Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Rise Of The Fantasic Four

I just had one of the best phone calls I have ever had in over, well eighteen years. After a long worry that lasted nearly two decades and search on Classmates that lasted all of ten minutes, including registration, I was on the phone with my long lost sister Terri. This was the greatest reunion since Led Zepplin banged it out last year.

Many readers know by now that I come from a huge family, mostly the fault of my old man not keeping it in his pants. He only got it right five times: Me, my brother Rocky,my late brother Eric, and my sisters Adrienne and Terri. There would be nothing to separate us when we were younger as we were as thick as thieves and sharp as knives. We were young, hot and cool. Boys thought the sisters were hot and girls were hot for the brothers. We were inseparable until the man who helped to create us would destroy us from within and we all went our own ways as adults. Eric passed away, but the rest still survived. Rocky is now the operations manager at a major uniforms company in Atlanta. Adrienne is fighting the war in Iraq from time to time for the Army. As for me, I became, well, you're reading it. As for Terri, she just disappeared without a trace. Not a bang nor a whimper. Simply poof and she was gone. It had been eighteen years. Until tonight.

Rocky and I got to talking and once in a while we would wonder where our lost sister was and how were things. Last week, we both decided that something needed to be done about it and soon. Rocky told me that he thought that she might be on Classmates as he got a note from her a few days before, but he wasn't able to verify it was her. I took up the search and after looking through the Savannah High School class of 1989, I finally found her name in the roster and left her a quick note on Sunday. It just said, "It's your brother. We need to talk". The next day, I received a note back saying that it was indeed my kid sister and she's been looking for me! She left me her number and she said that I should give a call as soon as I could so we could play catch up. I called up Rocky and gave him the great news then we argued about who should call her first. Ahhhh, brotherly love.

I first called her earlier today and got her voice mail to which I left her a message that I would be calling her later. Rocky got the jump on me and talked to her first this afternoon. Little putz. I would get my chance later this evening after work and night class. When I finally did talk to her for the first time in years, it was 9:25 pm and I just walked out of Family Law for another Wednesday night. She almost didn't recognize my voice when she heard me, but I knew hers. I was finally talking to my sister. Which wasn't long the first time as I was going home, but I was going home. Once I did however, after making a Taco Bell stop, that I would finally sit down as we can find out all about the Mystery of The Missing Sister.

I made that second call and we talked a lot. I won't let you in on all the details of what was said, but we both finally happy to be together once again after so long. For the first time in a long time, I was happy it seems and so was she. We briefed each other on our gains and losses over the years and how much has changed. Terri has two boys now, one's thirteen and the other's fourteen and now they have two new uncles. I could not be any prouder than that.

Terri and I spent over two hours on the phone until I said we should go to bed. She has kids to raise and I have to plug in to dialysis tomorrow. Still, we knew that from this point on, if she needs me, I'll be there for her and I hope she feels the same way. I have a handful of friends out there that I can depend on and other older brothers and sisters that are there for me to talk to, but Terri, Rocky and Adrienne were close enough to my age when we were all teens that we could talk to each other and the other understood. Our father may have slept with different women, but we were as tight as if we lived in one big house. When we split up, it hurt a hell of a lot. But now, slowly but surely we are now coming together once again. I have never been more happier and I can't wait until the Fantastic Four reunites again after so long.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Go, Speed, GO!

I am so hyped up to see the new "Speed Racer" movie, but I still have my doubts on whether or not it's going to stand up to my geekness. Now, just as a refresher, here below you is footage of the show, cut into a 1990 music video by Alpha Team. It's from the Ninties because it's got that bit of techno cheese on it. Plus, the "live action" version of Speed, Trixie, and Racer X look blah.

Below you now is the NEW OFFICIAL music video for the movie, coming in two weeks. I have to say that it really looks like you'ren watching a cartoon when you're watching this clip, all the way to the end. It looks like I'll be at the theater seeing this one as well.

Go Speed Racer Go Music Video

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Idol Her

I think I can reveal this to you all now after the fact that I have been thisclose to Simon Cowell. Last year, I was honored to work with Season Six contestant Stephanie Edwards as a fellow disc jockey at the radio station, which by the way she did a wonderful job I thought. If you're wondering what Stephanie is doing now, she's still out there singing her heart out, but she's also returned to college as well, acording to this article from USA Today. I hope most of the constestants return to school if the big win doesn't come, just to have something under their belts. Even William Hung's going back to school now. See kids, it's like I told you. Everybody needs an education.

Except me right now as I'm skipping night class because my sinuses are killing me.

Waffle Whiffer

You, yes you, can now bid to own Barack Obama's half eaten breakfast. If you buy it, let me know if you finish it.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Stuff I Like


A good steak

A baby when it laughs

How I Met Your Mother (LEGEN-)

A soft pillow

A cold Slushie

The smell of the backyard after it's been mowed (DARY)

A good private joke

Mel Blanc


A good plate of spaghetti

My Superman t-shirt

Dr. Hoit-Thetford, my college english teacher

the Heroes DVD box set

Grant Morrison

Karaoke on a night when everyone can keep in tune

Turner Classic Movies

Jack Benny

Holding someone in your arms

The theme to The Superfriends

Cool breezes

A good hot shower

Comic book day at The Comic Box

My beta Harry, even though he is a first class a-hole for a fish

Playing out in the snow with my dog Hunter while Donna makes us a nice warm meal. Wait, that one's not mine...

The Kool-Aid Man

Extra change

Bar-B-Q corn chips

Barack Obama

Ain't It Cool

Keith Olberman

Justice League-The New Frontier

A woman who will never know that I have a crush on her

Okay, that's all I have for now.

Monday, April 21, 2008

How to waste time and get a diploma...

There is something to be said about life in that you learn from it everyday. If you open yourself up and absorb the world, you find out so much more about the world and your place in it. Today, I have learned something very new. It turns out that online college classes suck. The blow wahle chunks. Maybe it's because I don't have the energy, or maybe I don't have the discipline. ALl I know is is that it's not for me.

To explain, this morning I woke up at 8:30 am and felt refreshed. I got up, took a shower, got dressed and made myself a nice little breakfast of waffles and sausage. Afterwards, I putted around the house to straighten up the place. Then somewhere around 11am while watching The View while taking a quick break (true), I began to get tired. Sleepy tired. Soon, I was back upstairs and flopped out on the bed and quckly drifted to sleep, therefore not even going online to see what my Torts class was doing today. I've only been doing the class for a week and I'm too tired to do it.

I know that with online classes you can go at your own pace, but I guess I'm the kind of guy who likes his details on hard ground, with a book in front of me and teacher up front blabbing details on the blackboard. I went this route so I could build up more energy after the debacle last quarter, but now I worry. I'm too beat down, my laptop is a piece of crap (Compaq laptop, circa 2000), and the connection is awful. Still, I knew the job was dangerous when I took it, so I have to see this through. Like I said, it's only been a week so it has to get better. In a few days, I should get everything normalized. Next time I'm in my online class, I'm wearing my pajamas. I'm gonna lick this one.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The 2008 Summer Movie Possee!

You know my deal by now. I get caught up with life these days which makes me too busy for the blog. I hate being away, but by now you should remember what John Lennon said: "Life is what happens when you're busy doing other things" I made up for it by taking the vacation two weeks ago (I'll upload them all soon. I just need to make them clearer since I was using a portable/cheap camera.) Still, I feel as though something is missing in my life. I need more escapes in my life. I NEED TO SEE IRON MAN.

I also need a team of folks to see it with me. A movie motley crew, if you will. A POSSE.Here's what I propose: I don't want two or three people. I don't want six. I want to start off at ten and grow from there. I wish to create the 2008 Summer Movie Posse. In other words, Uncle Sam wants YOU.

This summer is one of the biggest lineup of movies in a good while.The Dark Knight, The Incredible Hulk, Pineapple Express, Hellboy II, Tropic Thunder, Speed Racer and of course, the return of Indiana Jones. There's plenty of others out there coming in the next four months and I really want to check them all out and I'd love to see them all with friends. Hopefully that will be you. In fact, I will be creating a My Space page for this to rally around this. Even if you don't live near me, you can still join up and create your city version of the Movie Posse and discuss the movies on the page. Expect that in the next two days. I PROMISE.

The first movie up is IRON MAN, coming Friday, May 5th. There will be a late night premiere on Thursday night, May 4th and I've already planned it out with friends already. If you're up to it and want to go along, get in contact with me or check your local theater for availability. Then, get your posse together and let's ride out into Summer! YEEE-HAAW! Blogs - TV's Sam Johnson® MySpace Blog - The Real Sam Johnson Show
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Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I’m Back!

Okay, here are the highlights:

*Stayed at the Cypress Points Resort in Orlando.
*My room had a Jacuzzi. It was used all weekend.
*It rained mostly all weekend with severe storms, but we did not care.
*Medieval Times RULEZ! We ate with our hands! No forks!
*Universal Studios Florida ROCKED! I went to Islands of Adventure and rode the Spider-Man 3-D ride! It rocked!
*It also made me motion sick. I felt lousy the rest of the day. So...
*I rented a Rascal Scooter from the park and putted around the park. It gets up to 40 m.p.h.
*We scooted over to Universal Studios and hit nearly every site there. IN THE RAIN.
*City Walk was great, too. We ate at the Latin Quarter, which was marvelous.
*I used the Jacuzzi later on when I got home to soak from being worn out from the day.
*My brother Rocky and I were suppose to catch up with each other as he was in Orlando for a business trip, but no luck. Dammit.
*We got home safe and happy. Especially me.
*If you ever have a friend like Tina Smith tell you that you really need to take a break, but you tell her that you can’t and tells you to "get over it", listen to her. Thank you for driving, thank you for putting up with my crazy rants, and thank you for letting me "giggle like a school girl". You are a wonderful person and wonderful friend. I love you like you were part of my family and that ain’t a lot of people, lady. Consider yourself on the V.I.P. list for life.

I’m back home now and returning back to my regular life. But at least I have photos (I need to develop them as my digital camera crapped out on me, so you’ll see ’em soon) and great memories.I hope I don’t have to wait another four years to get away from it all. Now excuse me while I look at my Medieval Times DVD.

Friday, April 04, 2008

"Vacation, all I ever wanted..."


Let it be known that as of April 5, 2008, Samuel Marquieth (DO NOT COMMENT ON MY MIDDLE NAME) Johnson will be leaving Savannah, Georgia for a long needed vacation to Orlando, Florida to get away from everyone and everything for the next four days and three nights. I know I said before that I was just going to stay home, but SCREW THAT. I got an invite from a friend who said that I REALLY needed to get out fo the house and that is what I am going to do. So to all my friends and family, thank you for the prayers and wishes because this week has been a wonderful dream!

Oh, did I tell you that I also got a raise this week from work? Yep. I got me an angel on my shoulder. See y'all when I get back.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I know what your thinking. It's April Fool's Day and I've done something crazy here online to freak you all out. Well, I don't. Nope. Because it's a dialysis day, I have to take it easy. That does mean that I don't get to have a little fun.

Today was just another ordinary day in the clinic. I sat on the machine for four and a half hours and was nearly drained from it, as usual. However, I noticed something diferent in the bay next to me. One of the patients who sits next to me regularly had just gotten a used, yet still good Rascal scooter. You've seen those things on TV or in the malls. Old folks puttering around on those things getting from here to there without help. They don't even need a car to get around. Man, if we all had those just think about how much we could save on gas! As I kept looking at it, I began to grow an air of mirth around me. I knew I was because I could feel the air pressure drop around me. I knew then once I got off the machine what I was going to do and as soon as I had finished my long run, I did it.

I got up from my chair, walked over to the Rascal and looked at it's new owner. "Dorothy", I said. "I am going to steal your scooter for just a few moments, if you don't mind."

"Go, right ahead", Dororthy returned smiling in all her old age.

I got into the seat, which was very comfortable. I then looked at the right arm of the seat and saw the power button. I touched it and very quickly, the chair came to life. I then grabbed the joystick, pulled back and before you knew it I was off like greased lighting. Soon, I was whipping around the clinic floor like a senior Speed Racer. I drove along doing my best Patrick Stewart impersonation and the nurses and technicians all laughed while the old folks just stared at me like I was a young punk invading their turf. I didn't care one flip. Those fogies would not deny me my pleasure!

Sadly, it was all over as Dorothy had to go home. I hated to give up the Rascal. In fact, I knew if I had to fight her for it, I could win. Still, I had enjoyed myself for once during dialysis and I deserve it. I could still feel the wind as it blew over my bald head as I took a corner with two wheels. Ahhhh, bliss.