Wednesday, January 16, 2008

High Anxiety

I called an ambulance to South University today.

Yes, I did.

See, I was in my public speaking class this moring around nine when an axiety attack happened. Now if you know me well enough and I think you do, I have no problem speaking in public. However, I was just sitting there and it kicked in. I quietly left the room, when to my car and tried to breath slowly to bring it down, but it never happened. That is when I called 911. Before you knew it, the ambulance was on campus, along with security to see what was the problem. The good thing was after a few moments, the aniexty left and felt normal enough to go home. Later, I went to an doctor's appointment that I had already scheduled and was prescribed Atavan to help me relax more. I feel much better now and don't feel as bad as earlier.

Ain't that some crap? Already less than a week in school and the ambulance shows up. Either I am gonna be the coolest guy on campus or I am a pariah. I mean, I gotta be the cool one. I walked away from an ambulance like Steve McQueen.

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