Saturday, March 31, 2007

Amy Winehouse

Last year, I told you all about my favorite new musical act, Gnarles Barkley. This year, I'm gonna introduce you to Amy Winehouse. I heard about her in a little blurb in Entertainment Weekly a few months back about a mini concert she did in NYC. It's not that hard to describe her sound: Imagine if Keith Richards had a daughter who could out drink him and out sing him. She's got a real soulful voice, kinda like Etta James and the music backing here reminds me of the Wall of Sound with soem very witty lyrics. Anyway, here she is with her video, "Rehab." Check out her album, by the way. It's great listening for a Friday night, especially after a drink or two. Or if your Amy, a bottle of Jack.

Friday, March 30, 2007

The Snake Plissken Memorial Playground Project

Ain't It Cool has latched onto what could be this years interweb April Fools joke, but I don't think the fanboys have figured it out yet. Have a look.

Geek Girl

Okay, so here's Mary Lynn Rajskub before...
Now, here she is after positive reinforcemnt motivation...Is it wrong to like a woman this wonky, really? I mean, this is Mary Lynn Rajskub! Does anyone remember her from The Larry Sanders Show? What hath Geek Magazine brought forth?

MC Fat Headed Baby

The two things you don't do to ruin a good friendship is bring up politics and relgion. I am about to bring up the former and I'm doing this for the sake of everyone.

Listen up, Karl Rove. You have already had a hand of setting back democracy at least 225 years. Do not, repeat, DO NOT SET BACK HIP HOP! As long as you are white, leave rap music alone! In fact, if for some reason you wake up the next moring and become Black, continue to leave it alone.

I swear, if I'd have seen Rove do the Chicken Noodle Soup, I would have renounced everything and moved to France.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

My New Project!

I'm glad to say that accomplished my first quater of college with success! Think about this: I tackled college while holding down a job and going to dialysis. I have to say, that is pretty bad ass if I may say so myself. I've said it before, but I've never been more proud to do anything else and I can't wait for the future. But now, I get to relax for a bit and take care of things at home. The bad thing about being single is that you have to clean up youself and can't pass the buck. You could, if your name is Bruce Wayne and you had Alfred. But then, you could call over a lesser superhero like Booster Gold and make him clean up your mansion. Because you're Batman and you don't have to clean up jack squat.

I'm also cleaning up my computer as well. I'm getting rid of a bunch of vintage television commercials I've had on the hard drive for a bit to move faster and they gotta go somewhere. So thanks to the good folks at You Tube, I can now see them there and so can you. Now, I only have 98 commercials to post, so I'm calling this The Blaxstone 98 just to make it special. I'm post a few every week until all the room is made and I am out. You can visit the ones I've already added here, but here's one to wet you whistle. This is an ad for Sharp Calulators from around either '74 or '75 when they were all the rage. This one also went for $345. If we knew then what we knew now.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

How My Day Was

Well, I've taken my Psychology finals and so Winter quarter is over for me and soon Spring quarter shall begin. But as of today, Spring Break has begun! I can't wait to head down to Daytona with the guys, meet up with some chicks, head out to the beach, only to bump into some bad guys who want to take over the town and somehow, me and my buddies win in the end, with some sexual escapades and some slapstick in the end.

In actually, I'm going to be sitting on my butt and watch lots of TV. My days of wearing Wayfarers and Jams surf shorts are over. At least in public.

As soon as I got home from school today, I decided to get lazy, so I threw on my new millennium version of Jams, a t-shirt and surfed the web to see if anything cools was going on today. I jumped over to Mark Evanier's site and found out that he'd be a live guest today on Shokus Internet Radio's Stu Show ("Stu" being Stu Shokus, who owns the station), so I thought I've give him a call. It was great to finally tell Mark thanks for linking me to his site and for all the years of great reading. What surprised me was he remembered about the kidney failure and he asked how I was doing, which was extremely nice of him to do. We (including animation expert Earl Kress) then got to talk about 60's TV animation, specifically Filmation and how they wound up with Superman. I really wanted to know since I just found out that The New Adventures Of Superman will be coming out finally on DVD in June, just in time for my birthday. In all, it was great to hear from Mark and hopefully one day get together for lunch so I can pick his brain about working for Hanna-Barbera. Although we don't have a place that sells the creamy tomato soup they have in California, I think I can get the guy to eat a nice bowl of grits. And like it.
By the way, if you check the schedule at the Shokus website, you can catch a repeat of the show and the historic meeting of the minds all this week. And for those of you who've never heard me speak other than regular radio, I really don't sound like I look. What, did you all think I sounded like Michael Clark Duncan as well?
UPDATE I just got an email from Dr. Lane, my pscych instructor, letting me know I passed with a C. not bad for a guy who's returning to school after twenty years, huh? Just wait till next quarter...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My Top 15 TV Channels

A couple of days ago, Brent McKee wrote about his favorite TV channels, in order of favorite. Mind you, Brent is Canadian, som some of the networks are unfamiliar to me.I could joke about the Canadian Learning Channel and what they teach, but I would like to uphold Eagle/Maple relations. So in honor of his list, here is my list in order of which one I watch the most:.

1. NBC
2. CBS
3 Fox
4. Turner Classic Movies
5. ABC
6. Headline News
7. Food Network
8. Comedy Central
9. USA
10.BBC America
13.Cartoon Network/Adult Swim
15. CW

NBC get's my top spot as Heroes and the on the bubble Studio 60 keep me quiet on Monday nights ( I don't feel like getting involved with The Black Donelleys), Thursday nights has been rejuvinated (they could stand to move E.R., give Andy Barker, P.I. the 10 pm slot, find a 10:30 show and make it an all comedy night) and if I can stay up past my bedtime, Conan. As for number four, I love a good movie and TCM is one of the biggest reasons I have Dish Network.

I've suddenly caught myself watching alot of the Beeb in the afternoons now since they've dropped The Saint and brought on The Prisoner to be followed by The Avengers. I watch more of Adult Swim than I do the entire Cartoon Network (Tim and Eric's Awsome Show Great Job is a perfect companion show for Robot Chicken). For number fourteen, I dig the geek culture of Attack of the Show, but Olivia Munn makes the program for me. As for the CW, Smallville is the only reason I watch the network, although I do sneek a peek at Lauren Graham after a long day.

You can tall alot about a person from what they watch in TV. I'm not much of a sports nut, but I do like to keep up to date with the latest news. What you see is what i watch, however: I'm a Geek who loves to vegetate in front of the boob tube. I'm not sure if Brent had intended for this to be a meme of sorts, but what channels do you watch the most?

Monday, March 26, 2007

One More Round

I know St. Patrick's Day has come and gone already, but I had to share this photo I got in the mail from my friend Chad...

I wish I had been at this party than what I went through on River Street. I can't talk about it right now, but let's just say I'm still single THANK GOD!

Yes, it's that bad...

Sunday, March 25, 2007


After all the hype, I have decided that I want to see "Grindhouse" in theaters now. At midnight.

If you're past the age of thirty, you should remember, or somewhat remember if you did pot (I didn't. I swear.) going to a midnight movie to see soem wild flick that had the audience leaughign, creeing and screaming along. Maybe it was "Rocky Hoor Picture Show", or perhaps "Faces of Death" or any other grade B to Z flick. But you knew that you had fun watching it. Well, that makes me want to see "Grindhouse" at the stroke of twelve. Becasue they don't make movies like this anymore. I have to see it, just for this review I just read on Ain't It Cool...

"First 300 and now this? I think the summer of 2007 just went, “Hey, let me take you to a free taquito buffet” and you eat all these taquitos and then the summer goes, “Here comes a foot to your stomach”, but you go, “It’s full of taquitos” but it’s too late – there’s a boot in your stomach only the boot is really a motorcycle and you puke up a bikini girl who blows you and then kills your boss with a hammer.

"That’s what GRINDHOUSE is. It’s a taquito buffet that you puke up after getting hit with a motorcycle, and it turns into a bikini chick that blows you and kills your boss with a hammer."

If that doesn't make you love taquitos, then here's the trailer...

Look, if there's a midnight show here in Savannah, and you know about it and you plan on going, LET ME KNOW! I want in on this thing.

Did I mention it has a babe with an M-16 where her leg used to be and KURT RUSSELL?!

Until You See Me, Trust Me...You Ain't Seen Bouncin' Back

If ever life hands you a bunch of lemons, throw 'em back and get a beer. I learned that from going back to college this quarter. This week is finals and I'm on the fast track to passing classes for the first time in twenty years. I'm studied harder than I've ever had to do before, but I've gotten good at the classes becasue now I know to concentrate on the project to do my best. Since I take my first final test tomorrow, this has been my new theme song: Mystikal's "Bouncin' Back".

For those of you who are Hip Hop impaired or who just couldn't understand what in the world the guy was saying, here are the lyrics...

[Hook: Mystikal]
You keep bumping me against the wall
Yeah I know I let you slide before
But until you seen me

You ain't seen bouncin' back

[Verse 1]
I really be throwin' my words
Standing 'em up, and jammin' on the one
That ain't nobody but Neptunes bammin' on the drum
Swift flip kicks landing from the tongue
More dramatic than batman and robin, ba na na na na na
The one that be handling they business, be sharper than a thumb tack
The one that be dropping these albums, showing 'em how to come back
And you gon' respect me and appreciate where I run at
You ain't gone piss me off, cause you sorry that you done that
I gets meaner, badder, stronger and ferocious
You don't even much wanna see the rest
I'm coming back mo' fearless, mo' determined to fold the set
I ain't even started yet
So if you ain't ready you better get ready
I know I do it better when I'm being opposed
Ah stick ya chest out, keep your chin up
'Cause sometimes you gotta get knocked down to get up

You keep bumping me against the wall
Yeah I know I let you slide before
But until you seen me

You ain't seen bouncin' back

[Verse 2]
No matter what happened that's only once it's shame on you
You come up and here and do it again then it's shame on me
Sometimes we be getting in trouble we didn't want learn or
Sometimes we be getting in trouble we ain't gon' see
I accept my wages like the way that I fail
I grow, I take 'em in stride and but 'em under my belt
I learned from you just like you learned from me
I plead, I pray for peace and perfect harmony
Somebody said fool you better keep on rapping
Stop that trippin', causin it ain't gone happin'
I told them look you better mind yo business
Change yo' way of thinking and keep on living
Done started some trouble and you ain't been out since
Cause you stuck inside scared watching CNN
Just take the precaution so yo life will be better
Tell my friends to call me I ain't accepting no letters

You keep bumping me against the wall
Yeah I know I let you slide before
But until you seen me

You ain't seen bouncin' back

[Verse 3]
You heard about me, yeah you had to
Hmm-huh, I know you changed ya mind you ain't the only one with bad news
I know that they made you feel strange huh
You was right in the middle complainin' and forgot what you was cryin' bout
It could be you time and it might be
You can't do nothing about it, its God will thats just how life be
One day it hit 'cha then its gone
And I'm serious and you ain't never even gone feel it until it hit home
That's when the pain run sharper and deeper
You ain't eat that's when the days feel slow and long
I know you miss 'em so it's time to uplift 'em
Try to pick the pieces up and find a way to drive on
I tell you the truth so don't lie to me
Get back Satan don't bother me
And that's the way its gotta be
And real as ever so I hope you proud of me

You keep bumping me against the wall
Yeah I know I let you slide before
But until you seen me

You ain't seen bouncin' back

You keep bumping me against the wall [3x]
You ain't seen bouncin' back
[repeat and fade out]

So, if you're ever having a bad day or you just need some encouragementment to boost up your ego a bit more, remember the words to this tune. By the way, Mystikal was sentenced in 2004 to six years in prison after forcing his stylist to perform sexual acts. I wonder if he's ever taken his words to heart since then...

Friday, March 23, 2007


I have made my alegiance to the dark side, finally. I has sided with the Cobra Kai because truthfully, I wanted to see Danny get his pretty boy butt kicked and Johnny win the trophy and the girl. Right makes might, my butt.

I only began to realize this once I saw this music video that's been on the web for a bit now called "Sweep The Leg" from a band called No More Kings. What makes this vid hot is that it was directed by and featuring Johnny himself, William Zabka, King of the Movie Jerks as we find out what happened to our anti-hero in the past few years Plus, there's a few other surprizes from some of the "Karate Kid" cast. Except for Pat Morita, since he's dead. But hey, they all gotta work these days somehow. Anyway, enjoy the video.


My Birthday Roast

Here's something I'd written for my Stratiges for Success class. I know my birthday is just over three months away, but the intructor wanted to know what I thought a bithday testimonial dinner woudl be like for me when I reached seventy. I also had to read this in front of the class, so I needed to make it entertaining. I hope you get a smile from this one...

I never thought I'd live to see seventy years of age, but I'm glad that did. I still get around the office, though not as quickly. I had some worries after the kidney trnasplant, but I'm okay now. The kids are now grown and I've got a couple of grandkids to spoil now. Plus, the little lady is still around to bust me down when I get too big on myself. So today, on my seventieth birthday, I thought I'd just sit back and relax and just enjoy the day. Wrong answer.

I was sitting in the backyard sipping on a fresh lemon slushie and soaking up the June summer shade. The house was quiet and the wife had gone shopping for a quiet birthday dinner for two. The phone then rang and it was my assistant from the office.

"I know it's your birthday and all, Sam. But could you come down to the Hilton for a hour? We have a prospective client who wants to meet you. He said he wouldn't sign unless he got to meet up with you. He said it was imperative to meet up wth you so he knows that he's getting a good deal." Ever since I started with the firm, I've hooked up stand up comics with some major deals in film and TV and made some stars out of them. I've since branched out to some production under my own as well, but it always comes back to artist management. So I told them I'll stop in, but I'm not wearing a suit since it's my birthday and I'll wear what I'll please. My assistant said perfect and hung up.

I called my wife and told her I may be late getting home and she told me not to worry. Everything would be there when I get home. I pulled into the Hilton and made my way into the hotel. The manager found me and and escorted me to the room my future client would be in. The manager said he was excited to have me here and that he hoped that everything went well for me tonight. The way he said it sounded funny. As long as I'd been in entertainment law, I knew a shady deal when I heard it. I followed not behind the manager, but right next to the guy. We then got to a banquet hall door and both of us stopped. I looked at him, gave him the stink eye and said, "you go first." He opened up the door and walked in. I cautiously followed behind him when I noticed the the large room was dimmed and empty. I looked at the manager and before I could ask him what in Sam Hill was going on, the lights came on, the side doors opened up and folks poured out of them yelling out, "Happy Birthday!"

Once I got over the shock and awe, I realized that this was a surprise party. For me. I looked around and almost everyone I knew was there. Friends, family, folks from the office, even some clients. I was then lead up to the podium by two lovely ladies in beautiful dresses. I was worried that my wife would see me and slap me in the back of my head for being with these girls, but there she was up on the dias along with various people I've known in life. Somehow I knew that I was gonna get roasted. Big time.

The host of the roast was comedian Katt Thomas. He came looking for a movie deal when I first started at the firm and I was part of the team that hooked him up. We'd been friends ever since. He did five minutes of material all about me, talking about how old I was, how cheap I was. He pulled out the old joke that I was so old, I sat at the captain's table on Noah's Ark. And from there, it kept coming.

One came up and said after I got my kidney transplant from an unknown donor, I started acting like a old man from Japan and for the longest time I had a taste for sushi and sake'.

One of the partners at the firm said that was only in entertainment law so I could get a TV show of my own, but "Cops" already had enough criminals.

Another came up to talk about my charity work for transplant donations. She joked that I was personaly working on a brain transplant and that my donor would be coming to the party soon. Out came a man walking a mule. She looked up and said, "Yeah. that's about right."

Some of the other folks, well I can't really talk about that one on paper. They were just too dirty to talk about. Needless to say, it got the biggest laughs of the night.

Then my son came up to speak. I was so proud of him. He just wanted to let his old man know he knew he was adopted and held up a photo of a milkman. He then held up a shot of mailman, then a picture of Denzel Washington, then finally a photo of Nathan Lane, who he was sure of. He knew that one of these guys was his real father, but he was proud of me anyways. He got a huge applause when he was done. He then came up and gave me a hug for the first time in years. I could see the tears in his eyes well up as I heard him say, "You know I'm kidding, right?" My boy made me smile.

After everyone had gotten their little joke out about me, it was finally my turn. I turned it around on them and picked on everyone who picked on me that night. I can't remember what I said, because it went by so fast. But I knew I got laughs. When I got those out, I do remember saying, "Yoiu know, in life you have to laugh alot. Because if you don't, you end up crying all day. I've been laughing now since I was a kid and I won't stop. I have good freinds and a great family to keep me smiling and remind me everyday that being alive is a wonderful thing. So keep smiling and share your joke with somebody. It'll make the world a much better place." I got a standing ovation just for making it this far and I could not have been happier.

I then realized that I was in a pair of jeans, a Captain America T-shirt and a pair of flip flops. "By the way", I then said. Did anyone think about getting me a new suit for my birthday?"

When I started writing this, it was a hard task. No one really knows what tomorrow will bring. I know that one day I'll be successful and won't stop until the job is done. I know I'll have gained many friends by the time I reach 50, 60, 70 and beyond. But, it's how I get there that matters. I hope that I do get to have such a celebration of life like this. I wish nothing but the same for all of you. But until then, I'll keep hard at work making sure I get to the top and beyond that. Smiling all the way.

Sam Johnson

Thursday, March 22, 2007

American Idiots

I'm still very pissed over American Idol.

I went through most of the night cussing up a storm trying to figure out how the hell could America make such a stupid mistake. How could America not vote for Stephanie Edwards? What was going through America's mind? Is America drunk or just plain stupid?

I saw Stephanie's performance Tuesday and while it wasn't my favorite from her, she still did a better job of doing "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me" than nearly all of the other singers on stage that night, I thought. But somehow, Stephanie gets the least amount of votes this week and that is a damn shame, America.This is all your fault and if the next American Idol REALLY STINKS, it's on YOU.

If I could have had handicapped the final three, I would have gone with Melinda, LaKisha and Stephanie; first to third in that order. I thought Stephanie had a wonderful voice that has some great strengh to it, but she still young. There it comes down to the final two. Although LaKisha has the power behind her voice, Melinda is just there to sing and let her voice be heard. Plus, she's humble about the whole thing. Such an amazing voice from sush a small package. Which is why if it were up to me personally, Melinda would win. But it's not and I really don't care anymore.

See, I now have a feeling that this whole Vote for Sanjaya to win joke is gonna go on for way too long. I'm sorry. Too much hair, too much teeth, too much bad singing can go so far, like they should have gotten rid of this guy from the beginning. Even he knows he sucks. Every week, he has his look on his face like, "I know I blow, but I'm gonna ride this baby to the top". Simon Cowell has allegedly said that if this guy wins, he'd quit the show. I would too. I would not want to be known as the guy who has made both Clay Aiken and Sanjaya quasi-stars. Plus this whole thing with the Vote for the Worst website rallying around Sanjaya (who I'm not even gonna link to, since it's such a stupid site) is the worst thing in the world. There are folks out there who actually have talent and have busted their ass trying to be heard and finally an opportunity comes up where they can show off their talent. These pussies come along like the punks you see show up at a high school talent show, making the loudest noise when the best talent shows up on stage, ruining their performance. It makes me wish for the school principal and the head gym coach would just come along, smack them in the back of the head and give them the paddle for messing it up for everyone.

So let's face it: if you're gonna watch the show this year at this point there at only two singers left to watch, Melinda and LaKisha. That's it. If you want to still watch, fine. It's your perogitive. But I'm done with the show. I wish those two the best of luck, but from this point on, I can't support the show. As for Stephanie, just come on home. You did your best but it seems America has a tin ear. I thinks when it's all said and done, a lot of folks are goning to realize that a huge mistake was made letting you go. When they do, and they are watching Sanjaya on that American Idol tour destryoing another tune night after night, I want you look them in the eye, smile and blow them away with a high note. Keep on singing, girl.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Alright, I'm going to use some harsh language here that I've never used before on this site, but I've seen some stupid things in my life, but tonight's American Idol was bullshit. I mean, Stephanie Edwards may have come from my home town, but she get's voted off and Sanjaya, who pulled off the worst cover I have ever heard since Mae West's "Twist and Shout" stays on the frickin's show? Stephanie was at least in the top three of all the singers they had this year, Melinda and Lakishia being the other two in mine and the correct thinking of viewers, I would hope. But face it, this proves to me that the show is and has always been crap, Vote For The Worst will get their wish and make the worst act ever the winner this year and any jackass who watches the show now deserves what they get this year. I only watched the damn thing becasue of Stephanie this year, but now screw it. I didn't watch "Idol" before and now I'm done with it. Stephanie, come on home and the hell with them. Folks in Savannah knew how good you were, are and will be. Smart Americans know now, too. Let Fox deal with the idiots now.
I'm really that pissed off right now. You should hear the f-bombs I'm dropping right now on Simon Cowell.

Larry "Bud" Melman

I had to get this photo from Mark Evanier's website because there are so few pictures of the guy online (he has a better chance of getting a celebrity headshot since he's in L.A and I'm in Georgia), but anyone who's a fan of pop culture has to love Larry "Bud" Melman, or Calvert DeForrest as he was known outside of late night TV. Sadly, Larry/Calvert passed away last Thursday from a heart attack after getting pneumonia. I remember how David Letterman would throw Larry out into the simplest situations and watch how the little guy would always react to them. DeForrest wasn't a classically trained actor, but he was funny because he was human and that's what made him great. With Dave out due to stomach flu, expect a personal tribute hopefully next week. Until then, let's look back with laughter with a clip from the NBC days in 1984 as Dave sends out Larry to get change of a ten dollar bill with Larry in a bear suit.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

This Is Only A Test

So here's the thing. With all the wackiness of St. Patrick's Day, I never had a chance to study for a test I had on Monday for my Stragies for Success class. It was a matching choice test with twenty questions that needed answering. What made the test harder was due to the fact that I also had to do a make up test for a day I missed two weeks ago. That was also a twenty question test. I think we can add all of those together. Anyway, I said to myself thazat I was gonna go in there and do the best that I can and come out okay. As it turned out, I somehow must have studied the terms as classes have been going on through the quarter and done my homework well enough, because after I finished the test, the teacher Mrs Rubin graded them. Moments later, I was given the results.

I passed with an 80 on one and an 85 on another. I averaged with a B.

I am the baddest man on the planet. For this week at least. Finals are next week. Pray for me...

Monday, March 19, 2007

Green Madness

The green has been bleached out of the fountains, the trash has beed sweeped from the streets, the drunks have put back on their suits on returned to work, even the crazy acid throwing lady has gone back into her hole. St. Patrick's Day/Weekend is now over and Savannah can return to normal.

Personaly, I'm glad it's over so I can go downtown again and not have to right a crowd to go get drink. This was the biggest St. Pat's weekend the town has ever seen. I know lots of businesses who saw a major increase in sales over the weekend, especially if they were in the booze business. You should have seen the crowd that was on River Street Saturday afternoon. Oh wait, you can. Here's a photo...
I truthfully could not move through those people. I only had a few hours sleep the night before from work (I wound up at a night club downtown with one of the radio stations and was out until three in the morning. Yes, it was work and I'm sticking with that) so I was too tired to fight a bunch of partiers. I caught a shuttle to get downtown since parking would not be found anywhere. So I caught up with friends as we trekked our way through the green madness. I was so tempted to yell out, "you kids stop all that noise and while you're at it, git off my lawn!"

By the way, with all the craziness going on I did not touch one drop of alcohol on St. Patrick's Day. But I did get a shot of Captain Morgan.One thing I didn't find out about until after it happened was finding out that Spike TV was in town to cover the Major League Eating St. Patrick's Day Chowdown. This has officially turned a 183 year old celebration that turned onto a runner up to Mardi Gras into Redneck Spring Break. In case you're wondering how it all turned out and not up, here's a video of the insanity of two men racing to see who can eat the most jalapeneo poppers.

Here's shot of a couple of women who had only come there to have a good time, only to succumb to the beaded madness. Before this photo was taken, they were missionaries out to stop folks from drinking, whoring, and swearing on such a holy Catholic day...

Finally, after seeing all thew green beer, green sandwhiches, green t-shirts, green ditch water, greenet all, I left my friends and returned to the bus stop to return home and reflect on the day. Here I am waiting at the nearest stop...

And here I am an hour later wating for that same bus to get through the bad traffic and crowds that have taken over my fair town... To all the nearly million people who visited Savannah for all the fun and excitement of St. Patrick's Day, thanks for coming down. NOW GET THE FRAK OUTTA HERE. I'm tired and my feet hurt.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Acid Trip

I'll have my St. Pat's roundup for you on Monday afternoon, but for right now here's a story that could only happen here, courtesty of local CBS affiliate WTOC. When they're not hyping about how wonderful the parade is, they do some wild news stories. Like about a woman here in town in a feud with her neighbors. The sad thing is, the woman in the story is bat shite crazy. Boric acid eating crazy. You'll just have to see for yourself.

Crazy Acid Throwing Neighbor - Click Here for more great videos and pictures!

I just called up a friend at WTOC about the crazy acid throwing lady, trying to get an update on if she's gone to the hospital or not yet. AS soon as I find out, I'll let you know.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Everybody's Irish

Tomrrow's the big day for Savannah as the 183rd St. Pat's parade takes over the town. In case you've ever wondered how crazy this thing can get, imagine Mardi Gras taking place in the middle of thr track of the Daytona 500. It's a really fun event for the entire family with just a hint of Irish whiskey and a bowl of grits on the side. Pure Southern hospitality. So hosiptable in fact, you can now see the parade tomorrow live online on our local CBS affiliate's website, WTOC. Pre-parade coverage streams at 8 am with the Saint Patrick's Day Mass, then the live parade coverage starts at 10 am and ends around 1pm. I'll keep you posted as well with photos, if possible. So, for anyone that ever wanted to visit Savannah and wondered what all the fuss is about, this is perfect way for you to a look of my fair town. I appologize early by the way for the good weather you'll see, but that the South for you.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Wild, Wild Life

I'd love to tell you about how I had a wonderful time tonight. I went out to dinner with my friend Annie tonight. We walked through Downtown Savannah as the city gets ready for what could be the biggest St. Patrick's Day ever. We saw the bars filling up early, the green of the store windows, the tourists taking over my fair city. I'd love to tell you all about how much fun I had. But I am tired. I was only out for nearly three hours, but I am beat down. It's only 11:30 pm and I'm past my bedtime. Remember when 11:30 was the right time to leave the house?

I'm too pooped to even finish this. I'm going to bed now.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Comic Book Goldrush

Now that I am back on the air here, I have to answer some comic book questions here, since the death of Captain Anerica looms over my head. If I were back on last week, I'd have jumped all over this.

Brent McKee wanted to know about the state of the old Captain and will they bring him back. As far as I know, expect the real Cap to be gone for a good while, while Marvel has fun with the whole "Civil War" thing. What alot of folks don't know is that Marvel also killed off Thor as well a few years back and he's expected to make a major return sometime later this year. Remember, this is comics. Remember how they killed off Superman and brought him back?

Speaking of which, I want to touch on something I brought up in a previous post about folks who want to purchase Captain America #25, the issue that Cap was killed, but who normally don't collect or read comic books. STAY OUT OF THE COMIC BOOK STORES. I'm talking to you, speculator. I know your plan. You go walking into the store, looking like a fish out of water, asking did the book come out yet. When you do, you'll go right to it and pull down three or four copies of it, then run home withthem and either try to sell them off on Ebay for way too much or hoard them and try to sell it back to the store thinking you have a goldmine. Well guess what, Bunky? You won't.

I talked about this a couple of years ago when I worked for The Comic Box here in Savannah and dealt with folks who purchased Superman # 75 when the Man of Steel was killed. Although nearly a million copies of the book was published, folks bought it like was fresh water in a desert. However, becasue the market was flooded with the book, collectible prices that went as high for over a hundred dollars at the beginning quickly dropped. Al though I don't work there anymore, I do that the Comic Box ordered only the regular amount they did for Cap #25, enough for subcribers and for the shelves and that's it. When it sold out after the media hype hit the same day, it flew off the shelves. Later that week, Marvel announced that they would go into a second print of the book that would come out on March 28th. I found out how many the store would be ordering, and I'm not gonna tell you. Simply for the fact that speculators are gonna make a mess of it. So, I'm gonna make a suggestion to you folks who plan getting their copy to hopefully send their kids to Harvard. Just buy one copy. Let the folks who really want to enjoy the book buy it. If you're not gonna read it, then leave it alone. It'll be a bust for you and the other guy who wnated to really wanted to pick it up. Becasue if I see you in the store and you have more than one copy and I have never seen you in the store before, ever, I am gonna haunt you for the rest of your days. I will bust on you like you wouldn't believe. I will point at you, call you a lousy speculator in your face and chase you out of the store with a rolled up copy of Richie Rich.

Please. Don't make an angry Black man with a Captain America t-shirt come after you with a Richie Rich comic.

I know it's happening everywhere at thtis point. Stalwart Mike Sterling (who I'm getting caught up on and a belated "Happy Birthday" to him) has his own insight on this as I've seen. I know I never want to see another comic book goldrush, so I just want to put this out there now, before Captain America #25 becomes a peice of tin after it was a gold standard of what a comic should be.

Ladies aand Gentelmen....

It is now official. Sam Johnson has returned to the living!

I now have had Bell South DSL for at least 24 hours now without a problem. Since I've been back online, I've caught up with email, gone to You Tube to post videos (more on that later), and sent comments to folks here on My Space. You know, ten years ago things were different. Who would think that we would be so dependent on such a thing to make our lives for exciting? Who would think that we would have the entire world at our fingertips?

It's what folks call "instant gratification". People want things easier now. They want On Demand no matter what at this point. Movies, mail, messaging, information, everything. It's great, but it's scary as hell, if you think about it. Somewhere, out there, someone is on Google right now searching for "Lindsey Lohan foot fetish". It's out there, people.

So now that I'm back, I'm gonna get causght up with all that I missed while I wasn't online regularly. I'm gonna catch up mwith old friends, find some new ones and find out what's out there these days. I can't wait to see what I find and show it to you.

As soon as I Google "Asian Midget Porn"

Get Your Punishment

Okay, so it's been a week since Captain America was taken down by a sniper and killed. Immediatly, everyone thought that the legend of the Star Spangled Avenger was done. Not quite...

Ladies and gentlemen, meet THE NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA. Actually, more like Captain Punisher, since the Vigilante took Cap's mask after he threw it to the ground in Civil War. This looks a comcept that came from Mad Magazine or a Catholic school, I tell ya. Some bad guy's gonna get shot in the crotch for the hell of it.

By the way, when the second print of the assasination of Captain America comes out, just get one copy. I know there's a bunch of speculators out there wanting to hog up issues, but trust me. Ebay has the first printing for 125 dollars right now. In less than a year, they'll be worth half that because of the way Marvel prints them, because of all the media hype on this.So read it because it's a comic, but don't expect to put your kids through Yale from it.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Return of The Mack

Okay, we gotta boost readership around here. I haven't been regularly for a bit, but today things change. That's right, I'm back on the web. No more swiping broadband from everyone else. I'm on my own as of right now. I'm using Bell South Fast Access DSL as of this moment and the results so far has been fine. I'm getting wonderful speed, at least enough to get a full stream without interruption. I don't know numbers, but it's the fastest thing Bell South had. What this means is I'm able to post stuff more often then folks having to wait a week to see if I'm still around. Also, alot of these posts will be going into my school journal, which I have to keep up with in order to get a grade. I've also got a new online project that I'm working on that I'll reveal tomorrow here. So, do me a favor and stick around for a bit. Things are gonna get interesting around here.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Ten Years Later

I know some of you (okay, one guy) are wondering just how busy I am at school these days. Well, I can tell you that I have been busting my hump trying to get the work done and I'm only going part time as it is. But, I will say it is a pleasant change from the ordinary and knowing that I'll have a great future ahead once I graduate.

Speaking of which, I was given an assignment in my Stratagies for Success class in which I would detail what I would be doing in the next ten years. I'd have to meet up with friends who saw a media piece about me and how would I react to it? I thought I'd share it with you. There's a couple of familiar names here, so I hope they get a kick out it, too.

For almost a month now, my family had taken a cross country trip to see America and we were on our way home now. The trip started early summer as soon as the kids were out of school and we took a flight to California to visit friends and wrap up a few loose business ends . We then decided to rent an car and return home stopping off at various points of interests. When we stopped in Montana, I called up a a couple of old friends and asked them to meet up with us for a while. It was great to see David and Pandora as we got caught up on the the good old days. We met up at a wonderful restaraunt that evening that had what could have had the best the best steak I've ever eaten. It was nice to be able to take off the suit and tie and just be a family man for a bit. I know my wife was happy for that part.

"So Sam, I read about you in USA Today a while back about the tv deal. I can't believe you pulled that off", David said. "You are so lucky these days, pal. How did wind up pulling that off?" I thought about that for a moment, wondering how I was I able to pull it off.

Ever since I got into entertaimnent law, brokering the art of the deal has been an dangerous game. I've had to work with difficult talent, ruthless businessmen, powerful corporations all wanting to make a buck. I've had to make deals and break deals, all at a risk. But I knew if I kept my head up and not give in to the heady demands, I'd wind up with success.

"You know David, I could say it was luck. Sheer dumb luck, in fact. But all it took was rolling up my sleeves and getting down to work. Not just me, but an entire team to get it done. Trust me, if I didn't have everyone at the office there, I'd be a mess right now." I then caught a glance of my wife and kids and a smile began to rise on my face. "Plus, I've got them to keep me on my head on straight. If it wasn't for them, I don't know where I'd be right now. They have put up with so much junk for all of this, I thought I'd never be able to pay them back. Hopefully, this trip is a start."

"So, no business phone, no clients screaming for you to get them a deal on B.E.T," Pandora said. "C'mon, you're taking more than one day off here. They have to be cursing your name right now in New York for not being there now."

"They probably are. But I have a competant staff and I check in at least once a day to make sure that things don't blow up. Right now, my family is more important at this moment. I'll get back to the old grind in few days and clear up dust when we get home." That's when the business text went off and the numbers 911 popped up. Time for the fireman to put out another blaze.

So, where do you see yourself in ten years?

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Savannah Reality Check

Busy week, let's get to it.
Wednesday was an important day for television here in Savannah, as folks were torn between watching American Idol with Stephanie Edwards or America's Next Top Model with Brittany Carrigher. I just found out about Brittany, as she's 21 years old and is a waitress/bartender here in town. So, which do you think I picked? That's right, Stephanie. I can't can't stand Top Model. Even more, I can't stand Tyra Banks. Now. This is gonna sound very sexist, but she was great when she just modeled underwear and kept her mouth shut. And now, you wanna celebrate Black History Month by reminding everyone that you where the first black model on the cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue on your talk show? She's fine, but she ain't that fine, like we used to say back in the day. Nonetheless, I can't get into Top Model. First of all, I eat sanwiches. They do not. Second, I really don't need makeup tips. Third, America doesn't get to vote, so it's more Tyra's Next Top Model. I almost forgot: Fourth, Miss J scares me. I do wish Brittany good luck however and even though she is back in Savannah (the folks at Blog Savannah saw her wating tables a few days ago), she doesn't spill whether she won or lost and has to pay out millions of dollars if she does.
On to Stephanie now. As most of you know, I still do the radio thing, though not as much what with school these days. However, I was asked to fill in WEAS FM/93.1 while their night jock Lil' G went off to host an American Idol viewing party. I did what I thought was a great job that night. I even got to do color commentary of Stephanie's performance on the air and rallied folks listening to call and vote after the show was over. The request lines lit up with folks calling and asking me for the toll free number to vote. I must have called in over ten times and even texted twice personally. In the end, Stephanie moved on to the next round of twelve and will hopefully keep going, although after hearing Melinda Doolittle...
You know, a year ago, I wouldn't be talking like this. Five years ago, I wouldn't be talking about American Idol, unless to diss Simon, Ryan and the rest. But this time out, it's one of my own up there and I'm hooked. That's really messed up. So Stephanie, you better do a bang up good job this week. No more Beyonce' kareoke. Get up there and show America what you got, girl. For once, I'm really watching.