Wednesday, June 04, 2008

News Noise

Already, there has been fallout from TV Guide Channel's "Making News Savannah", which airs tonight. As you know and may have read below here, the reality show deals with a local news team in a small city struggling to get ratings, this time being my town. I understand from good friend and future League of Savannah Blogger Luke Walker that he's heard from one of the reporters after Luke posted his comments on the show after reading what I wrote, if that makes any sense. From what he told me, said reporter was upset over what he put down and even called her mom to his see his site and what was written. To clear things up and get him out of the hassle on this, I'll be the one to stand up and say that it all began with me and that she should have Googled me first.

The thing that gets me is that she felt hurt about what Luke said, all when all the while she should be upset with the producers of the show if they show her in what she thinks is a bad light and what they think makes a good show. No matter what happens however, I'd only have one thing to say to all of it: Welcome to your extra fifteen minutes. I hope it all works out in the long run for you.

I think "Making News Savannah" will have to get a weekly recap here, don't you?

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