Sunday, February 11, 2007

"When the **** did we get ice cream"?

Here's the good news, depending on if you are a friend: I'm alive. I've been going to classes, as I should and doing very well. In fact, I had my first test in Psychology 101 and I passed with 80% or a B. It's not an A, but I put my best into it and that's good for me.

Now, let's look at that statement above. It turns out I'm niot supposed to say that anymore, according to Lou Tice. See, Lou has this thing called "Thought Patterns for a Successful Carreer" that I have for my Stratagies For Success class, where I am supposed to have possitive affermations everyday and learn to block out "scotomas" or "blind spots" if you will, that help you retain more information as you learn. It's all very interesting so far. I just wanna pass the class, so if I come out with a 3.0 average, I'm fine with it.

If my teacher Mrs. Rubin reads this however, I was just kdding. I want to pass with an 4.0 and become a success at school! You're a great teacher!

You may have also noticed that my nose has become a darker shade of brown than I was born with, but I wanna graduate when the time comes.

Anyway, Tice is one of those fellows who has a paradigm for anyone who feels the need to raise their self esteem as well as their self-efficacy, and does a good job at presenting it, so far I think. He's good, but I just hope that the affirmations don't kill my act. I mean, the "Black Nerd" jokes has gotten me laughs over the years and I could finally get some pop from it. All of a sudden, I'm now a very positive person and "my own wizard", according to Lou. Damn...

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