Wednesday, July 09, 2008


First Rule of Geek Fight Club is you don't talk about Geek Fight Club. Actually you do, but you try not to let normal folks know what it's about.

I had this idea when I saw something on MTV's movie blog that says the version of The Joker from "Batman: The Animated Series" is the best portrayal of the character. Personally, I happen to think that Mark Hamill's take on the villian is hands down perfect, even if he never kills anyone onscreen. Viewers still got that chill up their spine whenever he sprayed acid from the flower on his jacket and hear the maniacal laughter from the drawn lips. However, from all points Heath Ledger's final full film role looks to be just an amazing performance, almost like a jacked-up-on-goofballs James Dean from the looks of it to me. It's so intense to see on the screen that I still can't believe that General Mills had creepy little Joker toys inserted in their cereals (if Mr. J were real, he would get a hoot I imagine watching a kid pull his evil clown image from the Lucky Charms box and seeing mom pass out).

Anyway, I created a poll to see who yo uthought was the better Joker. Don't worry, Cesar and Jack are in there for the rest of you and voting ends next Friday, which is also the premier of "The Dark Knight" in theaters. By the way, isn't it cool the way Warner Brothers never even uses Batman's name in the title? Now that is name recognition, folks.

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