Sunday, February 04, 2007

Savannah Bloggin'

I go away for one week and I miss the good stuff. Especially here at home. So, when someone from Canada gets to it, you know I gotta have egg on my face.

Earlier this week, Blog Savannah had their first convention for folks here in the Coastal Empire (their name, not mine). As it turns out, they had a great turn out. I had to bow out out since I have classes during the the time of the meetings, but I would have loved to have gone and meet other local writers. Well, it turns out that our local CBS affiliate WTOC was there to cover the story. The newspiece winds up on TV Squad, where upon Brent McKee gets a hold of it and posts it on his site for both myself and other great Savannah blogger Ivan Shreve, who also didn't attend.

I dig the way Brent describes anchorman Mike Manhatton who intros the story and Charles Gray, who does the piece. "Admittedly the the local anchorman treats the subject like a caveman introducing a new invention called 'the wheel". Actually, since they reported on it, it's still very creepy to them like how fire comes out of sticks when you rub them together. They also lead with murder stories, so you know how that goes.

Ivan gives a brief history of WTOC News, called "THE News" because it's been the highest rated local newscast since God knows when thanks to former anchor Doug Weathers, whom Ivan calls "the love child of Gomer Pyle and Ted Baxter". If I had a Vodka Rickey like Ivan, it would shoot through my nose and ears for that statement. Having met Doug quite a few times over the years, I could tell he relished his role of Savannah's town crier and would have folks clamoring to meet the guy and bring them their giant squash so he could show it off on television. Oh yes, inbetween the horror, they still had time to show off vegetalbes and if the fishing was good on Grey's Reef tomorrow. By the way, Ivan. I still can't comment on your site for some reason, but know this. It should have been Jim Carswell in that seat now, in my opinion, not Sonny Dixon. And Jodi Chapin should go back and do theater, not news. That's right. I said it. I may never get a gig there thanks to that statement, but at least I said it.

So please: don't hate Savannah for their Emmy award winning news team. At least they haven't started running live car chases. But if they could...

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