Thursday, February 28, 2008

Do You Hulu?

I suppose that most of you have heard of Hulu, which streams TV shows and movies online and not just any old shows. The Simpsons, 30 Rock, Hell's Kitchen, WKRP In Cincinati, Fantasy Island, and loads more are there. Right now, they're running in beta so it's not fully open to the public until they work out the kinks, which hasn't been much to me since I signed up in December. Just to show you what you're missing, I found the nearly complete series of The Dana Carvey Show, featuring Steven Colbert, Steve Corell and Robert Smigel in the cast. Some of it may be a little dated (a couple of OJ jokes as it is 1995) but it's still pretty good. Also, you may have to sit through a commercial or two from Cesar dog food, but it's worth it.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bringing Goth Girl Blog Day To Life

Here's my contribution for this year's GGBD, Evanescence with "Bring Me To Life". No offense, but I really did not feel like hearing Tori Amos again this year(sorry, Dave Hewitt)a and I just wanted to rock out. Oh, and I had a grape jam sandwich for lunch and today was a dialysis day, so that's about as emo as I'm gonna get this year. I think this may be the last GGBD celebration for me and I need some lightening up. Besides, we have May 17th for the big celebration. I still don't know what I will do, but I know that it will be a loo-loo when it happens.

Monday, February 25, 2008


Have an angry Goth Girl Blog Day. I've got my Fiona Apple CD, and I'm going to eat a sandwich within the hour.

Hope you are well. I think we all need to find a porch and contemplate life for a few hours.

Dave Hewitt
Business Information Department

I don't think I want to celebrate angry tomorrow. I don't think angry is the way to be for me at this point. So here's what I suggest anyone do to spend GGBD right. Just have a sandwich. Yeah, listen to some Tori or some Evanesance. But enjoy a sandwich. When Dave Letterman asked Warren Zevon h0w he planned on enjoying the rest of his life when he found out he was dying of cancer, Zevon answered that he would enjoy every sandwich as it was his last.

That'll work for me. Maybe it'll work for you, too.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Find Your Own Porch

I haven't had that much sleep over the weekend, what with all the karaoke and dialysis, plus I need to study for a mid-term test that I missed Wednesday due to the sleep study. Thoughout all that, I walked into the radio station today to do my weekly show. I caught up with my friend Jen, who works with me and is a fellow blogger in her own right and a member of The Leauge Of Savannah Bloggers. She looked at me and said that I look tired and I began to tell her all about my trials and tribualtions this week and that I'm now taking Attavan to help with the panic attacks. Other than that, I'm over workeed and under done.

Jen then began to tell me a story about how she when up the Georgia mountains last week to visit her in-laws and that whenever she tried to help, her mother-in-law would push her out onto the porch and make her sit there to relax. Mind you, Jen is pregnant so the mother-in-law was correct. Still, Jen told me that when she got to the porch there was this moment of peace and serenity from just watching the rain fall from the sides of the house and watching the brances sway in the wind. That's when she told me, "Sam, sometimes you have to go out and find your own porch. It's hard, but when you finally get to relax it's be the best thing in the world for you. Just find your own porch." At that point, I almost began to cry. I really wish I can find that porch soon before it's too late.

Anyway, I really did have other stuff I wanted to talk about. But I just wanted to get that off my chest for now.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Stuff

So, The Chicago Tribune has a tourney to see who was the best Saturday Night Live cast member. Gilda Radner vs. Daryll Hammons is kinda easy to guess, but Dan Ackroyd vs. Tina Fey? That one is tough to call for me. By the way, the show returns next week with Tina as the host. I'm working that night, so I ain't watching.

Speaking of which, Mr. Jack of All Trades is hosting Karaoke at Steed's Tavern on 44Echols Street in Savannah every Saturday night from 8pm until and we've just added nearly 25,000 songs to the library. If you feel like doing "What A Wonderful WOrkd" by Joey Ramone, then now is your chance.

Finally to get you in the karaoke mood, here's a song from the movie "Walk Hard" called "Let's Duet" that would be the perfect tune for singing this weekend. Also, I now have a deep accpreciation for Jenna Ficher from "The Office" a lot more after this.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sam Johnson-Funnyman, Nerd.

My life if I were a four color character. Somehow, it seems right just right.

Thanks, Ivan. You called it perfectly.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Underground Update

Did you ever have one of those days where your past just creeps up on you and slaps you in the back of head for no reason but to remind you of things you've done, whether good or bad? That's what's going on with me now thanks to Underground Savannah. As stated here before, there has been some kind of freaky equinox thing where everything has alligned for my old show to be talked about again by folks. I never said I was Sid Caeser and God I wish I had a ounce of his humor, but according to folks I really did some funny stuff that I should be proud of and in a town like Savannah, I got away with sheer murder with all the stuff I did.

Last night, the ante was upped when a friend told me that an interview that I did a couple of months back for Savannah's Murmur Magazine surfaced this week and that I was very funny in it. In fact, in the piece I have been called "a big nerd and a funny motherf&%$#@". Somehow, I feel that being called "a funny motherf&%$#@" has validated me for all the years on the show. I never thought that I would ever be called that in my lifetime as it's a comedy badge of honor in my opinion and one that I will wear for a very long time and stay true to my motherf&%$#@! standards.

Due to all the events that have come about due to the mini-attention the show has gotten lately, I've made the decision to post a few of the sketches on You Tube in the near future and to be shown here. It's really a hard choice to make as I am finally coming to peace with the show now, it would be wrong of me to hold back what made at least somebody laugh at some point and that I should let the world know what I was up to in the nineties. I know that I will be open to ridicule and embarassment, but I guess that's what happens when you do a telesvision show. However, with my medical life the way it is, I truly have no other footprint in this world if something to happen to me. If that's the case, then let a comedy bit with me in a dress and wig be my legacy. It's not a son, but I suppose that will have to do.

As soon as I recieve a few AVI. copies and after watching a few of them, nearly everything for the first time in years, I will be posting them here for your enjoyment. I'll also post the Murmur interview when I can get a copy of it for the web for out of towners. Otherwise if you're in Savannah, head Downtown and pick up a copy. It's free, so no need in being cheap about it.

One more thing before I go. This Tuesday, I go into the hospital for a sleep study to help me with my sleep apnea and hopefully a new CPAP, so with me luck. The last time I had this problem was during the tme I was doing the TV show. Isn't it funny how somethings can just come back to you full circle?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Reason For The Season

Here it is! The Trailer for Indiana Jones and The Kingdon of The Crystal Skull. I haven't missed an Indy movie since the last one and I ain't missing this one. Sixty-five year old Harrison Ford cracking a whip and yelling at the kids to get off his lawn? I am so there!

Never say I didn't give you a great Valentine's Day gift this year.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thursday is Singles Awareness Day

I was on the phone with my friend Annie and I asked her how she would spend Valentine's Day. SHe told me that after six years with her husband Chris, she wasn't expecting anything. Sometimes, she'l get a gift aat the last minute and then it's nold flowers or bad candy. Even worse, he might forget what day it was. That's what makes me hate Valentine's Day. You expect a great gift, or an least some acknolegement from your sweetie that day. Then, the MAN forces commericals on you that amkes oyu have to go out and buy your loved one a gift that costs way too much and when you get it, they toss it in the corner! They never got you jack squat! This is why I am glad to be single. So tomorrow, I am celebrating my singularity. Hence, I say we have Singles Awareness Day.

Did you know that there are loads of single folks out there? Maybe you're one of them. Don't you hate it when your couple friends start getting all mushy in front of you on Valentine's, even though you know that later in the night they will fight like cats and dogs because someone forgot to put the cap on the toothpaste? Oh yeah, I love the single live. Because if I weren't I would be paying for somebody's crap right now.

Call me angry, call me tired, call me a bitter, sad loney man. But at least I won't forget to pick up a Valentine's gift at the last minute and wind up going to the QUickie Mart and get one of those plastic ballon bouquets at 11:58 pm.Celebrate Singles Awareness Day Thursday. Grope a Single person today. Oh and for Annie and all the other spouses who may get screwed over tomorrow, I welcome you all with open arms. But that's it. I don't climb out of windows anymore.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Going Underground

I have no clue how to post this today, so I'm just gonna do it. Please bear with me on this. The payoff is the incriminating photo below. Don't EVEN look at it until you read what I have to say.

On Wednesday, I got an emaill from my good freind Bob Ruggerio, who's a freelance writer outside of Austin, Texas. We've been up and down the road for a long time and keep in touch as often as possibe. However, the headline for the email stated,"Underground Savannah DVD series ships next week!" The inside read,"HOLY SHIT! You will not believe seeing this stuff again! I was instantly 15 years younger!!!! The sets should be ready to mail on Monday or Tuesday."

I very quietly had an anxiety attack from there.

From 1990 to 1996, I created, hosted, wrote for, directed, produced, and sometimes catered what would be the most strangest time in my life, a cable access show called "Underground Savannah". There was music, cartoons, and comedy. Mind you I never said it was good comedy, but it was something to do on the air for thirty minutes a week.

There were many folks involved to help me put together this madness. Folks like Bob Ruggerio, Andy Pena, Jeff McDermott, Kenny Jenkins, Bob Wiley, Joe Kleon, Brad Tatum, Ray Ranson, Beth Proctor, LaShawn Stevens (R.I.P.), among others who came in a lent a hand or two. Sometimes a bady part if the script called for it.

Some of the things I can recall from the show were sketches like, "Cape Pooler" (based on "Cape Fear"), "Abbott & Costello Meet Jesus Christ", "Papa Pope's Pawn Shop", "Manly Mayonaise", "Geriactric Park" and the time we had the first female mayor of Savannah, Susan V. Wiener, assasinated by a spitball. We called it "S.V.W." based on Oliver Stone's "J.F.K.". I think we were funnier by a hair.

I was even beaten up by a wrestler on the air and had a 12 year old kid roundhouse kick me in the face and I lost two teeth afterwards. It's all true.

There was so much that happened to me during that time that it is all a blur. I was married then, I was a great job programming my first real radio station and the show was a local, if secret hit from all the complaints from viewers wtith ten cats and no life saying that how dare we mock the fair city of Savannah and it's people. We should not make fun of a person like Ricky Givens, even though he was a drug kingpin in the town at the time allegedy and that he did not get his start as a candy runner on his school playground as a kid. By the way, I played Lil' Ricky Givens, King of The Schoolyard.

If I did leave one name out of those I gave, it's because his was the most important next to mine on the credits. Ronnie Faust was the Co-executive producer, technical director, writer, and man responsibe for keepking me and eveyrone else in line. Actually, he made sure I never climbed the walls during a taping. Still, we all called him "Akira" for his directing skills even though he had never worked in television like the rest of the before. He would wind up even directing the News on WSAV in town for a bit. He was and is my bestest, BESTEST friend in the world and I love that guy like my brother. After all, only brothers would put up with the stuff we did on the show.

I'm kinda writing this with a few tears in my eyes because it was a great time that I know will never happen again. We were a local force that would not be waivered and we were damn proud of it and damn proud of the team I got to work with. I knew and I suspect the others knew that what we had on the air wasn't the greatest thing since sliced bread, but we were doing it and no one else has been able or has been able to do it since. If I die tomorrow, I know I left my mark in the city of Savannah and it is a big black treamark of donuts and smoke.

One more thing. I got this email from Beth just this morning, which promted me to write this post...

Then the letter stated, "Thought you would get a giggle out of it. :) Believe it or not, I finally got the disk ready. I'll get it out this week along with the pictures."

Satchel Paige be dammed. This is not over, reader. I promise.

Friday, February 08, 2008

News From Savannah

By now, you should have seen news about the explosion and subsiquent fire at the International Sugar Company Refinery in Port Wentworth, just a mile outside Savannah. I can say that there have been four bodies found in the rubble the day after the accident and that the explosion is being blamed on sugar dust in the silo, which could cause damage if ignited. My thoughts and prayers go out to the familes of those lost in the fire and to the others hurt in the damages. If you'd like to find more information and updates, I suggest you go to Savannah Now, the website for the Savannah Morning News, which has photos of the refinery after the blaze and continuously updates the details.


Yep, another trailer for you. But this one is for Disney/PIXAR's "Wall-E" about lonely robot who meets a friend. This one coud have the best romantic plot of the year from the loos of the trailer.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

"And don't call me Shirley."

David Zucker, the man who gave you a third of "Airplane", the "Naked Gun" movies, all of both "Hot Shots" and the other two "Scary Movies" now gives us Superhero Movie. It is exactly what you think it is. And Leslie Neilson is in it. So there you go.

What do want from me? A cookie? Just watch....

Superhero Movie

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Let's get back to the ol' theme song debate. I got one here you would have never thought about. The theme to the original Halem Globetrotters cartooon show. This appeared on Saturday monring on CBS in 1971 and prdated Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids by one year as the first Saturday Morning cartoon with a predominent Black cast. If the show is remembered for anything, it's for the theme song which has one of the baddest beats around, from a hip-hop point of view. Which makes me wonder how come Diddy, Timbaland or any of the others never used this? I promise that you'll bob your head to this one.

Monday, February 04, 2008

I drink your Milkshake!

I plan on seeing There Will Be Blood soon as I can, but I didn't think that one little srewy line would now become a catchphrase. It's kinda like "All your base belong to us". It makes no sense to me. Maybe once I see the flick. Or watch this video.

I'll bet ya there's not a milkshake in the whole movie, just like no blood.


Some of you may have noticed that a few posts are showing up later than the original date lately. It's due to the fact problem I'm having with my laptop. As I'm typing up the template post, somehow if I place my cursor behind another word to correct it (yes, I am doing my best to spell check more), it sort of deletes everything on the page. It's like somekind of freaky word virius has hit me and I didn't even know how it happened. I really don't know if that makes sense to you, but it's driving me crazy. That Is why I'm posting this today at the computer lab at school. I'll try to have things fixed as soon as I can, or at the very least, try to type and not screw up on the laptop.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

We missed it...

"Yes, I know National Gorilla Suit Day is almost upon us. And may I say, I resent the "political correctness" war on National Gorilla Suit Day that is forcing people to say, "Merry Primate Or Other Animal Costume Of Your Choice Day." Why, just the other day, I heard about a classroom in East Moline, Illinois that is planning to put on a National Gorilla Suit Day pageant on January 31 but the principal is refusing to allow the children to dress in gorilla suits or even to eat bananas. My God, what is the world coming to? I'm going to wish all of you a Happy National Gorilla Suit Day no matter what anyone says."

Mark Evanier, 1/2006

I blame the Writer's Strike for this transgression. I was realy ready for it this year. I bought all five original Planet Of The Apes movies, had frozen bananas made, and of course the suit was the bomb. I was gonna be a Silverback. Oh well, maybe next year.
They better not screw up Goth Girl Blog Day this year.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Like Hatfields & McCoys and Benny & Allan

You see the guy above here?This person, ladies and gentlemenis Ivan G. (The "g"stands for "great googly moogly") Shreve, head cook and bottle washer for the blog Thrilling Days of Yesteryear and a member-in-standing of The League of Savannah Bloggers. Recently, Ivan decided to sell off much of his memorabilia collection due to the fact that he and his family would be moving out of town. In Ivan's possession of things that he got rid of on Ebay was a boatload of Hanna-Barera DVD's including Space Ghost and Dino Boy: The Complete Series and Birdman and Galaxy Trio: The Complete Series. He sold those without ONCE offering to sell them to me. I am offended. Therefore and forthwith, I would like to begin a feud under the Jack Benny-Fred Allan Rules, which states on Article II, Section 5.6...

"If the other guy overlooked his pal on stuff he could have very easily gotten over him on, the feud is on, ipsofacto."

It's on like popcorn.
UPDATE It was originally last week when I first wrote this in a fit of mock anger. I would, nor could feud with a good friend such as Ivan, even if he sold off his cool stuff to other folks. And so under the rules of the Benny-Allan feud, based on the Hoffa/Livingstone Doctrine of course, I am now over it.