Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Ides of May 17th

Dave Hewitt wrote a letter to me. Let's all read it!


Who is the official singer/group for May 17?  Here are some famous people
with birthdays on that day.  I personally think it should be Enya because I
love her music.  But it's your day, you pick.

1974 Andrea Corr (singer - the corrs)
1970 Jordan Knight (singer - new kids on the block)
1965 Trent Reznor (singer)
1961 Enya (singer)
1932 Jackie (John) McLean (jazz musician)

Dave Hewitt
Business Information Department

Okay, first let me say that I've been busy with finals for Winter classes this week, plus surgery on my arm again yesterday. I love you guys, but "Life is what happens while you're doing other things", a great man said. That being said, personally I'm not much of the fan for the Corrs, Enya's too damn ethereal for me,  and I don't know McLean. It comes down to Trent and Jordan and Trent just pulled out a buck knife on that boy band freak, then leaves to make good music. That leaves ME as the lead singer. Which is would be the right choice anyway if I did have a group called May 17th. So, there you go. Smarty-pants Dave.

It's what HAPPENS HERE May 17th? Asa for what it is, well just let me leave you with this. If you know what the song is, then it will clue you in to EVERYTHING. You can comment, but keep it a SECRET.

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