Monday, July 21, 2008

How To Keep Up, Home Entertainment Edition

With prices going up and up these days, purses and wallets are getting a major kick in their folds and they aren't happy. Folks would take them out, show them off then open their mouths wide and yank out numerous denominations of bills to pay for stuff. These days, wallets have started to gain frowns since people have less money to spend. I know the last time I opened my leather, I saw a bat fly out and a Joker chasing after it. I do have ways of saving a few bucks here and there, especially on my entertainment. I'd figure I'd pass along a few tips that very timely for those feeling the pinch.

First, let's talk television. My long-time chum, bosom buddy, pal, confidant and all around Joy Boy Ivan (Stronger Than Dirt and Just as Old) Shreve, Jr. makes comments constantly about how much he hates the cable companies. It was Comcast originally (which he called Bomblast) when he lived here in Savanah and now that he's moved to Athens which is three and a half hours away he deals with Charter, which he now calls CharredHer. Really Ivan, if you're going to whine about how bad the thing is, at least have the smarts to think of a better/worse name, like Chowder Cable, but I digress. I made a comment about how I got rid of a terrible channel on my Dish Network account and he was surpised that I never really talked about it.

The reason for that is simply I'm very happy and it's much cheaper than cable. I've had Dish now for just over two years, after I moved to my house in 2005. Having roommates in previous places, I thought it was okay to have cable because at the time I could afford it. When I moved on my own I tried to continue to have Comcast Digital and high speed internet but that only lasted six months before I wound up getting over my head paying one hundred forty-five dollars a month, including HBO and Starz. After a while, I switched to Dish and 0ver 200 channels plus the HBO and Starz for around 80 bucks and some change. I think that is a doozy of a bargin for anyone and I still get a full signal when it rains.

Next is first run movies. Okay, I'll admit that I didn't pay to see "The Dark Knight" since it was a radio promotion and I work in radio, so sue me. If we get to promote a good flick, I want to know just what the heck I'm shilling. Otherwise, I will pay for a movie. I don't have time during the day for the matinee so I have no choice to go at night, where the movie will cost me nine bucks and the medium popcorn/small drink combo (if the definition of "small" in concession talk is 32 ounces) runs around eight bucks. Here's the new way of seeing a movie. If you have to see it and I mean really desperatly have no other choice, find your nearest bootlegger. That's right, I said it. Look, I know this is illegal and wrong thirty-five ways to Sunday. However, look at the points on this: Usually, the guy who sells them lets them go cheaper than a matinee, with three movies for ten dollars and that could be a triple feature. Second, it's almost and I do mean almost like going to a real theater, except the projectionist forgot to focus and too many folks are pretending to be auditioning for Mystery Science Theater 3000. It's still cheaper to see it than having to hear about it from your freinds the next day or having to wait a couple of months before it hits pay per view. That and a bag of chips from the dollar store and you just spent eleven bucks.

There's other ways of saving a dollar these days and the above were just a couple of items. Try them out and keep and eye on your money. If using these and other tips, there'll be more dough in the wallet and it'll have that old smile on it's face while money is ripped out of its gullet to finally pay for that gallon of gas you've been paying for.

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