Sunday, June 01, 2008

No News Is Good News

I'm not in the television biz, I'm in radio. But because Savannah is such a small town (it acts too damn big for it's size for me sometimes), sometimes news gets out about how the TV folks are doing. Of course not all of it pretty. I mean, I know that my line of work has its bit of drama as well. Thank the Lord I don't get to hear it that much these days. I thank whomever possible as well that I don't have a camera following me around twenty-four frickin' hours a day here in town. But the newsteam at WJCL and WTGS did and now there's a show about it, called "Making News Savannah" coming this Wednesday to TV Guide Channel. I can truthfully say the the two stations, who share news staff, has nothing to lose since both are bottom of the barrel in the ratings. I know that for years, the channels have done what they could to stop the folksy juggernaut that is WTOC and the more human WSAV, but to no avail no matter what. Maybe am inside look at what goes on behind the cameras will help them become credible to the community.

Then again, after watching this clip of a reporter losing her one of her earrings and covering a story anyway with one ear jeweless, it looks like they could be screwed.

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