Sunday, August 31, 2008

No West, Young Man

You see this empty seat? This was supposed to filled by the ass of TV's Adam West at Dragon*Con for a Sunday morning chat. Adam never showed up. Instead, he went straight to the autograph room and charged FIFTY BUCKS a pop for his signature. So how did a room full of nerds bide their time while they waited on Bat Guano?

This guy. Ron Nastrom, in charge of American Sci-Fi at the Con. He looks a bit like Denny Crane era Shatner, but without the ego. Ron filled the waiting time by telling stories about his convention days of years past. Folks found out that former "Doctor Who" Jon Pertwee had a cheeta for a pet in England, another Doctor thought he was getting propositioned, Christopher Reeve was as he was  on screen and a munster of a child actor was a bit hairy and a lot of an jackhole. Read between the lines on that one. Then, a Batman showed up.

 Then, another Batman showed up and we had two Batmen and no TV's Adam West.
West never showed up. Near the end, I didn't care. I still had a wonderful time hanging out with other fans and had a few jokes on Mr. West's behalf. Thanks for the great stories and the great time, Ron. You helped to make this convention the best one ever for me.

COMING SOON Tales of The Adventures of The Fickle Fat Fudge Fiend! 

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Stuff From Dragon*Con

Right now, I am in Hiram, Georgia relaxing after a day of insanity from the convention.It seems someone forgot that with all the wild sights and sounds, you're supposed to pay a fee to see it. Sadly, someone also lost their three day pass and we'll have to get her another. She's only a kid so I can't be too mad at her for it. I'll tell you more later, but right now enjoy these photos from today and expect more for Sunday!
Wi-Fi Girl in a Starbucks. She gets a strong signal in that shirt!

I got drunk with a Super Sayian. 
Colonial Marines protecting the necks of nerds. 

They said they'll assimilate if I didn't get them some street money.
Ladies and gentlemen, Darth Brooks!
It's blurry, but it's Mickey Dolenz from The Monkees in the hat. I shook his hand! 
 The end of a great day.
Tomorrow, I'll try to catch up with George Lowe from "Space Ghost: Coast to Coast", see if I can meet up with Joel Hogson from "Mystery Theater 3000", and the one and only ADAM WEST! I'll try to post my adventure today with character actor James Hong as well. Maybe some video, if possible. See you then.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mr. Fashionably Late To The Olympics

Note This is just a parody, and "I Like Chinese" is not meant to ridicule and one's race or creed. Chinese do not actually "come up to your knees" (see Yao Ming) but do make a good Number 17. If you'll forgive me now, I'm off for a plate of fried chicken, then drinking a 40 with my homies.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Today's Medical Report

Alright, so I should have done that before I posted the Dragon*Con thing, but I had to get that out of the way and I am excited about that considering the way this week has been for me.

It started with me on Tuesday being yelled at by the nurse in the dialyisis clinic for gaining too much weight. I'm sorry, but I truly don't know what else to do. I follow a 2200 calorie diet created by my nutritionist, but that doesn't seem to work for me. I get up at six in the mornm, head off to school at eight after breakfast, go to class until one. I then get lunch, which these days is a Cravin' Chicken sandwich from KFC, which has both McDonalds and Chik-Fil-A beat by price and size. From there, it's off to the radio station and I'm there till six to 6:30. I get home around seven and the last thing I even want to think about is cooking a damn thing. Did I mention I can't excersize because of the leg? I felt so bad because of what she said and how she said it, I just started to cry. THAT'S RIGHT, I said it. You would too if you were as frustrated as I am right now just to "live normal".

Let's skip over Wednesday becaus ethat day, my leg went all bat shite crazy in class and I had to drive home as fast as I could just so I could pop a Tylenol to kill the pain. I then slept like a baby.

Thursday comes up and I find out from my vascular doctor the problem. It turns out I do have blood pressure going to my left leg, but I have a sort of kink in my...Well, let's just say it's in my "special place" and they will run a CRT scan next week to make sure. If it is, then I should expect an angioplasty there the week afterwards, which is super swell. I am sooooo excited for that. If it ain't one thing, it's another. Whne it rains, it pours. Two for a dollar, three for ten, what the Hell ever. I am pretty tired right now of the whole thing.

Now do you see why I'm excited about Atlanta? Please, someone get me a Slushie so I can relax.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

This Just In...


You know what that means...

Shemmale Ivy, look out! I'm comin' for vengance!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Bigfoot My @$$

I'm sorry to post this photo here, but I am sorry if there's anyone who's just a bit creeped out by it. However, I am calling Shenanigans on this one. This just looks like a gorilla suit to me and I know a little something about gorilla suits. I'm thinking that the men that found the "corpse" of a Sasquatch in Northern Georgia are pulling a fast one on everyone here. Which is sad, because these a-holes are getting publicity for what looks to me is nothing. The men can't even seem to hold a decent press conference, which was then live blogged by a Bigfoot follower (and a very funny one at that, if you read lots of Bigfoot sighting blogs, of which I don't) and gave no further truth that this thing was even real. For the most part, these guys gave every conspiracy theorist out there a real mind screw and gave the skeptics a laugh. For that, I call Shenanigans on these goof balls and their giant monkey suit.

Besides we have other things to worry about here. I'm holding open auditions for President for The League of Savannah Bloggers as of today. I'm busy and Ivan feels if you don't live in Savannah, you can't be President. Hell, if Bush can be on the ranch for most of his term, anybody can be a President.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Here's What We Know So Far...

I'll make it brief with bullet points, as most of you are busy, as well as myself.

*Sonograms and Doppler have discovered that there is no discernible blood flow in my left leg, which could lead to surgery soon. The status on when it will happen is still unknown as of this time.

*My walking is somewhat better thanks to flip-flops purchased at the CVS pharmacy. I would have worn them today, but Savannah is going through heavy rains today and I would wind up with a flu. One thing leads to another, as The Fixx would say.

*If there are two Americas, is Elizabeth Edwards the blue wife or the red wife?

*Richard Pryor-DEAD. George Carlin-DEAD. Bernie Mac-DEAD. Dane Cook-STILL BREATHING, DAMMIT.

*Musinex Nasal Spray+Zyrtec+Corrag (2) x Tylenol= good times at school.

*Why is it that after I watch the Olympics, I feel like I want a huge plate of lo mien?

If you have any other questions please see Mr. Shreve as he has the minutes of the last meeting.

By the way...All that Russia/Georgia stuff? It's not us, but thanks for the candy grams.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Black Moses and The King Are Gone

I wish that I could sit here and write about two great men who made great stides in entertainment today, but sadly I'm off to the radiologist to have them check on my legs. It seems that due to the Stroke of '01, the left side damaged nerves on my left side, making them kind of hyper sensititive. Since then I've had problems walking, but as of recent it's gotten worse and I can only take small steps at a time. Doctors have done sonograms and Doppler tests, but they seem to find nothing at all, not even a pulse. Hence the trip to the hospital. I'll give you an update as soon as I can. Till then, here's my favorites from two legends.

I'll let everybody else put of the South Park stuff. I know how I'll remember Issac. More on that later.

Bernie Mac from The Kings Of Comedy

Issac Hayes Walk On By

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Pop Music

I figured since I have to work a few extra hours at the radio station tonight (by the time most of you read this, day will have already broken), So I thought let's play some music. Okay, anybody remember the group Starbuck? They were a one hit wonder with the tune "Moonlight Feels Right" back in 1975. I found a clip of a Japanese pop star named Yukihiro Takahashi who does a great cover of the song.

Here's another one hit wonder. It's "Life Is A Rock (But The Radio Rolled Me)" by reunion from 1974. The clip is great and you'll be singing this one all day at work, I promise.

Let's hear Leslie Gore with her last Top Ten hit "California nights" featuring some lovely Sixties starlets: Yvette Mimeiux, Tuesday Weld and Carol Lynley.

Finally, what if they made music videos in the Fifties to sell movies? Here's a mash up of Micheal Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" as done to the style of the man Mchael stole all his moves from, Mr. Fred Astaire. You will be wowed over this one.

Man, I miss doing podcasts now.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My A-hole Betta Fish

First of all, this is not a photo of my Betta Fish, this is only a representation of what the male Bettas look like. If this were a photo of my fish, he would be looking at you as if you were a fool.

My Betta's name is Harry Fischmaker. I named him that as I think all animals owned by humans should have their own personality and name, hence his. From Harry's personality when I first saw him at a wedding I DJ'ed last year, he seemed lost not knowing where he was or what he was doing at a posh wedding, which was the same feeling I got. In fact, he and I, along with other Bettas on the tables of the guests at the reception, were really the only Blacks there but we got over it. Some of the patrons took home the fishes at their tables while Harry was left to himself. I decided to at least give the guy a home as I thought he may be headed to a toilet after the event so I took him with me.

Once we was home, I went out to pick up food for my new roommate and Harry seemed happy to finally have a nice place to call his own. Or so I thought.

I have never heard of a fish becoming belligerent or stubborn. In fact, I always thought that most fish have small brains and attention spans that last three seconds. I have never known a fish to be an asshole. but this is what has become of Mr. Fischmaker as of late.

A few months ago, I came in from dialysis after a very long day and flopped down on the couch to rest. Earlier that morning, I fed Harry as I usually do the very first thing when I get downstairs when he look fine and dandy. However, now things looked strange. I looked from my seat to the bowl which was about fifteen feet away from me and I noticed that Harry wasn't moving. there were no bubbles, no moving fins or gills and the water was still. Harry's eyes had the look of Janet Leigh after the shower scene in Psycho. I began to freak out at this point, thinking that I over fed my fish and now he's dead. I have a dead fish on my hands and it was my fault. I kept whining about how after all I did to keep him happy that now I'll just have to flush him down the johnny. I wasted all that money for nothing just help a guy stay alive long enough and he dies in my house, the bastard. I sighed aloud, picked up the bowl and began to walk up the stairs solemnly. Out of nowhere, Harry jumps from the side of the bowl and begins swimming around vigorously, moving up and down in bowl and looking me dead in the face as if to say, "Ha-ha! Got you, you stupid fool!"

There was a lot of swear words from me after that episode.

Ever since then, Harry has been tormenting me harshly. If I don't feed him enough, he gets into a fit and starts popping bubbles in his bowl. When he wants to be lazy, he'll lay on his side in the water and will not move until he is fed. I almost imagine that Harry has a Nazi colonel's voice from a 1940's war flick. "Zo, Mister Johnzon. You vill be feeding me today or ve will send you to the firing squad mit der quickness! You do not take care uff me, it iz I who take care uff you!"

Super. My fish is a black Nazi asshole. Swell.

The thing is Harry is my companion, my roommate and sometimes the only person or thing who listens to my troubles after a long day. I take care of him and he lies in the sun in the corner of his tank now. once in a while he jumps around when I lift the top, but for the most part it's comforting to know that there's something waiting for me to get home to make them happy. I dedicate this post my Composition teacher at school, Dr. Elizabeth Hoit-Hetford. Dr. H, as we students call her, recently lost two pets in the span of two weeks and my sympathy goes out to her and anyone else out there who've lost an animal. If I were to lose Harry, I really wouldn't know what I would do.

That is, if he doesn't play dead anymore. I just wish he'd stop bitching and whining all the time.

Monday, August 04, 2008

The drama continues...

Dramatic Chipmunk, you have met your match...

And while we're at it, here's the never before seen pilot for Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Animated Series. It was slated to air on Fox Saturday mornigs, but the netowrk decied to drop it for more crap.