Oh, and a great pair of legs.

I gotta get back to class now. Happy Valentine's Day

Sunday, February 11, 2007

It just hit me...

The Super Bowl with not only the Colts winning, but Prince putting on the best half time show in years, rain and all;

Anna Nicole dying;

Driving from 900 miles nonstop IN A DIAPER;

The Grammys are tonight and Valentine's Day is Wednesday,


I would have been all over these things even at low speed. Sheesh....

Blond Ambition

When I got the news that Anna Nicole Smith died on Thursday, it was a bit of a shock, but stagely to me, it felt like a dramatic way to become an icon. Smith had become this generation's pinup girl. Truthfully to me, she felt more like Jayne Mansfield more than Marylin Monroe, but all three died tragicly before hitting forty and all three were very beautiful. However, with Anna Nicole, she has the presence on the internet in her final years, either showing off her old Playboy shots, going to You Tube for clips of her reality show, or hawking diet pills, not to mention reports of (mis)adventures in life. Now that she's gone, her legend will grow even more, with how she died and why, where will her fortune go, and just who is the father of her baby girl Dannilynn. With now three men standing before the public claiming to be the baby's daddy and possble millions at stake, Anna Nicole Smith will be in the public eye for years to come as one of the first 21 century icons just for being herself. A reality, indeed.

"When the **** did we get ice cream"?

Here's the good news, depending on if you are a friend: I'm alive. I've been going to classes, as I should and doing very well. In fact, I had my first test in Psychology 101 and I passed with 80% or a B. It's not an A, but I put my best into it and that's good for me.

Now, let's look at that statement above. It turns out I'm niot supposed to say that anymore, according to Lou Tice. See, Lou has this thing called "Thought Patterns for a Successful Carreer" that I have for my Stratagies For Success class, where I am supposed to have possitive affermations everyday and learn to block out "scotomas" or "blind spots" if you will, that help you retain more information as you learn. It's all very interesting so far. I just wanna pass the class, so if I come out with a 3.0 average, I'm fine with it.

If my teacher Mrs. Rubin reads this however, I was just kdding. I want to pass with an 4.0 and become a success at school! You're a great teacher!

You may have also noticed that my nose has become a darker shade of brown than I was born with, but I wanna graduate when the time comes.

Anyway, Tice is one of those fellows who has a paradigm for anyone who feels the need to raise their self esteem as well as their self-efficacy, and does a good job at presenting it, so far I think. He's good, but I just hope that the affirmations don't kill my act. I mean, the "Black Nerd" jokes has gotten me laughs over the years and I could finally get some pop from it. All of a sudden, I'm now a very positive person and "my own wizard", according to Lou. Damn...

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Savannah Bloggin'

I go away for one week and I miss the good stuff. Especially here at home. So, when someone from Canada gets to it, you know I gotta have egg on my face.

Earlier this week, Blog Savannah had their first convention for folks here in the Coastal Empire (their name, not mine). As it turns out, they had a great turn out. I had to bow out out since I have classes during the the time of the meetings, but I would have loved to have gone and meet other local writers. Well, it turns out that our local CBS affiliate WTOC was there to cover the story. The newspiece winds up on TV Squad, where upon Brent McKee gets a hold of it and posts it on his site for both myself and other great Savannah blogger Ivan Shreve, who also didn't attend.

I dig the way Brent describes anchorman Mike Manhatton who intros the story and Charles Gray, who does the piece. "Admittedly the the local anchorman treats the subject like a caveman introducing a new invention called 'the wheel". Actually, since they reported on it, it's still very creepy to them like how fire comes out of sticks when you rub them together. They also lead with murder stories, so you know how that goes.

Ivan gives a brief history of WTOC News, called "THE News" because it's been the highest rated local newscast since God knows when thanks to former anchor Doug Weathers, whom Ivan calls "the love child of Gomer Pyle and Ted Baxter". If I had a Vodka Rickey like Ivan, it would shoot through my nose and ears for that statement. Having met Doug quite a few times over the years, I could tell he relished his role of Savannah's town crier and would have folks clamoring to meet the guy and bring them their giant squash so he could show it off on television. Oh yes, inbetween the horror, they still had time to show off vegetalbes and if the fishing was good on Grey's Reef tomorrow. By the way, Ivan. I still can't comment on your site for some reason, but know this. It should have been Jim Carswell in that seat now, in my opinion, not Sonny Dixon. And Jodi Chapin should go back and do theater, not news. That's right. I said it. I may never get a gig there thanks to that statement, but at least I said it.

So please: don't hate Savannah for their Emmy award winning news team. At least they haven't started running live car chases. But if they could...