Wednesday, June 11, 2008


My access to at computer is still limited, so I'm doing this at work, listening to "Invisible Touch" by Genesis. Bear with me, gang.

My birthday party is still on for this Saturday, in case you didn't hear. Everybody will be there and I mean EVERYBODY. Okay, not everybody, but I sure as Hell invited a lot of folks. As soon as I can and if I can, I'll try and post pictures.

Did anyone hear about Paul Newman's freind publicly announcing that he has cancer? Newman says himself that he's "doing nicely". All I know is he's still one of the best.

I got tickets to check out "The Incredible Hulk" for midnight tomorrow and from what I hear, it REALLY makes up for what Ang Lee did before. By the way, has anyone checked out the new Red Hulk in comics? Alright, some of you out there may not read the books, but you know me. There's no identity fo rwho is really this color of beast, but it isn't Bruce Banner. My guess is it's the reincarnation is actually Major Glen Talbot, who tormented the monster for years. Here's what he looks like:Look, if I want to talk comics, I'll talk comics. It's my house.

Okay, I need to go now. Uncle Kracker's on. Wheeeee!

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